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Kanye West Talks About Friendship with Kobe Bryant and His Death

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant was a shock to the whole world, especially for the circumstances under which it occurred. One person that was really close to the NBA star was a rapper Kanye West. Recently, he gave an interview to GQ magazine, where he talked about the friendship with Kobe and his death. He provided the public with the details about him dealing with Bryant’s death earlier this year.

Kanye West was considered one of the main players in the hip-hop industry even before he became an artist himself. He produced songs for many popular artists like Jay-Z. He was credited to a high number of albums even before he recorded his own. 2004 and his album “College Dropout” was the milestone that will mark the rest of his career. Before that, he got over many dangerous situations in his life, like a car crash that made his jaw unopenable for a couple of weeks. So, he is no stranger to this kind of situation.


After he established himself as one of the main artists in the industry, he became recognizable for his deep and personal lyrics, that covered various topics like religion and love. This cemented his place as one of the most recognizable faces in all of hip-hop. He truly lived his music, and this was something that was recognized by the public, and, ultimately, he accumulated a large fan base from all over the world.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that he is a friend of a person such as Kobe Bryant. Kobe was known for his work ethics and his athletic performances. When he was a boy, he used to get up at 4 PM to practice. At the same time, he had various other interests outside basketball. He is surely a figure that will be missed in the world of sports. Also, he will be missed by a lot of his friends, like Kayne.

How is Kanye Coping?

If you dig up in your memories, you will surely find a legendary commercial that features Kobe speaking about what it means to be a part of the group. In the same commercial, he had a famous talk about the Mamba mentality. He gave a lecture about how success is always earned instead of given and that perfection is almost impossible, but that getting close to it is a success on its own. At the end of the commercial, Kanye asks Bryant what you need to do if you are already great.

This is probably the best way to describe the friendship between these two. Since Kobe is not around here anymore, Kanye took it up to himself to spread the legacy about his late friend. One of the ways he wants to do that is to work harder and to spread the message. All of this is in memory and honor of his dear friend Kobe Bryant.

During the interview with GQ, Kayne said that he will never be able to reach the level of determination that Bryant had. He even said that there is no move that we can’t perform and that every person in the world is a part of Kobe’s team. West was impressed with Bryant’s work philosophy and ethic and he said that he considers it an infinite level.

Similarities Between West and Bryant


Furthermore, Kanye West compared himself with Bryant. Since legendary Kobe is no longer with us, he feels like he needs to step it up and display the same things that made legendary basketball player so popular and recognized in the world. Kanye stated that Kobe’s death is a game-changer for the whole of humanity and asks for a wake-up call from people all over the world.

When it comes to the personal level, Kanye said that this occurrence presented a game-changer for himself and that he is a hip-hop version of Kobe. He even said that both of them climbed to the up at the same time. In the end, he said that he will do his best to create some kind of paradigm that will help all of humanity in honor of Kobe.

Kobe’s Legacy

Most likely, humanity will not have the full idea about what kind of loss is Bryant’s death. However, Kanye hopes that he will change that by keeping the Mamba mentality alive. Kanye was always known for his eccentricity among other traits. But it looks like that this statement of his is something that will truly leave a mark. Kanye finished his interview by talking about how Kobe’s overall impact on humanity is going to be much bigger than his NBA career and that we already have some examples that show exactly that.

Call A Chiropractor, NFL & Jay-Z Bent Out of Shape Over Colin Kaepernick’s Perfect Form

Colin Kaepernick shocked the media last weekend when he, at the last minute, changed the location of his NFL sponsored workout. According to Kaepernick, this decision was due to disagreements with the NFL over media coverage and a disputed waiver.

The new venue was at a high-school football facility 45 miles away from the original location in Atlanta. This made it difficult for club representatives who had flown in for the event to travel there.

Only a small fraction of the teams were able to attend the workout at this new venue.  And despite the drama, several NFL executives and sports analysts were still impressed with Kaepernick’s capabilities as a quarterback.

During the workout itself, Kaepernick spent 40 minutes throwing with receivers. He also made a statement for the press.

Afterward, sports analysts at the Boston Globe reported that Kaepernick “showed that even at 32 years old, with nearly three years away from football, he still has a great arm”.

CBS Sports reporter, Jason La Canfora also commented on how Kaepernick looked. Speaking on Twitter, he said:

“Colin Kaepernick got some very positive feedback from the scouts in attendance about his elite arm strength and ability to throw the deep ball”.

It is evident that Kaepernick is physically ready to be back on the field. However, his disputes with the NFL show that there is a lot more to football than just playing the game. Pro athletes need chiropractors as well as good business and public relations advisors to help them make the right decisions.

The NFL and Jay-Z Disappointed


Kaepernick’s change of venues not only restricted his in-person exposure to executives and talent scouts, it also hurt his relationship with the NFL.

In an official statement, the NFL said, “We are disappointed that colin did not appear for his workout”.

They also laid out several ways that they had tried to accommodate Kaepernick’s increasing requests. However, they could not budge on turning the ‘private event’ into a public one.

NFL entertainment and activism partner, Jay-Z, also had thoughts on the matter. One source reported he was “disappointed with Colin’s actions and believes he turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt.”

Pro athletes need chiropractors and good business advisors

Colin Kaepernick’s latest media fiasco shows that pro athletes need chiropractors such as Renew Chiropractic and other specialized advisors for their careers. Relationships with the press, the NFL, and other high-profile organizations can be difficult to navigate. And Kaepernick would have benefited from public relations advice in this situation.

It is not enough anymore to just be a talented athlete. Players must be able to work together with organizations, negotiate good deals, and learn how to compromise.

Kaepernick’s dust up with the NFL is now a distraction in the news. The headlines are not about how he looked as an athlete. They’re about how difficult he is to work with.

Take a Look Inside These 15 Celebrities Amazing Private Jets


15. Dwayne Johnson

Img source: hotcars.com

When you are one of the biggest Hollywood stars, you are able to buy what most regular people cannot even dream of. The Rock at one point only had $7 in his pocket, while he was struggling to make it in the wrestling industry. With a net worth of over$220 million, he flies around the world with the comfort of a king, on his own private jet.

14. Floyd Mayweather

Img source: hotcars.com

As one of the best fighting athletes ever, and a person who earns $100 million a night, Floyd Mayweather may not be the most favorite figure of the public, but he knows how to enjoy life and earn money left and right. He earned more than $600 million during his career and has a private jet to fly around the world accompanied by an entourage of ladies.

13. Jackie Chan

Img source: cyloop.com

Although the famous actor and martial artist have not made a Hollywood blockbuster in years, he is still acting on the foreign markets. He has an estimated net worth of around $390 million and owns an Embraer Legacy 500 jet, worth about $20 million. This is not Chan’s first private jet either.

12. Dan Bilzerian

Img source: pinterest.com

Living like a rock star for most of his life, Bilzerian surrounds himself with women and expensive possessions wherever he goes. He has an amazing net worth thanks to a rich father, and his poker tournaments win. He owns a Gulfstream GI-V, a $6 million plane on which he transports himself and countless women.

11. Jay-Z

Img source: cyloop.com

Along with his wife Beyonce, they have a combined net worth of over $1 billion. They own luxury homes, expensive cars, and islands. After gifting each other with islands and cars, Beyonce presented her husband with a $40 million private jet that has a kitchen, bedroom, two bathrooms, and full leather interior.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Img source: en.as.com

One of the best football players ever is famous for his lavish lifestyle, and bragging about it on social media. His lifetime contract with Nike is worth more than $1 billion. Therefore, he can truly buy whatever he wants, and one time he wanted a Gulfstream G650, a $45 million luxury private jet. It can accommodate 18 passengers, so he can take his complete Juventus team and coaching staff wherever.

9. Jim Carrey

Img source: AviationCV.com

The comedic genius has been entertaining moviegoers for decades. He has not had a blockbuster for quite a while, but his fortune is great nevertheless. The actor owns a stunning Gulfstream V private jet, with an estimated price of $41 million. It is one of the aircraft produced with the longest range in its class.

8. John Travolta

Img source: cyloop.com

Not only does the actor own a private jet, but he is also the one who can fly it, as he is a licensed pilot. The actor loves planes so much that his Florida home comes with a runway. He parks his planes in front of the house. He has even flown a Qantas Boeing 707-138 airliner, the Jett Clipper Ella. Travolta is also the official ambassador of Qantas and was a pilot for Oprah Winfrey and her audience during a trip to Australia.

7. Neymar

Img source: private-jet-fan.com

Another football star on our list is the Brazilian and PSG striker Neymar Jr. He actually owns two jets, a Phenom 100 worth around $4 million, and a second hand Cessna Citation 680 that he bought for around $5 million. To complete his luxurious vehicle fleet, except cars, he owns a helicopter and a yacht.

6. Oprah Winfrey

Img source: journalistate.com

The queen of talk shows is one of the richest women in the world, thanks to her successful talk show and network company. With an immense net worth of over $3 billion, a private jet is nothing for her. The famous host owns a Bombardier BD-700 that set her back a mere $42 million. The aircraft carries 19 passengers and is able to fly anywhere because of the long range. There are state-of-the-art entertainment systems and luxury rooms on the plane.

5. Lewis Hamilton

Img source: bbc.com

Being a five-time champion of Formula One Championship means you can easily afford several lavish sports cars and a private jet. Hamilton earned $50 million just during 2018, so a private aircraft did not hurt him much. One of the best F1 drivers ever is the proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605, a $25 million purchase.

4. Mark Cuban

Img source: thetravel.com

Cuban should teach classes about timing your moves on the stock market, as he sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.7 billion, most expensive acquisition they have ever made. Yahoo later shut it down, realizing they bought an irrelevant company. From this vast paycheck, Cuban bought a yacht, as well as a private jet, a purchase that holds the Guinness World Record for the largest single e-commerce transaction. The Gulfstream V business jet cost him $40 million. Since then, Cuban bought two more full-size planes, not small private jets. One is a Boeing 767 that he rents to customers, while the other one is more important, a Boeing 757 that he uses as a team jet for the NBA team he owns, the Dallas Mavericks.

3. Tom Cruise

Img source: cyloop.com

For over three decades, the actor has been releasing hits and blockbusters, earning more than $500 million. To make his business life and vacations more convenient, he decided to purchase a Gulfstream IV private jet, an aircraft with a $36 million price tag. The plane has an impressive entertainment system and runs on engines manufactured by non-other than the Rolls Royce corporation.

2. Warren Buffet

Img source: thetravel.com

Billionaires know and understand that time is money. They must stay ever productive, so a private jet makes sense for them. As the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet has to endure a tremendous amount of flying time. He, therefore, purchased a Bombardier Challenger twenty years ago, as well as a jet operator company NetJets, that deals with shares and rents of private jets.

1. Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

Img source: famousbusinessjets.com

He is one of the richest investors in the world and a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. With a net worth of whopping $15 billion, Talal is both a phenomenal businessperson and a generous philanthropist. He has donated $4 billion to charities. When it comes to his toys, the Prince downs a $200 million yacht, a Boeing 747, an Airbus 321, and a Hawker Siddeley 125. An amazing fleet is worthy of a Prince.

Here is how you can join Illuminati and other secret societies

It is widely speculated that Jay Z and Beyonce are in the Illuminati. George Bush as well. Does this mean that you need to be rich and successful to join the Illuminati which rules the world through a New World Order?

Original Illuminati was a society established in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. They promoted Enlightenment, and they fought against the state power. Bavarian Ruler Charles Theodore listened to the Roman Catholic Church and pronounced them as outlaws. Another prominent member was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the author of Faust. During its peak, the Illuminati had 2,500 members, but they were disbanded in 1787.

However, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism and Proofs of a Conspiracy by Augustin Barruel and John Robinson respectively prove otherwise. According to these two authors, the Illuminati survived. It could have been either way, and there is a chance that the organization we know is not the same one from 1776.


Fine, the Illuminati might not exist, but what about the organization called the Skull and Bones? In order to join this organization, you need to go to Yale, because it is an undergraduate secret society founded in 1832. Every year, only 15 most advanced members can join their ranks. Some of the politicians who are members of the Skull and Bones are former Presidents George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush. And so is former Secretary of State John Kerry. According to one theory, this organization is micromanaging the CIA.

Even Disney has a secret club called Club 33 and people wait for 14 years to become members of this elite organization. Those who are in have unimaginable perks. And let’s not forget about the Freemasons. They are no longer operating under the veil of secrecy, and you can join today. The independent lodges are located all around the world, and they count up to 6 million members.


Source: bigthink.com