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Best law schools in Canada


– Students apply to study in Canada for various reasons. Not only are the study programs quite affordable, but Canada offers stunning natural scenery and, as well all know, friendly people. In Canada, law is a postgraduate subject and once you get your law degree, you can push yourself even more and further study law. Although most law schools are around major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, there are great schools that offer LL.M. study programs in other cities as well. WriteMyEssayOnline company compiled a list of the 10 best schools that you can apply for:

University of Toronto (UofT) – Faculty of Law, Toronto

This school holds the title of the best university in Canada. The school offers LL.M programs in various topics, including Criminal Law, Legal Theory, and Business Law. The LL.M. guide lists this faculty’s program as one of the best ones in Ethics and Policy and Health Law globally.

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McGill University – Faculty of Law, Montreal

– A J.D. candidate Peter Dalglish often refers to this school as the “Harvard of the North”. This faculty is one of three English-language faculties in Quebec. Law undergrads are required by the school to be “a little bit” bilingual in English and French, though LL.M.s are exempt from this requirement. This faculty offers classes in General Law, as well as in Comparative Law, Environmental Law, and Space and Air Law.

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Osgoode Professional Development – Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, Toronto

– Established in 1889, this faculty is one of the best law schools in Toronto. The faculty offers a wide range of LL.M. programs, including programs in International Business Law and Canadian Common Law. The LLM GUIDE lists Osgoode Hall as one of the top 10 schools for Intellectual Property Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Queen’s University – Faculty of Law, Kingston

– Located in Kingston, this faculty has been offering programs for studying law since the late 1800s. The programs at this school can be completed in 9 to 12 months and students have the chance to finish some courses at a castle in England. Additionally, the school also offers LL.M. programs in Legal and Political Thought for students that are interested in legal philosophy and theory.

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Peter A. Allard School of Law at University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver

– Applicants that want to study in the beautiful Vancouver, do not have to look further than UBC. The school’s program in addition to providing training in Common Law, the program also helps students work on the coursework of requirements for actually practicing law in Canada. It also offers a program in Taxation.

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Dalhousie University – Schulich School of Law, Halifax

– The location of this university means that the applicants will be studying in the middle of the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. However, it is not just the nature that attracts students to this school, this university is ranked in the top 15 Canadian faculties in the Times Higher Education ranking.

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The University of Alberta – Faculty of Law, Edmonton

– Started in 1912, this is the third oldest law school in Canada. The school offers LL.M.s in coursework and by thesis. For applicants that are interested in energy law, studying an LL.M. in the oil capital of Canada could provide you with various networking opportunities in this field.

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Western University (UWO) – Faculty of Law, London

– This school is located in London, Ontario which is between Detroit and Toronto. The school offers programs by thesis, as well as research project-based programs that was started in 2016.

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University of Ottawa – Faculty of Law, Ottawa

– This college offers a wide range of LL.M. concentrations, such as the Notarial Law (however, the classes are in French only), and programs in International Law, Environmental Law, and Global Sustainability.

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Universite de Montreal – Faculte de Droit

– For applicants that are fluid in French, the University of Montreal is an interesting option. For people that do not know French, the school offers programs in Global Context and Business Law.

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