Islamic State

USA’s Foreign Policy under Trump is Wobbling


With Trump as the President of the United States, the country’s foreign policy is far from being clear. Both allies and enemies need to find a way to figure out which announcements are true and which would be debunked and later on denied by the president himself. The North Korean leader has accepted to meet

Trump’s Policy Wreaks Havoc in the Middle East?


Many people are concerned that President Donald Trump is assembling a “war cabinet” with the addition of the new hawkish politicians to the team. With the airstrikes on Syria, Trump showed the poor Foreign Policy strategy. This kind of strategy can be defined as passive-aggressive. The United States is not doing anything concrete to solve

USA Successful in Syria


Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes on Syria proved to be a success. But is it a carefully planned strategy behind it, or just an impulsive decision based on the happenings in the recent weeks. Can the United States prevent the Syrian government from using the chemical weapons to attack its people and destroy the Islamic