Hafiia Mira – How did the Beauty from Kosovo Manage to Live the American Dream?

Hafiia Mira is the name of the popular model and influencer. Her dream to become famous for the thing she likes doing the most (modeling) has pushed to work really hard and eventually reach an enormous success. If you are interested in learning more about this influencer, take a look below.


Born in 1991, Hafiia Mira lived in Kosovo until she was 8 years old. In 1999 she moved to Canada. Even though she was 8 at the time, she knew what she wanted to do – to become a model.


Her modeling path, though, was never easy. She had to work very hard and deal with a lot of castings and rejections. However, it all made her stronger and more persistent. Her hard work paid off and one day when Kanye West noticed her Instagram account and invited her to model for his fashion show during the New York Fashion Week.

After that fashion show, things drastically changed for this aspiring model. She became recognized in the fashion world and soon she got the opportunity to model on the cover page of one fashion magazine.


Today, Hafiia has almost 150k followers on Instagram and continues to inspire people all around the world who follow her. She regularly posts photos and videos from her travelling and daily life. Her popularity and followers will probably only grow in the future, making her one of the most liked and popular influencers in the world.