Ivanka Trump

This is the Man Trump Wanted Ivanka to Marry


Donald Trump, the President of The United States, never hid his admiration for the athlete Tom Brady. He openly said more than once that Tom would be perfect for his daughter Ivanka. But we are asking ourselves, was there anything between Ivanka and Tom ever? If you are also wondering about that, you should know

Karlie Kloss Talked About her Marriage with Ivanka Trump’s Brother-in-law

As you may already know, Joshua’s brother is Jared Kushner, aka husband to Ivanka Trump and senior advisor to POTUS, making Karlie and Ivanka sisters-in-law. In the newest episode of Diane von Fürstenberg’s podcast InCharge with DVF, Kloss opened up about her relationship with her husband and mentioned the “complications” that come from his relationship

Why Ivanka is not as Popular as Melania Trump?

Besides the fact that she is aways by the side of her father, the president of the United States. the status of Ivanka Trump, Donald’s first daughter, is not high as her stepmother has in public. However, she is the most popular of his five children, and many people think that she is his favorite