Las Vegas

Best Attractions and Activities in Las Vegas for Movie Lovers

How you can make your Vegas trip budget-friendly Las Vegas, the city of rich and famous, draws an influx of travelers all around the year. It’s almost impossible not to think of spotting some celebrities or visiting sites like The Strip. In case you have Vegas in your mind, do not forget to do the following to experience the allure of this magical city, widely called the entertainment capital of the world.

Also, while you are deciding on your Las Vegas itinerary, do book your cheap flights and hotel rooms well in advance to avoid exceeding your travel budget.

Find Cheap Airline Tickets and Check into a High-end Hotel

Many hotels in Vegas are popular for hosting celebrities. Some even host award shows and festivals. Now you must be thinking that staying in those big, bulky hotels may cost a fortune. And I’m not saying that isn’t true. However, what you can do is, see if your budget allows you to splurge on your stay at least for one night. Even if that isn’t possible, you are few to walk into any casinos without a reservation in the associated property. Cheap airline tickets may offer you the cushion to spend a little more on your accommodation.

Save Money on Plane Tickets and Dine with Celebrities

I don’t mean to say that you can share a table with a famous star, but dining in the same restaurant isn’t too bad either. If staying in a top-notch property isn’t a possibility, then make a list of the restaurants where stars dine and pop in there. You can find discount coupons on the internet for discounts on plane tickets and even on dining. Just start your bargain hunting at least a couple of months in advance. TAO Nightclub at the Venetian, Omnia at Ceasars Palace, Lavo Italian Restaurant are some of the places known for celebrity spotting.

Combine Inexpensive Airlines Tickets with Free Walking Tours

Las Vegas brims with familiar settings that you have seen in hundreds of movies. From the Union Station in Downtown Vegas to the City Hall to the Bradbury Building, there are loads of places that you can visit and experience the fascination of this town. Most of these places are either free to visit or cost very little. Include them in your itinerary and find airlines tickets in your budget and you can have a memorable Vegas getaway.

Make a List of the Theaters to Visit after Booking Your Airplane Tickets

You can find a movie premier almost every day in the city of Las Vegas. We know that a live show or somewhere on the Strip seems like a more fun option, but if you are a movie buff, we recommend you visit the Egyptian Theater or any other theater in the city. Popping into a theater for the midnight premiere of the latest blockbuster can add to your experience and make your trip all the more fun and memorable. You can sort the list of movie theaters before or after booking your flight tickets but check that off your list.

Check out These Iconic Places

If you have booked your flights and hotels, arrive in Vegas with a complete plan. Know the places you have to visit and the restaurants to dine at in advance. Following are some places that must be included in your itinerary:

The Strip

The Strip is one area in Vegas that no traveler may like to give a miss. The 4.2-mile street is dotted with colossal hotels, casinos, landmarks and much more. This is where many of the Hollywood movies have been shot.

Caesars Palace Hotel

This acclaimed hotel and casino have been a location for many popular Hollywood movies, including The Hangover. The hotel’s lobby, hallways, pools and escalators can be seen in many movie scenes.

How You Can Make Your Vegas Trip Budget-friendly

Mostly the flight tickets to Vegas are expensive so we recommend Myflightsearch, They do give discounts up to 70%, a budget-friendly destination to explore. From flights that are always in demand to hotels that may cost a bomb during the peak travel seasons to sightseeing to dining – everything in this mesmerizing city can cost a lot. Do not wait for offers on last minute flights as they are rarely available for routes that include Vegas. However, there are some tips and tricks that may help you.

Stick to your budget: It may be easier said than done, but you may have some peace with yourself after your trip if you try and succeed in sticking to your budget. While in Vegas, you may easily be tempted to splurge on a wide range of things – a taxi instead of public transport, a trip to an amusement park, a game in a casino, or an expensive meal. But try and stick to your travel plan and budget.

Find cheap flights by booking in advance: Booking in advance and being flexible with your travel dates can fetch you cheap flights and accommodations. Avoid last minute flights and other travel arrangements as you may end up overspending.

How much does it cost to rent a party bus in Las Vegas


‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!’ is the best way to keep the secrets of a lively nightlife in this amazing city! This is why whenever you travel to Vegas, one thing will be guaranteed – you will experience every madness while in this city of sin, because you’ll be having the time of your life, partying as if there is no tomorrow!

The weirdest nightclubs on the planet, sexy pool parties, or ever tempting strip clubs, whatever comes to your mind is there. So, if a party that travels around the city is what came to your mind, then you should know that Vegas is the place to be. Party buses of different kinds can be rented according to your need. Why go to a club and sit there all night when you can have your own private party on wheels? Moving around the city, stopping if, when, and where you want it to stop.

The next logical question that comes up would be how much do these tours cost? Stick around and continue reading to find out

As for rentals, a rough estimation as an answer to the question above would be that you can expect to spend anything from 150 USD and above. Price will depend on the kind of service you would like to have.

Various options are available:

Pickup and drop – for groups who want a special kind of transportation, to pick them up from their accommodation and take them to the nearest party. The vehicle will again pick you up at the arranged time, to take you back. It sounds like a taxi service, but this way you’ll make sure to have a pre-party and after-party. Moreover, you can choose to spice things up with a couple of dancers. Or try out a strip pole yourself. It will be like a transit party.

A good thing about this option would be that the rates are lower. However, some services can change the vehicle. They won’t guarantee the same one will pick you up.

Hourly rentals – are a perfect option if you want to have the whole vehicle to yourself. You gather your party group, pick the places you wanna visit with them, and start your party as soon as you are aboard. The bus is at your disposal all the time, waiting for you at the same place it left you, regardless of how long. Make as many stops as you like. Plan your party tour, the way you want.

The prices could be a bit higher, for obvious reasons, but the advantages are great. For example, you can bring luggage with you, change as many clothes as you want in between venues. Transportation during busy party nights can be complicated in big cities like Las Vegas, so you’ll waste no time and energy searching for transportation because you’re traveling like a star.

Busses can accommodate any group from 20 to 40 people, mostly. And have quality equipment inside, for everyone to feel like a star. This means it even includes a DJ booth!!! Imagine you’re driving around in a cool-looking bus, with a lounge area, where a DJ is spinning all the music you like, a stripper is dancing around a pole, and you have a private driver. It doesn’t get any better than that.

But, to return to the prices. We’ve mentioned the rates of the rentals per hour and per service. However, there are some services that simplify their offer and create packages. They usually include a DJ set, water, cups, ice cubes, and the packages are created and charged according to the time. You can check their prices at

So, you see, the time when only limos were offered for rent is over. Now, people are able to party in between the parties. As we wrote, the transit party.

Who are these party busses for, anyway?

Whoever wants a unique experience in a city of sin. It’s a fun thing to do.

For a group of colleagues who traveled to Vegas for business, after a busy day, it can be a great chance to have fun and blow off some steam. It can even be used as a team-building activity. What better way to create a strong bond with colleagues than to share unforgettable memories from parties?

They’re ideal for bachelor parties. We’ve mentioned that the majority of vehicles are equipped with a DJ booth and a pole. What’s a bachelor party without a stripper. Vegas is the number one destination of choice for such celebrations, and renting a party bus only adds to unforgettable memories, which of course, stay in Vegas.

They’re also ideal for private parties. Maybe you haven’t planned to throw one, but you’ve just encountered the coolest group of people. Or, even better, you want to invite random people to make an impression. This way you have an ideal place for throwing a private party.

You must have experienced coming back from a place you wanted to go for so long, not being able to visit all the hotspots. Party buses make sure you’ll visit everything you want to, and more.

And, what has to be mentioned as the biggest advantage of all is the fact that you can be as drunk as you want. Having to drive around yourself will result in losing a license. Taxi and such transportation will result in too much effort explaining where you wanna go. This way, you’ve already planned a route and someone else is driving you – while you are getting wasted with your favorite people. Aside from a hangover, no damage will be done.

What we failed to mention as well is that these packages come with a great value. Especially parking-wise. Parking fees in cities like this tend to get quite high, not to mention parking in front of famous venues. When you have a group of forty, splitting costs of rental and parking is the same as nothing.

We’ve given you an intriguing idea of what to do next time you’re in town.