Iran nuclear deal

If Iran Leaves Nuclear Deal Oil Price Could Jump Significantly


It is clear that a lot of things in our world depends on the black gold, and the majority of the reserves are located in the Middle East region. With that being said, it is important for this region to enjoy peace and stability. Latest developments suggest that things might turn badly for the world’s

These Are Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Moves


After President Donald Trump walked away from Iran nuclear deal, it’s clear that he has an idea of what kind of foreign policy he wants to lead. So far he showed a desire to break contracts, not to sign them. Staying true to his campaign promises his first day in the office was marked by

Iran’s Currency Crisis is an opportunity for the United States


In February 2019 the Iranian Revolution will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Unless it is toppled by another revolution, this time fueled by the regime’s inability to provide a decent living to the citizens. Since the beginning of 2018, Iranian currency is in free fall. The inflation is rampant and the dollar gained 375 on rial

Trump poised to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal


In an effort to save the Iran nuclear deal, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called upon US President Donald Trump not to abandon the agreement signed by his predecessor, President Obama. In a statement to the BBC, Mr. Guterres said that there is a real risk of war unless the agreement is honored. He said