Furnished Apartments For Rent During а Pandemic – What You Should Be Aware Of

Pandemic has changed the rules of how we live, spend our free time, travel, shop and make essential decisions like buying a new home, moving or renting If right now you are in search of furnished apartments near me, you are welcome to proceed with this guide since here we have gathered some tips, tricks and best practices for renting a new apartment during the time of uncertainty.

Renting Furnished Apartments Near Me During a Pandemic – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Below are some essential things you have to be aware of while looking for and deciding on renting furnished apartments near me.

Know your rights

Surviving through the pandemic was challenging for both tenants and landlords. That’s why the US government has created a program to protect and support both of the parties and help them handle their obligations according to a leasing contract. This initiative is called the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. According to its statement, you as a tenant, may apply for help from the government during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and within 60 days after it is over. The government will help you to pay for rent up to 5 times the rental amount depending on the specifics of the housing, its location, and your income.

The Program also provides for more flexible conditions for paying rent and something like a loyalty program for those who cannot pay the entire amount at once. In extreme cases, the trial may be postponed.

Read your contract carefully

Despite the great flexibility and government protection of tenants and landlords, you should still read the contract carefully, pondering every clause of the furnished apartments near me lease agreement. Fraud cases in the real estate market have become more frequent as fraudsters understand the difficult financial situation of most people across the country.

Therefore, also pay attention to the price of furnished apartments for rent near me. A price that is too low could be a trick, so be vigilant.

Make sure apartments are disinfected

If you are looking for furnished apartments for rent near me but still want to make sure that your health is protected, feel free to ask the potential landlord about the disinfection procedures that took place on the premises after the previous tenant moved out. There is no shame in this question; what’s more, responsible landlords will disinfect the premises on their own, without the need to be asked by the future tenants.

There are Coronavirus cleaning services that use the ultimate set of disinfectants to make sure there are no viruses on the surface. They also issue some kind of report or certificate of completion, which you can ask your landlord for. Pay attention to the date of this document issue.

Make sure you aren’t infected as well

Also, make sure you aren’t transmitting covid before moving into a newly rented fully furnished apartment near me. During the pandemic, this is a common-sense requirement you should follow in order not to risk the health of others. Consider making a lab test to make sure you are healthy.

Furnished Apartments Near Me to Rent During COVID – Reasonable Choice Factors


If your health is your top priority when looking for furnished apartments for rent near me, consider the following points that will help you to choose safe and comfortable housing.

Delivery service coverage

Renting a fully furnished apartment near me is quite a comfortable option since you may avoid visiting shopping malls to buy something you may need in a new place. To make your stay even more comfortable and safe, find out whether there are delivery services that suit your needs. This is especially important if you consider renting a fully furnished apartment near me in a suburban area since most delivery services operate only in the city.

The opportunity for social distancing

A lot of people working remotely move to small cities or suburban areas to limit face-to-face contact with others. Consider this option as the one that may suit you as well. Surely, private houses for rent are better options for volunteer self-isolation but fully furnished apartments near me may also be quite suitable for social distance maintenance. To find such a winning option, consider the location of the apartments (the ones in residential areas of the city are better than apartments in a business center), if possible find out more about your neighbors, plus consider the infrastructure. The presence of a forest, lake, or park nearby will be a good option for you to safely stay outdoors.

Urgent medical services available

The new reality forces us to take this factor into account as well. We sincerely wish that you do not need urgent medical attention, but if we talk about the specifics of renting a new apartment during covid, it would be wrong to miss this moment.

Where to Look for Furnished Apartments for Rent Near Me in the Post-Covid Period

There are three ways to find safe housing during a pandemic.

  1. Local ads/newspapers

If you are in search of a “near me” option, that is, you don’t plan to change the city or the state, pay attention to local ads in public places and the ones published in local newspapers. The latter way of advertising real estate for rent may sound strange in 2021 but it still has the right to exist and is especially useful when looking for local opportunities.

  1. The word of mouth

Also, get in touch with your friends and colleagues and ask them whether they have heard somebody rents out a furnished apartment. This is one more effective strategy to land a new home not only quickly but also effectively and safely.


As the last tip, discover This is a platform focused on fully furnished apartments that are available for instant rent. You just have to specify the desired location to discover the ultimate list of the best offers at an affordable price.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Property Management Company

Acquiring real estate property is a great way to build your net worth, equitable assets, and income streams. However, managing these properties can be challenging, especially if you have several of them in your portfolio.

For this reason, many real estate investors hire property management companies. This way, they can focus on the acquisition and development side of their business, while their properties are being properly looked after.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should hire a property management company, here are 10 reasons why you should do so.

1. Property Managers Can Screen Tenants

When all of the work is done in revamping your property, you ultimately have to move someone in. Believe it or not, this process is very time-consuming because you can’t just allow anyone to move into your property.

When you hire a property manager, you can automate and streamline the process of screening potential tenants. In fact, according to Green Residential, tenant screening usually comes at no extra cost when you hire a property manager.

Finding the best tenant can reduce turnover, increase your lifetime profits, and eliminate the legal risks of your property being damaged. You can also receive peace of mind knowing that at-risk civilians, such as sex offenders, won’t occupy your property and drive down its value.

2. Property Managers Know the Law

Landlords and tenants both have rights. In some cases, you may approach a situation in which a dispute comes up between you and the tenant. There may be an issue regarding who is responsible for repairing damage to the property caused by a home disaster.

The tenant may also want to break their lease at an inopportune time to the landlord. Whatever the case may be, property managers are knowledgeable in fair housing laws that protect both property owners and tenants.

They can also help make decisions that are equitable for both parties involved. When you hire a property management company, you no longer have to worry about the uncertainty of potential legal issues.

A property manager can also help prevent a lawsuit by notifying the landlord of a broken staircase or other hazard that can pose a risk to other people.

3. Property Managers Can Expedite Maintenance

Every home requires maintenance, even turnkey properties. If you’re on your own with multiple investments, you could spend several hours every week attending to maintenance issues with your tenants.

This will ultimately hamper your bandwidth and prevent you from focusing on growing your business. A property management company employs full-time staff to identify maintenance issues before they happen, respond to active requests, and quickly resolve issues to maintain satisfaction with your tenants.

Property managers usually implement the use of software to organize their maintenance requests and streamline their completion.

4. A Property Manager Can Provide Helpful Marketing Services

Posting pictures of a property on Zillow doesn’t count as a viable marketing strategy. In a tight and competitive real estate market, it’s simply not enough to rely on this one-dimensional tactic.

Property managers can not only partner with global real estate websites, such as Zillow and Trulia, but they can also take advantage of syndicated networks for home listings. They can even promote your properties on social media, where billions of users gather to observe different products and services.

5. Property Managers Use Professional Software


When you hire a property manager, you no longer have to chase a tenant down for their rent money. In fact, you don’t even have to deal with any transactions that are flowing into your business.

A property manager will use popular software to collect payments from your tenants. This provides an amazing benefit to tenants, who may need to use their bank account to make payments instead of handing cash directly to you. As a result, you can sit back and allow your business to collect money for you.

6. Property Managers Offer Routine Inspections

Another headache property owners encounter is navigating the move-in and move-out process. To put it simply, they have to get a property ready for new tenants who are moving in and investigate the property for damage when someone moves out.

A property manager will provide routine inspections to make sure your properties are always looking their best. After all, it’s your responsibility to enforce your lease. Hiring a property manager will help you avoid conflict with the tenant.

7. You Can Handle Evictions Easily

Evicting a tenant is not as simple as saying “get out!” There are certain laws regarding the legality of an eviction. Overall, it may even cost you money to handle the issue in court if the situation escalates.

A property manager will help guide you through the red tape concerning evictions. They’ll ultimately help you take a step in the right direction to protect your business and investments.

8. You Can Save Time

As the old saying goes, “time is money.” The more time you save, the better it can be put to use in a more deserving area. Property managers specialize in all of the mundane and complicated tasks associated with moving tenants inside of your home.

They can take care of these issues so you don’t have to, giving you the time and freedom to focus on your business.

9. Accurate Financial Guidance

A property manager doesn’t just keep your investments in order, they can also help you manage your finances as well. Property management companies often employ accountants that will help you discover areas where you’re leaving money on the table due to incorrect pricing strategies.

Thus, you can make more money in the long run by hiring a property management company.

10. You’ll Receive Access to a Team of Professionals

A property management company is a collection of skilled professionals that will manage your business for you. You can be sure that your property manager understands the industry and will make accurate decisions that positively impact the nature of your business.

The Good Tenant: 5 Ways to Become the Best Tenant

Most of the time, people opt for renting space in downtown areas. One of the advantages of renting a place is you can get in and out of the city quickly. You’ll also be close to a lot of things such as concerts, events, workshops, seminars, etc. The food is also excellent as you’ll have a lot of choices to choose from.

However, it’s always important to know that when you rent, you’re going to have a landlord or landlady, and most often you’ll share space with some neighbors inside a building. When you’re inside, you have to abide by every rule that’s in place. While you’re already living in a beautiful place, it pays to live peacefully and harmoniously with your landlord and neighbors. Here are some ways to do that:

Pay rent, above anything else

Rent is the most important thing for a landlord. Always pay your dues on time. A lot of landlords might provide some leeway for you the first few months of missing rent, but they won’t be nice anymore if you continually miss your dues. As a precaution, most landlords include special agreements in the contract, such as a 1-month advance, 2-months deposit payment scheme.

The one month refers to this month’s rent, while the two months deposit is an insurance to the owner in case you’ll have trouble paying two months’ worth of rent. If you leave or don’t consume the two months, your landlord is legally obligated to return your deposit to you.

For those who are new to renting, always ask if the rent includes everything: space you’ll live in, electricity, water, gas, etc. Take note that some owners do not include everything in the rent. You should also ask if the place is fully furnished or not. If it is, the chances are that the rent will be much higher than usual.

Take care of the property!

Even though you’re paying rent, you have to take care of the property. Look for any potential damages to the property and report them immediately to the landlord. Your landlord is always in charge of keeping everything in tiptop shape.

Keep everything clean and avoid any hard modifications to the place if possible. If you really want some structural changes done in your area, ask the landlord nicely before proceeding. Landlords will think highly of you if you take care of your place as they’ll perceive you to be a good and honest renter. When tough times arrive, at least the landlord has something to consider, the next time you miss your rent.

Also, take note that the landlord can do repairs and modifications to the place at any time. Landlords will announce in advance the days that they’ll be working inside your home, so there’s no difficulty for the both of you.

Although rental property owners have legal obligations to protect their tenants, you as a tenant should also be vigilant with your unit and your belongings. Most of the time, valuables such as cash, expensive skeleton watches (check ) or any known brand, jewelry, even pets get stolen because of door that’s not even locked.

Always make sure that doors and windows are locked when you go out. It’s not the landlord’s fault that someone got in your unit because of an open door.

Tone it down!

In most cities, there are ordinances designed to keep peace and order in all areas. One of these ordinances might include keeping the tone down during nighttime. Loud talking, banging on the wall, excessively loud music will not be tolerated. Landlords or tenants can call the police on you as you’re disrupting the peace and quiet of everyone. If you’re going to have a party, make sure to inform your landlord ahead of time.

As a courtesy and a show of respect, you should also tell other tenants in the building of your party and that you’ll be playing music and having guests over. You should also check your contract if you’re violating any provisions in it. The landlord and other tenants will appreciate your honesty and will most likely understand that a party isn’t every day.

Pro Tip: If you have the budget for it, you can also invite your neighbors and the landlord over for the party. If they do decline for some reason, don’t be offended. What’s important is that you let them know that you think of them.

Just being trustworthy in the first place

Due to spaces becoming a limited commodity in the urban areas, most landlords will usually deliberate on who will have the right to rent their place. Most landlords do background checks on their possible renters. Are they a family? Are they from another country? How do they pay their rent? Some landlords even ask the help of financial experts on how a possible tenant’s financial status can affect their business.

Cats and Dogs aren’t usually allowed

Although some special service animals can be accepted in an apartment, some landlords can actually disallow people with pets to rent their property. The reason for this is that property owners often have a hard time dealing with animals. Cats and Dogs can be noisy at night. While this might be okay for some landlords, it’ll definitely be a problem for neighbors and other renters.

Cats if not neutered or spayed, can give birth to a lot of kittens. These kittens then grow old and have their own kittens, which can significantly increase their population in the building. Animals can also be tough on the maintenance as they can leave poop and pee everywhere. As bad as it sounds, renters who have cats and dogs are bad tenants for most landlords.


Being a good tenant isn’t that hard. Prioritizing rent can be an excellent way to start. As a tenant, you should also know that the landlord has the right to do repairs in your place. Being thoughtful of others such as not bringing along any big pets or telling the landlord and your neighbors that you’ll have a party will only show to them that you’re a good tenant and a good person as well.