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Kanye West Talks About Friendship with Kobe Bryant and His Death

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant was a shock to the whole world, especially for the circumstances under which it occurred. One person that was really close to the NBA star was a rapper Kanye West. Recently, he gave an interview to GQ magazine, where he talked about the friendship with Kobe and his death. He provided the public with the details about him dealing with Bryant’s death earlier this year.

Kanye West was considered one of the main players in the hip-hop industry even before he became an artist himself. He produced songs for many popular artists like Jay-Z. He was credited to a high number of albums even before he recorded his own. 2004 and his album “College Dropout” was the milestone that will mark the rest of his career. Before that, he got over many dangerous situations in his life, like a car crash that made his jaw unopenable for a couple of weeks. So, he is no stranger to this kind of situation.


After he established himself as one of the main artists in the industry, he became recognizable for his deep and personal lyrics, that covered various topics like religion and love. This cemented his place as one of the most recognizable faces in all of hip-hop. He truly lived his music, and this was something that was recognized by the public, and, ultimately, he accumulated a large fan base from all over the world.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that he is a friend of a person such as Kobe Bryant. Kobe was known for his work ethics and his athletic performances. When he was a boy, he used to get up at 4 PM to practice. At the same time, he had various other interests outside basketball. He is surely a figure that will be missed in the world of sports. Also, he will be missed by a lot of his friends, like Kayne.

How is Kanye Coping?

If you dig up in your memories, you will surely find a legendary commercial that features Kobe speaking about what it means to be a part of the group. In the same commercial, he had a famous talk about the Mamba mentality. He gave a lecture about how success is always earned instead of given and that perfection is almost impossible, but that getting close to it is a success on its own. At the end of the commercial, Kanye asks Bryant what you need to do if you are already great.

This is probably the best way to describe the friendship between these two. Since Kobe is not around here anymore, Kanye took it up to himself to spread the legacy about his late friend. One of the ways he wants to do that is to work harder and to spread the message. All of this is in memory and honor of his dear friend Kobe Bryant.

During the interview with GQ, Kayne said that he will never be able to reach the level of determination that Bryant had. He even said that there is no move that we can’t perform and that every person in the world is a part of Kobe’s team. West was impressed with Bryant’s work philosophy and ethic and he said that he considers it an infinite level.

Similarities Between West and Bryant


Furthermore, Kanye West compared himself with Bryant. Since legendary Kobe is no longer with us, he feels like he needs to step it up and display the same things that made legendary basketball player so popular and recognized in the world. Kanye stated that Kobe’s death is a game-changer for the whole of humanity and asks for a wake-up call from people all over the world.

When it comes to the personal level, Kanye said that this occurrence presented a game-changer for himself and that he is a hip-hop version of Kobe. He even said that both of them climbed to the up at the same time. In the end, he said that he will do his best to create some kind of paradigm that will help all of humanity in honor of Kobe.

Kobe’s Legacy

Most likely, humanity will not have the full idea about what kind of loss is Bryant’s death. However, Kanye hopes that he will change that by keeping the Mamba mentality alive. Kanye was always known for his eccentricity among other traits. But it looks like that this statement of his is something that will truly leave a mark. Kanye finished his interview by talking about how Kobe’s overall impact on humanity is going to be much bigger than his NBA career and that we already have some examples that show exactly that.

Amazing Way How Kobe And Gigi Bryant Provided Inspiration for Basketball’s Next Superstar

Azzi Fudd is the No. 1 ranked junior in the nation. Even at her young age, the list of her accolades is very long. As all basketball fans in the world, she was shocked to hear about the deaths of Kobe And Gigi Bryant.

“My first thought was Gigi. I couldn’t imagine how she was feeling,” Fudd explained how she felt on that tragic day. “She just lost her dad and mentor and coach. I knew I had to text her but I didn’t know what to say so I decided to wait until after our game to reach out to her.”


But then, the news that Gigi was also in the helicopter arrived.

“I could not stop crying,” Fudd remembers. “Heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe it. It didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t. Just thinking of it now makes me tear up. It was too much.”

Azzi was devastated not only as a player but also on a more personal level. She met Kobe and Gigi in 2018. That year, on Steph Curry’s camp, she has won a three-point competition against Jalen Green, among others. Kobe started following her on Instagram and soon invited her to train with Gigi’s team at Mamba Academy. Fudd was impressed with Gigi’s game: “Her basketball IQ was off the charts for a player that age. She saw the floor so well and was a fierce competitor like her dad.”

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Azzi spent a whole week practicing with Mambas. She developed a close relationship with both Kobe and Gigi. She was convinced that Gigi was on the road to greatness.


“I really respected her determination and drive to be great,” Fudd said. “You don’t see that in a lot of players. She didn’t need to have that drive but she did and it just goes to show how much she wanted it.”

The news of their deaths was heartbreaking. Azzi had a very important game but missed it to attend the memorial service. “Even though it was a big game for us, I wouldn’t have missed the service for anything,” she said. “It was so beautiful and so emotional. I just can’t believe how many lives Kobe and Gigi have touched. I was really glad I got to be there.”

In their honor, Azzi adopted the “Mamba Mentality”.


“I’m just going to keep that killer mentality in mind when I’m playing and push my teammates to play with the same mentality,” Fudd said. “Kobe taught me to never back down and keep my goals in mind when I get tired.”

Inside Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine Bryant’s Love Story

Basketball player Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have been married since 2001. Although their love story ended tragically, Vanessa and the NBA legend had a romance that many can only dream about.

Source: Instagram

The love affair between Kobe and Vanessa began immediately after they met in November 1999. He was 21, and she was 17. They got engaged six months after that and got married in 2001. They have four daughters: Natalia, Gianna, Bianca, and Capri, and the youngest of them was born in June last year.

A few days before Kobe’s death, he discovered the key to the success of their marriage. In one interview, he said that dedication and perseverance in succeeding as a couple had pushed their family all these years. The basketball player emphasized that the ups and downs are an essential element of any relationship.

“That’s all the beauty of it: having the persistence and determination to work through things — very, very tough things — and we’ve been able to do that,” Kobe said.

Source: usmagazine.com

The couple went through a lot of problems during their marriage, from se*ual assault allegations to Vanessa’s miscarriage, but nothing could separate them.

Although they announced in 2011 that they were divorcing, the couple called it off, and two years later stated that they had decided to stay together and work on their relationship.

“We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled. Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking forward to our future together,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram at the time.

Source: Instagram

Last November, on the 20th anniversary of the relationship, Kobe wrote on Instagram that Vanessa was his best friend and took her to a date in Disneyland to celebrate the old times before becoming the parents of four princesses. “I love you, my mamacita, per sempre,” Kobe wrote to his wife.

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Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were killed Sunday in a helicopter crash in California. Local authorities have confirmed that a famous basketball player and his daughter were killed along with seven other people. Kobe was 41, and Gianna was 13.

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Demi Lovato’s First Stage Performance After 2018 Overdose Is Followed by Tears

The Grammy Awards ceremony was marked by tears, sadness, and pain over the tragic death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The ceremony took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of the LA Lakers, where Bryant played all 20 seasons of his career.

Source: profimedia.com

Singer Alicia Keys, who was hosting the awards ceremony, dedicated the show to Bryant and sang the song “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” along with Boys II Men, while the pop star Lizzo opened the evening with the ballad ‘Cuz I Love You’, and the words “Tonight is for Kobe.”

“To be honest with you, we’re all feeling crazy sadness right now. We are all feeling crazy sad tonight, but earlier today, Los Angeles America, the whole wide world, lost a hero, and we’re literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built,” said Alicia referring to the Staples Center.

The stars performed and received awards as the video wall featured jerseys with the numbers 8 and 24 that Kobe wore throughout his magnificent career.

Source: Instagram

The highlight of the evening was a performance by Demi Lovato. The singer failed to hold back tears, and her performance made the audience also cry.

Demi Lovato returned to the stage last night for the first time since she overdosed on the summer of 2018. Although she made a mistake at the beginning of the performance and started from scratch, Lovato performed the song “Anyone” triumphantly, followed by a standing ovation from the audience that was moved by the emotion.

Source: Instagram

The 27-year-old singer shared on her Instagram profile a picture from her performance that she captioned with: “What an unbelievable night. My first time back on stage in almost 2 years. So emotional for me. Thank you all for the love, support and for sharing this moment with me. I love you all”.

“Anyone” is the first song Demi recorded after an overdose and is an insight into everything the singer went through on the eve of that horrific event.


LeBron James Net Worth 2020 – One of the Best Basketball Players Ever

LeBron “The King” James is a professional American basketball player who plays the forward position for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He is widely considered as one of the best basketball players ever, and in his 17th season in the NBA continues to play dominantly and lead the league in many categories.



LeBron Raymore James Sr. was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, USA, to a mother who was 16 years old. He never knew his father who left his mother alone, and had a criminal record. His childhood was rough and his mother did everything to provide for her son.

It was soon obvious how talented he was for basketball, especially while he attended the St. Vincent – St. Marry High School in his hometown. During his time there, he became a country-wide sensation and everyone waited for the day he would come into the NBA. He did, straight out of high school at 18 and was the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers, his home state’s team. From his first pro game, it was evident that he is meant for greatness.


So far in his career, LeBron has won an incredible amount of trophies and awards. He was the NBA Champion in 2012 and 2013 with the Miami Heat and in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, earning three NBA Finals MVPs.

He was the NBA MVP in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013. He was an All-Star 15 times, and is about to be again this February, and an All-Star MVP 3 times. He was in the All-NBA First Team 12 times, and in the NBA All-Defense Team 5 times. LeBron led the league in scoring in 2008, and was the 2004 Rookie of the Year. He also won two Olympic gold medals with the USA Men’s Basketball team, in 2008 and 2012.

Currently, he ranks fourth on the all-time scoring list, and has a real chance of being the first. His last big career wish is to play an NBA game alongside his oldest son, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., 15, who is eligible for the 2024 NBA draft. With his high school sweetheart and wife Savannah Brinson, 33, he has two more children, Bryce, 13, and Zhuri, 6.

LeBron James Net Worth

As of the start of 2020, the estimated net worth of LeBron James is more than is $450 million. He is currently the fourth highest paid basketball player of all time, just behind Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan on the list of total career earnings.

His contracts include an $87 million contract with Nike in 2003, which was upgraded to a $1 billion lifetime deal in 2015. He will earn the $1 billion by the time he is 64. His other endorsements and investments include McDonalds, State Farm, Beats by Dre, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robins, KIA, Samsung, 2K Sports, and many others. He even owns shares of Liverpool F.C. He is set to star in “Space Jam 2”. He earns more from his endorsements deals each year than from basketball. In 2019, he was the eighth highest paid athlete, and earned $89 million in that year alone, and only $36 was from basketball. He is currently in year two of his four-year $154 million contract.

7 athletes and their aircrafts


There are some athletes that have made so great a career that they have actually succeeded to make a fortune, which they used to make their lives easier. Some earned so much that they have decided to buy some aircraft and thus make all destinations closer. Let’s see who bought why and why.

7. Kobe Bryant and his chopper

Img source: ESPN.com

LA can sometimes be a very crowded place and this sometimes can mean that you will not get to your destination on time. This applies to all people in LA and thus to Kobe Bryant as well. In order to solve this “problem” and to be wherever he wants without delay, this basketball legend decided to buy a helicopter. He sued this chopper for all types of travels from his home in Orange County.

6. David Beckham’s Bombardier Learjet 70

Img source: luxurylaunches.com/

He is not only known one of the legends of the English football and a man who has left his mark on the football not only in Manchester UTD, England national team but also all over the globe. He is also recognized as being one of the most stylish and modern athletes in the world. In order to make all the destinations in the world closer, he decided to purchase Bombardier Learjet 70, a very fast plane that needs a short runway.

5. Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200

Img source: dreamteamfc.com

He is most definitely one of the athletes that have cashed in his qualities and talent best. He does not have enormous amounts of money, he also has an impeccable taste and likes stylish and luxurious things. This was the reason why he decided to buy Gulfstream G200 for 21 million USD. The plane has the capacity for ten passengers, Wi-Fi, phone, microwave, and entertainment system.

4. Tiger Woods’ Gulfstream G550


The best and most popular golfer of all time. He made a fortune by playing golf and making endorsement deals. He is also one of the best-played athletes in the world. He owns Gulfstream G550, an airplane ideal for long journeys.

3. Tom Brady – Gulfstream G550


He is one more owner of Gulfstream G550, as we said, this is an ideal place if you want to embark on longer destinations. We should also mention that Tom is one of the most popular quarterbacks of all time and that he has a very good career and contracts that brought a lot of money.

2. Michael Jordan and Gulfstream G450

Img source: luxurylaunches.com

He has made a deep mark in the history of basketball and sometimes cannot even think about this sport without connecting it to him. He was one of the best and he earned as one of the best. He decided to buy Gulfstream G450, the plane that has his brand logo on the tail.

1. Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. – Gulfstream G550

Img source: dailymail.co.uk

He is one of the most perspective boxers of our time, and he has so much money that he decided to actually have two planes, both having the purpose to provide maximum comfort and pleasure.