Irina Shayk

The Truth Between Cristiano Ronaldo and his Most Famous EX

Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk were in a relationship for five years. She is, without a doubt, the most famous Ex of the football player. Cristiano and Irina were the most famous couple in the sports world. At one point, everyone thought they were going to marry. But Irina Shayk ended up having her heartbroken.

5 Most Beautiful Russian Women

It is a fact that Russia is home to many of the most admirable and most beautiful women in the world. However, it isn’t all about their looks. Russian women are independent, but they appreciate men’s masculinity. That is what makes them so desirable for dating. We have analyzed many famous Slavic women and chose

Bradley Cooper Net Worth 2020 – This Is How He Got There!

Bradley Cooper is reported to have a net woth of $100 million and it is no surprise since he has been a well-known name in Hollywood for years now. A big part in that are his roles in movies like “The Hangover”, “A Star Is Born” and the Marvel movies. He has also made a