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Iran deal

Donald Trump/Iran/News

In a surprise turn, Trump offers to meet with Iran

After months of confrontation with Tehran, President Trump said on Monday that he is willing to meet with Iranian official without preconditions and at the time of their choosing. Just days before, Trump and President of Iran Hassan Rouhani were exchanging threats over the media. “NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN OR YOU WILL… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News

This Is How Europe Can Block Trump Actions

The US exited Iran deal, and the sanctions they will impose on this Middle East country could harm European companies. But EU could try and use a tool that worked well for them in the 90s in a situation similar to this. America’s exit from Iran deal wasn’t graceful, and President Trump threatened that he… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Iran/News

Will Donald Trump Try To Fix The Iran Deal?

There’s a saying that if something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t try to fix it. Iran deal wasn’t perfect, but it was working. Now, Donald Trump has destroyed it, and it’s on him to try to fix it if that’s something he wants to do. Donald Trump inherited this agreement from the previous administration, and through… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Iran/News

Withdrawing from the Iran Deal Possible Outcomes

Trump faced a decision which will shape the future of the world. He had the option to either stay in the Iran deal or withdraw from it and allow Iran to revive its nuclear program. On Tuesday, Donald Trump made an announcement, and all eyes were on Washington. POTUS decided to withdraw from the agreement… Keep Reading

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