10 Famous America Quotes to Help You Know the Country Better

America is one of the few highest countries or probably the only supreme power of this world. Being an American citizen is something you should be proud of. America quotes from help you know better about your country.

We all should have basic knowledge about our countries, It’s rules and regulation, cities in our countries and just in general what’s happening around in our country.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 quotes that will give you a better knowledge of your country America.

1.” The fact is: It’s true what they say about the United States. It is a land of opportunity. It is too various to get bored with it.”-Christopher Hitchens

America is a place that provides a home to a lot of people from all over the world. People across the globe come to America in search of good job opportunities and start making a living. Their generations grow up here to call themselves American citizens. America has financially supported many. Migration trend in the U.S is at peak.

2.”Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.”

We should know well that the American government and its citizens wish everyone the best no matter what. The entire world should know that we will cross any limits to protect our country that’s how much we love our country. As a nation, we will stand and fight.

3.” When I was growing up, I don’t remember being told that America was created so that everyone could get rich. I remember being told that it was about opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. Not happiness itself but the pursuit.”-Martin Scorsese

America is a country that caters to every citizen’s happiness. It grants benefits to all. No country in this world provides this much happiness and contentment to its people. You can fulfil all your dreams in a country like America.

4.” Basically, there are two kinds of stereotypes out there in the world about America. There’s America the Goliath- the big, powerful, bullying country that pushes its way around the world and gets its ways, pursues its interests nakedly, irrespective of what others want. And the other stereotype is America, the land of opportunity, where everyone can go and do anything, make any dreams come true.”-Shashi Tharoor

The quote tells us the two mindsets people have for America. One is anti-America, one is in favor of America. It’s a dream come true for some people. Those who can’t succeed, don’t find any worth of it.

5.”My folks came to the U.S as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien.”

The land of America is so vast, full of opportunities. America is half-filled with immigrants. People are born in some city but make a living in another city in America. That’s the charm of America. A wonderful place, each city having a different job opportunity according to your career.

6.”The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and people.”-Lyndon B.Johnson

America is a mixture of so many cultures and ethnicities. Two famous ones are Mexican and Chinese cultures. Different cultures have excelled in many fields. Many festivals of all kinds are celebrated in America. America is a country that gives minority rights too.

7.”It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried.”-Winston Churchill

We all know that America is the land of democracy. Many forms of governments have been tried over all these years. By far the best rule is a democratic rule.

8.”There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America. There’s the United States of America.- Barack Obama

This quote tells you a lot about your country. America is a country where minority rights are given the top priority. Racism is almost coming to an end.

9.” When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.”-George Carlin

America is the hub of opportunities and positions. It’s also the hub of Hollywood. People buy a ticket to America to find jobs. Being in America you get all the possible opportunities people are deprived of.

10.”Not merely a nation but a nation of nations.”-Lyndon.B.Johnsons

America is the leader of many nations in this world. It is a guiding and a ruling force for many. No one can govern it except for America itself.


With these America quotes, you must have realized that America is a powerful country that needs no one. America is a home for many. It’s a huge land filled with amazing places. Each city in America is worth seeing. Here is a list of all those places you should visit in America. From Winter wonderlands to tropical beaches. This land of democracy holds every citizen very close. You should be a proud American citizen and respect every president that came on the seat to govern you.

How to Highlight your Strengths and Hide Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Studies are the most beautiful part of life. After their completion, each person is focused on getting a job. Everyone is trying to find a job that is in the field to which they belong. Additionally, in order to find a position that would suit him, everyone invests in their skills. So many of them attend online courses, free trainings, seminars, webinars, discussions, but also academies in the field to which it belongs according to education. Often people do not find work in the places they belong to according to their education and this creates anxiety and insecurity in them. Even though they are not in the places they have always wanted to work in, they are trying to find something better in the meantime.

We have already said, there is no perfect job. If you are in a company where you do not like things, at first try to get used to it. If this habit does not work, the next step is to suggest an improvement in the conditions or some changes. If they agree, follow the implementation of the changes, and if they do not agree, give that company one last chance. Go and talk to owners or managers about things that do not go well with the company. If you still do not understand in those moments, then you should definitely consider leaving the company. And what next? And after that experience, you will find a new job.

Starting a new career is the best thing that can be done after leaving the old one. The first thing to do is to edit the CV and check if everything is listed in it. Finally, it is necessary to edit the cover letter. Once everything related to that is done you can see all the calls looking for new employees. Examine them carefully, do a little research on whether that company is ideal for you in terms of terms and if you like it send them a CV and cover letter to them. What if they choose you? Feeling insecure and unprepared? Do not worry, we are here to prepare. We will teach you how to emphasize your strengths and how not to point out the weaknesses that you otherwise have to work on. Follow us to the end of this article and learn more about how to be perfectly prepared for the next working position meeting.
  1. Prepare a speech to say in front of them – to be ready for some kind of career meeting you need to prepare. Have a matrix in your head according to which you would be guided in given situations. For example, how would you react to an awkward question, how would you respond to something you do not know the correct answer to, how would you best emphasize your skills, and so on. You always need to come up with a plan or backup plan and even know how to take some of the interviews into your own hands at certain times. If you are still nervous after that, then you can read more here and find out ways to stay calm and at the same time ready for new meeting about the career position you are craving for. Be calm and everything will go well.
  2. Look at the most common career related questions – the Internet is a never-ending sea of ​​information that is of great value. You would only realize the enormous value of information if you asked a frequently asked online interview question, then you would know how powerful the Internet is. Before starting a conversation in the companies, try to find more information about what they might ask you, but also how to give the best answer. Only then will you prepare well enough to leave a great impression after which you will be called to work for them.
  3. Look at the appropriate dress code – often candidates show their shortcomings through the dress code. The dress code for this type of conversation is unified. You can find a lot of information about it online. There you will see which pieces of clothing are recommended to wear when attending such conversations. So choose your combination for that conversation and prepare accordingly. With the dress code, your chances of getting the job are higher, your self-confidence will be higher, but not only that. You will show that you are highly motivated and that your characteristics are exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Watch the movements you make during the meeting – sometimes both body movements and facial expressions can determine the response you will get from the company around your application. Be careful not to give a feeling of unpreparedness, a feeling of absence, or a feeling of fear. If you are shy, laugh lightly, and hold a pen in your hands if you speak instead of holding them together – joined hands mean insecurity.
  5. Share your strengths even in the moments when they do not ask about them – whenever they ask you a question, make sure you answer the question in the right way, but try to mention your strengths imperceptibly, great experiences. See that it is imperceptible and in the form of a passing mention to get their sympathy and be one of the sure candidates for the position.
  6. If they are not confident in your strengths, offer them recommendations – if during the conversation you feel that employers are not confident in your skills, strengths and want to know more about your qualifications, offer them recommendations that you must have prepared in advance. If you do not have recommendations you can submit contact information from one of the managers in previous companies through which they can get more information about you.

If you follow our tips you will increase your chances of being hired for the job you have applied for by showing your strengths and covering your weaknesses. Thus you will be prepared the best choice for the commission that is looking for the ideal candidate among the many applicants.

5 Reasons you Should Consider a Career in Massage Therapy

It’s almost the end of 2020 and it’s pretty safe to say that we as people reached a point in our societies where almost anything can be turned into a well-earning profession. Honestly, people are slowly becoming more open-minded and more and more individuals are getting their chance to shine by doing what they love to do.

A few decades ago someone would laugh at you if you mentioned that one day professionally playing video games or managing an Instagram account can earn you a living, but nowadays these two things are on top of the list money-wise.

What we’re trying to say is that you no longer have to “settle” for only the most commercial professions, and you most certainly don’t need to become a doctor or a lawyer to get paid well. In case you ever considered a career in massage therapy, this is the right article for you. Let’s take a look.

Why Massage Therapy?

They say those who help others feel better are the happiest people in life. It’s true. By providing Massage Therapy Service you’ll be able to earn enough for a comfortable living, and you’ll feel good because you’re helping others. Many athletes and “regular people” need massage therapy because they suffered an injury, or they simply need someone to reduce their pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, etc… Not only that you’re helping others, but by investing your time and effort in learning massage therapy you’ll learn how to help yourself as well, contributing to your health and overall happiness.

1. One of the fastest things you can become a pro at

Although it’s a very delicate job and it’s considered to be a part of medicine, massage therapies became so popular in 2020 allowing you to reap information out of many different sources, learning how to become a professional in just under a year. Unlike other businesses that take an entire decade to finally call themselves “professional”, this can be learned a lot more easily. And, with every new session, you’re becoming better and better at it, until you perfectly know how to treat every spot of the human body. While we’re at reliable sources, feel free to use check out

2. Great pay and you can work at home

We all know massage therapists earn well and that’s our second reason why you should consider a career in this field. You can work at home until you collect enough money to open up your place. This is when you can also spike up your price a bit, which will contribute even further to your financial situation. If you ensure your one-time customers that you’re good at what you’re doing they can easily become regulars, booking sessions two or three times per week at your massage therapy center. This means earning a lot and more practice, making you even better at what you’re doing. Those clients can recommend you to their friends and family members, and that’s how you create an entire network of regulars.

3. The only investment you need to start is learning

Since we already mentioned you can work from home until the pandemic ends, the third reason you should consider a career in massage therapy is the fact your only investment is you learning something that will serve you for life. Unlike other businesses where you have to buy expensive machines, materials, equipment, licenses, and whatnot, to become a massage therapist you need a few months of practice and a few months of theory learning. Investing in yourself, instead of investing in “things” and equipment.

4. If your business doesn’t work out you can find a job easily

The number four reason is having the ability to quit your business and find a job at a company as an employee in case things don’t work out. No matter what happens, the time and money you invested in learning will be of huge use. If your business doesn’t work out and you find it difficult to attract customers, work a year or two at a company, earn enough experience and with the funds you gathered start your own business with your place.

5. Everything you learn is practical and will help you throughout life

Imagine being able to “fix” any pain in any part of the body without paying for it every time. Well, you can’t exactly massage yourself on all parts of your body, but you’ll know quite a lot about the causes of pain and other important things that can be prevented for longer and happier life. Not to mention you can always help your loved ones and others around you.

In these modern times when most people spend their entire day in front of a computer, knowing how to stop the pain in their lower back, neck or shoulders is priceless. The same thing is relevant to you. If you know the right methods of dealing with all this you can be a perfectly happy and healthy individual even when you get older, which is what a lot of people dream of.

Possible downsides of becoming a massage therapist

It’s not a secret many businesses faced difficulties due to the global covid-19 pandemic, especially those that require you to be in contact with other people. Well, unfortunately, out of all businesses that require you to be in contact with others, providing massage therapy service is one that’s probably the most dangerous. This means that depending on the country you live in, you may or may not be able to proceed to work as a massage therapist until the entire global pandemic is over. Thankfully, every country is tirelessly working on a vaccine, so we hope all this will end soon.

Another possible downside to this profession is not being able to find your own space to work. This means you’ll have to rent a “saloon” or a “center” where you can treat your customers. It will cost unless you’re planning to work at home and turn one of your areas into a professional working environment, which by the way is what a lot of massage therapists did during the pandemic.


In case you ever wondered what the advantages of being a massage therapist are, we covered it all in today’s article. If you recently lost your job due to the pandemic or you’re just looking to put some effort in a “side-hustle”, feel free to check everything we wrote above. Being a massage therapist is amazing both in terms of living a happier and healthier life and earning well in an “easy” and convenient way. Best of luck with your future career. Stay safe.

8 Tips for Finding a Good Career Counselor – 2020 Guide

Choosing a career path is a daunting task for many young people. One would say that those that have known what they want to do since they were kids are very lucky. Why? Well, they aren’t under the immense pressure of whether or not they will make the right decision.

After all, you will have to do the job every day, for many decades to come, so you have to love it in a way and find it interesting and appealing, right? Otherwise, it can turn out to be torture, and that is the last thing anyone wants. This is the struggle we are talking about. Due to this reason, many millennials opt for asking career counselors for help.

In a way, they will lead them on this journey, and help them make the right call. If you have been thinking about it, too, we say that you should go for it. Nevertheless, there are some things that you have to consider to be certain that you have chosen the right person for you.

Find potential partners

Our first advice is to find a few counselors and investigate each of them. Ensuring that you have made the best choice possible is of crucial importance and the chances that the first person you talk to will meet all your requirements are quite slim. Because of this, you need to have a few people on your list.

You can start by asking friends for recommendations. If you are in the period of your life when it is time to make this career-wise decision, surely your friends are as well, meaning that some of them have probably sought a counselor’s help.

On the other hand, you can do a quick online search. Since this is such a popular topic, you fill find numerous recommendations on different blogs and forums, or if you want, you can always go through the list of certified counselors and choose some from your area.

Meet with them

The great thing is that most counselors offer free initial consultation meaning that you can meet with all the people from your list free of charge. This is a perfect opportunity to sit and talk with them, to get to know each other.

The first impression is always the most important one, and you have to feel completely comfortable with this person.

Check their credentials

This is another step that you shouldn’t skip. Make sure to investigate what credentials each and every possible counselor has. You have to be certain that you are working with the best one in their field. In addition, you can also contact their previous clients. You can easily track them online, especially if you have already visited some popular blogs and learned about certain counselor from another user. Ask them about their collaboration and the overall impression of that person. Naturally, you should also inquire whether or not they helped them to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a career.

Understand what you need

Okay, we get it, you need some help with choosing the right job for you, but are you looking for someone to assist you through the entire process or just with a certain skill? Counselors can help you uncover some specific skills that you possess and help you understand how you can use it in the best way possible. You may already have a career in mind, but you just need a little bit of help in choosing the right path where you will be able to express your full potential. However, if you still do not know what you want to do, click here to learn some practical tips.

Go with someone who questions you

Okay, this one might seem odd. After all, you are a grown-up, and you know what you want, right? Well, not necessarily. One thing that you have to understand is that our vision of a dream job is usually affected by our childhood or even our close relatives. A lot of us want to follow in someone’s footsteps even though it might not be the best choice for us. On the other note, you might be following a childhood dream even though you do not possess the necessary skills for performing a certain job.

Counselor sees your true potential

Generally speaking, people tend to make a career choice based on the set of skills they have mastered. This is usually not a problem since it is one of the many methods that you can go with and ensure that you will be successful. However, oftentimes, being able to see past those skills can make a great difference, and this is a quality that you should look for in a counselor.

You should collaborate with a person who can understand your full potential. This can turn out to be a great thing, because you might find a career that has never occurred to you, but in which you can shine and still have fun. A dream job is so much more than a simple job that you can do with ease. It is something that pushes you outside your comfort zone, something that forces you to acquire new skills but something that is appealing at the same time so you are not constantly under a lot of stress.

They force you to reveal yourself

Once again, we are going back to our comfort zone. Yes, it is a place that makes us feel comfortable, but at the same time, it can be a thing that holds us back. This is the reason why speaking with a professional can be a good thing even if you already have a job in mind.

A great counselor will use different methods to help you get to know yourself. Who knows, you might end up discovering new skills and interests that can greatly affect your career choice.

Inquire about the fee

Finally, before opting for a counselor, there is another thing that you have to investigate – their fee. You probably have a budget, so you should try to stick to it. Our advice is to go with the one who chargers per session. You might only need a few of these which means that by paying months in advance you would be throwing money down the drain.

Honest Tips on How to Afford Study Abroad

Studying in a new country, you have never been to before is amazing, and once in a lifetime opportunity that you should grab with both hands. Not only do you get to travel, but you can also study at a new college or university and make new friends. It is an experience that you will never forget. Plus, it contributes to the degree you are studying for.

But the reason not everyone studies abroad is because of the price. It can be very expensive to go overseas when you are already a student and paying tuition fees. Though, do not give up on your dream yet. There is away. We know how to afford to study abroad and have some good tips to help you from applying for scholarships to writing papers for money online.

Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity for learning and broadening your horizons. But not everybody can afford to do it on their own. This is why scholarships exist. Their goal is to help talented students get where they want to go with some extra cash for funds. Some of these awards are based on your own personal circumstances, whereas other awards have to be earned through your grades. Do some research on the scholarships that can apply to your situation. There may be one that you can get that will help fund your trip overseas.

Do not forget that most financial aid received from college and universities still applies when you are studying in another country. Every school will be different. But if they have recommended the exchange trip, then it is likely they will still offer you the financial aid that is assigned to you. Make sure you check this so you receive the right amount and it can make your life easier.

Apply for Jobs

When you are in your new country, you can always apply for jobs and earn some money. This is a good way to fund your new living experience. There should be lots of part-time jobs around the city or even at the college or university you are studying at. So, have a look and apply for some when you are out there. Of course, you are a student and it can be difficult to balance your part-time job and studies. Since a job is very important, you may not have a lot of time for your homework and writing. Though, you can choose writing papers for money instead. You can click here to find out how you can do this. When you write papers for money, you can combine the two together and make the most of your time.

Choose an Affordable Country

Some countries have higher living costs than others. This may make your time studying there more difficult. For example, going to school in the UK or Switzerland can be costly when you think about living expenses. The currency exchange rates will not do you any favors. The best way to make your trip more affordable is to choose a bit of cheaper destinations around the world. This could include places such as China and Mexico. There are still some excellent schools that you can enjoy.

Fundraise Some Cash

Instead of asking family and friends for money and not offering anything in return, you can consider fundraising and earning the cash. This can help to go to college abroad, whether the money goes toward your plane tickets or a couple of months of rent. There are lots of fundraising ideas you can consider. This includes having a dinner party, completing a marathon, selling your art, creating an online funding page or taking part in charity work. You will be surprised how supportive loved ones can be when they see that the money will be used for good.

Create a Budget When You Are There

It is easy to get carried away when you are living and studying in a new country. But if you do not have the money in the first place, then you have got to be careful about how you spend it once you are there. You are going to have tuition and book fees to pay for, as well as rent and plane tickets. Groceries will also become a significant expense. These are going to be the essentials you have to pay for when you are in another country. So, you have got to travel smart. Create a budget that you can follow when you are away. This can include the amount of money you will spend on food each week and how much you want to have left at the end of the month. It is time to plan the budget to ensure you are able to live comfortably.

Look Out for Study Abroad Loans

It is possible to get a loan for your educational trip. There are lenders who can offer you a loan if you can give them reassurance. Taking out a loan can be a good way to have money in your account for emergencies. Of course, you have got to budget to ensure you do not waste the loan. You need to be able to pay it back or you could face bad consequences. Only choose this as an option if you are going to have a source of income when you are in a new country.

Enter Competitions

Students can take part in different types of competitions to earn some extra money. For example, this could be an essay writing competition or a sports challenge. Either way, if you think that you have the skills to succeed, you have got nothing to lose by entering. You could end up winning and this can fund your trip abroad. There is always the possibility of winning so keep trying in the runup to going away and see what happens!

You Don’t Need College To Earn A Lot – Check These Jobs

We are often taught that we would never be able to afford a good life if we don’t finish college. However, that isn’t necessarily the case, as the narrative simply isn’t true.

A lot of people simply cannot afford education, because they come from poor backgrounds. Some people choose not to go to college, believing in their own skills to make a good living.

But there are a lot of high-paying jobs that don’t require you to have a college diploma or Bachelors’s degree. In this article, we are going to discuss the X jobs that don’t require any higher education.

Heating and Refrigeration Mechanic

With an annual salary of nearly $45,500, a mechanic that specializes in heating and refrigeration machines isn’t a bad choice to make a living. As a mechanic in this field, you will be tasked with the maintenance and installation of these units. There are far greater options if you practice in the bigger cities, but you will need to be a licensed technician to do it.

Auto Body Repair Technician

An auto body repair technician might make a few bucks less than the previous job, but it’s a good job none the less. With an annual salary of $40,400, an auto body repair technician specializes in replacing vehicle bodies and glass parts such as windshields. There are certain certifications that can make you a pro in the industry, but this job mainly teaches you as you work.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Surprisingly, there is a medical job that doesn’t require a diploma or a Bachelors’s degree. You might think that this job pays poorly, but you’d be surprised to find out that an annual salary for nuclear medicine technologists is around $75,000! To work in this field you’d only need a high school diploma, but you would need to become accredited without your state.

Transportation Manager

Out of all the jobs on our list, this one pays some of the best. However, as with anything good in the world, there are bad things in the field of transportation management. Namely, this job is quickly becoming obsolete with the emergence of automation technologies. The high-paying annual salary of $89,000 can be achieved with only a high-school diploma. But as we mentioned, this job could soon become obsolete.

Insurance Claims Investigator

As an insurance claims investigator, it’s your job to determine whether an insurance claim should be paid or not. Working this job mostly means working with accident investigators for insurance companies on insurance claims. Starting this job requires only a high-school diploma, and the annual salary for an entry-level investigator comes at a whopping $55,000! You could upgrade to nearly $65,000 with experience, years under your belt, and certifications.


One of the most necessary jobs out there, there are far fewer plumbers as time goes by. However, the fewer plumbers out there, the bigger the chances of having more work. More work means more money, and that means a stable livelihood. With an annual salary of $57,000, plumbing is definitely one of the most sought-after services. And in a few year’s time, plumbers are expected to make even more money. If you’re looking for a plumber for both commercial and residential plumbing, you can check out, for example, this 24/7 plumber.

Media Equipment Manager

If you’ve always wanted to meet celebrities and sample their lifestyle, working as a media equipment manager probably gives you the biggest chance of doing so. As a media equipment manager, you’re tasking with the handling of media equipment such as cameras, microphones, cables, and various other pieces of gear and equipment. You will mostly be learning as you work, and expect an annual salary of around $54,000

Dental Hygienist

If you happen to be a person that loves chatting with people while working, then a dental hygienist is probably the job for you. You will also be one of the world’s most feared people, as there are a lot of people that fear to go to the dental clinic. However, with fear comes the possibility to make a strong living and an annual salary for a dental hygienist comes at an amazing $72,000.

Construction and Building Inspector

Jobs in the construction sector are highly profitable. One such job is a construction and building inspector, with annual salaries of around $58,000. Your job as a building and construction inspector would be to make sure construction projects are safe and meet local codes for inspection and ordinances. You will also need to understand state regulations and specifications related to building contracts.

Web Designer

As a web designer, you will be tasked to create functional, easy to use, and beautiful websites for your clients. As a web designer, you could make your money working for a company, or you could venture towards the world of freelance. A web designer has an annual salary of around $65,000, with a lot of opportunity for growth.


You don’t need college to express your mind and if you’re a person that loves writing, then this is the job for you. With an annual salary of around 60,000, a writer could work on whatever he feels like. You could write a book, open a blog, write technical papers, ghostwrite, and many, many more. A writer can work for himself as a book writer, or he could work both freelances or be employed in a company such as a news company or a magazine.


An electrician is a yet another job that doesn’t require a college degree, but the sheer will to handle and repair electrical things. As an electrician, you will be tasked to maintain and install wiring, handle communications and control systems in both commercial and residential buildings. Your work will mostly come in the form of installing entire power grids of new residential buildings, and your annual salary will be around $54,000.

There are far, far, more jobs that don’t require a college diploma and pay just as high as the ones we’ve mentioned. As college becomes more and more accessible, the need for these jobs will become greater and greater. So if you don’t want to finish college, or simply don’t have the resources and funds, you could always make a pretty great living with some of the jobs on this list.



Superb Tips on How to Write a Good Resume

Want to get a job at a prestigious company but have not the slightest idea of how to impress a potential employer? You should keep in mind that your success partially depends on your resume. However, not all job seekers understand it. They think they can tell about their experience and professional skills personally, but remember, if you want to meet your employer, you need to create a superb resume, which will make them invite you for a job interview. So in this insightful review, we’ll talk about simple things that will help you compose a superb CV, allowing you to get the job of your dreams!

Remember, your CV needs to be polished to perfection. So if you don’t want to do this yourself or you have no idea of how to properly create it, you can ask ResumeGet for help. In such a scenario, you’ll get a professionally written CV that will be easy to read and properly composed.

A Few Comprehensive Tips for Making a Good Resume

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Take a look at your current CV and organize it following these guidelines.

Choose an appropriate CV type

You probably know that there are a few types of resumes: chronological, combination, targeted or functional. It is up to you to decide which one to choose, but you should keep in mind that a lot depends on your circumstances and the position you want to get.

Create a legible CV

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A hiring manager looks through tons of CVs every day. So, your goal is to make it very easy to read. To achieve that goal, you need to use a legible font (Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial) and the average size (between 10 and 12). Moreover, you should also try to avoid dense blocks of texts and use standard margins instead. If you are asked to send a physical resume, you should use a white paper. Remember that colored papers can distract the attention of the hiring manager.

Keep your CV focused

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The most common mistake of all job seekers is extraneous information in their CVs. They try to include as much information as possible. But in doing so, they reduce their chances to get the job of their dreams. More is not always better. You should make your resume more focused on the position you want to get. To put it simply, you need to focus on experience or skills that will help you get this position.

For example, if you apply for the position of a software developer, there’s no need to tell about your experience of working as a seller or driver (if you have this experience). You should pay more attention to skills that qualify you for this job.

Remember, that your resume shouldn’t be longer than one or two pages.

Create a consistent CV

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When we say consistent, we mean consistent formatting. Add more bullet points and make sure that all of them are formatted the same way. Some job seekers add circle bullet points in one paragraph and choose an absolutely different format in another section. You should definitely stay out of the crowd but not like that.

Proofread your CV before sending

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You should make sure that your CV doesn’t include any mistakes. If there are any, your chances of getting the job of your dreams will be lower. So before sending it, make sure it doesn’t include any common mistakes. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional proofreader.

Add keywords

Before you create your resume, you need to carefully look through the job postings. Before you apply for this or that position, you need to study job descriptions and check what keywords are used in them. Your goal is to add them to your CV. In doing so, you’ll show that you have the skills your employer is looking for.

Use active language

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Remember, when writing your resume, you should use active language, avoid slang or extraneous words. Don’t use too long sentences; it would be much better if you make them shorter. In this case, it will be easier to read them.

All in all, writing an effective resume is easier than you might think. Just follow our guidelines and you’ll definitely get the job of your dreams!

Most Sought-After Jobs in London

When it comes to moving to a larger city looking for a better life, there is no denying that London is one of the most popular places to be. A city is known for its extremely luxurious lifestyle, stunning culture, and architecture, and most importantly, well-paid jobs. London is a city that gets many visitors, and for many different reasons. Some visit the city in order to learn more about the culture, others visit for the iconic places, and last but not least, there are people who are trying to pursue a career. This city is one of the most beautiful ones in the entire world, but today we’re focusing more on the job-seeking aspect of it. If you happen to be someone who is currently looking to move to London and start a career in this city, this article might be really handy to you. Feel free to continue reading until the end if you want to learn more, and without further ado, let’s begin.

Some Statistics First

About thirty percent of London’s population is made from 23-30-year-olds. This means that in this city, there are a lot of young professionals that are seeking high-degree education and stepping into the business world as prepared as they can be. Why are we telling you this? Well, whenever you’re trying to succeed in something, it is important to know your competition. If you’re a person of that age, you will be having a lot of competition, so make sure that you bring all of your qualities to the table when applying for a job. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular fields in which you can get a well-paid job in London

Financial Services

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London is a city in which the financial services field is extremely popular. If you happen to be someone who’s good with numbers and interacting with people, financial services are definitely something that pays really well.

Media and Creativity

According to Just London Jobs, this city has many well-developed and high-quality Film and TV Studios, so if you’re a young filmmaker, you’ll surely be finding your place in London. Pinewood is a film studio with some well-known titles under their belt, such as James Bond and Star Wars, so there’s absolutely no denying that London is exceptionally well area for the young creative minds.

Video Game Development

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London doesn’t only have a Film and TV Studios industry, game development is blooming in this city as well. If you happen to be someone who likes to make video games for a living, this city can absolutely help you out.

Software Engineer

This profession is highly sought-after in every larger city, but in London, it pays quite well. If you’re a software engineer looking to improve or start an entirely new career, the salaries in London are quite good.

Owning a Place

There are many amazing bars, restaurants, lounge bars and night clubs in London, so if you’re someone who likes to own a place and make a living from it, there isn’t really a better option than settling in this city. London is full of tourists during all periods of the year, and whatever you decide to open, there will be people who visit and use your service.