How to Conduct Remote Interviews in 2021

Remote interviews are definitely more preferred these days since the Virus spread  back in early 2020 throughout the world and the frequent movement was restricted and had been imposed across the cities. Working from home has been a trend since the onset of the pandemic. Remote interviewing is now a must have skill for hiring managers and recruiters, with the latest stats giving us that around 86% of organizations are conducting Online interviews to screen and hire new talent and a whole team.

So how can you successfully conduct such an highly state of the art TECH based interview from home during this scary time?

This article will get you ways to manipulate Softwares and Technologies to manage a complete Remote interviewing, hiring as well as work at home full time!

Remote interviews make the employers select suitable employees as per their demand. When the world is going through a crucial time of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have to find ways to stay connected with the world. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, businesses such as Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn have started to execute most job interviews this year using video resources.

Surely, due to the effect on the economy, companies still do need to expand. People still need to work, make money, and feed the family. Businesses need to thrive and rise. Even when the situation is terrible, you still have to find a way to survive. Survival of the fittest, right?

Let me help you understand the smoothest ways possible to conduct remote interviews.

When you’re hiring, you are not just looking for someone who can do the stuff, you are always looking for someone specialist at the respective sector.

Someone who can work proficiently, deliver proper skills of management and adaptability. Someone who can blend in and work marvelously as a team.

For an employee, it is always stressful to work up to the expectations in an interview. They prepare themselves for days, travel a long distance, stressing over the interview, which they might not get, unfortunately. This hampers their self-esteem and degrades the possibility for future interviews.

In a remote interview, you do not have to worry about any of this. You are communicating with them through audio or video calls. This is undoubtedly better than sweating in front of the team, and showing nervousness, right? You can be yourself, in your room, comfortable, and stress-free.

But, from an interviewer’s point of view, it is hard to choose an eligible candidate, when you are not meeting them face-to-face. That is why the remote interview is the best way to recruit.

Preparation for remote interview teams and candidates:

  • Must select the team members. Publishing on the page or site, who will be interviewing the candidates. Providing their names and positions. So, they can know you preliminarily, as you do the same by reading their resume beforehand.
  • Collect all the possible data of the candidates.
  • Select a perfect date and time. Let the candidates know of the interview at least a week before the interview date.

Ensuring the proper environment for the BIG day:
  • Waking up early.
  • Making sure you are calm and positive.
  • Downloading the online meeting platform, where the remote interview will be conducted.
  • Select a room with no disturbing sound. If possible lock the door. Place the laptop, where the backdrop is professional. Belongings, such as toys must be cast aside.
  • Wear something formal.
  • You should double-check the microphone, webcam, and also the condition of the network.
  • For an interviewer, you must keep the resume in front of you, while remote interviewing a candidate.

The dos and don’ts:

  • Start by greeting each other.
  • If the family members or pets interrupt, you must stay calm.
  • You must smile gently and conduct the conversation with confidence. DO not laugh at inappropriate places, because that is creepy!
  • You should look at the camera while you are talking. This might make you feel like you have eye contact with them.
  • You should not hire someone because of your personal liking, you should ensure the overall capability of a person before you hire them.

Use of Structured remote interview process:

According to the goal of the remote interview is to recruit eligible employees without any hassle, right? Multiple members of the team should come up with the questions they tend to ask the candidates. A structured interview process helps you to evaluate every candidate based on the same criteria. Their answers will vary, making it easier for you to understand whom to recruit.

Forming a personal connection:

While recruiting a candidate, you must always keep in mind to recruit someone with great personality and communication skills. The employee should fit perfectly with the culture of the company and blend in with other employees.

While interviewing, forming a personal connection with them is necessary.

How will you do that?

Start by breaking the ice. Ask about interests and hobbies. Form a bond with them to realize if that person is cut out for the job or not.

Interview candidates with a team:

Most companies prefer more than one interviewer in the hiring process. Different interviewers propose unique skills that bring variations on the table, which makes the hiring more effective.

In this way, leaving nepotism aside, personal favorites will not be allowed to recruit.

Candidates receive different vibes from different members of the team. One might confuse her with tricky questions, where the other might help her calm down and ask to think before answering.

Now, the real question arises.

How will the interviews take place?


Interviewing tools for virtual hiring are used. There are so many tools that can be used for remote interviewing. Some are described below. So, the next time you think of hiring an employee, you do not have to look far away.

  • Give them proper instructions about the remote interview. Tell them about which online meeting platform you will be contacting them.
  • Ask them to go to a quiet place at the time of the remote interview to avoid any distractions.
  • Ask them to keep their devices charged. They must keep internet backup. You cannot be frustrated at them if they are disconnected. Surely, it can’t be their fault.
  • Also, keep their contact number. If things go wrong, you can call them directly and continue the interview.


Skype is an easy corporate video chat software. It is easy to place a call using a mobile or desktop app. According to the company, Microsoft’s communications service is responsible for up to 3 billion minutes of calls every day. It has over 17,500 reviews on G2 with a 4.3 rating.

Depending on your zone, you can also get a dedicated Skype number for a starting price of about $6 per month. The best part is, you can communicate with anybody, at any corner of the world, sitting anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection, and you are good to go.


Another popular in demand is GoToMeeting. It is easy to use the tool and it comes with simple instructions for those who aren’t part of the organization while joining the meeting. Proposals, portfolios and resumes can easily be shared through this software.

GoToMeeting has over 11,250 reviews on G2 with a rating of 4.2


Slack is another business communication platform developed by American software company “Slack Technologies”. It gives opportunities for team discussion as well as private discussions. Files can easily be transferred.

The users can add emojis to the messages. This feature makes it fun.


It is used for remote interviews all over the world. It is one of the most trusted softwares, and very easy to operate. It is used by millions of people from all over the world. The rating is 4.5 and has a free version.

It can easily share presentations, video meetings, live chat, screen share, and audio meetings are available.



It is one of the most well-known video conferencing software platforms in the world. Zoom is used by more than 12M people approx. It has over 28,700 reviews on G2, and also has an amazing rating of 4.5.

It is used for meetings, video chat, audio chat, webinars, screen sharing, file sharing, etc. It has a free version too.


‘VidCruiter is your answer to saving time while recruiting top candidates in remote interviews. The products are easy to use, have a pre-recorded video interviewing system and can record interviews. It has an automated scheduling system, making it easy for any user to operate.


Webex is a cloud solution by Cisco for online meetings, screen sharing, video conferencing, and webinars.

It has over 300M users. Webex has over 11,250 reviews on G2 with a rating of 4.2. A free version is available.


HireVue uses video intelligence for interviews, used to find talented candidates for the company.

Banks and accounting firms search for the right candidate with the expected qualification at a faster rate. Banks provide pre-set questions for the candidate, where they are given only one chance to record the answers. Usually, the first round of interview is conducted by the interviewers through HireVue. The shortlisted candidates are called for a second interview.


Teamwork is a project management software; it is suitable for remote team interviews. Teamwork boosts their team’s performance. It is used for staff work from home, assignments, and meetings, which helps to deliver results quickly.

It has over 24,000 customers worldwide. It has a rating of 4.3 with over 650 reviews on G2.

Now you have got everything you need to know. Hope it was helpful. You can successfully conduct remote interviews without any hassle.

Go, get the dream job you always wanted!

Interview Outfit Tips For Women in 2020

Interviewing, especially for your first serious job, is an intimidating process. You need to know the background of the company, predict what types of questions you might be asked, and make sure your resume and references are polished. And on top of all this, there’s the question of what to wear.


Young women are judged especially harshly on their wardrobe, and they can’t just toss on a basic suit the way men can. As you prepare for that all-important interview, keep these 4 tips in mind to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward before the interview even begins.

Pay Attention To The Basics


Men can wear a basic suit for just about any occasion, but as women we’re expected to have different outfits for every event. As you plan out your first office wardrobe, then, pay attention to a few basic elements. You want pieces made from quality material, that fit well, and that suit the formality of the environment. It’s better to have fewer pieces in your wardrobe of a higher quality than to have stacks of low-quality garments that will begin to wear and look shabby quickly.

Among the basics you’ll get a lot of wear out of both while interviewing and once you’re working is a basic button down, but don’t be afraid to add some color or experiment with materials. Button downs are a wardrobe staple, but they don’t need to be boring.

Get A Better Bag


People forget all the time, but you’re expected to bring a copy of your resume to job interviews, and once you’re in your new role, you’ll need to tote an assortment of things to and from home. With that in mind, this is a good time to invest in a better bag. A classic leather tote, like those found at Portland Leather Goods is perfect for this. Leather will last for years, matches just about everything, and you can choose from an array of colors and sizes to suit your personal style.

Consider Classy Cropped Pants


Cropped pants may seem casual on the surface, but with the right cut and material, they can actually read as more formal that standard length pants, and there are several reasons for that. First, with full length pants, they need to be perfectly tailored if you want to avoid looking sloppy; just a bit too long, and suddenly your pants are dragging and catching on your shoes. Second, cropped pants create a nice sense of proportion when paired with flats and a blazer. This isn’t the 1920s – your ankles shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

The Smartest Skirt


If you’re not the sort to wear pants, especially a cropped style, to an interview, there’s nothing wrong with a simple skirt. Obviously, you don’t want anything too short, but long skirts may also seem out of place. Opt instead for a conservative, mid-length style, right around knee length. Don’t be afraid to choose any interesting color or pattern, though. The midi skirt is classic enough on its own to leave room for some creativity.

Simple, Sturdy Shoes


There’s an old saying – “clothes make the man” – but for women out on job interviews, it’s the shoes that really make a statement. The biggest problem is that there are so many choices. So, what kind should you wear? What you really want are sturdy, practical shoes that are still stylish. A nice heal is perfect, but skip the stilettoes for something chunkier that doesn’t feel like a fall risk. If you’re in a more casual field, an ankle boot or flats are also appropriate.

Always Accessorize


When interviewing, you’ll hear a lot of conflicting advice about accessories. That’s because it’s easy to mess up a great interview outfit with the wrong accessories. As you select your accent pieces, then, keep a few basic rules in mind. First, don’t wear perfume to an interview. It doesn’t matter if you have a signature scent – you don’t know if your interviewer might have a fragrance allergy or just find the scent overwhelming. The last thing you want is for your perfume to take away from your presentation.

As for other accessories, keep it simple. Many experts recommend wearing a watch since that suggests you consider punctuality to be a top priority. If you aren’t a watch person, small hoop or stud style earrings or a single bracelet are also appropriate. You want to avoid anything that’s noisy or distracting. Understated is better than a big statement.

One last note on jewelry. You may have heard that women shouldn’t wear their engagement rings when interviewing for a job. Forget that old-fashioned nonsense. It’s generally unrealistic. The fact is that if wearing a ring was going to impact your odds of getting that job, it will also impact how you’re treated once you get there – in other words, you can consider wearing your ring a litmus test that will benefit you more than it will hurt you.

Can You Keep It Casual?


Particularly with the rise of startup culture and the gig economy, you’re more likely to be faced with casual interview opportunities. But how casual is too casual? Though it depends on the circumstances, there are definitely ways to recalibrate your wardrobe. For example, if you’re interviewing for a startup, consider swapping out your blouse and trousers for a sleek jumpsuit.

If you work in a creative industry, you can also feel empowered to experiment more with your look. In those fields, how you present yourself is more likely to be a reflection of your professional skill, and there’s also more leeway. With that in mind, go ahead and wear that statement necklace or some brighter colors.

The Finishing Touches


Depending on the industry and even the region, there’s a lot of flexibility as to what you wear to your interview, but there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable: confidence. Whatever you wear, make sure it helps you feel great and then walk into the interview with your head held high. Unless you believe you can do the job and project that confidence, you won’t make it far. Your interview outfit is just the icing on the cake.

How Long Should I Wait For Feedback After An Interview

An invitation to an interview indicates that the company received your application documents or reviewed your profile in professional networks, examined your background and qualifications, and approved your candidacy for further consideration. It would seem that you are halfway to employment. And if in your opinion, you managed to leave a favorable impression on the interviewer, showing your knowledge, competencies, and interest in the position, then the job offer is just a formality and a matter of time.

But what if was no response from a recruiter in the following days or weeks, and the euphoria gave way to anxiety? Do you have to wait for the call obediently, phone the employer yourself, or dismiss the idea of working in this organization? Our suggestions and tips on how to behave in such a situation will break it down for you.

What is the typical wait time after an interview?

The average response time after the interview is from seven to fourteen days. Consideration of candidates for leadership positions, in turn, can take about a month. Nevertheless, the indicated timescales are not generally accepted and may vary depending on the company and its internal processes. Therefore, if you were not contacted as promptly as you would like, this is not a reason to perceive silence as a refusal.

Reasons for delay of feedback with a candidate after a job interview

There are several reasons why the recruiter would not report on a candidate’s status for an extended period, and they are not all connected with their desire to ignore you:

  • An ill-conceived schedule of interviews. In the perfect world, meetings with candidates are scheduled with a short time between them so that the first one is not kept in the dark for an entire selection period. But recruiters often either forget about this rule or cannot adhere to it because of the tight schedule of other company representatives who want to attend the interview.
  • Making a hiring decision is a multi-layered process that requires the participation of the director, department head, HR manager, and sometimes other interested parties. Given the variability of the business environment and other tasks of each link, it cannot be very easy for them to come together for an analysis of each candidate. Besides, the hiring process rarely has a top priority for a corporation. So there is a chance that while you expect to hear from a recruiter, the discussion making process has not yet begun.
  • Some companies expect you to call back first. They regard it as a confirmation of your interest in the position. However, it can be challenging to understand when such a step draws praise, and in what situations it is equated with extreme perseverance. To avoid misunderstanding, send a thank-you email a couple of days after the final interview, which will help you to stand out and increase the loyalty of the company.
  • Budget cuts for a new position due to the financial woes of the company, illness of one of the critical links in a decision-making process, dismissal of a recruiter, or another human component. Undoubtedly, this is not a good reason to keep the candidate in the dark as they are not related to the internal problems of the organization. However, keep these factors in mind the next time you want to overanalyze your career prospects.

And yet, how long to wait after an interview?

In most cases, being left in the dark is even worse than a refusal. The candidate does not know whether they should continue to seek work or accept a job offer from another company. And whatever the reasons for the silence, it is difficult to stifle the desire to clarify all the answers and put the things right. If this thought haunts you during the first couple of days, you should still refrain from writing emails or calling the recruiter with questions about your chances of joining the team. Remember the complexity of the selection process and the average timing of providing feedback. But if the silence lasted more than two weeks after the interview, then feel free to take the first step. You can write or call a recruiter, but your message should not be rude, and your tone of voice should not emphasize dissatisfaction. The best ways to steer the dialogue on the right course are:

1. After you have introduced yourself and briefly recalled the background, it will be appropriate to ask a few additional questions about the position. Thus, you not only show up but also prove your serious and responsible approach to the job.

2. Ask if you can help bring the decision closer. For example, maybe the company has questions about your experience, qualifications, or motivation that the recruiter missed during the interview, or you can provide additional references from previous employers. This approach helps you show steady perseverance but not be intrusive.

3. When asking for feedback after the interview result, refer to your previous dialogue with a recruiter and its strong points. It will clarify who you are and recall why you are a worthy candidate. For example, mention that you talked about potential ways the company could develop, or hint that the recruiter noted your achievements.

Valuable tips for all waiting candidates
  1. Undoubtedly, it is better to clarify the deadlines for providing feedback after the interview. But if you have missed this chance, you need a brief action plan on how to behave in cases when the company keeps you in suspense:
    Keep looking for other job opportunities and attend interviews. Even if you wait for an answer from the company of your dreams, you should be prepared for any outcome. Therefore, it is great to have several options in reserve. Perhaps during your further searches, you will find the perfect vacancy that will make you forget about the would-have-been employer. To increase your chances, double-check your set of application documents, which should consist of a resume and a cover letter. If you suddenly forgot about the latter or you do not have enough time to write it for each vacancy, resort to a cover letter builder. Go to the link and customize each of your documents. Remember that successful self-presentation is half the battle.
  2. If your attempts to contact the recruiter via phone or email were unsuccessful and the period of silence dragged on, then change the question “How long to wait for a job offer?” to the question “Do I need to work with such a company?” Remember that a call or an instant message does not take much time. Moreover, it is not polite to ignore the person who attended an interview and tried to prove his professional aptitude. Therefore, a company that has ignored you and the basic rules of business etiquette is hardly the best choice for employment.

Job search is a stressful and challenging process since you never know which employers you will have to face. Be prepared for failures or long term ignorance. Show perseverance if you feel that you are a worthy candidate for this position, but do not give up if your efforts did not tip the scales in your favor. Some day or another, all these common obstacles will lead you to your vocation.

How to Hire the Best Estate Sale Company?

It can be a frustrating thing when you’re asked from your realtor to have the house empty the by the 1st. As the summer has arrived, the estate market has undergone their busiest period ever, as realtors and homeowners being under a lot of pressure to empty estates.

With such a difficult, and very stressful, task ahead we’re pleased to tell you that you can hire an estate sale company that will manage all of your belongings and sell them. But how do you choose the best one? Stick around as we’re going to explain that in this article.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

Many families think that the best course of action to take before they interview an estate sale company is to throw the simple things away. This could not be a bigger mistake as most people aren’t interested in furniture or china, but rather in the small, collectible, things.  Those little vintage items that have been in your possession for god knows how long are the things that bring in the dollars at an estate sale. And you should not throw them because these companies can get the most out of those things.

Do Some Research

Once you’ve removed all the things you want to keep, it’s time to hire an estate sale company that will liquidate the rest of your belongings. The best course of action here would be to do your research on the best ones in your area. A great place to start is to ask for a recommendation from your real estate agent, as they tend to know all of the people in the business. According to Attics to Basements, an estate sale company, a quick Google search will reveal all the estate sale companies in your area. But don’t settle for the first one. Always go for the one that has a nice website that looks professional with listed services, photos, and staff. Another excellent tip is to look at customer satisfaction and ratings from previous estate sales, to get a better understanding of how good the company is.


Once you’ve found your first candidate, it’s time to do an interview face to face. While most people would do it over the phone, we believe that it’s best done if you meet the company officials in person. Make them come over for consultation on-site because it is the best way for the estate sale company to assess potential liabilities that the property may have. They can take a look at the parking situation, the items for sale, and more.

Ask Some Key Questions

When you do your interview with the estate sale company, it’s crucial that you ask the right questions. Ask about their insurance policy, their staffing, what kind of contact is their staff on, and the type of contract they are willing to give you. Other questions such as the pricing should also be on your mind as you would want to know how much they will charge for the estate sale.

Types of Payment

When on the subject of pricing, the best estate sale company will accept credit cards as this is the best indicator of professional conduct. Checks or cash leaves too much room for error, and according to the laws of the United States, all estate sales company should be collecting sales tax.

Questions to ask when hiring household staff

Hiring someone to work in your house is sometimes trickier than it looks like. Sure, a simple interview would do the trick, but you need to know what you are going to ask during that interview. By letting someone be your house-staff, it means that you are giving them maximum trust and allowing them to be in your most sacred place, around all your valuables and such.

In this article, we’ve decided to write a couple of things that might help you when it comes to interviewing your next household staff. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some things that you can ask when choosing.

Questions to ask when hiring

One of the first and most important questions that you can begin your interview with is the “What made you choose this particular field of work?” one. This is where the person being interviewed should explain in detail why they choose to do this kind of a job, and you will learn much more about their motives and thoughts about the entire thing. This immediately takes you to the second most important questions, which will further explain the answer to the first one.

Img source:

“What motivates you at work, what is the most important part of your job?” This is where you should expect the most honest answer, and from getting to know that answer, you will be able to decide if you are going to hiring that person or not. Also, if they say for example that their motivation is money, you’ll know beforehand that by increasing the payment a bit, you will “score” their service. Household Staff needs to be hardworking and loyal. And the truth is, without a good payment, they won’t be giving their best. So, make sure that you find that golden middle-ground which will be suitable for both of you.

“How would you describe your working conditions” is what you should probably be asking next. If they say something really specific that you cannot provide them with, there might be some tension and misunderstanding between you, so they might not be the perfect fit for you after all. If they do however say that your current conditions are fine for them, they might be your real choice here.

Getting to know a person’s hobbies and interests when they are outside of work is also really important, and it tells a lot about the person. Based on this, you can form a small picture in your mind about who they are. For example, if they need to take care of your child, but in their free time they tend to drink a lot, they might not be the best option after all. So, make sure that the person you are hiring has some healthy habits when out-of-shift.

Img source:

Last but not least, “What is your education background?” is one of the questions that almost everyone who is hiring will ask. It is just important to know at what education level the person you are currently hiring is, so you have to check this sooner or later.

How to get a job at Airbnb

With Airbnb, there was a change in the way people travel. It allows them to stay in someone’s house and live as a local would. However, to work for Airbnb might be a different experience than working in other big companies. Airbnb has thousands of employees and it generates billions in yearly revenues. If you check it out, there will be hundreds of job openings listed on the Airbnb career page.

So, how can you start working at Airbnb? Here is a list of things to keep in mind and know:


1. At Airbnb, culture comes first – did you know that culture is most important to Airbnb? It took them 3 months to hire their first employee. People who were in charge of hiring were instructed from the beginning to pay attention to the hiring of the first 50-100 employees. So, you might ask yourself how does Airbnb actually define its culture? Well, the answer is – inventive. They have invented a new marketplace and there was no easy way to rent someone house or bedroom over the Internet. They did not have a specific instruction book to help them in defining the marketplace, so they had to invent it.

2. You must have: passion, design sensibility, and raw intelligence – Airbnb has a vast list of qualities they are looking for when interviewing people. And, on top of the list is the passion for changing the travel industry. For them, it is more than just making money. Their goal is to connect people from various countries and their social mission is to get people to meet each other. Hence, they need candidates who agree on this purpose. Perhaps the ideal Airbnb candidate would be a resourceful self-starter who will not need a lot of guidance. The candidate needs to have a strong design sensibility, which means that you will need to be able to recognize good designs and good user experiences. These are the core things at Airbnb and it does not matter which department you work in. They are prone to hiring people who are smarter then they are. You should also be able to work in a team, be trustworthy, and have integrity.


3. The Airbnb interview – going to an Airbnb interview is quite straightforward. The company will break down the roles into six categories: product, community, customer support, marketing, engineering, and finance. Firstly, you will meet with the leader of the hiring department, and after you will meet with every team member in the department. Those who pass the process will meet the cross-section of the company, with someone who will represent each of the six categories. If all goes as planned, in the end, you will meet with two co-founders of Airbnb as the final exam. Keep in mind that Airbnb does not care about what you wear if you want you could show up in jeans and flip flops, but their main concern is the qualities that you will bring to their teams and the company itself.

4. Quirks that work – a company that defines itself as an inventive one is looking to hire people who will stand out from the crowd. So, in order to get hired, you will need to embody the word “inventive”. For example, the director of marketing for Airbnb applied with a comic book in his hands. He had drawn a two-page comic book about why he wanted to work for the company and who he was. Standing out from the crowd is the key to getting hired by Airbnb.



So, in order to be hired by Airbnb, being creative and inventive is the key here. Keep in mind that they put up a new list of job opportunities almost weekly, so do not waste any time and go job hunting!

Tech & Podcast With Rueben Wood


Rueben Wood is a Brand Ambassador for one of the fastest growing social media apps of 2018, known as The VoizApp. The VoizApp allows users to record messages longer than typical voice notes, post pictures, videos, and more. Currently, the app boasts almost 100,000 downloads. Wood is also the host of popular entertainment podcast SOM Talk Live, curating interviews with some of today’s top celebs, influencers, models, entrepreneurs, and more!

We recently got to sit down with Wood and interview him about his involvement with The VoizApp and exactly what SOM Talk Live is about.


How did you become a brand ambassador for The VoizApp?

It came about from a meeting I had with one of the founders. We had a couple of meetings actually before that happen.

What does being a brand ambassador entail? Since it’s tagged in your IG profile, does it have benefits?

Me being a brand ambassador means I promote the app, I bring people to it, and I build awareness around it in different areas and industries. The most exciting part is being apart of the process as it develops. Yes, it has many benefits, including being in the forefront of the app’s marketing efforts.

How is The VoizApp different from other social media platforms?

It’s focus on audio, and the use of voice recording make it different. Each social platform is different in its own way, but The VoizApp is the most close-knit community-based app where people can interact with a more personal touch.

Being the Host Of SOM Talk Live and brand ambassador must be hard, so how do you find balance?

I personally create it, nothing comes easy. I have so much going on, and so much I had to do to be able to focus on my brand it was almost to the where if I don’t have the balance I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. I mostly plan out everything before I do it, so there is less setbacks and more success.


So what type of guest do you find have the best conversations?

I would have to say the ladies I’m interviewing since it’s the most entertaining to listeners. Not knocking none of the guys in any industry I’ve had on the show but, listeners cater to the women more and they seem to be the most lax.

Where did SOM Talk Live come from?

Me just doing consistent audio interviews for SOM Magazine. Just figured I needed to create a platform for the audio interviews alone separate from the magazine. It actually worked, I’m just thankful for the people that support it, and listen to it.


Where can people find out more about you?, the app, the show