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How Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry’s Life

Halle Berry appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show through a live link. She told an interesting story which occurred during “Die Another Day”. According to her, her co-star Pierce Brosnan saved her life during the filming of this blockbuster.

Just to remind you, Halle Berry appeared in “Dye Another Day” where she was cast as Jinx Johnson, an agent and a love interest of James Bond back in 2002. If you have seen this movie, you know that there were several love scenes.


While they were on set, filming one of these scenes, Halle was eating a fig and she began to choke. This wasn’t a situation that should be treated lightly. Thankfully, Pierce Brosnan was there to help her, and save the day. She told the story about how it occured.

In the scene, she needed to be seductive and to eat a fig at the same time. At one moment, she began to choke. Pierce was quick and he performed a Heimlich’s grip, which is used as first aid in case someone starts choking. According to Berry, Pierce saved her life with it and ever since he is one of the most beloved persons in her life.

Just to remind you, Halle Berry talked about she had problems while she was filming this movie. The director, Lee Tamahori, wasn’t satisfied with her performing her seductiveness in the scene. Reportedly, this happened several times during the filming.


The best known this occurred in was the legendary scene where she needed to stand up from the water in a bikini. Again, Tamahori didn’t feel she is seductive enough and criticized her. Halle said that she did that scene several times and that the water was cold. Anyway, she got nervous and said that this is the best she could do and that she would need a new hip bone if they continue to record this scene over and over again.

Demi Rose Wants a Role in Next James Bond Movie

Even though the whole world is on hold since the global pandemic of coronavirus started, that doesn’t stop Demi Rose from releasing her characteristic Instagram posts frequently. Every day, she posts her content for her 14 million followers on her social media. In her latest post, which set the social media platform on fire, by the way, she stated that she would like to be a part of the next James Bond movie.

She posted an image of her in racy lingerie and a bikini that really shows more than it hides. Once again, her fans were able to witness her exceptional figure and her sensual stare she characteristic for her images. The caption of this image was “Your vixen”. Her fans, as usual, posted countless comments on account of her looks. One of the fans even wrote that she would be the next Bond girl.


Just to remind you, Bond girl is a supporting character, usually Bond’s love interest, in almost every movie in the franchise. In the past, we got to see some of the most beautiful women in this role like Halle Berry, Jane Seymour, Eva Green, Michelle Yeoh, etc. It’s no wonder that Demi Rose replied to this comment with “Sign me up”. After her reply, numerous fans commented that she would be perfect for that role.


Back in January, she posted an image in which she hinted that she looks like a Bond Girl. It’s unknown if this is actually going to happen. However, we are pretty sure that chances are not small, considering her popularity these days.

Daniel Craig Parodies “No Time to Die” on SNL


The new long-awaited James Bond movie “No Time to Die,” as recently announced, has been delayed due to Coronavirus. Although the film was postponed, Daniel Craig decided to cheer his fans up and host Saturday Night Live.

Image source: rollingstone.com

Daniel first recalls his last show hosting, back in 2012. Then, he tells that people consider him a suave, sophisticated man like James Bond is, and says: “Which I have to admit I kind of am.” After his monologue, he gave the audience a little sneak peek of “No Time to Die” in SNL style.

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In the video, Daniel, as James Bond, enters the casino dressed up in a perfectly fitting tuxedo, and tells Chloe Fineman: “I always thought your game was stealing state secrets.” James is up to the mission, but then he throws a winning dice and gets distracted.

The winning continues, and he calls himself “the king of the jungle.”

Image source: Youtube

Craig combines acting and comedy in a way that only he can. This hilarious parody of the “No Time to Die” will leave the James Bond fans curious about the actual movie.

“No Time To Die” Postponed Because of the Coronavirus


The new long-expected James Bond movie, called “No Time To Die,” was scheduled for April this year. Recently, the Universal and Bond producers announced that the new James Bond movie will be presented on the big screen eight months later. Their decision is due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Image source: twitter

Coronavirus spread causes cinemas around the world closing their doors, and this would mean that half of the world would not be able to watch “No Time To Die” even if they wanted to.

The founders of MI6 Confidential and The James Bond Dossier wrote in their open letter: “Just one person, who may not even show symptoms, could infect the rest of the audience….This is not the type of publicity that anyone wants.”

“The health and well-being of fans around the world, and their families, is more important,” they added.

“No time to die” will officially be released on November 12th in the UK and on the 25th in the United States.

Top 8 Best Movie Series Of All Time (BONUS Best Scenes)

Are you a movie lover? I think we all are, and the film franchises are among those that we like the most. In the text below we have a list of 8 best movie series of all time based on viewers critics.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (2003-2017)


Five films in the series and $4.5 billion earned for 14 years all over the world is the final score for Pirates of the Caribbean. Everybody knows a crack-brained captain Jack Sparrow and his adventures. Johnny Depp was brilliant for the main role.

7. Batman (1989-2012)


Batman film series also earned $ 4.5 billion like Pirates of the Caribbean but in its 23 years of making. The most popular title of this franchise is Nolan`s The Dark Knight Rises (2012), with Christian Bale in the lead role. Tim Burton has directed the first Batman movie, and Michael Keaton has played the Batman. The latest release about this hero is from 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

6. Spider-Man Movies (2002-present)


Spider-Man film series is one of the most popular franchises now. The story started about 16 years ago, and the latest release about our favorite hero from the neighborhood is coming in 2019. Beside Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey MaGuire, we have two more spin-offs.

5. The Fast and The Furious Film series


The total score of this popular franchise is eight filmed, and ninth and tenth announced. Total earnings of Fast And Furious is at about $5.1 billion. Are the fast cars in movies recipe for the blockbuster? I think it is.

4. The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)


Peter Jackson turned an epic tale of J.R.R Tolkien in the best fantasy and adventure movie series of all time. In three incredible films, we are watching the adventures of little hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his hobbits friends. In this fantasy, a good hobbit is trying to destroy the ring in Mordor.

3. James Bond (1962-2015)


Twenty-six action films were created in 53 years, isn’t this incredible? This movie franchise lasts for more than a half century with seven actors in the main role of the MI6 agent. We could watch the popular British spy in his exciting adventures with the beautiful women and fast cars in many releases, and we still want more.

2. Harry Potter (2001-2011)


When the J.K. Rowling’s children book was transferred to the big screen, directed by Chris Columbus, it was an instant hit. Total score of this adventure, fantasy story is nine releases, and they are popular all over the world. Every child on this planet wants to be a wizard like Harry and to go to a school of wizardry, Hogwarts. This movie series even has spin-offs Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Crime of Grindelwald.


1. Star Wars (1977-present)


More than forty years we are watching and enjoying space adventures with movie series Star Wars. This is the biggest franchise of all time in our list. We love to watch the battles between Jedi and the ultimate favorite bad character in the film industry Darth Vader.

Did we leave out to mention your favorite movie series?

25 Actors Who Should Play James Bond – Who is the Best?

Casting for the new James Bond hasn’t been finished, and it has been delayed. Who might be the next in line for the role of the most famous secret agent? The James Bond franchise is the precious gem of cinema with the long tradition. Are we going to watch the potential return of Daniel Craig or is it the right time for the new actor in the leading role? Curious to see who might be a new MI-6 swagger? Is he going to be your cup of tea? In the list below here are 25 Actors Who Should Play James Bond.

25. Jamie Dornan


This actor was born in Belfast, Ireland, and is also known for his role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie series. He also got a role in a great historical drama Anthropoid. Jamie is a good looking fellow with beautiful eyes, but is that enough for the iconic character of James Bond?

24. Luke Evans


Born in Aberbargoed, South of Wales, this actor, whom you may know from The Hobbit, Fast and Furious 6, and Beauty and the Beast received classic training. He appears in many London`s West End stage productions.

23. Aidan Turner


Born in Dublin, Ireland, like Luke, he is a classically trained actor too, starring in many theater productions. You may remember him from The Hobbit trilogy; he was playing the dwarf Kili.

22. Danny Dyer


If you are looking for someone that is not worldwide famous, but a capable actor, to pull off the character of James Bond, this is the right choice. Dyer is Brit who can focus on the character, and that is the point and tradition in this movie. We want a star power of Bond, not star power of the actor.

21. Clive Owen


Growing up in Warwickshire, England, this actor is best known for his roles in Children of Men and Inside Man. It would be great to see him as a Bond because over the years he has done some fabulous work on the big screen.

20. Tom Hiddleston


After Thor trilogy and the Avengers movies and his role of Loki, this actor needs no introduction. Hiddleston was born in Westminster, London, and he is the perfect fit for this role because he is a talented and charming fellow.

19. Dan Stevens


This actor you may remember for his role in Downtown Abbey. He has got a wide range of roles, from horror to action drama TV series, which is the proof that he could be the next Bond. You probably may know Stevens from The Guest or Legion.

18. Richard Armitage


You will recognize this actor from the Hobbit trilogy or Ocean`s 8. He`s got that MI6 agent look growing up in Leicester, England.

17. Richard Madden


Everyone knows `king in the North` Robb Stark. Madden hasn`t got many roles on the film, but he is well known for the famous television show Game of Thrones, and he could nail the Bond role.

16. Nicholas Hoult


This actor hit the scene with the Mad Max, and he can bring skills and inbreathe life in Bond on the big screen.

15. Rupert Friend


Born and raised in Oxfordshire, England, combined with his impressive acting skills, he could be the perfect Bond. You will remember him from Homeland, Hitman: Agent 47 and The Young Victoria.

14. Christian Bale


We can agree on this, Batman is a shoe in for the role, with his distinctive acting he can bring the whole new take on the MI6 agent.

13. Benedict Cumberbatch


He was impressive and unbelievable Sherlock and Doctor Strange, with his charm and enormous talent he could be the next great Bond.

12. Kit Harington


We are not so familiar with his role in a movie titled MI-5, but you probably know who is Jon Snow from the series Game of Thrones? We can move this English actor to MI-6, wait and see what will happen.

11. Charlie Cox


Primarily known for his role as Daredevil on Netflix, Cox has done many of roles in TV and TV movies, but the main question is can he pull off James Bond character.

10. Hugh Dancy


You may remember this British actor from Black Hawk Down or King Arthur or his most famous TV show Hannibal. Dancy, with his charm and acting talent, easily can become the most wanted agent.

9. David Oyelowo


This actor is born in Oxford, England and classically trained and graduated at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. You may know him from the movie Selma and his role of Martin Luther King Jr.

8. Jack Reynor


Reynor was born in Colorado but raised in Ireland, and that is the fact which made him a perfect fit for this job. You probably recognize him from the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction.

7. Rebecca Ferguson


Who runs the world? Girls! Is it the right time for a woman to take on the role of James Bond? She is a capable, beautiful young actress well known for her role in Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation and Fallout.

6. Chiwetel Ejiofor


High on our list of potential agents is this guy. He has done tremendous work since the early 90`s. You probably remember him for his role of Mordo in Doctor Strange or Solomon Northrup in 12 Years of Slave.

5. Matt Smith


This is the actor who is the most famous for his role of The Doctor in Doctor Who, and he has got an unknown role in Star Wars: Episode IX.

4. Michael Fassbender


With his acting talent and irresistible charm, this man is a perfect fit for the role of the most famous agent in the world. You will remember him from the X-Men: First Class and Alien: Covenant.

3. Henry Cavill


It would be great to see what the Superman could bring to the MI6 character. You recognize this handsome fellow from the Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. Cavill already has played in two spy movies- The Man from UNCLE and Mission: Impossible- Fallout.

2. Idris Elba


This actor has denied that he will be the next Bond, but women all over the world can at least dream about it.

1. Tom Hardy


Born in Hammersmith, England, Hardy is perfect for the role. You may remember him from Rocknrolla or Mad Max: Fury Road. At this point in his career, he could play anything you want with his acting eclectic talent, charm and powerful performance.