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Kim Kardashian Slammed for not Giving a Dark-Skinned Model the Right Shade of Nude

Kim Kardashian West‘s shapewear line called Skims has recently come under fire for having a wrong nude shade for a black model in the ad for its new masks.

Skims produces shapewear and underwear, and over the weekend, it launched nonmedical masks in five different shades, which sold out in only one day. The brand also revealed it is donating 10,000 masks for the support of coronavirus relief efforts.

It said: “SKIMS is donating 10,000 Seamless Face Masks to the following charitable partners: Baby2Baby, Good+ Foundation, LA Food Bank, and National Domestic Workers Alliance.”

When Kardashian tweeted to say her masks were available in shades of nudes, fans wondered why the dark-skinned model’s color was black and not her shade of nude.

Many people said she should have known better than to put a black mask as the nude tone for a dark-skinned person.

Some also thought it was wrong for her to be making money from the pandemic, although a few clothing companies are currently making and selling masks as well.

How does Kris Jenner Look like While Playing Tennis?

In the light of the Mother’s day, many celebs have shared photos of their mothers. People on the Instagram decided to share photos and videos of their mothers with kind post descriptions and messages. While we are at this topic, one mother and manager should not be forgotten! The famous momager of our time – Kris Jenner was also celebrated on Instagram for this year’s Mother’s Day!

Her daughter Kendall Jenner, celebrated her mother’s excellence on Instagram.

In the amazing throwback, the young model shard a video of her mother playing tennis in a bikini. She wrote the caption “Love you mother”.

The famous momager, Kris, on the video is playing tennis and looking amazing.

Not only was it obvious that Kris is an amazing mother to her kids, but she is also an extraordinary business woman and manager. In other words, she helps her famous children run their business, form Kyle’s lip kits to Kim’s SKIMS.

On the above mentioned video, many followers of Kendall wrote that she looks exactly like Kris! In that sense it is obvious that the famous model got her beauty from her mom.

One person wrote: “Literally thought that was you for a sec. You’re Kris’ twin.”

However, Kendall was not the only one who showed gratitude to her mother. Kim Kardashian West also posted a photo of her mother in a yellow bikini.

Besides the fact that Kris is famous for her excellent manager and organizations skills, she has been an influence on many young CEOs. She opened up about her daily routine and said that her day starts between 4.30 and 5.30 am.

Even though he did not have a perfect life, she always reminds others that it is important to stay positive. The famous momager, Jenner, had two failed marriages – one to Robert Kardashian, and other to Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Even so, she has managed to find love. Today, she is enjoying her life with her partner, Corey.

As it can be concluded from the story of this famous mother, keeping it real and hoping for the best in life is everything. Today, Kris Jenner is a happy woman successfully leading multiple careers and businesses. On the top of that, as it can be seen from her children’s Instagram posts, she is the best mother in the world!

Kylie Jenner and her Mother Donated Hand Sanitizer to Hospitals

Kris and Kylie Jenner are doing everything they can to make sure those battling coronavirus are protected. They’re now donating hand sanitizer to healthcare employees on the front line.

They teamed up with COTY, which is the majority stakeholder for Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, to produce hand sanitizers for hospitals in Southern California.

That product will be donated to workers taking on the public health crisis. Apparently, every bottle contains a special message, “Dedicated to first responders working to support our communities.”

Kylie and her sister Kim Kardashian West have already each donated $1 million to coronavirus relief efforts, and they have urged their fans to take warnings seriously and to stay at home.

Besides, Kylie was asked by the Surgeon General to spread the message to her 160 million followers, and she did just that.

Kim Kardashian West Donated $1 Million to help the Victims of Coronavirus


Kim Kardashian West has joined the countless other celebrities, including her sister, in giving a huge amount of money to help beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Kardashian just announced her SKIMS shapewear would be helping mothers and children in need at this horrible time with a $1 million donation. She added that the money would specifically benefit families that are affected by COVID-19.

Kim says in order to bring relief to those who were hit hardest by this pandemic, SKIMS will be restocking its original collection Monday, and a cool mil in proceeds will be donated.

Her announcement comes just a day after her sister Kylie Jenner gave a million-dollar donation for coronavirus relief efforts.

Her contribution will go toward the production of face masks and other protective gear that healthcare workers need.

Other celebrities who are helping big time for various charities and causes are Drew Brees, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Taylor, Ryan Reynolds, and so many others.

Who is the Best Organizer Among Kardashians?


The Kardashian family knows a lot about organizing the household, most definitely. Even though every member of the family has pretty strict and rigid schedules, the Kardashian-Jenner family really keeps their family as clean and fresh as it can be. This is done just in case they need to show parts of their house on social media. This means that all members of the family surely have exceptional organizational skills. However, we are wondering who is the king of the organization among them.

Well Organized Family

The maintenance of their household pretty much runs in their blood. Over time, every one of them showed their clean fresh parts of the household on social media. Naturally, all of them have gorgeous homes, but that doesn’t mean they are not organized well. Stars of popular reality tv show are following pretty strict rules when it comes to one particular area in their mansions. We are talking about kitchens.

Since every one of them enjoys preparing delicious meals, they have pretty strict rules about maintaining the kitchen space. All of this in order to keep it fresh and comfortable at the same time. Even though this can be hard due to their children running around, we can say with the utmost certainty that their kitchens always look top-notch.

Over the years, they even talked about this and gave their fans little sneak peeks into their private life every once in a while. Kourtney Kardashian, who has her own lifestyle website Poosh, talked about her organized pantries and even shared a few tips on how to make the maintenance both short and effective. She stated that even though this level of organization can make some people uncomfortable, it is really just a set of rules that need to be followed.

She also talked about her mother having labels on baskets, which say what is in them. Moreover, she is using several different glass jars for storing grains and cereals. A couple of months before her statement, Kim Kardashian West provided her fans with a sneak peek into her newly-done cupboard. However, this was followed by comments about her having no food in her new home. Like her older sister, the founder of SKIMS, likes to run her household on a high level of organization.

She has cereals stored in glass jars, boxed food and snacks are stored in her wine bars, and some sprinkles are sitting on top of multiple turntables. Even though she keeps her panties and kitchen pristine, she showed that she can have low organizational skills sometimes, we saw that when she posted a picture of her closet with is literally filled with clothes.

Khloe Kardashian is the King of Organization

Even though we talked about her sister Kourtney and Kim, the verdict is that Khloe Kardashian is the king of the organization when it comes to maintaining the household. She frequently talks about her wanting to always have all parts of her Calabasas mansion in mint condition. We had the pleasure of seeing her neat pantry and her ultra-tidy bedroom. Looks like the members of the Kardashian family are pretty good at keeping their homes in perfect condition. However, looks like Khloe is the best organized one within this big and popular family.