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Daughter of Dwayne Johnson, Becomes the Youngest Person Ever to Sign with WWE!

Everybody knows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson by his roles in movies such as The Tooth Fairy. His career in the entertainment business is truly successful. Furthermore, even the younger audience is familiar with him, because Dwayne borrowed his voice to a god in Moana. However, not many people know that he started off as a wrestler. Well, now his daughter Simone (18) is taking after her father’s steps, and she signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). On the top of that, Simone is the youngest person in history who signed with WWE.


Simone might be familiar to you from the 2018 Golden Globes. She was the first “Golden Globes Ambassador”. This position requires onstage assistance Globe winners and making sure that everything is fine both onstage and backstage. Well, the days of assistance are over for Simone!

The proud dad made the announcement during his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. He said that his daughter has been in the ring since she was 16 years old. He also stated how proud he is of her achievements so far: “She’s 18 now, at 16 she was working her ass off quietly under the radar, in the ring getting thrown around, you know, all the bumps and bruises that go with pro wrestling. But she hung in there, and I’m very, very proud of her.”


Dwayne is not the only one who is proud with this event. Levesque stated that “Not only does Simone now have an opportunity to cultivate and display her passion for WWE within the Performance Center, but she’ll carry on the tradition of her incredible family lineage while creating her own impact as WWE’s first fourth generation Superstar”. WEE announced that Simone is a part of their team on February 10th. The young wrestler is training at the Performance Center in Florida.

Are Gigi and Zayn Having Twins?

Gigi Hadid officially confirmed that she and Zayn Malik are expecting a child together.

The supermodel announced her pregnancy during a tele-interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”


“Obviously, we wished we could have announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well-wishes and support,” Gigi said.

“Especially during this time, it’s a nice silver lining to be able to be home and be together and really experience it day by day,” she continued.

Gigi also revealed her first pregnancy craving, saying she’s currently obsessed with everything bagels.


This, of course, makes the birthday cake her family gave her – a bagel cake, Custom-made by “Cake Boss” star, Buddy – a fitting gift.

While Gigi and Zayn have yet to announce the gender of the baby, TMZ reported earlier this week that the couple is expecting a girl.


Fans, however, think the couple may be expecting twins – one boy and one – based on photos from girl Gigi’s recent 25th birthday party, which they believe doubled as a gender-reveal party.

Images show balloons with both blue and pink strings attached, leading Internet sleuths to wonder if that means twins for the on-again/off-again Couple.

Either way, congratulations to Gigi and Zayn!

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Scare Him with a Green Snake

Since most of us are now in isolation because of the coronavirus, most of our favorite TV shows are canceled until this is all over. However, some people managed to keep their shows going by making videos from home.

We had a chance to watch Jimmy Fallon from his home, where his family helped him to create something interesting for his fans. He has two daughters, Franny and Winnie, with Nancy Juvonen. His recent video was one of the rare moments where we had a chance to peek in his private life.


One of the funniest episodes that he was shooting from homes was the last Friday night, where his daughter tried to scare him with a paper snake, where he acts like being scared. It was a really funny moment.

Also, this was one of the rare moments where we could see his daughters since Fallon is trying to keep their lives private. Recently, his wife advised him how it would be a great thing if he involves his kids in the display and show to other people that he also lives an ordinary life, like everybody else.


It was very amusing for many seeing him being interrupted by his daughter Winnie when she lost a tooth or listening to her playing piano.

If there is one positive thing in this situation, that for sure is more time for being with our families and spending time together.

Kim Kardashian Broke Social Distancing Rules so Kylie Jenner Could do her Makeup

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner met with her older sister Kim at their mum Kris Jenner’s house to get her ready for an online appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


They have both broken social distancing rules sin order to do  Kim Kardashian ‘s makeup for the mentioned TV appearance.

The sisters left their houses and went to their mum Kris Jenner’s house to use her “glam room.”

Kris is also isolated, so she refused to let her daughters into the main house and didn’t want to have any contact with them.

Jenner kept them at a distance by allowing them to only use an unlocked side door to get into the glam room.

During her online appearance on the TV show, Kardashian explained she had to break the rules in order to look nice for the chat show.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen’s Amazing Love Story

Everybody deserves a love like Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen have. On Tuesday night, the two brought back their “Ask the Fallons” segment for The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, and it made people fall in love with their relationship.


One viewer asked Nancy for her first impression of her now-husband when they met.

Even though many people think they met on the set of Fever Pitch, they were actually introduced through Drew Barrymore when Nancy came to the Saturday Night Live set.

She remembers Jimmy reaching out to her in an otherwise “intimidating” environment, and he, for sure, made an impression. They later reunited to film Fever Pitch, which Nancy was producing, and Jimmy starred in. “You were just so friendly and fun and welcoming,” Nancy said.


Jimmy remembers the “magic” of falling in love with Nancy down to the outfits she wore. “You just stood out in this gray,” he said. “It was almost like a painting.” We recommend watching the full video to hear the entire “When Nancy Met Jimmy” story, and also to find out how Nancy reacted when Jimmy surprised her with a dog. Spoiler: Jimmy does not recommend getting your wife a dog.