Leonardo Da Vinci

The Most Expensive Art Pieces in The World

The pastime of art collecting has provided the world with many eye-catching price tags over the years. In 2019, of the most expensive artworks sold, 9 out of 10 commanded more than $50 million from the highest bidder, with the most expensive setting back $110.7 million for Claude Monet’s Meules, a stunning haystacks by sunrise/sunset

Debunking the perplexingly popular conspiracy theory that Salvator Mundi is connected to Russiagate

Painting of Christ, Salvator Mundi, in Latin means Saviour of the world, is one of the famous painting of Italian Artist Leonardo Da Vinci since 1500C. Since centuries, this painting was preserved in the Royal Collection of the British Royal Family. There was a common perception that the painting has lost its originality over a