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4 Things Not to Do When Bitcoin is Going Down

Keeping your eye out on the market is a must if you are dealing with any type of cryptocurrency. The most popular one, Bitcoin, can have its ups and downs. However, you should know how to deal with it and approach the market the right way. There are some rookie mistakes that you may end up making. If you wish to avoid those and learn a thing or two more about Bitcoin, keep on reading! We have some interesting facts for you to discover.

What is BTC’s actual price?

People refer to its USD price most of the time, but you can also talk about the composite price made from the average of multiple exchanges’ prices. If you are talking about BTC, you are actually looking at its last transaction on a specific exchange that has been made. So, if the Bitcoin on Bitstamp is $10,000 – its last trade was done and closed at $10,000.

What is going on with Bitcoin, and why is its price dropping?

It definitely has its periods. In fact, a year ago, it climbed from $3,000 sometimes around in September to $7,850! However, not too long ago, the price dropped low to $5,600.

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Why does Bitcoin drop?

Its first and initial drop is not as scary and this dive is normal (it happens). The price can move all over the place and every day. However, you should always question any sudden changes, and see if there is a specific reason or meaning.

Top 4 key facts to consider

  1. The fall in November

The drastic fall that has happened in mid-November came after a specific event. This change has happened because of a group of miners. However, Segwit2x tried to create a newer form of BTC for larger blocks.

Unfortunately, the plan failed and loads of people have moved their money to Bitcoin Cash, which made Bitcoin Cash double its value in less than 24 hours. So, always keep your eyes & ears wide open! Read some forums, blogs, and stay on-trend when it comes to BTC, as well as its everyday gossip.
  1. Never try to catch the exact bottom

When making your profit with BTC, know when to stop. You should let only some of your investment capital as the market takes a tumble. Never go all in. If there is a large dip in the market and you start at a coins chart, you never know when it can stop. What you should do is know how to stop and when not to catch the bottom (enter into a trade that is at the bottom of a trend). Know when to stop, since constant bottom chases mean that you are going to miss out on trades, which will further lead to no profit. Do not gamble, and don’t lose it all.

  1. Don’t sell your coins for ones that are going up

People often sell their coins of a downtrend, only to see if things will reverse and start going upwards. For instance, you can buy something for 0.25 cents. You have already done your diligence, studied, and spent a lot of time on the chart (one char in specific). You probably haven’t even tried to catch the bottom since it is a time-consuming process. After some time passes, you are still at your 0.25 cents, and then these cents will tumble down to 0.20 cents. At this point, you might want to sell your coins and make any type of profit since this is a tricky & long mind game. However, BTC can skyrocket (you never know when) and you might regret your decision since you could have tripled your earnings.

If you have already done your studying, you know everything about the money that you’re working with, and you know that there is a chance for the market to change, stay persistent & wait it out. Don’t lose it under the pressure, and rather give it a fair shot.
  1. Don’t spend your entire day staring at the chart

Try not to spend your entire morning, day & evening staring at the chart. It won’t change just by you looking at it. Most of your hours are probably going to be wasted. Do not just monitor your work and stay passive, but do take action! What you should do is set yourself a limit-order, and simply walk away once it is the right time. Be smart with your money, your spare time, as well as your screen time.

Remember that profit only begins with the right strategy, and if you don’t have it, you are gambling with your money!

But why does the price fluctuate as much?

Bitcoin’s price is volatile. This means that you can see its movements from 5-10% in a single day, which makes its tracking hard to do. Why is this happening? Well, Bitcoin’s market cap is still quite small, and it is still a newer market to work with. If the market cap has as little assets, the more volatile it will be.

When Bitcoin’s price increases you will notice a change (gradual change) in the market cap.

Ready to make money & avoid some mistakes?

So, how do you feel about cryptocurrencies and your money-making skills now? Are you ready to dive into the world of Bitcoin? Simply follow these crucial rules, and avoid doing and making some rookie mistakes. Everyone can profit with Bitcoin, as long as you know when to stop + if you have patience. Having a mind of steel is important since only people who can wait it out and wait for its peak will make money, and will profit in the long run!

7 Ways to Make Money With a Drone

Drones have gained extreme popularity over the last few years. They were used mainly for military assignments but they are now very easily accessible to everyone. In spite of the skeptical prognosis, drones are here to stay and their popularity steadily increases. The sales so far have exceeded one billion dollars in the U.S. alone. This says enough about their use, practicality and overall popularity among people. They are now very affordable which enables entrepreneurs to use their power for various purposes. Here are a few ways to make money with a drone.

  1. Making photographs with drones

Photographs are sometimes hard to make and some customers simply want unusual angles, pictures taken on multiple areas and hiring more people can be costly. On the other hand, by using a drone, you can get a better angle, shoot up close and establish a name for yourself as a person who knows how to make the best photographs of music concerts, festivals, and weddings.

Choose your niche and polish your skills while putting some cash into your pockets. It is essential to spend some time exploring the options that the drones can give you as a photographer, so when the time comes to work for a client you can really say that you’ve mastered the skills necessary for good photography.

  1. Use drones for aerial viewing

Sometimes there is a need for aerial viewing, inspection, or taking pictures from the air and it is much easier and cheaper to do it with the drone instead of paying an enormous amount of money for a helicopter or a plane. The reasons can be very diverse, such as digital mapping, topography, feature recognition, archaeology or recordings that can be used for short films or music videos. The uses of drones are very diverse and it seems like the ways they can be used are endless.

Utility companies have been using helicopters and airplanes for many years before drones appeared. Drones are much cheaper and safer because they only require human guidance from a safe distance without any danger which is pretty rewarding by itself. Because of their size, they can be used just about anywhere.

  1. Selling drones

Considering that so many people want to purchase drones, opening a store for selling drones, can be a great endeavor that can become profitable pretty fast. There are two ways to start this type of business – to open a store, invest some money to buy a number of models and start advertising, and the other way – opening an online store where you don’t have to have a lot of products in stock, and focus more on establishing your presence online. Once you gain the first customer, it will become easier for you to grow your reputation. Make sure you build a good relationship with your customers because there is no better advertisement than a satisfied client. Also, if you own old drones that you don’t need any more, you can sell them and earn some money this way too.

  1. Renting drones

This is a very smart way of utilizing your drone. The need for drones is enormous and it is steadily growing. Some people simply don’t want to invest a lot of money if they only need it for a day or two. This is when the renting part comes in. You can rent the drone you own to someone who needs it for an affordable price, making a win-win situation – you will earn money, while your customer will have the drone at a reasonable price. Just make sure you have the insurance in place in case something happens to it, so you don’t have any additional expenses.

  1. Drone reparation

Considering that drones cost a significant amount of money, investing in improving your knowledge in drone reparation and becoming an expert can be very profitable and cost-effective. It is certain that you would get numerous customers in a short period of time because the reparation costs less than buying a new one. Customers don’t like waiting for days to get their drones repaired – is not fun at all, so providing a fast and reliable service will surely bring your money fast.

  1. Become a drone programmer

Besides the hardware that is very much visible, the software is what counts. Without it, it would be useless, so taking the time to learn everything you can about the software, is definitely profitable. There are a lot of startups and programming companies that appear on the market constantly, so it is something to consider. If you already have programming skills, then upgrading them would mean that you can offer your services to the drone users. This is something that has a very high potential. Learn everything you can about the options that drones can offer and learn how to utilize them and show your customers how to make the most of it.

  1. Organize a course about drones

Because of all these previously mentioned reasons, lots of people would surely invest in a course about drones. If you’ve become an expert in drone functions and you’ve learned all the essential characteristics about them, share your knowledge. This especially applies to the knowledge about making photographs and videos with drones. Considering that these two areas are still unexplored, it is certainly profitable to shed some light and share some tricks and insights that you personally discovered and learned from various sources. Providing all this information in one place will surely get you the attention you want, so you can profit from it. came up with over 25 different drone business ideas and these were the ideas that we think are the best of the bunch. Choose the idea that is the most appealing to you and create a good plan that can help you achieve your goal – make a profit and develop your skills while offering a good and quality service to your customers.

4 Easy Ways Foreigners Are Making Money Every Single Day

No matter where you live in the world, sometimes you just need to get money now, don’t you?

We have all been there. Your car breaks down and you need money fast to pay for a repair. Or maybe your dog or cat gets sick and an expensive trip to the vet’s office is around the corner.

Sometimes your friends or family may ask you to participate in an expensive event you hadn’t planned for. Perhaps they are organizing a trip to somewhere exotic and you really want to go but you do not have the necessary funds.

Most people in these situations will turn to their credit cards and increase the size of their debt. An alternative is to ask a family member or a good friend to lend you the money and you pay them back later.

But there are better ways that can work for you, even if you are a foreigner located in any part of the world.

In this article we will provide you with some of such ways to get money now which are free and fast and really work.

1.Become a Freelancer

Do you have a skill that others are looking for? Maybe you are a good writer or you can code in specific computer languages.

Individuals and companies are always looking to outsource work in areas where they do not have the expertise or the time to perform them.

Graphic designers are always in demand too as are virtual assistants.

With these it doesn’t matter which part of the world you live or even if you are a foreigner living in a different country than yours. You can still get jobs as a freelancer thanks to awesome freelance websites today.

There are a number of freelancing websites where you can find work. One of the most popular is where you post gigs and customers order them from you.

Other freelancing sites include, and Here customers will post jobs and you respond with your proposal.

2.Play games online for money

It’s a surprisingly but genuine ways foreigners are using to make money these days. If you are someone who loves playing games online, you can be making money with this.

You simply play the games you love and get paid by companies that need your thoughts and opinions or even reviews on certain games.

Click here to read all about such companies.

3.Train others with Videos

The demand for online training is massive. If you have a skill that is in demand you can make a lot of money fast creating a training course and uploading it to a website like

Everyone has something that they can teach others. Give some thought to your past experience and the things that you can do really well.

It will take a little time to put your training course together because it needs to be good quality. But once it is out there then Udemy will market your video training for you.

You just sit back and watch the dollars roll in.

Very nice indeed.

4.Complete Online surveys

Companies want feedback from people about their brands and products and service all of the time. They will pay you for completing surveys online which only take a short time to complete.

There are lots of online survey websites out there but you need to work with the best ones to earn the most money for your time.

One of the very best online survey websites is Survey Junkie. They have a large number of surveys available and pay good rates for completing them.

Get Money Now with these methods

We have provided you with some great ways to make money every single day. All of these methods work and are totally legal. It’s now time for you to take action and earn the money that you need.


A Novice’s Guide To Investment: Great Investment Ideas To Get You Started

For people looking to boost their financial future and make more money, one of the first ways that come to mind is an investment. It is a popular preparation option for retirement, and even after, two-thirds of retirees plan to continue investing, based on a 2018 global study by Schroders. Yet many people continue to avoid or delay investing out of fear and confusion with the entire concept. With so many options and schemes available, it can be easy to hit the point of information overload and end up with more questions than before. However, getting started in investing does not have to be complicated in the beginning. In fact, there are many opportunities out there that are perfect for investment novices, and more importantly simple to understand and get started in.

Opt For Gold And Precious Metals

Gold continues to be one of the most profitable investment options, thanks to its ability to maintain high prices and value on the market. In the past 15 years, the price of gold has increased 315 percent, and predictions for 2019 only indicate a continuing rise for gold and commodities, according to Forbes. For any investor, this is great news and the perfect time to get involved, but more specifically, for novice investors, gold and precious metals increases as paper investments such as stocks depreciate. This makes it a great addition to your investment portfolio to hedge your risks, and as a starting point, it is easily accessible thanks to online dealers such as Money Metals Exchange offering gold and precious metal coins and bars along with pricing charts and pricing alerts to help the buyer.

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Treasury Bills

One of the most cited worries for beginner investors is the risk that comes with the process. Of course, there is always a risk of your return not being as anticipated, but if you are after a safer bet to start off with, try investing in treasury bills. These are issued by the government, and while their yield may be on the lower end compared to other options, the security they offer more than makes up for it. Most treasury bills are offered on a long term basis, which makes them the perfect starting point for retirement planning, but they are also available for shorter variations, such as less than one year. In 2018, the Federation of Bosnia sold €10.2 million in 9-month treasury bills, and in 2019, Republic of Srpska raised €16.3 million in ten-year Treasury notes, highlighting the availability and varying options for investors when it comes to treasury bills.

Index & Mutual Funds

The stock market is a fast-paced and unpredictable environment for any investor and can be daunting at first. Index funds can net you much lower tax rates, and mutual funds only require you to choose a risk tolerance and category to invest in before handing over your capital to an experienced fund manager. As a bonus, the addition of technology such as Robo advisors have not only made the process much simpler for everyone but has also cut the cost attached to it and made it readily available at your convenience.

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Real Estate Portfolios

Real estate can be an investment option that provides a stable passive return, and with the real estate market booming in Bosnia, there is no better time to consider it. When the term ‘invest in real estate’ comes to mind, automatically one jumps to a large amount of required capital and a project requiring long hours of commitment. These two conditions do not spur confidence in someone who is new to the investment arena. However, there is more than one way to get involved in real estate, and with a range of budget as well. Real Estate Investment Trusts can take a lot of the guesswork out the process for you including searching for the perfect property.

By using a company that owns or controls its own group of income-producing properties, you can simply choose your return preference and leave the maintenance to the professionals. There are also more recent introductions to the investment market such as real estate crowdfunding platforms, including Fundraise and Appear Here. Operating on a similar premise to P2P platforms, investors pool their resources to fund properties or provide commercial spaces to businesses. Best of all, investment buy-in is much lower and can start with just a small deposit. OneWill urges you to create an estate plan that will bring you everything you’ve wanted and you can do so online.

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Getting started with investment can be daunting at first, but with solid research and good choices, anyone can be successful. The best decision for inexperienced investors is, to begin with, some of the simpler, safer investment choices and build their knowledge and experience from there. In the end, any investment comes with a risk, but with careful navigation, it can be mitigated.