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Kim Kardashian or Demi Rose: Who is the Ultimate Instagram Queen?

Even though Kim Kardashian is often titled ‘The Instagram Queen’, there are girls who are seriously climbing the social media ladder and becoming her competition. One of these girls is Demi Rose, the famous British lingerie model. In fact, the KUWTK star and Demi have a lot in common. Take look below to find out what these two celebrities have in common.

For starters, both Kim Kardashian and Demi Rose like to post selfies and belfies or bum selfies on their accounts. Not only do these photos bring them popularity but they also bring them money from advertising lingerie. Another similarity between the two is a huger number of followers. The question is: who is the ultimate Instagram queen? Well, according to the numbers it is safe to say that Kim Kardashian, who has 165 million, undoubtedly wins this battle. Demi Rose has a fan base of 13.8 million. Nevertheless, Rose is becoming more and more popular by the day, and who knows – maybe one day she will beat Kim Kardashian and take her title.

What else do we know about British diva Demi Rose?


According to what Rose said in her interviews, Kim Kardashian is one of her role models and a person who she looks up to.

The famous model also opened up about her difficult past and struggles with bullying. “Bullies used to throw chewing gum in my hair and pull chairs away as I was about to sit on them. I hated it. They all thought I looked and acted weird. I couldn’t wait to finish.”


Demi often speaks about her lifestyle in an interview to The Sun. She spoke about the luxuries and glam life, but also about who she truly is. On that occasion she said: “I have an amazing life travelling the world and showing off curves to rival the Kardashians. I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I’m just Demi, a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky.”

Despite the fact that Demi Rose is not the most followed person on the Instagram yet, she will probably have a bright future when it comes to the popularity, considering the fact that almost anything she does is closely followed by the public eye.

This Is What Khloe Kardashian’s Daughter True Thompson’s 2nd Birthday Party Looked Like

Like many other people and kids these days, all around the world, Khloe’s daughter celebrated her birthday in quarantine.

Khloe, just like the rest of her family, is practicing social distancing, but despite that, she decided to throw a little intimate party for her and her ex Tristan Thompson’s daughter True.


Little True turned two on Easter Sunday, and her birthday party was super cute, and glamorous just like all the Kardashian parties are, but there were no guests because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The party was Trolls themed

Khloe wanted her daughter to feel special, so she surprised her with Trolls themed party, lots of balloons,  presents from her family and parents. She got an ice cream parlor playset, many toys, dolls, and even a tiny pink tricycle.

Khloe showed everything on her Instagram stories, even before her daughter woke up to see everything. She showed the presents little True got from her aunt Kiki, MJ, from her daddy, and other family members. She also mentioned that True is so spoiled but also very much loved and that they couldn’t ask for anything else.

Because there were no guests at the party, just True and her mom and dad,Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi sang her a “Happy Birthday”, and Kylie shared that on her Instagram stories.

Kim Kardashian also shared photos of little True, paying her tribute on her special day. She wished that the whole family would be together and celebrate, but she felt happy and said that the cousin bond that they have is so unique and that it will last forever.


Kris Jenner also posted on her Instagram pictures of her with True and wrote that True is a blessing and light in their lives.



Is Kim and Kanye’s Marriage Ending?

Kim and Kanye’s marriage is apparently on the verge of an end. The couple is one of the most popular ones in the entertainment industry. But apparently, Kanye has found it difficult to maintain his relationship. The source says it is all because of his two younger children. Kanye no longer loves them like before. He and Kim both always wanted to have a big family. He even said: “The richest thing that you can have is as many children as possible.”

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However, after Kim gave birth to their second baby, Saint, she had serious complications. The doctors had strictly forbidden her to go for another baby. Getting pregnant another time would be dangerous for Kim’s life. Because of that, the couple settled for surrogacy, and they had two more babies that way- Chicago West and Psalm West. The couple looked happy with their four children. But lately, Kanye’s newfound obsession with religion has made their lives difficult. He started believing that the two youngest children aren’t really his.

West decided that the whole process is unnatural. He even says the first two children are really his. Kim could not believe her ears when she heard that. He even said that she is not Chicago and Psalm’s real mother, which left Kim furious. Apparently, this is destroying their family. Even though Kardashian has put up with a lot from Kanye over the years, this time, she looks really frustrated. His behavior can start affecting the children’s future.

Celebrity Homes Perfect For Self-Isolation

Self-isolating for most of the global population means boredom, arguing with your family members and feeling cramped in our tiny homes. However, some people have it way better – these celebrities live in houses which have everything you could wish for, and quarantining there doesn’t seem bad at all.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The pair bought their glamorous house for 19.75M dollars, but the current estimations are that this property is now at 60M. Recently, the couple revealed the interior of the mansion – it is entirely minimalistic, completely white and clean. Consisted of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a vineyard, cinema and a 1000 square foot outdoor pavilion with a pool, the property currently sits at around 4.5 acres.

Ed Sheeran

The singer and his wife own a luxurious estate in Suffolk worth 3.7M dollars after buying out their neighbors and purchasing their properties. Ed is known to be a person that loves animals so naturally, there are wildlife ponds, chicken coops and plenty of room for his other pets. The estate also includes a cherry orchard, a gym and swimming pool, and many other activities.

David and Victoria Beckham

Having a house worth 31M certainly make quarantine less boring, just ask the Beckhams. Their beautiful home in London has everything a family could need, including a private part of the house reserved for their son Brooklyn. They are understandably proud of their home, as they have spent a lot of time decorating it to perfection.


Adele purchased a Beverly Hills mansion back in 2016, along with many other homes throughout the U.S. and the U.K. This mansion is perfect for family living, which is exactly what the singer was looking for, as she has an 8-year-old son. It includes an outdoor pool and spa, along with a train set and a treehouse perfect for her child.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Slammed for Launching a New Perfume During Coronavirus Pandemic

Kim Kardashian angered the fans after she decided to launch a new product in the times of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 39, announced the launch of her new KKW x KRIS perfume on her social media. It is a collaboration with her momager Kris Jenner.

However, she branded “tone deaf” by her angry fans for trying to flog an expensive product at this time. People are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts, and cannot leave their houses as the deadly virus sweeps across the globe.

Kardashian had tweeted: “My mom @KrisJenner & I are so excited to announce the launch of KKW x KRIS, our first ever @kkwfragrance collaboration.

“A woody, white floral fragrance with the freshness of freesia, creamy white gardenia, and tuberose at the heart – I know you will love wearing it as much as I do.”

The star also shared a moody-looking black and white photo of her and her mother posing for the camera with a giant perfume bottle.

And even though many fans are excited about this launch, hundreds of her 64.5million Twitter followers say that she could have chosen a better time to put it on sale.

One of them tweeted: “Omg, your love of money has no bounds. Are you aware there are people in the world who HAVE NO JOBS?! People DYING? The least you could do is wait for this pandemic out before shamelessly promoting yourself. Completely tone-deaf.”

“Not the time Kim,” another person said.

A third one wrote: “Kim, I appreciate your hustle, but right now is not the time to launch new products. We are in a pandemic, 7 million of us are currently unemployed….. right now worried about losing my apartment, not being able to feed my family…”

Kendall Jenner Blames Scott Disick for Kourtney’s Fight with Kim and Khloe

Kourtney Kardashian‘s decision to leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally aired after her explosive fight with younger sister Kim. After the dramatic scenes, Kendall and Khloe were recorded chatting about why Kourtney has become so unhappy lately, and the supermodel assumes her sister’s split from Scott Disick could be the reason.

Kendall’s theory came after Khloe revealed she had sent a heartfelt message to Kourtney. “I sent Kourt the nicest text,” Khloe revealed before she read the message. “A million percent we need to have a conversation. If not today, it can be any day, but we can’t let this continue and sweep it under the rug like we typically do.”

She then continued: “You’re someone who I love, and respect and I want you to always feel good when you are around me. I would like for this to be a conversation where both sides get to be heard. I don’t want to feel like this is a one-sided relationship. Whatever we can do where the communication improves, I will do that.”

Khloe said that nine hours later, Kourtney had sent her a video of the private plane she was on.

At that point, Kendall shared her theory about the event.

“I don’t think she is extremely self-aware. She can’t sit back and be like, ‘Alright, I was wrong,’ or like, ‘Alright f***, I f***ed up.’ She can’t do that.”

Then Scott walked into the room, and Kendall added: “I know how this happened. Honestly, I think it started with their breakup.”

Kourtney and Scott ended their relationship for good in summer 2015.

“I’m just saying, I think that situation might have mentally f**ked her,” Kendall continued even though Scott denied it was the cause. “And I don’t think she dealt with it.”


During her confessional, the eldest Kardashian sister said: “I have decided to take a big step back from filming and really just pick and choose what I will allow cameras to follow.

“I think just now, when I have something that is interesting to film or would feel excited to film, then I do that.”

Kim Kardashian Bleeds, and Kourtney Cries After their Fight

Season 18 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians started explosively with Kim and Kourtney’s physical fight. Kim has scars to prove how bad things escalated.

This week we were able to see the aftermath of their altercation and a close up look of Kim’s scars.

After Kim said how she and Khloe were the only ones in the family who are reliable and have a proper work ethic, Kourtney tried to defend herself.

Their verbal insults quickly became physical, with Kourt throwing boxed water at her sister and starting the fight. Kim fought back, and they started kicking and punching each other.

However, Kim was the only one who was physically harmed, ending up with several scars.

The sisters were fighting for several minutes, with Kourtney scratching and digging her nails into Kim.

When Kim and Kourtney were separated, Khloe and Kendall tried to calm them down.

Khloe then exclaimed, “Are you crazy?… Did you just try to hit me?” She turned her back towards the camera. “Kourtney, if I hit you, you would be knocked the f*** out.”

The sisters exchanged several more words until the Kourtney left. Later, Kendall joked it was supposed to be her fight.

By the end of the second episode, Kourtney apologized to Kim and even sat down with her younger sisters and their friends, Malika and Khadijah. They were acting as mediators, trying to hash out their differences. We hope that the worst is over and that the sisters will get along better.

Kim Kardashian Broke Social Distancing Rules so Kylie Jenner Could do her Makeup

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner met with her older sister Kim at their mum Kris Jenner’s house to get her ready for an online appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


They have both broken social distancing rules sin order to do  Kim Kardashian ‘s makeup for the mentioned TV appearance.

The sisters left their houses and went to their mum Kris Jenner’s house to use her “glam room.”

Kris is also isolated, so she refused to let her daughters into the main house and didn’t want to have any contact with them.

Jenner kept them at a distance by allowing them to only use an unlocked side door to get into the glam room.

During her online appearance on the TV show, Kardashian explained she had to break the rules in order to look nice for the chat show.