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Rick and Morty Season 4 Will Not Be Available on Netflix in the UK

The fans all around the world are patiently waiting for the new season of their favorite show Rick and Morty. And the new season 4 will be released this year, but there will be some changes, and these changes will affect the fans in the UK.

The show from Adult Swim, ‘Rick and Morty’ was available on Netflix, and the fans from all around the UK could watch it there. But that will not be an option anymore, the new episodes of the show will be exclusively released on Channel 4.

That’s because the creators of Rick and Morty, Adult Swim, have made a new deal between the UK broadcaster, Channel 4. And before the new season hits the screens all of the other episodes from the previous three season will also be broadcasted on E4.
Does this mean that you will definitely not be able to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix?

Yes, the new season of the hit show Rick and Morty will now be exclusively available only on Channel 4 in the UK.

And when can we watch the new Season 4?


The last, third season of Rick and Morty was broadcasted in the UK via Netflix in 2017. The fans have been waiting for a long period of time now, but the wait will be over soon.

Back in 2018, writer and producer of the show, Ryan Ridley, said in an interview that it takes a long time to write and animate the show, so there isn’t a possibility for the show to be aired sooner than 2019, late 2019. But we are half way through 2019, and it was announced that the new Season 4 will be broadcasted on Adult Swim in November 2019. And that means that it will available in the UK shortly after.

Where can you watch the previous season of Rick and Morty?

The previous seasons, the first three seasons are still available to watch on Netflix UK. And they also started to air on E4 on February 15th, this year.

What about the cast, who will still be there?

Of course, there would be a show without Rick and Morty, and it is expected for the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland to return to voice those two characters. Chirs Parnell will voice Morty’s father Jerry, Spencer Grammer will voice Morty’s sister Summer, and Sarah Chalke will be Rick’s daughter Beth.
There will also be some guest stars, but there still aren’t any announcements about that.


And what about new season after this one?

There will certainly be new season after season 4, because the show was renewed for around 70 new episodes by US network Adult Swim, back in 2018. So we will be all able to join Rick and Morty’s adventures and follow them for a long time. We just don’t know how long we will have to wait for the new season after season 4.

Where You Can Find The Rickmobile from Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a cartoon show that follows the adventures of Rick and Morty. This is not your everyday cartoon, because Rick is a genius scientist and he goes to adventures to space and other dimensions with his grandson Morty. The show is full of adult humor, sci-fi punch lines, and it can be very serious and dramatic sometimes. All in all, this show is something different and it has fans all over the world.

The show a product of Adult Swim and it is co-created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The characters are great, the story is always incredible and if you like bizarre shows with adult humor, you will love it.


The show was promoted by many conventional ways but also by some very ones. One of those promotional things is the now iconic Rickmobile. It’s a truck that has a giant, drooling Rick on top. And it’s not just a truck that drives around, it’s a mobile gift shop where you can buy merchandise from the show, toys, t-shirts, and many other things. The Rickmobile was first seen in 2017 and it went on a tour to 42 cities. The idea was to promote the season 3 of Rick and Morty, but the fans fell in love with the truck so it still exists. It still goes from city to city, and the best way to find out if it will be somewhere near you is to follow the truck on its Instagram account, Rickmobile.

For now, the Rickmobile is in the rest mode, but the new season 4 of Rick and Morty will be released in November 2019, so we believe that the truck will hit the road very soon.

Now we only have to wait for the Rickmobile to start its engine, and for the new season 4 to air. We believe that the new season will be incredible, and we can’t wait to see what next will happen. Will Beth and Jerry be together again, or are they done for good, and what other adventures will Rick and Morty be in.

Important News! Date of Rick and Morty Season 4 Has Been Released

Rick and Morty, the popular American, adult animated show, quit on the little screen in October 2017. This tremendous cartoon duo is off for more than two years, which is created by talented Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. This cartoon was programming on block Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

We watched three seasons until today, but we do not know when releasing the date for season 4 is. It might happen this summer, but we are not sure.

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At the moment Adult Swim aired only 31 episodes but they took 70 episodes in total of Rick and Morty last year in May.

‘’Rick and Morty season 4 is happening. It is amazing. It is coming. No need to be upset that I also make other things. Also, no need to agree with the folk begging for S4. I take it as a compliment,’’ Justin Roiland, co-creator and executive producer of Rick and Morty wrote on his Instagram account.

We can say for sure that it will be season four, maybe in July, or later in the summer. We know for sure that season 4 is happening, but we do not know the plot for the season 4.

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The whole season 4 is a big mystery because creators aired a few teasers and nothing more. We do know what to expect further in the show and how it continues.

Both creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, just let fans sitting in the dark.

There is no official release date yet for Rick and Morty season 4, the first plan was to release new season on Christmas 2018 or April Fool`s Day 2019. Both dates are passed away, and we know that the production is still underway. When the production is underway that means we are at the end of the journey for releasing. The creators expect that will pass two months until the releasing date, and that will be late July or mid-August.
The rumors have it that the season 4 will have 14 episodes.

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The Upcoming 4th Season of Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty have been renewed for a 4th season! It is certain the show that was created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland about the crazy scientist and his grandson has been one of the most successful shows lately. We will be getting 70 more new episodes.

We had to wait a long while before we knew whether we would be getting a new season of our favorite show. We finally got the news at the end of the first half of 2018 when Justin Roiland announced the big news. Not only was the show still on, but they are making 70 new episodes! That would basically mean that there will be about 7 more new seasons since all the past ones had 10 episodes each.

Even though the last season, season 3, ended more than a year ago, in October of 2017, we still don’t know the official date for season 4. All we know is that we should expect it to be somewhere in 2019.

Another information that we know is certain is that the cast will remain the same. Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, and Chris Parnell are all returning to voice all of the characters they are in charge of.

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The last season he came out may be the darkest one yet with many grim things happening throughout. Rick escaped capture, Jerry and Beth got a divorce, Rick managed to kill the team of superheroes – the Vindictors, and that’s just to name a few.
We don’t have any information about how the story will unfold in the following seasons. Dan Harmon has revealed much hasn’t been written so far. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that the storylines that have been explored on previous seasons will continue. For example Evil Morty and the Citadel of Ricks, Birdperson’s resurrection and the Beth and Jerry storyline as well. Except for that, it is hard to tell what new plots they will bring in.

The main writers of the show will still be Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. They have been with the show from the beginning and are the shows, original creators. Other writers that have had a part in the show so far were Dan Guterman, Tom Kauffman, and Ryan Ridley, but it is not known if they will be doing anything for season 4 or the rest of the upcoming seasons. One person who we know is not returning is Jessica Gao because she is writing her new show.

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When it comes to directors we have none that have been confirmed as of now. But since the show has people that have been directing it season 2 they might come back and work on season 4 too. Some of them are Dominic Polcino, Bryan Newton, Juan Meza-Leon.

Even though there haven’t been any real videos that promote the new season, there have been some weird teasers that have been posted. These could be an indication of what’s to come or it might just be a way of them putting out something fun for the fans.

There is no official poster for the new season but the show is being promoted in other ways. Through McDonald’s promotes their Szechuan sauce that became popular because of the show, the Australian parody of the show and the guest appearance of Rick and Morty in the music video of the group Run The Jewels.