5 Misconceptions People Have About IQ and Intelligence

The question of intelligence always fascinated people. It goes only natural that some people have more capabilities than others. There is nothing strange about that. It is something that we face every day. Surely, the most popular way of measuring someone’s intelligence is the IQ test. If you are interested in taking a look at this test, be sure to take a look at

It doesn’t matter that we have a wide array of different studies to look at, we can still see that there are many uncertainties and misconceptions about intelligence and IQ. Sadly, some of these myths can be a little bit scary sometimes. However, we assure you that all they are is myths, there is no truth to these claims.

Therefore, the easiest way you can do that is to be neutral. That doesn’t mean that you should do that. You should educate yourself on this question and have a credible opinion on this topic. That’s why we’ve done research on it, and we would like to provide you with some of the biggest misconceptions people have on the question of intelligence and IQ.

1. Intelligence in Inherited

One of the commonest mistakes when talking about IQ is when people say that the intelligence level is inherited. While there is nothing wrong with this fact, we can see that a lot of studies have found out that it not true in a majority of cases. As you can see, this claim is not entirely wrong, but it doesn’t mean that it is tied solely to this factor. There are a lot of profs for this claim.

For example, it has been proven that a person can enhance their intelligence by practicing. Once again, it is still unknown if there are some limits to this enhancement. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible, right? Therefore, we can conclude with the fact that intelligence is simply not inherited in a majority of cases, despite all the beliefs that this is the most important factor. The first myth has been debunked.

2. A High Score is an Accomplishment

Since we are living in a world where intelligence is held in the highest regard, it is no wonder that people with a high IQ are valued in today’s society. The commonest manifestation of this occurrence is seen in student’s performance. Especially in the case when a student has just taken a test and the results were pretty high. It needs to be said that a high score on this test is not something that can be described as an achievement.

We can see that a lot of the studies have shown that this is not a guarantee of a human’s ability. Instead, it needs to be said that our intelligence plays a minor part in our overall life. If we are to draw an analogy with something, we would say that a high IQ score is similar to being born to a certain blood type. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t get a high score on this test shouldn’t be discouraged.

3. Increased Eccentricity

The next misconception we would like to talk about is the fact that intelligent people are often mistaken for being eccentric. However, we can see that, according to numerous studies, this is simply not true. They are saying that no matter how intelligent kids are, that doesn’t any kind of effect on emotional development. At the same time, some studies say that people with higher IQ are more successful in life.

Still, that doesn’t mean that those with an average IQ don’t have high chances of succeeding in life. The reason many of these studies say that is that they have a somewhat generalized conclusion. It means that they are not taking a look at different layers, which is of the utmost importance. Therefore, not all of them can be described as credible enough to make a perfect conclusion.

4. It Can be Fixed

Furthermore, we can see that many people believe that IQ score is something that cannot be changed, both enhanced or lowered. But we can see that this is not exactly true. Depending on the education, it can be boosted or it can decline. It is the question of nourishment. Only by doing that, a person can increase their intelligence.

Not only that, there are some other factors like the culture and environment. Surely it will variate depending on these conditions. Therefore, you cannot expect to see that IQ can play a major role in your effectiveness and future. So, you can see that no person in the world needs to be distressed too much about IQ score. It all depends on some factors we can influence, and some we cannot change, no matter what we do.

5. Intelligent People are All Nerds

Surely, you have heard stores where intelligent people are struggling with communicating with other people. Once again, we would like to say that this is not true. According to many studies, who were conducted over a long number of years, we can see that the result is that children with high IQ don’t have any problem with communicating with other children. It all depends on the personality.

We can say that intelligence is something that we gather all our life, and we build our castle. That way, we have a better insight into all situations in life. We analyze them much deeper and discover different layers. But it can’t be said that all people with high IQ have problems with communication. Since we have many different studies that prove this claim of ours, you can consider this myth completely debunked.


Surely, you came across many different stories regarding the behavior and habits of intelligent people. As you can see, a vast majority of these stories are not true. The reason problem behind these myths is that they generalize people who have higher IQs. Therefore, all people need to educate themselves about certain situations and occurrences before they generalizing. Here, you can see some of the ones we consider the commonest ones, who are simply not true.

The Smartest and the Least Smart US Presidents by IQ

Can you achieve a significant success even though you are were not the smartest kid in the classroom? One of the best examples can be seen in the IQ scores of ex-presidents of the United States. According to the research conducted by the University of California, who investigated the IQ ratio of ex-presidents based on their biographies, their leadership, and overall academic brilliance. We’ve decided to present you with the 5 smartest and 5 least smart presidents of the US.

Smartest Presidents

John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) – IQ Score: 168.75

The sixth president of the US studied law at the famous Harvard University. He is famous for his brilliant presidential mandate achievements, such as ending the war with the United Kingdom with the Treaty of Ghent, Buying the state of Florida from Spain, and established the border with Canada.

Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) – IQ Score: 153.75

Thomas Jefferson is probably the most intellectual president of them all because of his knowledge of architecture, mechanics, several languages, mathematics, and being a talented surveyor. His achievements are establishing a peace treaty with France, developing the American trade, and he doubled the territory of the United States.

John F. Kennedy (1961-1963) – IQ Score: 150.65

JFK is one of the most loved US presidents ever, mainly for his charm and for his tragic end. He was responsible for steering the country during the Cold War era and he managed to achieve some exceptional things for his country like Equal Pay Act (1963) and proposing the blueprint for the future Civil Rights Act (1964).

Bill Clinton (1993-2001) – IQ Score: 148.8

42th American President had a really rough childhood that had a lot of family drama; however, he didn’t let these to prevent him to succeed in life. Before he became a US President, he worked at the University of Arkansas, where he lectured law and he was the Governor of Arkansas.

Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) – IQ Score: 145.1

Even though Woodrow Wilson wasn’t such a great law student, he ultimately managed to pass the bar exam in the state of Georgia. He was the US president during the crucial years after World War I, and he had a significant influence on the future look of the European continent after the war.

Least Smart Presidents

Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) – IQ Score: 125.65

Andrew Johnson was the 17th president of the US, who emerged from a poor family and he didn’t receive an official education. He will be remembered as the total opposite of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, and he wasn’t remembered well by the people.

George W. Bush (2001-2009) – IQ Score: 124.88

Described as a traditional man, George W. Bush was the second US president from the Bush family. His presidency evolved around criticism of the Iraq War and bad response to Hurricane Katrina, which hit states of Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi.

Warren G. Harding (1921-1923) – IQ Score:124.13

Before Warren Harding became the US president, he was the co-owner of a moneymaking newspaper. His presidency is often described as one of the worst in the history of the US by historians.

James Monroe (1817-1825) – IQ Score: 124.13

James Monroe was an ambassador of the US in France, where he didn’t have a lot of success, before becoming a president. However, he did a good job of being a president and he had numerous achievements, but, the most prominent is that he found colonies for freed slaves in Africa. The capital of Liberia, Monrovia got its name after him.

Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877) – IQ Score: 120

The former general that fought in the Civil War is believed to have the lowest IQ Score among all Presidents involved in the research. Even he was a successful general, he wasn’t the best in his new role as a president, and he didn’t have any success with battling depression in the late 1800s which ended in bankruptcy of many American citizens, as well as him.