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Brad Pitt Riding his Bike Gets Recognized by Fan

Famous actor Brad Pitt was seen on his bike riding around Los Angeles. He was seen on Sunset Boulevard in LA. Even though he was wearing both a helmet and a face mask, he got recognized by one of his fans who later on asked him to get a picture with him. While they were waiting at a crossing he agreed to take a picture with the fan.

The Hollywood actor was apparently wearing a homemade mask and had a bandana covering his mouth. He also had a green bomber jacket and some light jeans. He was also wearing white shoes and a grey helmet. Last but not least he was wearing white gloves for even more protection.


He was pretty much unrecognizable with the getup he was wearing. In recent reports we learned that Brad is now getting along with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Another report said that they now have a timetable for seeing their children.

As per a famous entertainment portal, the most important thing in his life right now are his kids. Since he had them he’s gained a lot of knowledge about life. Ever since getting a schedule for seeing their children Angelina and Brad have been on better terms with each other. They have 6 kids, so there’s a actually a lot of scheduling to do.


Up to now all the kids have been in quarantine with Angelina. But, the party Shiloh had was at Brad’s house. While we’re talking about relationships, there have also been reports that Brad has been getting along with Jennifer Aniston. There are rumors floating around that they are back together, but Brad has also been seen with Alia Shawkat, the actress from Arrested Development.

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth 2020 – How Much She Earns?

Often lauded as one of the sexiest women alive, Jenifer Aniston is also one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Her path to fame and fortune started with the role of Rachel Green in a cult TV show Friends.

Early Life

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, in 1969. Both her parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow were actors and fully supported her in her choice of career. She also had help from her godfather, actor Telly Savalas, who was one of her father’s best and closest friends.

As a child, Jennifer moved to New York with her family because of her father’s work and enrolled at Waldorf School at the age of six. When she was nine, her parents split up. She started acting in school when she was 11 and because of that, she attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan, with Anthony Abeson as her drama teacher.

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Her career started in Off-Broadway plays like For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker’s Grave. She was also doing several side jobs to support herself. Unsatisfied with how her career was progressing, Jennifer returned to California in 1990. She appeared in several unsuccessful TV shows, which all got canceled.

Her life changed in 1994 when she was cast as Rachel Green in the NBC’s upcoming sitcom Friends. She had help from Warren Littlefield, who was the head of NBC entertainment at the time. The show went on to become one of the most popular television shows in history and Jennifer stayed with the cast until the end in 2004. Together with her co-stars, she earned a place in Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-paid TV actress in history, receiving $1 million per episode in the last season of the show. Apart from the money, she also got numerous awards, including Primetime Emmy Award for the lead actress and a Golden Globe award for the best actress.

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Even while she was still active on Friends, Jennifer sought to expand her career into movies. In 2003, she starred next to Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty. Her movie career really kicked off after Friends ended. In 2003, she appeared on Derailed and Rumor Has It. Next year, she starred in The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn. The movie didn’t fare well with the critics but was a commercial success. Marley & Me, where she starred with Owen Wilson held a record for the largest Christmas Day box sales, earning almost $15 million. The romantic comedy He’s Just Not That into You she did with Ben Affleck was another commercial success, plus she got great reviews for her performance.

Personal Life

Jennifer’s love life was marked by her relationship with Brad Pitt, who left her for Angelina Jolie. The rumor has it that she is over it and that she and Brad are great friends, especially since his divorce with Angelina became final.

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Jennifer appeared in several highly successful advertising campaigns that brought her a lot of money. She advertised Windows 95, L’Oreal hair products, Heineken beer, and Aveeno Skincare. She tried her hand in the perfume business, creating four fragrances, one of which was named after her.

The Emirates airline campaign in 2015 brought her $5 million. The campaign was so successful that the company hired her for 2016 as well.

Jennifer Anniston also dabbled in real estate. She bought a Beverly Hills property in 2006 for $13.5 million and sold it for $42 million in 2011. She owns two apartments in New York, paid $7.7 million, which she combined into one. In 2012 she bought a luxurious 8,500 square feet mansion in Bel Air for $21 million. The house has four bedrooms and six bathrooms and a wine cellar.

Aniston was never a big fan of cars, but she owns a Bentley Continental GT, along with Mercedes S-Class, a Range Rover, and the unavoidable Toyota Prius.

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

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Jennifer Aniston net worth is estimated at $150 million. She has been a constant feature on Forbes Top-Earning Actresses list for the last 15 years, reaching fifth place in 2015 and climbing to fourth in 2016. Even back in 2007, she was among the 20 richest women in entertainment. With royalty money from Friends still trickling in and hopefully some new roles, she is bound to increase her worth even more un the upcoming years.

Shiloh, Angelina and Brad’s Daughter, Wants to Call Jennifer Aniston ‘Mommy’

In recent days there have been some rumors floating around that say that Shiloh wants to call Jennifer Aniston ‘mommy’. But after getting a statement from Anniston’s representative it turns it is not true.

In recent times there have been a lot of rumors regarding Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt circling around on the internet. At the start of the year there was an amazing reunion between Brad and Jennifer at SAG Awards 2020 that hat a lot of people hoping the two would get back together. Not only that though, there have also been a lot of crazy reports about Jennifer and Brad. With the newest one being that Shiloh wants to call Jennifer ‘mommy’. But, alas, Jennifer’s representative has rebutted these reports.

According to a report from New Idea, Angelina has prohibited Jennifer from seeing her children, all of them, but even after that Shiloh still likes to be with Jennifer. The reports also state that she wished to call Jennifer ‘mommy’ since they have developed a wonderful relationship. As per the report, Angeline is very angry, while on the other hand Brand is appreciates the time he gets to spend with Shiloh and Jennifer. But after all this, Jennifer’s rep has rebutted all these reports.

Jennifer’s representative told, “This is just another complete fabrication and has no relationship to reality.”

Apart from these rumors, Brad has been linked with several other women, not just with Jennifer, after his split with Angelina Jolie. He also joked about the whole thing at the Golden Globe Awards and said, “I wanted to bring my mom but I couldn’t because any woman I stand next to, they say I’m dating. It would just be awkward.”

Solidarity in the Midst of the Pandemic: FRIENDS Unite to Help those Affected by Coronavirus!


Everyone loves the popular sitcom FRIENDS. It seems that their popularity not only increased throughout the years, but it also brought back loving memories from the times when the series aired.

While people are binging the episodes of their favorite series, in order to brighten these difficult days, the cast of FRIENDS shows solidarity and unity.


Mathew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow joined in order to raise funds for people affected by the novel coronavirus.

Aniston posted a photo of the cast on her Instagram account and invited fans to join the All In challenge which helps raise funds in order to keep people health and healthy during these times.

She wrote the caption by saying “We’re so excited to join the ALL IN challenge to help keep people fed and healthy during this time.” The fans who donate will have a special place in the audience for the filming of FRIENDS reunion. This offer is something the fans have been dreaming about ever since the show ended, and now they have the opportunity to witness the reunion in person. On the top of that, all you have to do is to be a part of the noble initiative like this, and help someone with the donation. Jen also wrote that it absolutely doesn’t matter how big the donation is, so you and your friends can donate as much as you can, as she said “every dollar counts.”


At the end of her caption, Aniston reminded everyone how important to keep in touch with the loved ones is. She wrote “Can’t wait to meet and hug you guys when this is all over. Until then, keep Facetiming, calling, DMing, and texting your friends and family. We gotta stay connected.” Indeed, the psychologists advise to talk to the loved ones during the self-isolation, in order to avoid the possible feeling of loneliness. Thanks to the technology, it is a lot easier to see each other, considering the fact that we have the opportunity to see each other via video-call.

The news was also shared by her co-stars via Instagram.

Celebrity Reactions to the News of “Friends” Reunion


The news announcing the reunion of Friends crew, set for May, has set the Internet on fire. People from all over the globe are showing their love and support for one of the most beloved TV shows ever. The announcement was made collectively by all major actors (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry) together.


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It’s happening… ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ @hbomax⁣ @courteneycoxofficial⁣ @lisakudrow⁣ @mleblanc⁣ @mattyperry4⁣ @_schwim_

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Kate Hudson was among the first to react, commenting on the post: “I feel like the whole world just had a collective orga*m.”

Selena Gomez quickly added: “NO ONE TALK TO ME. I’M NOT OK.”

Reese Witherspoon, who had a role in the show, playing Rachel Green’s sister Jill Green, also chimed in: “WHAT????!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS EVER!!”

Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t contain herself. “NO F’IN WAYYYYY,” she commented on the news post.

It has been 15 long years since we saw a new episode of Friends, and the reunion is highly anticipated. There were some rumors in the past that this could happen, but scheduling conflicts always got in the way. This time, it is for certain. They are filming an unscripted episode for HBO Max, together with David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The episode will be filmed at the original location, at Warner Bros, where the show was filmed in the past.

Kevin Reilly, chief content officer at HBO Max, said: “Guess you could call this the one where they all got back together — we are reuniting with David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matt, Lisa, and Matthew for an HBO Max special that will be programmed alongside the entire Friends library. I became aware of Friends when it was in the very early stages of development and then had the opportunity to work on the series many years later and have delighted in seeing it catch on with viewers generation after generation. It taps into an era when friends — and audiences — gathered together in real-time and we think this reunion special will capture that spirit, uniting original and new fans.”

Just like the rest of the world, we can’t wait for May and the opportunity to finally see Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Monica and Ross Geller again.