Best Laptops Under 40000rs India 2021

Can you imagine the world without the existence of laptops? Well, it seems as if this is impossible since they have become an integral part of our lives, both personally and professionally. There are numerous types and models of laptops on the market, and each one of them has something unique to offer to its customers, the point being to find the best one for a reasonable price. If you are looking for a laptop in India, we would now try to find out which laptops are the best laptops under 40000rs in India in 2021.

1. HP Notebook 15-DA0326TU

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First of all, this laptop uses an Intel Core i3-1700U processor. It should also be added that the laptop uses Intel HD Graphics 620. We should also mention that the laptop also has a RAM of 4GB and it is a DDR4 one. When the display is concerned, we should mention that it is of 15.6 inches and that the resolution of the display is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The display concerned is an FHD one. The overall storage capacity of the device is 1TB, and it uses an HDD storage. As far as the advantages of the laptop are concerned, we should mention that the display is a Full HD one and that the device also uses a DTS audio system that has dual speakers. The overall performance of the laptop is great, but many people say that the graphics is not as strong and as good as it should be for the device like this. The problem here is the fact that the graphics are integrated.

2. Dell Inspiron 3567

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When we are talking about this laptop, we should point out that the laptop uses an Intel Core i5 processor and that this processor has been connected to Intel HD graphics. When we are talking about RAM, it should be mentioned that it is a DDR4 one and that it is of 4GB. The display is very good, and its size is 15.6 inches. It should also be added that the display is an HD one that has the resolution of 1,366 and 768 pixels. The storage capacity of the unit is 1TB, and it is an HDD drive. One of the best things about this laptop is the life f the battery, which is great. It should also be noted that the combination of the processor and graphics here is great. On the other hand, customers find the entire design of the laptop a bit dull.

3. Acer Aspire E5-575G

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To begin with, the manufacturer has decided to use an Intel Core i3 processor under the hood of this laptop. It should be also added that this processor begins to the 6th generation. The manufacturer has also decided to use a dedicated graphics card that would be of 2GB. To be more precise, the manufacturer has decided to go for Nvidia GeForce 940MX. As far as the RAM is concerned, it should be mentioned that it is a DDR$ one of 4GB. The display diameter is 15.6 inches, and it should also be added that we are talking about an HD display that has the resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. As far as the storage capacity is concerned, it is an HDD one with the storage space of 1TB.

4. Dell Inspiron 15 5000

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Regarding this one, the manufacturer has decided to put an Intel Core i5 processor under its hood, and it should also be noted that the processor would belong to the 7th generation. As far as the graphics are concerned, it should be pointed out that the manufacturer opted for the integrated graphics that would be an Intel HD 520 one. One of the best things about this laptop is the fact that the RAM is great and that it is a DDR4 one of 8GB. The size of the display is 15.6 inches, and the best thing about the display is the fact that this is a full HD display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As far as the storage capacity is concerned, it has been provided by the HDD driver and the overall capacity is 1TB. The audio support used for this one is MaxxAudio Pro, which has a great audio output and quality.

5. Asus X541UA-XO561T

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First of all, it needs to be pointed out that the device works best on Windows 10 OS. Secondly, it should be mentioned that the manufacturer has decided to equip this laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor, and it should also be mentioned that this processor belongs to the 6th generation. The graphics that the manufacturer decided to pair with this processor are an integrated one, and we are talking about an Intel HD 520 graphics. As far as the RAM is concerned, the one used under the hood of this laptop is a DDR4 one with 4GB. We should also point out that the diameter of the laptop is 15.6 inches and that this is an HD display with the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The storage capacity of the laptop is 1TB HDD.

6. Acer E5-575 Core i5

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When the specifications of this laptop are concerned, we should point out that the manufacturer has decided to use the 6th generation of a processor under its hood. More precisely, the laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor that has been paired with the Nvidia GeForce 940MX. It should also be mentioned that the graphics are integrated. When we are talking about the RAM, we should also point out that it is a DDR4 one with 8GB. The display size is 15.6 inches, and the display is a full HD one that has 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution. The HDD is used for the storage capacity, and it is of 1TB. Many people have complained that the battery on this one does not last for a long time and as expected.

7. Lenovo Ideapad 320

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To begin with, when making this one, the manufacturer has decided to use the 7th generation of the processor under the hood of the laptop. More precisely, the laptop is running by an Intel Core i5-7200 processor that has been paired to Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics. When the graphic card is concerned, it should be mentioned that it is an integrated one that has 2GB. A lot of attention has been paid to RAM, and DDR$ one has been used and of 8GB. The display used here is one of 15.6 inches. It should also be added that the manufacturer has opted for a display that is an HD one and that has the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. As far as the storage capacity of the device is concerned, it should be mentioned that the manufacturer opted for an HHD one at 5400 RPM and the capacity being 1TB. It should also be noted that this laptop is perfect for gamers since the manufacturer has decided to use a great audio system. More precisely, we are talking about a Dolby Audio system which has been connected to Harman speakers that have been incorporated into the device.

How to Save Valuable Time by Learning to Type Faster

It is a known fact that most people spend long hours every day in front of their computers or laptops. No matter what is your job position, most jobs require you to write reports or add data to your laptop. Some people are able to type everything in a matter of minutes and have time to get some much-needed coffee or continue to work, and some get stuck writing the reports for hours. What is the difference between the first and the second type? Well, the answer is simple, the first group knows how to type faster and they finish everything without having to spend too much time in front of their devices.


Another category where typing fast is required is when it comes to content creation and article writing. If you want to excel in that there are a lot of skills that you need, but the most important one for you is the typing skill. Some people need 15 minutes to write 500 words and some need a few hours to finish a 1000-word article. The only person who is actually losing valuable time is you. When you focus on your typing skills you are able to get things done faster and you can focus on other important things like the exact data, or sentence structure.

Here we are going to talk about the things you can do to learn how to type faster. And we will also tell you why it is important to learn this skill. The process is not that hard at all, and if you are using your computer every day, you will have the practice every day without having to spend more time learning something new.

How to start?


To know how fast you are typing and what your goal is, you will need to first find out what your speed now is. There are a lot of free online programs where you can test yourself and learn your actual speed of typing. This is important so you can make a plan and set a goal. The average typing speed people have is about 40 words per minute. However, professionals type about 70 words per minute.

It is said that if your typing speed is about 50 words per minute, then you will have no problem finishing tasks with ease and save valuable time. One thing you need to realize is that even if you can write 500 words in 10 minutes, it does not mean that you will finish the articles you are creating at that time. You need to factor in the thought process and the research process.

So, start slow, check your speed and make a plan. If you now can type about 20 words per minute, you should not be worried. If you focus on your skills and if you practice every day, you will be able to increase that speed to 40+ words in about a month.

Learning process


Now that you know how fast or slow, you’re typing the next thing you need to do is start your lessons. The great thing about the internet and people using their keyboards every day is that there are so many different applications, tools, and lessons available online for everyone to use.

Websites like are a great place to start. You will first learn the basics of touch typing and then with time, you will get the skill of speed typing. There are only a few rules you will need to follow, for example where to place your fingers and which fingers to use for which letters.

Another thing that is really important is to focus on the way you are sitting. Not many people know this, but if you don’t have the right sitting pose, you won’t be able to position your hands correctly and in time, your arms will get tired. When it comes to this skill, it’s not only about writing random words fast, it is about pushing the correct keys and not having to go back and correct every sentence.

Most of the tools and programs that are used have their own spelling check, so even if you do make some mistakes you won’t have to go back and reread everything. You need to start slow and you shouldn’t push yourself.

Take breaks


When you start you will look at your keyboard, but in time you will learn how to only look at the text and your fingers will find their way to the correct keys. Another important thing you need to pay attention to is that you will get tired in time. When you get tired you will start making mistakes. This is not something you should ignore or push yourself even further.

When you notice that your fingers are getting stiff or when you start making more mistakes than usual, you need to take a break, refresh yourself and get some time to rest. Breaks are important when learning every skill, so they are crucial in this process as well.

Try and focus on typing the correct words, use both hands and try to minimize the mistakes. The speed will come over time, and you definitely don’t want to learn how to type incorrect words.

When you start a course that should help you develop this skill, you should not skip any lessons. We all want to just rush through things and get to the end, but try and read everything that is written, watch all the videos and follow all the tips they have. This is important because there are always some tips that are randomly written here and there and they will make a huge difference.

The great thing about the courses and lessons is that most of them are free. And even the ones that you need to pay for don’t cost much and they are affordable for everyone. Before buying a course, make sure you read what you are going to get and see if you are going to get a certificate. A certificate with your typing skills may make a big difference in your next job interview.

Gaining this skill is not a hard thing to do. You just need to have patience and know that you are going to make mistakes when you start. At some point it is going to seem like your previous way of typing was better or that you got the job done faster like that, but once you master touch typing you will never go back to anything you did before.

Why Can’t You Throw Your Computer in the Garbage?

Computers don’t last forever. They start to glitch and their batteries die out. Their screens crack and keys pop off of their keyboards. But, when you’re thinking of upgrading to a new model, you can’t pick up your laptop and shove it into the nearest trash bin. Your old, out-dated computer is considered e-waste, which means that it should never go near a landfill.

What Is E-Waste?

The term e-waste stands for electronic waste — it covers everything from laptops to smartphones to vacuum cleaners. Technically, any electronic device that you can think of will be lumped into this category.

The reason why you can’t throw your electronics out with the garbage is that they contain toxic metals like lead, chromium and cadmium, which are harmful to the environment. The materials will leach into the nearby soil and groundwater, and they can also contaminate any of the surrounding garbage. So, things that are meant to go to the landfill, like plastic wrap or worn-out socks, will be exposed to these toxins and become just as hazardous.

E-waste can also affect the health and safety of anyone who comes into close contact with it. Side-effects include respiratory problems, decreased lung function, behavioural issues, increased miscarriages and reduced birth weights. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the public that children are particularly vulnerable to e-waste exposure because their bodies are still developing. The pollutants could have a stronger impact on them and cause permanent damage.

This is not a local problem — it’s a global one. Communities all over the world are struggling to cope with the levels of e-waste that they produce. In 2014, the United Nations reported that the world produced 41.8 million metric tonnes of e-waste. By 2016, that statistic ballooned to 44.7 million metric tonnes. With the growing dependence on technology and the pressures of consumer trends, it’s easy to say that those numbers are going to keep growing until there is a widespread initiative to change.

Minimize Your E-Waste


It’s difficult to grapple with these statistics. You’re just doing what everyone else does when they’re done with their electronics. In a tech-centric world, you’re going to toss out your smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices almost every year. You’re just one of the billions adding to the pile. It’s a drop in the bucket.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. You can change how you approach your personal contribution to e-waste. You can quickly shrink your input to that massive pile, and hopefully inspire other people around you to shrink their own. If you don’t know where to start, follow these steps to minimize your e-waste levels as soon as possible:

Recycle Your E-Waste


This doesn’t mean that you should shove your laptop into the blue-bin. E-waste requires special recycling services in order to prevent hazardous substances from reaching the environment. You should go to a scrap metal recycling company like Canada Iron to safely and responsibly dispose of your e-waste. They are a part of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) program, which aspires to help the government tackle the mounting e-waste issue.

And the best part about bringing your old computer to this recycling company? You can get paid for your contribution. They will pay you for electronic items (including computers) because they contain valuable metals like gold, silver and copper that can be recovered during the recycling process. What a great motivator to help the environment!

Consider Repairing over Replacing


Unless your device is completely useless, you can try to salvage it before tossing it away. Go to a support centre or a local repair café to get it fixed — at the very least, it can buy you a few more months of use before you need to get an upgrade. Maybe all it needed was a different battery or a replacement part to function like normal.

Take Good Care of Your Electronics


Another simple way to reduce your e-waste levels is to take good care of all of your electronics so that you can keep them for longer. Even extending a device’s lifespan by a single year is a great goal to set.

But how do you do that? It will be different for every item. For a smartphone, you could follow these tips to keep it in top condition for as long as possible:

  • Get vinyl skins and protective cases to protect them from physical damage
  • Perform software updates to improve security and performance
  • Do not download any apps or files that could contain viruses
  • Keep the device safe from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold)
  • Delete unused apps and files that can take up unnecessary storage

The kinder that you are to these devices, the longer they’re going to last.

Be Mindful About Your Spending


Mass consumption is partially to blame for the e-waste problem. People want to follow the latest tech trends. They buy the newest devices to hit the market even though they have ones at home that perform almost the exact same functions. Then, they get tired of those electronics within a year — that timeline is way too short.

Try to be mindful of your spending when it comes to electronics. Ask yourself, do you need the latest wireless speakers, or do you want them? Are you getting the hottest tech because it’s necessary for your everyday life, or are you following a fad? Are you going to get tired of this brand-new item in a few months, or are you going to appreciate it for a long time? Shaking off the pressures of mass consumerism and constant advertising could help you scale down your environmental impact.

It’s easy to unplug your old computer and shove it into the garbage bin, but that’s not the right way to get rid of it. Now, you know that throwing your electronics with the rest of your trash is hazardous to the environment. When you bring your old device to a specialized recycling facility, you can guarantee that it’s disposed of properly and that you made the environment a little healthier, safer and greener.

What is the best Acer Laptop for School Aged Children?


Today’s schools have retained much of the time-tested tradition, yet to keep up with the pace of modern life, some adaptations have to be made. Schools are now as interconnected and bristling with technology as any downtown office block. Much to the delight of students everywhere, laptops and personal computers have made it to the top of a student’s survival list. And why not? Computers are fantastic companions in their knowledge journey. Acer laptops have long been a leading choice for students worldwide.


Perhaps your school has already provided your child with a laptop, or maybe you would like to get them something more advanced to boost their productivity and fuel the flame of their young and inquisitive mind. Of course, you would like to help your child get back to school with an Acer laptop. There are a few things to look for when choosing a laptop, simply because not all laptops are created equal.

Give me the 5G


You will want something durable and meets school requirements. Most schools use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band, so you will need to find a laptop that can operate ideally on this range, because cheaper laptops may not perform well or simply not work at all. In terms of specs, 8GB is the minimum amount of RAM needed and at least 128GB of capacity. With this, your child can save and access an entire library of information and can easily fit their backpack. Check out the Acer Swift 3 which retails at $1098.

Aspire to greatness


 The Acer Aspire 5 is a sturdy and capable companion for students of all ages. A bright and easy to read 15.6” screen will make study less of a chore and with a super-fast 128GB SSD will load and boot up in a snap. Sharing storage duty is a 1tb SATA HDD for holding a lifetime of projects, videos, pictures and music. There’s also an estimated 7-hour battery life that should last the school day comfortably. The Aspire has a secret weapon purring under the hood, an 8th generation Intel i5 CPU and its HD integrated graphics chip. This CPU has enough firepower to handle nearly all tasks thrown at it and can foster your child’s creative streak. The Aspire retails at a wallet-friendly $798

Unleash the beast


 If your child also loves to play games after school, then perhaps a gaming laptop would be more suitable. A gaming laptop is usually crammed full of high spec hardware to tackle demanding modern games. All this power means everyday tasks are a cakewalk for your average gaming computer. Gaming is now a very popular past time, and playing games have been shown to improve memory, coordination, and social skills. An Acer Nitro 5 retails at around $1200 and has a much more impressive list of features than a regular laptop. Most gaming laptops will handily meet the school’s requirements, and for the not-so-shy, feature all manner of exterior flourishes.

Love it or hate it, laptops are ow a vital part of going to school. Whether you want to purchase several mediocre systems over the course of your budding students’ school years, or you prefer them to be equipped with something more substantial, Acer has long been a reliable and dependable laptop in the market, and would make a very solid choice for your child’s next computer.