How to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

Acne and their scars are one of the worst and most annoying things a person has to deal with. Whether you are just a teenager or if you are a full-grown adult, this skin disease can appear anytime out of nowhere. What is even worse about this skin condition, is the fact that they can

Lindsey Pelas Flaunts her Dreamy Curves

Blond beauty Lindsey Pellas might be quarantined, but she hasn’t let that stop her from sharing hot content on social media. In her one of the latest Instagram update, she displayed her chest. Her smooth bronze skin glowed in the sunlight and highlighted her gorgeous green eyes. She enhanced her beauty with makeup, wearing lashes,

Technology Trends that are Changing the Face of the Beauty Sector


The beauty sector is not what it used to be. Like many other industries, technology is creating sweeping changes that are altering the way beauty brands operate. For one, L’Oreal decided that they now want to be the number one beauty tech company instead of the number one beauty firm in the world. Women still