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Benefits of a Landing Page Development


Still questioning the importance of a landing page and the ways it can support your business goals? This post will dispel all your doubts and supply practical recommendations on how to develop a website that goes beyond a single marketing campaign and can become your online business card.

What is a website landing page?

Typically, a landing page is a purpose-made web page where you target “land” after clicking an ad or following a link from a newsletter.

Serving different purposes, a one-page website can be used to:

  • Warm up visitors and guide them to another target page.
  • Generate leads with free trials, podcasts or guides.
  • Capture necessary data for further marketing campaigns.
  • Convert visitors into customers.

Landing pages: key insights

Existing separately from the main website, a landing page can actually consist of more than just one page. You can build a campaign-specific website with more detailed information about the products or services you’d like to generate leads for and it will still be landing. The only rule is that it should have one main page.

Do I really need a landing page?

Being a highly effective tool for lead generation, a landing page may save you a good deal of money. How? It will cost far less to develop a landing page than, let’s say, a corporate website. With a variety of available services, you can get a really good end-product with a distinctive design.

Using a landing page for selling, you double your chances to boost conversions. A sharp focus on key business aspects and visitor-specific problems proves that you are an expert in the niche and helps to build a solid bond with your visitors.

Selling more, selling better

The ultimate goal of any marketing activities is to sell something. Landing pages are specially designed to simplify the task for you by putting the marketing funnel on a single page: from information about the product or service to ordering or buying. The fact that you can use such a website for placing several offers, up to 5 if to be more precise, makes it even more attractive.

Now imagine that you get an opportunity to build a strong brand identity, show your potential clients and partners a successful online presence and market your services 24/7. Sounds like an ideal solution for small business owners, right?

Landing page vs. eCommerce, corporate and other websites

If you are looking for speed and simplicity, a landing page is the most popular and practical solution with a bunch of other pros:

  • Quick and cheap to create, easy to manage, test and optimize.
  • Intuitive, straightforward in navigation and, what’s extremely relevant with the recent introduction of Google’s Mobile-First Index, it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Easy-to-integrate with your PPC or email campaign.
  • Goal-driven and conversion-oriented, ideal for sign-ups, email subscriptions, newsletters, adds, etc.

Speaking about the cons

Building the complete picture of pros and cons, you can determine what website type is the best choice for your marketing goals.

Along with all benefits of landing pages, there are disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • Limited content which should be carefully crafted, SEO friendly, engaging and follow a strict visual hierarchy.
  • You should follow the best SEO techniques for one-page websites, make your limited content match visitor’s queries, without messing up vital keywords to maintain ranking.
  • Poor scalability that leads to full redesign and additional expense when a website starts to look overwhelmed with additional information. Here, however, you can still opt for a landing, adding more pages for a specific content type or services.

How to build a picture-perfect landing?

What landing pages can show really good conversion rates? The list may vary depending on the niche you operate in and business specific goals. But there are some common recommendations you can take the advantage of.

To encourage your website visitors to convert, you should know your audience, understand what they want and what CTAs attract their attention. Analyze users’ behavior with eye-tracking technology, use A/B testing to experiment with different content and visuals. Track what copywriting style, action keywords, buttons formats increase conversions.  

The top rule is to pay due attention at the landing page optimization. Initially, a one-page website is not that SEO-friendly.

To win leading positions in search results, conduct thorough keywords research, take care of link building with the key focus on robust authentic content distribution across the page. In addition, videos can level up content shareability and conversions. Just be unique in what you create. This is what will make search engines and audiences love your website and elevate ranking.

Compelling design, smart colors combination and fonts selection can directly influence sales, enforce or break your landing page. The last option is not likely to happen if all these aspects will be based on your marketing funnel

More ideas to follow

Do not be afraid to add a few additional pages and a blog to your landing. Despite promotional challenges you may face, it’s worth doing. Your website won’t look overwhelmed with information; you can add more categories, provide more insights about your offering, promote a larger number of keywords and, of course, establish your reputation with niche-specific articles.

It’s not enough to have just good landing page conversion rates to stay ahead of the competition. Work to use this marketing tool to the fullest and reach the best index for your target industry:

  • Travel – 25.1%
  • Real estate – 11.2%
  • Business consulting – 27.4%
  • Business services  – 15.7%, etc.

Check stats for the niche you operate in:

In they are very serious and do not work just to make a quick buck providing a landing page service but deliver a really good product based on the individual approach and unique vision of every particular project. Wide-ranging experience and numerous successfully implemented projects in their portfolio are the best proof of the expertise you can benefit from.

Quick insight into the process

Following user behavior factors and your requirements, we develop a custom one-page design, build elaborate website structure and optimize it to meet the latest search engine requirements and go high in search results.

Have you already tried landing pages? From product or company to startup landing page services, our team will help you to get started and support you with valuable tips. Get abroad!

How To Optimise Your Site’s Landing Pages To Help With Conversions

As part of your overall SEO and digital marketing strategy, you want to make sure that your landing pages are optimized for conversions.

What Do Conversions Mean For Your Business?

Conversions could be anything based on the type of business you run. Here are some examples

  • Increase in subscriber list for blogs
  • Getting visitors to sign up to emails
  • Getting visitors to like pages on social media
  • White paper and e-book downloads
  • Registrations for training and webinars
  • Free trials
  • Purchases

And so much more…

Creating the right value proposition for your business is an important part of increasing conversions, which is why you’ll want to pay close attention to how your landing page works.

Optimize Your Landing Pages To Help With Conversions

If your landing pages don’t have a good design, then it doesn’t matter how good your product is. Here are some factors for optimizing your landing pages to help you with more conversions.

What Does The Page Design Look Like?

Page design is a key factor that helps with conversions. Consider the following:

  • Is your landing page responsive for different devices like tablets, mobiles and desktops? An unresponsive site means that mobile and tablet users may have a poor experience and will leave immediately.
  • Does the page load quickly? If your page has too many heavy images and videos, then users may leave quickly because it takes too long to load.
  • Does your landing page clearly outline your unique selling points? If you want users to convert, does the page highlight why it would be beneficial for them to do so?

Once you’re able to clearly define these aspects, you’ll be in a stronger position to establish what your page design should look like.

What Is The Copy On Your Landing Page?

Your content will make a big impact on the action your readers take, so you need to make sure it is top notch. Consider the following:

  • Is your headline concise and on point? Snappy headlines that cover the key messages of your landing page will be more effective in getting conversions.
  • Does the page include specific benefits and messages that drive conversions? Typically benefits drive conversions more than features, so it’s important your landing page copy is able to demonstrate the benefits of a particular action.
  • Does the copy have bulleted points or paragraphs? Landing page copy with bullet points work significantly better because many readers skim through the content and don’t have time to go through long paragraphs.

Design and copy go together, so you must use the right words to invoke the right kind of action from your target audience.

Does The Landing Page Highlight The Call To Action?

You need a good call to action for your landing page, and it must be clear so that users know exactly what is expected of them. Consider the following:

  • How many calls to action do you want on your landing page? In order to drive a specific and value-driven action from your readers, you’ll ideally want a single, clear call to action. Having too many calls to action will only confuse your readers.
  • Is the call to action clearly visible? The best way to get people to click on your call to action is to make it as visible as possible. This means you’ll want it in a contrasting color and in a prominent part of the page to make it easier for visitors to convert.
  • Does the call to action use the right language? The call to action must clearly direct the visitor to the specific action you want with personalized buttons and a sense of urgency.

Your call to action is perhaps one of the most important things on the landing page so make sure you pay close attention to it. The more visible and clear it is, the greater chance of a conversion.

Conversions are important for every business because they have a direct impact on your profitability. Ultimately, your goal is to monetize the traffic driven to your website, which is why you need to consider your landing pages as carefully as possible, according to SEO Shark. It’s important not to take them for granted because the more time visitors spend on your site, the better for your business, digital marketing and overall SEO efforts.