Italian Foods

10 Secrets of the Italian Diet you Must Know

Despite Italian foods like Pizza, Alfredo and to a certain extent Pasta, that is anything but healthy, when you look at Italy as a whole, you would find obesity is rare. In fact, not just obesity but studies and research suggest that the Italian or the Mediterranean diet is helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Well, truth be told, Italian people are not born with it. The secret to their amazing health is in their diets, which today will be our point of discussion. Today, we will unveil 7 such secrets that keep the Italians so fit and healthy.

Dine with pleasure


The thing with Italians is, they enjoy every second of their eating experience and spend hours over the table, just to relax and socialize.

This means they might sit over lunch and dinner for hours, but it will not lead them to eat or drink more than they required. Apart from that, prior and post meals, Italian people also take a stroll around the town also known as passeggiata. In this process, all the generations walk together, talking, bonding and keeping the traditions alive. You will get to learn about these secrets from this Italian website.

You are done when you are full


This was completely surprising. It is hardly found in any other cultural diet. The people of Italy do not believe in counting calories, which in recent times has become the trend.

They say they only keep their stomachs involved while eating and keep the herd out of the business. Thus, the stomach immediately sends a signal when they are full, which does not happen when you are mindful.

On the other hand, they never eat after dinner, nor believe in eating in front of the television or computers. They pursue a very active lifestyle, mixed with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Yes, green vegetables and fibers are the main part of their diet.

Achieve a balance between quality and quantity


Like most things in life, the Italian diet too is based on a perfect measure of quality and quantity, which includes, not too much fat, a perfect blend of healthy carbohydrates, proteins.

They follow this principle ardently and thus include all of their foods like pasta, lean meats, fishes, and more in the right quantities. One more thing to learn about them is that they would never prefer sodas, or chips, or mayonnaise. When they have sugar cravings, they will pick some fruits, instead of calorie-packed sweets.

Choose Simple fresh foods


Nowadays, things have changed and people have shifted to packaged foods, which are not good for our health. The thing with the Italian diet is, they keep it simple, believe in cooking from raw and enjoy simple, fresh foods. Don’t buy precooked foods and try eating as fresh as you can.

They don’t believe in dieting


Again, sticking to diets has become a part of people’s lifestyles but here as well, the Italians differ from the rest of the world.

They refuse to hang up on nutrition, eat what they want and lead an active lifestyle. Yes, they do make a few smart choices like avoiding fried foods and sweets. That said, they will never refuse a glass of fine wine and luxurious dining!

Family and Food


You must have understood that food plays a vital part in any Italian’s life. But here’s the best part about their food schedule: they believe in eating together with family or friends.

Not only this ensures that the meals are prepared with utmost perfection, but it also ensures that they are eaten slowly, leisurely, not forgetting how affectionate it is. Plus, even studies have proven that eating together has health benefits because it ensures the consumption of more fruits and veggies. Moreover, It gives you some precious moments to sit with your loved ones and share life with them.

More to it than just pizza and pasta


Most of us reckon Italian food to be just pasta and pizza. Well, here’s a reality check – they never eat pizzas as an entire meal like we do; it is more like a pre-course. Their plate consists of fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and so much more. So, the next time you pick up a slice of pizza instead of your dinner, remember this!

Use fewer ingredients

Italians cook their food with limited ingredients which prevent them from gorging on the extra fats. They refrain from cooking their meals in high alfredo creamy sauces like Pizza with cheese which makes their food carbohydrate-heavy instead of fat heavy. They also use a lot of olive oil in their food to leverage the innumerable benefits it has to offer.

They eat small portions


Yes, and that’s the secret of their well-maintained figure. You will rarely find an Italian gorging onto a mountain full of pasta topped with extra creamy sauce. They will instead revel in a smaller bowl and enjoy every bite. This prevents them from eating a heavy meal at once and thus resists unprecedented weight gain.

Eat homemade food


Every culture among the Italians has its own cultural food which is passed on from the generations to generations. Apart from that, Italians enjoy the flavor of home-cooked food and that is one of the major reasons why they are so fit.

The homemade food does not let them gorge onto the unhealthy fats, junk has to offer. Plus, the ingredients chosen at home are all healthy and fresh which benefits their health.

Over to you…

The Italian diet is based on one phrase, which is also used by nutritionists all over the world: It is not only what you eat, but how you eat.

Thus, now that I have unveiled the secrets, you must have understood that when it comes to food and eating habits, the people back in Italy definitely know something which we don’t. You need not entirely replicate their lifestyle, but what’s the harm in adapting the good.

Italian Foods & Drinks You Have to Try

Italy is famed all over the world for its incredible cuisine and lovely wines. As such, if you are in the market for scrumptious Italian dishes, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the array of food and drinks available. There are many reasons why many people find Italian food appealing including its intense and deeply enriching flavours, the fresh and high-quality ingredients used, as well as the overall simplicity of the dishes served.

From fish to pasta, there are plenty of Italian dishes that are delicious. However, there are a few must-try options that should be sampled by everyone that claims to love Italian food. If you are interested in savouring the rich flavours that Italy has to offer, here are Italian foods and drinks that you have to try at least once:

Naples pizza

If you want to eat the best pizza in the world, then you definitely have to make it a point to eat Naples pizza. As the name suggests, Naples pizza is only found in Naples. However, if you find yourself unable to make the trip down to the city of Naples, you can try the next best thing and eat one from an authentic Italian restaurant in Edmonton.

Naples pizza is typically prepared in coal or wood-fired ovens and the toppings are always laid out on thin crust that has been hand tossed the traditional way. Pair your Naples pizza with a glass of Limoncello, which is an alcoholic that has a lovely sweet taste.

Squid ink risotto

Risotto refers to a short grain rice dish that originates from the northern area of Italy. Squid ink risotto is made with a generous serving of wine and butter. However, the ink of a squid is also added as an ingredient to lend a dark colour and flavour to the risotto. Not only does the squid ink add an interesting colour element, but it also adds some seafood flavour to the mix which should be enough to please any seafood and risotto lover.

Consider washing down a plate of squid ink risotto with some Bellini, which is a drink that consists of a mixture of champagne and peach juice.

Fried Olives

Fried olives are eaten commonly in Ascoli Piceno, which is a small town that is situated in central Italy. To prepare fried olives, the olives have to be cleaned and pitted before being stuffed with an array of ingredients that could include meat and cheese or a mixture of both. Once stuffed, the olives are then breaded and fried to create the perfect afternoon snack. Accompany this meal with some Italian Prosecco for the best combination.

Usually, we are looking for Italian restaurants nearby, when we want to taste Italian cuisine. One of such restaurants is Vaticano Cucina in Edmonton that offers authentic Italian cuisine experience.