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Strikes Continue as Canada Post Goes Into Chaos and CUPW Requests for a Mediator

The Canadian postal workers Union recently asked the federal government to appoint a mediator for all contractual communications with Canada Post as it refused the Crown Corporation’s latest offer. The Union made this request in the late hours of Saturday only minutes before the deadline was passed on all Canada Post time-sensitive proposals that were

Trump To Get Played By Putin?


It has been confirmed that the US President Donald Trump will meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin on July 16, in Helsinki. This summit comes at an awkward moment when America is pretty much destroying its long-built relations with allies all over the world. All this is happening while the US intelligence agencies are claiming that

If Donald Trump Breaks NAFTA, North America Will Connect Through Sports


The World Cup is underway, and Mexico surprised everyone by defeating Germany, the reigning champions. The people in Mexico City celebrated the victory, and they created a small artificial earthquake, and this tremor was registered on seismographic sensors. Meanwhile, the United States national team didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but there were celebrations in

Trump Imposes New Trade Tariffs on Canada, Invokes 1812 War


President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the new tariffs that are imposed on steel and aluminum imports from Canada. According to one of the sources familiar with the conversation, POTUS invoked a historical reference that was wrong. The sources claim that Trudeau was opposing Trump, grilling him

If America’s Frist, where is Canada?


Repeated statements made by the United States President Donald Trump that he will make America Frist, especially when it comes to trade, has left its northern neighbor worried. The United States is Canada’s number one trade partner and any disruption in the cross-border trade are bound to have a significant effect on Canada’s economy. Even

Can Mexico and Canada Persuade Trump to sign NAFTA?


Donald Trump had a memorable presidential campaign. It was something we have never seen, and he attacked and trounced his political opponents – every last one of them. Even “Crooked Hillary” didn’t manage to beat Trump despite being the front-runner. But one of the things Trump complained about in the campaign were trade deals and