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The Truth About Kim & Kanye’s Fight

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly arguing a lot lately, and the rumored reason isn’t so heartbreaking.

One specific thing is getting between them:  Quarantining with a partner is challenging – even if you’re Kim and Kanye. Despite the fact that they’re staying in their 15,000-square-foot Calabasas mansion – Kimye is apparently not having a great time. According to a source, Kanye has been testing his wife’s patience during the coronavirus outbreak, as he’s been consumed by creative projects, and Kardashian feels like “all the parenting duties are falling on her.” The source added, “Kim finds it frustrating that [Kanye] doesn’t ask her how he can help with the kids.”

Without any outside help, Kim has taken on a lot more domestic duties, and she’s feeling the strain. “I’ve been doing laundry and cooking,” she added. “And being their teacher too. She has even more respect for teachers. They deserve so much. It’s been tough juggling it all – you really have to put yourself on the back burner and just focus on the kids.” Though she said she’s enjoyed spending quality time with her kids and hubby, the unequal division of labor is apparently “getting on Kim’s nerves,” according to the source.

Kim Kardashian Caught Wearing a Stolen Ring

Kim Kardashian recently announced her new KKW fragrance, Diamonds Collection, in collaboration with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian.

The campaign itself has ultra-glam images, with the three stars dripping in diamonds for the promotion of their fragrances.

They sported slicked-back hair, and each wore matching strapless dresses in pink, lemon, and blush. It all looked stunning.

However, the fans pointed out that Kim seems to be wearing two of her engagement rings in the photoshoot. One of them was famously stolen in 2016 in Paris.

Even though Kardashian confirmed her first oval-cut 15-carat diamond engagement ring by Lorraine Swartz, was not taken in that  $£7.78 million-dollar robbery, she reported that her second, 20-carat emerald-cut ring that Kanye West gave her in the summer of 2016 was stolen.

Fans were quite confused when a near, if not, the identical ring appeared on her finger in the new photoshoot.

Could it be a replica? Did Kanye buy her another ring? Was it photoshopped? The fans appear to have many questions.

They wrote:

“Isn’t that of the Ring that was lost in Paris?”

“Isn’t that the RING that they STOLE from you in PARIS?”

“You got your ring back”

Kanye West is Officially a Billionaire

You must remember a popular quiz that had the name “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. According to the official information from Forbes, we can say that Kanye West is above this level. As of recently, we have a new billionaire in the world. We are talking about Kanye West. You heard that right. Forbes states that popular rapper has achieved a level of a billionaire. The reason is the new product of Adidas basketball shoes that bear his name. At the same time, the Forbes talks that West has this amount of money on him at this moment.

When we are talking about exact numbers, Kim’s husband’s estimated net worth is $1.3 billion. Furthermore, we can see that the newest basketball shoes that have his name are sold by $200 a pair in the US and in the rest of the world. Kanye West is the second rapper that found himself in Forbes’ list of billionaires after Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z. Just to remind you, a co-owner of Brooklyn Nets made this list back in 2019. We could see that Kim Kardashian is excited for her husband because she posted an image of him on her Instagram account. In the description, she wrote “GQ Genius”.

Maybe this is a good time to remind all of you that it wasn’t always easy for a popular rapper. Back in the day, he had problems with alcoholism. He was open about his problems and several times he referred to it as the biggest problem in his life. He called himself a functioning alcoholic because he was able to do all of the day’s work. However, every morning he used to drink vodka with orange juice. He stated that the Hollywood way of life was the main reason he started drinking in the first place.

You are probably aware that he is married to a social media star, reality tv star, and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and that they have four kids, Chicago West, Psalm West, North West, and Saint West.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West give their kids the most luxurious gifts

The lavish lifestyle of the Kardashians is already popular. We all know how Kylie Jenner spoils her daughter Stormi. But it is nothing compared to Kim Kardashian’s children. Kim and Kanye spoil their kids like no other parents. The couple doesn’t think twice before spending millions on their kids. They bought Michael Jackson’s Jacket for $65,000… as a “Birthday Present” to North!

Not only that, but she also got the famous hat of Michael Jackson. The hat he wore in “Smooth Criminal “North is really fond of handbags. She has a Birkin bag worth $10,000. Her limited edition Dior saddle bag is worth $30,000.

The Kardashians never let their children travel on normal planes. They always travel in their luxury private jets. In 2015, Kim Kardashian shut down Disneyland to celebrate North’s birthday because she didn’t want her daughter to wait for any rides.

The kids only wear designer shoes. Kim’s kids were seen wearing expensive custom-designed Gucci shoes at school.

Chicago has a rocking horse covered with Swarovski Crystals that costs around $130,000.

We know that kids are fond of soft toys. Chicago has a Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear worst $170,000. Because her dad is Kanye West and her mom is Kim Kardashian… It’s no shocker that North has been well dressed since the day she was born.

North’s fur coats are around $3,500 each and are made of real full. North is only 7 years old… But she has already appeared in Magazine covers. She has already walked on the ramp in the fashion show. North’s Balmain Blazer collection is also custom made for her. Balmain Blazers cost a minimum of $2000 and they are made for adults. But Kim had them customized in North’s size.

Kim even bought a vintage bed worth about $75,000 for Chicago. When Chicago was one year old, her grandmother Kris gifted her a music box. It was not a normal music box, it was a $3,350 Louis Vuitton one.

Saint is fond of Dinosaurs… So his parents built him a Jurassic Park for his birthday. The birthday party cost around $40,000.

Kim gifted Psalm, who is only ten months old, a $96,000 pacifier. It’s made of solid gold and diamonds.

Kim has spent more than $50,000 just on her kid’s playrooms. The kid’s rooms are filled with luxury items.

Kim and Kanye don’t mind a few thousand dollars here and there for their kids. “What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?” “I would say when the kids tell you they love you.” “Kanye, What’s the best part of being a dad?” “Kids “

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

If you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is, well, you may have lived under a rock for the past decade. Almost everyone on this planet with an Internet connection knows about her. Some adore her, while others can’t stand seeing her face, but everyone must agree that she is one of the best marketing experts out there.

Kim Kardashian has 165 million followers on Instagram and 64.5 followers on Twitter, which is a considerable following. She is the queen of all influencers, the one that started all, and there’s little (or none) that she can’t sell to her fans.

You don’t need to love her nor follow her and her family adventures and dramas, but you can learn a lot from her. She has skills and expertise, so we are going to share with you some of the lessons you need to learn from the fabulous Kim K.

The Lessons Kim Kardashian Can Teach You

1. Be Confident Even If You Aren’t

This may sound confusing, but that’s what not only Kim K. does, but her whole family. Most of them (the female part) are so confident that can be scary on some level. Sometimes they have a reason for their confidence, but most of the time, they don’t. So if you want to make it, sometimes you have to fake it. Be over the top, just like Kim, even if you are not in the mood that day, and see where it will get you.

2. Turn Every Negative Thing Into a Positive One

Knowing how to turn negative things into opportunities is like a sort of art. Just remember what happened when a video of Kim “doing it” got leaked. She didn’t get shy; she didn’t run away in her cave; she embraced the situation and won a lawsuit. Once that was done, and she had $5 million more, from the trial, in her bank account, she invested that in her business. So you need to know those bad things will happen, but you don’t want to feel devastated about that. See how you can change the whole situation into your advantage and learn from that experience. If you’ve had a good deal gone bad, know that it’s not the end of the world.

3. Don’t Make It All About Yourself

Yes, we’ve just told you that you need to be extra confident like Kim to succeed, but you don’t want to overdo it. Kim makes everything about her, but at the same time, she knows how and when to be thoughtful about others. You need to focus on things that your audience wants and needs and try to help them. For those in the real estate business, you can easily do this by giving advice, sharing the favorite spots in the neighborhood, giving contacts to constructors, or moving companies. Be of service to people, and people will love you. Nobody likes a person that overly self-centered, nor someone that doesn’t know how to listen.

4. You Need to Know Your Audience

This lesson is connected to the previous one. If you want to be successful with your audience, you need to know them. You will know how to communicate with your audience once you know who your audience is. And once you connect with them, they will think of you as someone authentic. Yes, sometimes you need to fake it a little until you make it, but don’t overdo it. People will sense if you are not real, and they will not trust you. First, you need to think about yourself, your expertise, business strengths, interest, and knowledge. And then think about how you can use that to attract and apply to your targeted audience.

5. Engage With That Audience

The next step, once you’ve found your audience is to engage with them. People love to know things about other people; they invest themselves in other people’s lives, their happiness, and their drama – that’s the reason why everyone from the Kardashian family is so famous. What’s even better than that is those people get a chance to interact with their favorite celebrity. That’s why Kim often asks her Instagram followers what bag she should bring with her what shoes she should wear. She knows what to wear, or her stylists know, but she wants you to participate. In that way she makes people part of her live and her story. And that’s what you need to do. Create accounts, ask people for their opinion about your new listing, ask them when they want a new listing out – be creative.

6. The Power of a Good Photo

The members of the Kardashian family know how to take a good photo. They look perfect, so perfect that you want to be like them. Yes, they are not natural, the images are photoshopped – but people don’t care. They want to look at those perfect photos, and they want to have that same lifestyle. Just like them, you need to have a perfectly curated profile with gorgeous images. But be sure to put some photos of you and your life there. If you want to sell people a perfect house, that’s good. But you should try and sell them the ideal lifestyle that you have. Lure them with your perfect photos of your home, your brunches, or your travels. Because if they like what you do, and how do you live, people will want to buy something from you.

Tristan Says he Wants More Kids with Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are in a ‘good place’ right now and Tristan hints he wants to reunite. He even tells Khloe that ‘True does need a sibling’ in the April 16 episode of ‘KUWTK.’

Tristan Thompson had a package delivered for Khloe Kardashian. It was a massive Dior shopping bag.

Even though she is thankful for the gift, she told Tristan to stop buying her things. “Tristan and I are in a good place,” Khloe admitted in the newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Do I wish he acted this way when we were together? One hundred percent.”

Tristan tried to flirt with Kardashian, but she keeps him at a distance. “I also just want to be really smart and not have any of these lines blurred,” Khloe continues. “It’s just very confusing.”

Tristan is now back in Cleveland.

The two were looking through their daughter’s toys via FaceTime. There is one toy in particular that Kardashian thinks is for “infants.” That made Tristan ask, “What happens if we have another girl?”

He doesn’t want to “buy it all over again” if that happens. “Who’s having another girl with you?” she asks. Tristan told her, “Listen, True does need a sibling.”

Khloe replied that she “might get some embryos and get a sibling. I might need to borrow some sperm or get some from you, but we’ll figure that out later.”

Later, Tristan surprised Khloe and True by coming to Los Angeles for a day. “I love what a great dad he is,” Khloe admitted. “I appreciate that. It’s just very confusing at the same time.” However, she admits to Kim Kardashian that she feels “smothered” by Tristan. “We need space. Like, this is not good,” she added.

At first, Khloe was not sure about sending True to Cleveland to spend time with him. In the end, she took her herself. She told Tristan that she has “anxiety” about leaving her daughter. “I guess you just don’t have to leave,” he quips. He suggested her to stay in Cleveland. “When we were together, that would have been a great solution, but you were anti a lot of things then,” Khloe said.

Kim Kardashian Revealed her Daughter North West “Runs” their Household

Lately, Kim and Kanye’s six-year-old daughter North West has been vocal in her mom’s Instagram videos. The reality star is said that North “runs” the Kardashian–West household. Or at least, that is what she thinks.

In the newest interview with Refinery29, Kim said, “I can’t get away from her. She’s running the house, or so she thinks she is.”

We could all see that. While Kim was filming a makeup tutorial in her bathroom, her eldest daughter wandered in to ask if she could wash her hands. Her mom replied, “Can you do it in the other room? I don’t want to get this all wet, sweetie.”

Then she said to the camera, “I’m hiding in the guest room, you guys. I’m hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone.”

North heard that and added, “Hey, that’s mean!”

Kardashian West continued, “North, can I please just do my little tutorial? It’s all I want to do. It is one little fun thing for myself.”

In another example, Kim filmed herself giving a PSA about social distancing. While she was doing that, North could be heard whispering, “I want out.”

Later, Kim said in the video, “It’s really important to do mental health checks on your friends and your loved ones.”

“You should be more busy of your kids, not your friends,” North added.

This girl is, for sure, going to stel everyone’s spotlight since these moments are so funny that they went viral.

Kim K’s Favorite Hair Color

After experimenting with a bunch of different hair colors during the years, Kim Kardashian West has told us which one she prefers, and it is pretty unexpected.


Chris Appleton, her hairstylist posted on his Instagram a slideshow of many of Kim’s looks in the past – blonde, pink, brunette, green. In his description, he said that he likes the blonde, but Kim doesn’t share his opinion – She commented that she enjoyed her red hair the most!

However, her red look wasn’t hair dye, but a wig that was meant to be used for her promo shoot last year called Beauty Sooo Fire. Despite preferring the red, she chose the blonde wig for the  instead. Kim has already started planning a new hair refreshment once the movement ban has been lifted, and is considering going blonde – Kanye’s favorite but also a high maintenance color. Her hairstylist approves, so perhaps we’ll be seeing blonde Kim again after the quarantine.