History of Saudi Arabia: A Rich Country

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country located in the Middle East. It covers a vast area of the Arabian Peninsula and is the second-largest country in the Middle East. Various countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, and others neighboring countries.

Saudi Arabia is popularly known as one the largest producer and exporter of oil and petroleum. The discovery of crude oil has made this country extensively rich. However, it also has a very rich history of culture, art, literature, architecture, religion, culture, and many more.

Rich culture and religion

Most citizens of Saudi Arabia are Muslim popularly the Sunni sect of the religion. The city of Mecca and Medina which is a holy place for Muslims is also located here. The religious leader and founder of Islam the Prophet Muhammad was born here in 571 CE. After his death, his followers began to capture North Africa, Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, and other regions.

In this way, the Islam religion was able to expand and become the second-largest religion in the world. Various civilizations and cultures have emerged from Saudi Arabia. Now, the country comprises four main regions- Najid, Hejaz, some parts of Eastern and Southern Arabia.

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The Pre-Islamic Era of Saudi Arabia

Even before the rise of Islamic religion and other civilizations, the culture of Saudi Arabia can be traced to the Ubaid era. The Ubaid is the prehistoric era of the Mesopotamian civilization. This civilization covers the southern region of Mesopotamia which was established at the alluvial plains.

It is speculated that due to some drastic climatic change, the Mesopotamian civilization slowly moved away. Various artifacts such as imported woods, pottery, copper utensils, statues, etc. were excavated from there.

Law of Saudi Arabia

The law of Saudi Arabia is directly linked with the Quran’s teachings. Along with the teachings of the Prophet which is known as “Sunnah” is also followed in the judicial system. The law of Saudi Arabia is not codified. Hence, the judges are allowed to take any decision according to their conscience and independent logic.

Also, the law strictly needs to follow the religious principles of Hanbali School which is among four vital Islamic schools. It obtains the rules of sharia extensively from the teachings of the Quran. Hence, Sharia law is predominantly applied to the basic judicial system of Saudi Arabia.

Art and Culture


There were various cinema halls and theatres in Saudi Arabia during the 1970s. But later in the 1980s, during the Islamic revival, all cinema halls were shut down in order to increase Islamic activism. However, after the reforms made by King Salman and King Abdullah, the cinemas were re-opened.

The Wahhabi movement also restricted the depiction of humans. As a result, the visual art of Saudi Arabia is largely covered with abstract, geometric designs and flowers.

Dance and Music of Saudi Arabia

The traditional music of Saudi Arabia is linked with the art of poetry. In the past, people used to travel and recite poetry. People used to gather around a storyteller and learn about historic events, tales, etc. in the form of poetry.

The musical instruments of the culture of Saudi Arabia include tar (tambourine), Rabbah, and tabl. One of the traditional dance forms of Saudi Arabia is called “ardah.” In this form, the men hold swords and rifles in their hands and dance on the drum beats.

Traditional Food of Saudi Arabia

Some traditional foods of Saudi Arabia include goat, camel and cows, dates, cheese, clarified butter of cow, etc. The vegetables include pumpkin beans, eggplant, onions, coriander, mint, etc.

Dates are fruits in the Middle Eastern countries. However, several foods are prohibited in Islam such as pork and alcohol. Traditionally, during weddings, religious occasions, and other events, sheep or goats are slaughtered for preparing meals for the family.

Architecture and Urbanisation

During the 1950s, around 40% of the Saudi Arabia population were nomads and they used to live in tents. They used to travel on camels along with herbs such as goats and sheep according to season and water availability. The remaining population used to live in rural areas and cities such as Jiddah, Medina, Unayzah, Medina, Mecca, etc.

After the rapid growth of the oil industry, the older cities expanded and new cities were evolving rapidly. People started to live in houses with open spaces and the construction of freeways eased their transportation.

Islamic and Arab Customs


The traditions of Saudi Arabia are interlinked with the Islamic religions. After the establishment of Islam, Medina and Mecca was ruled by an Arab ruler which was called the Sharif of Mecca. In the Najid region, Wahhabism which is an official form of following Islam in the kingdom escalated during the 18th century.

The Arabs later established caliphates of Umayyad (661-750), Fatimid (909-1171), Abbasid (750-1517), and Rashidun (632-661). Later, it expanded its rule to other Islamic countries such as Istanbul and Baghdad.

Traditional dresses

The dresses worn by citizens of Saudi Arabia rigidly follow the principles and tradition of modesty in Islam. Men wear a garment covering their whole body up to their ankles made of cotton or wool. Along with that, they wear “guthra” which is made of white cotton cloth and placed upon the head.

For women, women need to wear a black “abaya” that fully covers their body from head to toe apart from their feet and hands. The clothes for women are embroidered with metallic threads, sequins, etc. to make them more beautiful.

Rise of Saudi Arabia royal family

Previously, Arabia was ruled by various groups of tribal people. The dynasty of the royal family of Saudi Arabia known as “Al Saud” dates back to 1744. The dynasty was established by Muhammad bin Saud along with Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab, the founder of the Wahhabi movement and a religious leader.

The king of Saudi Arabia is also the Prime Minister and the political system is predominated by the royal family. A king comprises three functions- the executive of legislation, judicial functions, and other royal positions.

The above-mentioned points of Saudi Arabia are enough to compel you to visit this country. Visit this country once to experience its richness.

Your Complete Guide For Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents not only entail physical damage that one can reimburse with monetary investment but also the possibility of legal proceedings. While at it, getting along with a professional lawyer is the best bet, but you also have to ensure you get the value out of your invested dollars.

Getting reliable legal assistance can be the deciding factor that makes or breaks your chances of winning a truck accident lawsuit. Therefore, you must equip yourself with all the nitty-gritty that goes into finding a credible lawyer like MG Law. With that being said, let’s look at some of the essentials aspects you must consider while hiring a truck accident attorney.

Seek recommendations from peers

The best way to find a reliable lawyer is to ask around in your family and friend circle to see if those you know have gone through a similar situation. This way, you have more chances of finding a lawyer that has a good track record.

If there are physician visits involved, you can also ask the medical professional as they have experience working with accident attorneys. Hiring via recommendation keeps you from the hassle of verifying the background of the lawyer as they already have your peers to vouch for their credibility. Nonetheless, you must not skip the verification process before taking the plunge.

Since truck accident cases are supposed to be handled thoughtfully, you can’t afford to hire an incompetent lawyer. So, you should discuss with the peers about their experience and how the lawyer handled their case before proceeding further.

Find someone you can easily communicate with

As truck accident cases take a considerable time to settle, you should find an attorney that has an approachable personality. This will keep you hiring someone who is not genuinely interested in your case. More often than not, you can make this decision after the first interaction you have with the lawyer.

Ideally, a reputed truck accident lawyer would pay heed to the details so that you can be assured about their experience in the field. More so, you want to connect with your lawyer so that you can share these details comfortably in the first place.

Make sure you hire a professional you like because that will make the process a lot smoother for both of you.

Prioritize a local lawyer

If you’re from a different location than where the accident took place, it’s advised to look for lawyers that are well-versed with local rules and regulations. Although there are federal laws as well entailed in a truck accident case, you’d find the need to seek professional legal help at the state level. So, ensure that your lawyer has ample experience in handling local cases.

For this, you can head to the bar association website of the state and take a look at the different renowned lawyers listed there. While at it, you should not forget to check their credibility history — as in whether there are any negative comments or complaints regarding the lawyer so that you can be mindful.

After all, you want to get along with an attorney that doesn’t have a track record of leaving their clients hanging amid an accident case.

Focus on their experience

Every lawyer has a portfolio that you can assess before making your mind. Most people end up either skipping this front or taking it lighting, which makes them end up with an incompetent lawyer. You want to ensure that your lawyer has adequate courtroom experience and get an idea of how many of their cases go to court.

For this, you can be straightforward about asking their win/loss ratio and the type of cases they hold expertise in. A trustworthy lawyer will always come up with genuine answers instead of dodging such up-front questions because this determines how much you can rely on that professional.

While going through the portfolio, you need to focus on the local cases specifically. This will give you a clear idea of how they approach an accident case and the kind of feedback they have received over the years.

Schedule a thorough interview

Once you have narrowed down your search to, say, 5 professional attorneys in the area, it’s time to discuss your case with them. You must not proceed with a truck accident lawyer before getting into a one-on-one discussion wherein you chalk out every minute detail and focus on how the professional perceives and reacts to them. However, it’s up to you whether you want to have a telephonic conversation or an in-person meeting.

This initial meeting will help clear out most of your doubts, along with commenting on whether you do have a lawsuit or not. A reputed accident lawyer will remain proactive about giving innate attention to your doubts so that you can make an informed decision. You should not haste when it comes to finalizing which lawyer you’d proceed with.

Make a checklist of all the essential points you want to bring up once you interact with them. This will keep you from being clueless while discussing the case details with your truck accident attorney.

Don’t forget third-party user reviews

The same strategy goes before hiring any professional — focus on their client testimonials. Now, a crucial thing to understand here is that you don’t want to restrict yourself to the reviews mentioned only on the client website. Instead, you should check out different third-party sites where you are most likely to find unbiased feedback.

Go through every client testimonial and user review mindfully and be watchful for any negative comments so that you can discuss these beforehand with the lawyer. Although you can’t skip a personal discussion with the attorney, evaluating user reviews can give you the upper hand in deciding whether you want to get along with a particular lawyer or not.

Now that you know how to find a reliable truck accident lawyer, an added tip is to discuss their pricing policy so that you don’t end up with any surprises later on.

Benefits of Using a Car Accident Attorney in Houston – 2021 Guide


If there is one thing that cannot be predicted is an accident because it happens with no warning or notification. Many people try to avoid car accidents, but the efforts usually do not pay off as accidents happen. is a great starting point for anyone who wants the services of a car accident attorney in the region.

When an accident eventually occurs, it brings with it so many things, among them legal battles. Whether you are the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident or just involved in any way, you may find yourself faced with legal nightmares handled in court. Given your inexperience with the law guidelines, it might be hard for you to defend yourself properly, this is why you need to look for a car accident attorney.

Car accident attorneys are legally trained lawyers who help individuals by advocating for them after being involved in an accident. Car accidents are among the biggest causes of personal injury in Houston. Many people don’t know what to do after a car wreck.

Some people have even ended failing to get compensation, simply because they did not know what to do, due to the ignorance of the law and what they needed to do after the accident. This is why you need to look for a car accident attorney to help you, especially if the accident occurs due to the negligence of the other person.

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If you were hurt in an accident from the negligence of another person, you might be compensated by the individual. The compensation comes typically in the form or a settlement. You can get compensation for a broad range of damages from the accident, like suffering, pain, medical bills, and other damages. All States also have their laws and regulations. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a licensed and qualified lawyer in your state. These legal professionals represent their clients in courts. However, the professionals can also work for an out of court settlement. Retain these services early after the accident. Look for the attorneys in your area that work on car accident claims. Picking a good lawyer can only help your case.

It is always best to hire an attorney in the city or town where the crash happened. Choosing an out of town lawyer puts you at a slight disadvantage and can run the costs up.

The innocent parties can still deal with the insurance companies in making a claim. Some of the insurance agencies are notoriously hard to deal with when making a claim. Some companies refuse to pay out a claim, even after their insured was found at fault by the police. The attorney you choose will help you in fighting for your rights in such cases. If you were involved in an accident with a person insured with a notorious insurer, you could not avoid the services of an attorney.

There are so many ways of finding a capable, professional, and reliable car lawyer to represent your interests. Use the internet to make sure you are hiring an attorney with a lot of personal injury experience. There are fields where knowledge is more important than even education, and the courtroom is one area.

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Start by doing some simple Google search. However, the best lawyers are not necessarily listed in the search engines and may also not get top results. Therefore, you need to use some common sense to look into these professionals to determine whether they are capable and legit. Some suggestions for looking at attorneys for your case include:

  • Look at the law firm website- do they work on cases that do not involve personal injury?
  • Review your state’s Bar Association information on the lawyer- do they have complaints?
  • Does the attorney advertise? If so, it may be a firm with many cases. Will they have time for yours?
  • Ask for an in-person consultation. How does the office look?
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Choosing the right attorney for your case is one of the most important first steps you can take to protect your rights after being injured in a car accident.

The attorney will use his or her skills to protect your rights and make sure that justice is served but also make sure this happens on time. There are cases where you might find a case dragging over the years. This is one thing that everyone who is involved in an accident will be looking to avoid.

The only way to avoid such a thing will be by looking for a top attorney to help you out. An experienced lawyer will use his or her skills to handle your case and work to get the compensation you so much deserve.

If you go for an out of court settlement, then an attorney will also be beneficial to you. At the end of the whole process, a good attorney will do everything they can to ensure that you get justice in your case. However, as said above, your chances of success are better with a top attorney.

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When looking for one to help you with this process, you need to stick to the factors listed above. Some attorneys are not well experienced in personal injury as it is needed. Sometimes, you might be approached by some attorneys who will claim to have the right skills for this process.

You need to be very careful as such attorneys might just be interested in your money and nothing else. They may lack the skills and the talent needed to handle an accident case either with an insurance company or the other party.

If you hire such people for this process, then you may lose in the wrong run. The factors listed above are some things that you can use as considerations to find an attorney for your car accident.

Facing a DUI Charge? Why Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense

For the most part, you’re the type of person who chooses to understand the traffic laws and abide by them. Even so, there are times when you’re tempted to do something that’s not in your best interests. Recently, that led to an allegation of driving under the influence. Rather than trying to deal with the charge on your own, it makes sense to seek out a lawyer who can provide counsel and work with you to deal with the cost. Here are some examples of how the lawyer can help.

Explaining the Current Laws Related to Driving Under the Influence

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How much do you know about the laws that apply to your case? If you’re like most people, you have no more than a rudimentary understanding of those laws. Even research online will only provide so much additional information. The only way to truly delve into current laws about driving under the influence or impaired driving is to talk with a lawyer.

There are provisions of law that the lawyer will mention. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a part of the Constitution that includes information related to driving under the influence and impaired driving, is primarily what the lawyer will go over with you. This will be important as the lawyer begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

Your lawyer will point out specifics that apply in your case. That includes some ideas on what has occurred with similar cases in the past. One or more of those legal precedents may be especially helpful. In this way, you will begin to grasp what could happen if the court decides to convict you.

Going Over the Options for Your Defense

You can rest assured that DUI lawyers such as Mass Tsang, will tirelessly work to win your case or to ensure the lowest possible penalty. That means mounting a defense that’s designed to protect your rights from beginning to end.

Since there may be more than one possible way to pursue that defense, expect your lawyer to go over the potential associated with each strategy. You’ll get an idea of how each approach could turn out. That includes what might happen if you go with a particular procedure, and the court still finds that you’re guilty.

This is important since you need to understand the possible ramifications of each approach. The lawyer will point out the potential benefits, but also the worst-case scenarios associated with each one. This equips you with the information needed to determine which direction the defense should move. Therefore, it is really important that you hire a lawyer that has experience in handling DUI charges. If you are currently looking for one, you may check out

Exploring the Actions of Law Enforcement


Part of the preliminary work that the lawyer will perform is assessing the actions of law enforcement as it relates to your case. That includes what occurred from the time the officers first approached you to be released on bond at the police station. If there is any indication that one or more officers infringed on your rights or failed to follow the procedures required by law, that may be grounds to have the entire matter dismissed.

There are specific protocols that the police are required to follow. The moment that they approach you after believing they have reasonable cause to assume that you’ve been drinking or ingesting any substance in the last three hours, their actions must be in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If they fail to do any of the following, your legal counsel may have grounds to fight the case.

The authorities are required to state that they are approaching you for suspicion of a possible roadside offense, but they are not necessary to say what type of offense. In cases of this nature, they will first administer what’s known as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. This is composed of simple tests like walking a straight line or standing on one leg. If you pass this test, they may also ask you to take a breathalyzer test. This can provide an accurate reading of that amount of booze in your blood. They may also take a blood sample.

What you need to remember is that while the officer may phrase these tests as if they are asking for your cooperation, current laws in the GTA don’t require them to obtain your permission. You are required by law to comply. If you refuse, the officer has the right to arrest you. The result is likely to be a fine and possibly a one-year suspension of your driving privileges. If there’s a prior offense on your record, you could face a year in jail for noncompliance.

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Once the tests are done, the officer will inform you if you passed or failed. If your blood booze level is near the legal limit, you’re likely to receive a warning if you’ve been cooperative up to this point. Those who are over the legal limit will be placed under arrest.

The officer will state that you are being arrested for a specific offense and advise you of your Charter of Rights, including the right to say nothing at this point – your right to speak with a lawyer or to seek legal aid. The nature of secondary police precautions that will be taken as you are transported to the police station. After the office is finished, you now have the right to contact your legal counsel or arrange for legal representation.

Remember that your right to say nothing remains intact while you wait for your legal counsel to arrive at the station. If any attempts are made to obtain additional information about your actions before or during the arrest are made, you have to say that you do not discuss the events until you consult with your legal counsel.

Seeking the Best Possible Outcome

Throughout the process, your legal counsel will work within the limits of the law to secure the best possible outcome for your case. That could mean amending the defense strategy if some new evidence comes to light, such as a witness who saw what transpired and comes forward to provide an account. It could also mean seeking to provide the court with reasons to grant some degree of leniency based on the fact that this is the first offense.

Remember that the lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome. What the lawyer will pledge is to provide you with legal counsel designed to help you through this current issue. Make the most of that pledge and cooperate in every way you can. Doing so will make it easier to work toward an outcome that is in your best interests.

The 5 Types of Coverage Offered by Auto Insurance

Before purchasing your auto insurance, find out if the coverage it provides is the right one for you and your vehicle. According to data from the Insurance Research Council, more than 4 million drivers in California do not have auto insurance. Meanwhile, Paulson & Nace stated that there were 30,800 fatal car crashes nationwide in 2012, and thousands more that caused serious bodily harm. According to these are the top five types of coverage offered by auto insurance, and how they work in the event of an accident.

1. Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM)

This insurance covers your medical expenses in the event where the person at fault in the accident is uninsured or has insufficient insurance to cover all costs for the damage caused to you. This type of insurance also includes a person in the event that is involved in a hit-and-run accident. For example, if you have a pedestrian accident, or if you were riding a bicycle and another vehicle crashed into you.

2. Med-Pay coverage

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This policy covers medical expenses as a result of an automobile accident, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. But every insurance company has its restrictions regarding this policy. Some also pay for funeral expenses, passenger injuries, injuries if you were in a pedestrian accident, or if you were riding a bicycle and a car crashed into you. It also covers expenses for dental treatment as a result of an accident.

3. Liability Insurance

If you are at fault, the cause of, or responsible for an accident, your insurance company pays for the property damage and medical expenses of those affected in the accident. In some cases, this type of insurance even covers the legal cost of accident attorneys if the case goes to trial. Almost all states require at least a minimum of coverage for this type of insurance.

4. Collision insurance

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This type of insurance covers the cost of repairs of your car; this is important if you recently bought a car, or if your car is expensive and you are involved in an accident. If the cost of repairs is higher than the value of your vehicle, this insurance covers up to the amount of the total loss.

5. Other than Collision Coverage (OTC)

This type of insurance covers damage to your vehicle for any reason other than a collision, such as theft, fire, or earthquake. But this insurance is expensive, and sometimes unnecessary if you can easily replace your vehicle. Also, the incidents you cover don’t happen often; for example, if you live in the desert, it’s not very likely that a tree will fall on your car.

As you can see, there are several types of basic insurance. Some are required by law, and some are not; some are important, and some are not. Anyway, it’s good to be insured because the future is unpredictable.

How Wage and Hour Laws Apply to you

Most companies recognize the value of paying their employees what they are worth. They follow wage and hour laws to the letter and do what is right by the people who work for them. However, not all companies comply with the rules regarding pay. Some employers cheat their employees of what they are owed and try to bury their malfeasance in technical and legal jargon that cannot stand up to scrutiny.

If you believe you are being unfairly treated by your employer, you do have legal options. You should gather some basic information on California wage and hour law before you make your move.

Basic Wage and Hour Law in California

Wage and hour laws set basic standards for pay. They also cover a range of other issues related to hourly work, including minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest breaks, pay schedule, expenses that must be covered by employers, and so forth.

The minimum wage in California is based on the size of the company. As of 2019, the minimum wage for a company with up to 25 employees is $11.00 and $12.00 for companies that employ over 26 people. In 2020, the minimum wage will increase to $12.00 and $13.00 respectively. From that time until 2023, there will be an annual increase to $15.00.

In some states, employers are allowed to pay tipped employees a lower minimum wage. California does not allow this. If you are a tipped employee in California, you are entitled to the full minimum wage for every hour worked.

As a California worker, you are entitled to receive overtime if you work more than 8 hours in a day. If you work 12 hours or more, you must receive double time. If you work on a Sunday, you are entitled to time and a half for the first 8 hours and double time for additional hours.

Overtime: Exempt Versus Non-Exempt

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California wage and hour law exempt certain employees from the rules governing overtime. The most important of these are executives, professionals, and administrative personnel. To qualify for this group of exempt employees, the person must:

-Spend half of their time doing intellectual, managerial, or creative work
-Exercise independent judgment in the performance of their duties
-Earn a monthly salary equivalent to twice the state minimum wage for full-time employment

Employees in the computer software development field, licensed physicians and surgeons, and employees who earn more than half their income from commissions with total earnings exceeding one and a half times the minimum wage are also exempt.

Teachers at private primary and secondary school who earn the lowest salary offered to licensed public school teachers are also exempt from the overtime rules.

Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors

Some companies misclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid paying payroll tax, minimum wage, and overtime. The important thing to remember here is that you are not an independent contractor just because your employer says you are.

According to California law, a person is only an independent contractor if they:

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-Engage in a distinct occupation or business
-Possess the skill required by that specific occupation
-Receive payment based on the completion of a specific job
-Provide their own tools
-Consent to a contract that makes them an independent worker

The last factor is especially important. If you were pressured into signing a contract or agreement that makes you exempt from minimum wage and overtime, it is possible to contest it.

Want to Call a Wage and Hour Attorney?

Wage exploitation comes in many forms. You may be surprised by the length your company will go in order to avoid paying you fair wages. To avoid being taken advantage of you must read the fine print of your contract. You should also pay close attention to sudden or subtle changes in your hours and working conditions.

Indeed, many employers do not engage in wage theft straightaway. It may be the policy of the company you work with to wait until you are settled and comfortable before they change the conditions of your work to benefit them and cheat you of what you are owed. This is an old ploy. If you have a job that pays well, you will begin to spend money and make financial commitments that will increase your dependence on the company. Once you are in such a position, they believe you will be more amenable to going along with whatever the company wants.

You need not allow yourself to be mistreated in this way. If your employer is not paying you what the law demands in minimum wage and overtime, if you are also being denied meal and rest breaks, then you should contact the wage and hour attorney.

The very moment you realize that you are being mistreated you should start preserving evidence. Save all emails, text messages, and new contracts you have been asked to sign. You should also save all voicemail messages and paper correspondence. Be sure to send all electronic messages sent to your company account to your private account. Once your attorney has contacted the company to inform them of your complaint and intention to file suit, you may be denied access to your work accounts.

Why You Need an Employment Lawyer

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You should not try to pursue this matter alone. You can, of course, speak to your manager to complain about being short-changed and mistreated. But you should hold not further communications with them once these informal efforts to resolve the matter have been rebuffed.

Your employer’s response to your complaint will be fast, decisive, and vigorous. They will try to put the blame for their wrongdoing on you. Speaking to an employment lawyer will enable you to get the story straight. For more details check During your initial consultation, your attorney will ask you to recall details about the working conditions in your company. You should try to be as forthcoming as you can, as your statements will form the basis of the subsequent legal strategy.

You should refer to all correspondence and communication by the company and their representatives to your lawyer. You do not want to inadvertently say or do anything that will undermine your case. Let your lawyer speak for you.

What Your Attorney Will Do

West Coast employment lawyers specialize in this field. They help ordinary people like you get justice. If your employer has violated California wage law by failing to pay the state minimum wage, failing to pay overtime, or failing to provide meal and rest breaks as stipulated in the California labor code, then you can sue.

A suit can be brought to collect the unpaid balance of the wages you are owed, back pay and back wages, interest on these amounts, and pay for attorney fees and litigation. Depending on the egregiousness of the crime, you may even be able to join a class-action suit. If it is found that your employer has systematically defrauded large numbers of employees over the years, it may be possible to get a larger settlement.

One important thing to keep in mind. Unlike other types of lawsuits, plaintiffs for a wage lawsuit cannot collect damages for emotional distress.

If your lawyer is able to gather enough evidence of your employer’s wrongdoing, the latter may decide to settle the matter in your favor. They may not want to risk the decision of a jury.

If you are the victim of wage exploitation by your employer, you need legal representation. West Coast employment lawyers can help you get justice.

Keep Your Friends Alive: Driving Rules To Enforce


Who hasn’t changed lanes without looking over their shoulder to check their blind spot? It seems like an innocent mistake, but it’s one of many driving mistakes that can cost someone their life.

Other risky mistakes are made out of convenience, like riding in the back of a van with no seats because you got invited to a concert last minute and there’s nobody else to drive you. When driving a car, convenience should never come at the cost of safety.

Distracted drivers kill and injure their friends frequently. Too often, those fatal crashes don’t just kill the driver. You don’t want to be responsible for an accident that injures or kills a friend. To prevent a tragedy, enforce the following rules at all times when driving with friends:

Don’t put up with texting drivers


Don’t get into the car with friends who like to text and drive. Likewise, don’t put your passengers at risk by using your phone while driving, either.

Lipsig Law reports that in 2013, New York saw nearly 304,100 car accidents. More than 41% resulted in serious personal injury; 1,109 were fatal. Many of those accidents were due to distracted driving, texting included.

When you’re the passenger, offer to be the driver’s personal secretary for the ride. If the driver doesn’t want to give up their phone, stop riding with them. When you’re the driver, give your phone to a passenger or turn it on silent.

Seatbelts are to be worn at all times


Wearing a seatbelt should be non-negotiable. Most states have laws requiring the use of seatbelts because they’ve been proven to save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 47% of the 37,133 people killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2017 weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Also, seatbelts saved the lives of 14,955 people in 2017.

When you’re the driver, get your friends to buckle up before you start driving. Even if you’re in a parking lot, someone might hit you hard enough to eject someone not wearing their seatbelt.

When you’re not the driver, make sure the car you get into has a seatbelt. If you can’t buckle up, get out of the car. There might be situations that will make getting out of the car awkward. For instance, say you got invited to a party and your friends show up and someone you’ve never met is driving. All the seats are taken, and you’re expected to squeeze between two buckled passengers. This situation is common, but extremely dangerous.

You can be the party pooper and tell everyone you’re uncomfortable without a seatbelt. Or, you can pretend you forgot something in the house and when you come back out make up a story that your mom called and you’ve got to handle a family emergency.

This is sometimes the hardest rule to follow, but it will save your life.

Don’t get in a car with an intoxicated person


Drunk drivers kill more than 10,000 people each year and cause about $44 billion in damages. While you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated, you shouldn’t get into a car with someone who is, either. By agreeing to get into a car with someone who is tipsy, drunk  you’re actually encouraging them to put both of you in a dangerous situation.

You may not realize that simply being in the car with an intoxicated person is enough for the courts to hold you personally liable for any property damage, injuries, and deaths caused by the impaired driver. For example, in 2014, two teenage boys allowed a female friend to drive drunk. The driver crashed into a tree and died. The boys were held criminally responsible for failing to prevent her from driving drunk.

When an intoxicated person is about to get behind the wheel, you have three options:

-Find a way to get their keys

-Convince them to take a cab with you

-Call the police and stall your friend. You might lose a friend, but they’ll still be alive.

Getting in the car with an impaired driver isn’t an option.

Stick to your principles

Your friends may not like it, but stick to your principles of safety. The first time your friends lose someone to a preventable car accident, they’ll understand and take you seriously.

Unfortunately, we have little catrol over anyone other than ourselves—particularly behind the wheel of a car. In the event that you and a friend do get injured in a car accident, but sure to reach out to the experienced car accident attorneys at Joye Law Firm to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What Is The Best Law Homework Service?

So, you have decided to study law at college. Perhaps, you have been inspired by the book to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and wanted to be like Atticus Finch when you grow up. Maybe, your parents are lawyers and you know what this world is all about.

No matter what your main reason was, you have studied really hard and got enrolled at the college of your dreams. Now, you are working towards your degree in law, and you are aimed at doing your best in order to become a professional in this field.

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There is no doubt that law is one of the most difficult subjects. It would not be surprising if you felt frustrated all the time. The amount of tasks is huge. There is usually no time at all, not to mention the fact that you cannot even catch a break. There’s always tons of studying to do. That is why, it is quite clear why you sometimes need help with your law homework. It often feels like there will never be enough time to complete all those assignments you have been given. Luckily, a suitable solution is always on hand.

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