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The Curse of Oak Island: Historical Artifacts that Lagina Brothers Discovered Until Now

For more than 2 hundred years, treasure hunters and researchers have been suffering from deciphering one of the most crippling mysteries in the Western Hemisphere: The burning riddle of Oak Island. In the year 1795, people believed that three men discovered a melancholy in the ground underneath a vintage oak tree on the island, leading them to the conclusion that treasure was buried there. For that reason, the island has been scoured and thoroughly searched. Despite no real treasure being found, they’ve discovered little parts of history tucked away on the island.

Marty and Rick Lagina have determined to take up the venture and search the island for themselves since 2014. The show, ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ is in its 7th season of the show. Even though Oak island is full of interesting they select to examine, the brothers pay most of the attention and spend most of the time around the ‘Money Pit.’

About the Money Pit

Money Pit is located at the east of Oak Island. It is a shaft, which is over 100 feet deep. According to the legends surrounding the island, it was found by a teenager, Daniel McGinnis, in 1795. He observed an indentation on the floor and started digging. With the assist of some friends, he found a human-made shaft featuring wooden platforms every 10 feet down to 90 feet. However, due to an expedition within the Nineteen Sixties that triggered clay, seawater,  and mud to crumble around the ‘cash pit,’ the shaft’s exact region has been obscured from sight. Just like treasure hunters earlier, the brothers have found numerous traps, and tunnels dug into the ground at numerous depths that are designed to flood the shaft with water.

Things found in the Money Pit?

While no real treasure has been found, the pit carries several tantalizing historical clues. The Lagina brothers have located other interesting matters on the island, which includes a lead Cross. Before them, treasure hunters have observed old parchment, stones, bits of china, portions of wooden and coconut fiber. Coins and stones have also been discovered.

The 90-Foot Stone

According to the legend, the treasure hunter Jotham B McCully wrote a letter in the mid-19th century, saying that a mysterious stone was found in the pit in 1804, at a depth of about 90 feet. It was around two-three ft long and 12-16 inches wide. The wasn’t like any other rock. It bore cryptic symbols, which have brought heated dialogue and debate. Those symbols meant to represent English letters. According to one translation, it read: “FORTY FEET BELOW TWO MILLION POUNDS ARE BURIED.”


Some other scholars think that its purpose was to forge a connection with the Knights Templar.

In the upcoming episode of ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ brothers and the team will show some evidence that the boy in 1795 did not come across the depression near the oak tree by chance.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

If you’re a fan of the History’s television series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, you’ll be happy to hear that Season 7 premiered on November 5. Nick and Marty Lagina have continued their dream to hunt for buried treasure on the Nova Scotia island for the seventh installment of the series.

Hence, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 1 aired on the History Channel on Tuesday. However, if you didn’t have a chance to see the episode, here is a recap of what happened in it.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ has returned with its seventh season and the Lagina brothers and their team have continued their explorations of the island. It seems like this time they are more determined than ever to uncover the mysteries lying under a swamp.

Hence, the team started with an exploration of the swamp as they believe that there is a shipwreck located at the bottom of it. In the meantime, Rick, Marty, and their partners discover a number of strange artifacts. One of these artifacts is a sharp wooden structure. They examine the structure and determine that it probably originates from the 14th century.

These strange artifacts have raised many questions and the team started wondering whether these instruments had been hidden by the Knights Templar. This was followed by some new discoveries, claims and even wilder speculations.

Another artifact the team has discovered is a mysterious coin, which has left the explorers wondering what its presence on the island indicates. There isn’t yet any hint of the buried treasure. But it’s never so simple with the Lagina brothers and their team.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is an excellent television series for you if you believe in hunts for pirate treasure and if you’re ready to put your disbelief and rationality aside. This particular episode of the series has shown us the brotherly love Rick and Marty have for each other. Plus, the series is fun, entertaining and the explorers seem to be having the time of their lives.

How truthful the artifacts are and what are the facts behind all those claims the explorers make is still a mystery. The premiere episode of Season 7 was quite slow and lasted incredibly long – 1 hour. We believe that all that could be shown in just 40 minutes.

The Lagina brothers and their team used this episode as a tribute to their late friend Dan Blankenship. Hence, you can see the brothers remember their old friend and how significant his discoveries on Oak Island were. Dan Blankenship passed away at the age of 95 last March.

The title of the show might sound confusing, as to why there is a curse. Well, there is a little backstory to this. Oak Island has been a popular place for many treasure hunters for many years. Each of those treasure hunters have scoured the island thoroughly hoping to find wooden chests filled with gold. However, the tale behind all these excavations dates back to 1795.

In 1795, young men discovered a depression in the ground beneath an old oak tree on Oak island. Hence, they came to the conclusion that there’s treasure buried there. Their hunt continued in the late 1800s, but they had little success in finding the treasure. Then, the ‘curse’ started. In fact, five people vanished in the hunt for buried treasure. Hence, the legend says that in order to solve the Oak Island mystery, seven people have to die.

The Lagina brothers decided to start their quest for the treasure in 2006. Even though they still haven’t uncovered the treasure, there have faced many bizarre theories. Whether they will find the treasure is left to see in the upcoming episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 – What to Expect?


The fans are both impatient and eager to see what would happen in the latest, i.e. 21st season of The Curse of Oak Island. The entire team, which is headed by Marty and Rick Lagina, has been working diligently in order to prepare this episode which takes place on an island that ha 57 hectares and which is private ownership. The island is situated in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. A lot of items have been discovered, and it is questioned whether the treasure has been found.

War Room

This is the place where Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, and Craig Tester have been discussing what is going on and what to do since there has been a problem with crane operators who have made the decision to stop workings so that they can have their payments increased. Despite this, the tri has made a decision to continue with working since it may happen that the strike may last even up to three weeks.

Wooden structure

During their excavations and investigations, they have discovered a structure made of wood and they believe that this is probably the part of an old tunnel that was used as a flood system. They have also been considering that this may be the reason why the previous flood at Money Pit has been stopped. All this may show them the way to Money Pit shaft.

James McQuiston

He is a very important figure and he has been introduced by Rick in E20. He is an expert on the Knights Templar, and, apart from this, he is also a historian and he also writes and researches. According to him, it may happen that there are 500K USD hidden and buried somewhere on the island.

Winter season

Both Marty and Rick on one side and the audience on the other side are aware that winter season is near and all of them are aware that the works are to be done much faster. Why? Well, their doings and activities may be obstructed when the adverse weather comes.

The latest episode would be broadcast on the 16th of April at 9 p.m. on History Channel. It would be also available for watching on the app of this channel.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 20 Recap

The Curse of Oak Island season 6 episode 20 aired yesterday and was titled ‘Short Days and Tall Knights.’ As winter is coming and days are getting shorter, the Lagina brothers and their team are short of time. However, if you didn’t get the chance to see the latest episode, keep reading. Let’s see what happened in season 6 episode 20 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

The episode starts with a tense and critical moment as Rick and Marty Lagina and their partner Craig Tester have called an important meeting in the War Room. The reason for this meeting was to discuss a troubling new development. The crane operators went on strike in an effort to secure higher wages which means that the team cannot dig. Hence, they have to decide how to make the best use of the time they have left, especially if the strike last for three weeks. Therefore, they decide to continue working at Smith’s Cove and deal with all the facts they have.

A wooded structure was discovered at Smith’s Cove two days ago and they continue excavating around it. The team believes that it might be somehow connected with the flood tunnel system. The Lagina brothers believe that this structure was made to stop the flood at the Money Pit. Could this old wooden shaft have been dug by the legendary searcher, Robert Restall, more than 50 years ago? Could this lead them to the original Money Pit shaft?

Later that day, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley head to the island’s western shore to an area known as Lot 1. They are hoping to find more artifacts similar to the gold broch. Gary and Jack discovered old pottery which has the same blue color that was found in the Money Pit. Moreover, as they continue searching, they discover a military button, just like the one they found in the Money Pit two years ago.

In the War Room, Rick Lagina and the other team members welcome an important visitor, James McQuiston. James is an author, researcher, and historian who specializes in stories which connect the legendary Knights Templar to their possible history in North America. He shares his beliefs that the Knights Templar came to Nova Scotia, especially New Ross. He claims that there might be about half a million dollars buried on the island. James has helped the team understand more and connect one fact with another fact.

Hence, the day after the meeting Marty and Gary Drayton go to lot 16 in order to follow up on possible new connections. They decide to investigate a recently discovered stone well located near the Money Pit. They remove the cap of the well and scan the inside of it using a metal detector. They get a strong sound and a new possibility appears of what could have been buried there.


Marty Lagina and Gary Drayton continue the next day working on that spot. They unearth a piece of decorated leather. Could this piece be connected with the other artifacts discovered and could they all be connected to the Knights Templar?

Marty and Gary have decided to stop their excavation for now in order to develop a new strategy which will allow them to conduct a more thorough search. Then, the Lagina brothers go to Smith’s Cove with Laird Niven to apply a scientific method in order to determine the age of the wooden structures which have recently been found.

We are all eager to find out what will the test discover, while the team is very hopeful to put closure to their efforts.

All The Details On Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2 The Devil Inside


Knightfall Season 2 premiered on 25th March 2019. Let’s first discuss what happened in the first episode of the 2nd season, titled God’s Executioners.

When it was discovered that he had an affair with Queen Joan, Landry was banned from Knights Templar and held captive of a veteran of the Crusades. King Philip plans to take action against the Templars and is struggling with the return of his eldest son, Prince Louis.

Knightsfall Season 2 Episode 2, titled The Devil’s Inside will air on the 1st April 2019, on History Channel at 10 PM. Apart from being available online on the History Channel app or official website, there are some other online options for watching Kinghtsfall online including Hulu, Roku, and Sling.

In the upcoming episode a tough and skilled Initiate master, Talus, will train Landry in the Knights Templar Order. King Philips will be talked into legally attacking Knights by DeNogaret.

The Curse of Oak Island: A researcher and historian Doug Crowell

Even though this jovial historian and researcher don’t appear a lot, he does have a huge influence when he speaks.

In the episode Clue or False, Doug noticed some things that could prove to be prophetic.

A man obsessed with the studious demeanor.

Doug Crowell and his partner Kel Hancock are in charge of Blockhouse Investigations, which is a team of researchers, investigators, and consultants that are described as: “We are who we are – just a great bunch of Atlantic Canadians with adventurous spirits and a keen interest in the legends and mysteries of our region and beyond.”

Doug and his team spend a lot of time investigating many historical facets associated with Atlantic Canada, “Whether we’re scouring file archives or hiking in the forest, we’re always up to something neat.”

Crowell fist appeared on the History Channel in 2016, when he was a part of documentary reality series in the episode Going for Broke. After that, he appeared in more than 30 episodes after proving himself as an invaluable team member.

He was also the one introducing the team to the late historian Zena Halpern, a researcher from New York.

Zena Halpern had a theory that the Knights Templar, a medieval Christian monastic/military organization buried artifacts on Oak Island that have a great value. They did that in 1307 after their order was suppressed.

Some agree with his theory, and some don’t, but Rick and Marty Lagina’s team was interested enough to interview Zena and consider his ideas.

After his death, the team installed a research center on the island in his honor.

Doug is obviously the leading member of the team, and on this week’s episode someone discovered a soggy piece of dark material believed to be leather, and Dough said: “You gotta find a little leather before you find the gold!”
Be sure to tune in if you want to find out if he was right!

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 18 Reveals Something New


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 18 will air tomorrow and it is titled ‘Heavy Metal.’ This episode comes with new discovery which strengthens Oak Island’s connection to the Knights Templar. It looks like Rick and Marty Lagina and their partners are getting closer to the Money Pit.

However, the sad news was reported that Dan Blankenship, a long-time treasure hunter of Oak Island, had passed away on Sunday, March 17. Dan died at the age of 95 peacefully from natural causes at the South Shore Regional Hospital.

Dan Blakenship was fascinated by Oak Island and the stories about it, so he decided to move there in 1965 from the USA. Since then, he has been dedicated to the quest of the treasures on Oak Island. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in treasure hunting, he was signed up for the reality series by Rick and Marty Lagina. The Lagina brothers immediately knew that Dan and his son will be of great significance and help in their search.

The cast and the crew all expressed their condolences to the Blakenship family via a post on their official Facebook page.

The new episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ will be extremely exciting to watch, especially because there is an apparent connection between the Knights Templar and the island. The more items and discoveries are made, more stories appear to be actual truths.

Don’t miss the episode 18 of the season 6 which will air on the History Channel this Tuesday, March 26 at 9 p.m. EST.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 17 – Tackling the Potential Money Pit and Knights Templar Connection

From what we can see from teasers, the remaining episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ look extremely promising. Episode 17 of the season 6 will air tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel. This episode, titled ‘Clue or False?’, looks most thrilling from all the episodes we’ve seen in this season. It is hinted that this episode will feature the Lagina brothers and their team discover pieces of evidence which suggest they are very close to where the real treasures are. In fact, the ‘Clue or False?’ episode will deal with one of the favorite subjects this season: the potential Money Pit and Knights Templar connection.

Thanks to the 30-second preview for episode 17, we’ve seen that this week’s installment of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ will feature the crew discovering some interesting items. They will definitely have a great day on the field.

The team will uncover a certain silver coin, which is believed to be a Spanish artifact. This object will grab the crew’s attention. Moreover, as they’ll continue digging, they will also discover a piece of a chain, which they believe is leather and a possible bone fragment.

As we’ve seen in the preview, the Lagina brothers seem extremely optimistic about the area where they are exploring. Rick Lagina even claims that they could be a few feet away from the real answers.

The installment after the one we’ll see this week is also exciting. Episode 18 is also thrilling as the crew will probably focus again on the most important discovery they made in season 5, the medieval cross. This cross can actually prove that the Knights Templar were present in the Money Pit area.

The team sent this cross to experts for further analysis and based on the synopsis for ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 18, next week’s installment will be more about the cross and the suspected arrival of the Knights Templar on the island in the early days.

You can watch the new episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ on Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel.