Trump Claims That NAFTA Talks Are Going Well


As high-levels meeting continue, President Trump seems pleased with the progress of the new NAFTA deal. Talking to the French President Macron, who is on an official visit to Washington, Mr. Trump said: “Nafta as you know is moving along. I could make a deal very quickly, but I’m not sure that’s in the best

Merkel’s Mishandled Relationship with Trump


This week is a busy one for President Trump, with two state visits scheduled one after another. French President Emmanuel Macron came to Washington on Monday and was treated as lavishly as possible. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is due on Friday, but her welcome will be quite modest in comparison to the one her

US Foreign Policy is About Trump, according to Macron


Even though France and the US are allies, it appears that French President Emmanuel Macron has no sympathy for the US President Donald Trump. According to Macron, Trump’s narcissistic personality guides him in his decision-making whereas he has no understanding of how the world functions. Macron also noted that Trump’s ideology is not clear enough.

Busy Week For Trump at the White House As He Will Focus On Foreign Policy


With two major European leaders, French President and German Chancellor, coming to Washington this week, President Trump continues with his recent focus on foreign policy, after last week’s meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. Iran nuclear deal will feature prominently in these talks, as it represents a major stumbling block in the relationship between Trump