Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s Buyers Wanted out Because of Coronavirus

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford have just given up a great deal in order to help out a couple that was buying their home. They desperately wanted to cancel the deal and get the money back.

Rande and Cindy decided to sell one of the homes they own in Malibu. It is a property near the house in which they live, and they have had it for years. They made a deal with a couple from Europe for $6.5 million which is a really good price.

However, since we now have travel restrictions to and from Europe, they reached out to Rande and Cindy and asked them if they could cancel.

The famous couple apparently told the buyers they were all in this together, and they canceled the deal and returned them the deposit.

Rande and Cindy are really doing their part in the hometown. Rande’s currently keeping his Malibu restaurant, Cafe Habana, open for takeout, and his employees are getting paid.

He is going beyond what’s legally required. We call it doing the right thing.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Move into Kylie Jenner’s Old House

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have just finished with their official royal duties on 31 March, and Markle has already returned to Canada. Prince Harry and Meghan have been based on Vancouver Island for a couple of months, and it was anticipated that the couple would look for a second home there. However, recent reports say that they may invest in a property in Malibu instead.


This Californian city would be an ideal base for them. It would allow Harry, Meghan and their baby son Archie to spend a lot of time with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, and it is also less than an hour’s drive away from Hollywood, which is home to several film and TV powerhouses who they might wish to work with now since they are trying to become financially independent.

A source says: “A real estate agent has been showing Meghan and Harry around several different houses in the city recently. One of them, which is owned by a Baywatch actor, was in Malibu, and it has Caitlyn Jenner and Robert Downey Jr as neighbors.”

It was also reported that Harry and Meghan liked Kylie Jenner‘s former rental home, Petra Manor, which is an eight-bedroom residence that has an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, indoor cinema, and dance studio. However, there are many other incredible properties for them to look into before they make a choice. One thing is certain- it is going to be luxurious.

Adam Sandler Took a Break from Isolation while Going for a Bike Ride

The actor has been trying to stay in shape despite the need to stay in the quarantine.

Adam Sandler took a break from his self-isolation at home on Sunday and went for a refreshing bike ride near his house in Malibu.

The 53-year-old star was cruising along on an electric bike for added speed.

Sandler kept himself warm in the windy seaside city with a gray jacket that features charcoal sleeves.

It was paired with sport navy shorts with red stripes, and also the black sneakers.

This is the first time he had been spotted completely facial hair-free in months.

Even though he was outside, Adam made sure to maintain proper social distancing by staying at least six feet away from other people.

Also, on Sunday, Sandler shared some viewing recommendations to his 2.5 million Twitter fans.

He had previously watched the 2018 film We The Animals, and he was currently watching the 1980 teen comedy classic My Bodyguard.

Next up on his list was a 2019 documentary about the rock band ZZ Top.

He also tagged his Uncut Gems co-star Kevin Garnett, and also Neil Young and Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse for their own watchlist.

On Saturday, the actor shared his memories of Fred ‘Curly’ Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters, who died Thursday at the age of 77.

‘Loooved this man! Stopped what I was doing anytime Curly was on TV. Just like every other kid! RIP and Love to his family!’ Adam tweeted.