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The 5 Top Reasons To Shop Online


The digital world has not only changed the way we do business, but it has impacted the way we live our day to day lives. Everything from communication, to ordering services and shopping, has changed significantly. These days, everything has to be quick and efficient and if you cannot do it in a few clicks, there are a number of other sites and businesses that can do it cheaper and quicker than you. 

Online shopping or e-commerce has exploded over the last five years, with the number of online shoppers shocking the industry. Research shows that eight in ten Americans shop online, with 51% of them shopping from their mobile phones. In fact, statistics show that currently, e-commerce makes up for 13.7% of retail sales worldwide. That means that there are currently 1.92 billion shoppers who make online purchases worldwide, and this number is constantly growing. 

So, why is online shopping so popular? And why are so many people moving toward digital transactions rather than going to malls? We thought we would take a look at the top six reasons why people shop online, and what could the advantages be for you. 

You Can Do Important Research About the Product

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In the days before the internet started taking over the world, it was tough to find information about the products that you needed. Let’s face it, you had to rely on the knowledge that the salesman in the shop had on that product. Nowadays, you have a plethora of information at your fingertips. Not only can you research the particular brand and product you are looking for, but you can do comparative research. This way, you can compare products and their features side by side and decide which one is best for you. There are a number of informative sites that provide you with real-life reviews and product breakdowns that allow you to decide which product suits your needs the most. You also need to pay attention to the quality and the price of the desired product because without careful product research, according to Rave Reviews, you could easily waste money on a low-quality item. With this kind of information, you are more likely to end up buying things that you’ll actually use. 

You Can Shop Anything From Anywhere at Any Time 

According to numerous sources, this is vital! The reason why people prefer shopping online to physical shopping is due to the fact that you can shop at all hours of the day. Think about it, this takes out the restrictions that stop you from visiting shops. With most people working nine to five, and most shops holding the same working hours, this restricts the number of shopping hours left at your disposal. Online shopping also means that you can shop for something you are looking for wherever you are. Whether it be when you are relaxing on the couch after a long day, traveling to work on public transport or even trapped in an office. Logging online and shopping what you are looking for is simple and easy. 

Payments Are Safe and Secure

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Surprisingly, this is one of the biggest deterrents of shoppers. The majority of people surveyed as to why they wouldn’t shop online was due to payment safety. However, most people are not totally aware that the risk of online fraud is equal to, if not slightly smaller than that of brick and mortar stores. Payment gateways, banks, and even the online shops are constantly evolving with technology to ensure that all payments are secured at all times. Your financial information is usually encrypted (or scrambled) which makes it tricky for thieves to get their hands on it. Credit cards are usually the safest way to make purchases online. Not only is it easy to track, but getting a transaction reversed is usually simple and hassle-free. Credit card protection in most online stores is top priority and technology is constantly improving to ensure your data’s safety.

It Is Quick, Easy and Efficient 

As we mentioned before, researching the perfect product is simple. Buying it is even better. You simply filter in the features that you are looking for, shop around for the best price, fill in your information and get the item delivered. This takes out the hours of walking around malls trying to do exactly the same thing!  Most sites also have an option for you to create a profile which means that you don’t need to fill out all of your details over and over again. Your profile is saved and protected and when you come back to the online shop, you can simply make your choice, and make the payment. And even this process has been made more efficient! Apps and mobile shopping also save your payment details, so you don’t need to sift around in your bag, fruitlessly try to remember your PIN and fight with your banking app to get the payment approved.  Did we mention that the product usually arrives straight to your door? These days, with the expansion of e-commerce, deliveries have become more frequent, cheaper and more reliable than ever before. They even service more areas, with deliveries taking place to more than just city centers. 

No-one Likes A Mall Anyway Right?

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In wrapping up, it really boils down, for a lot of people that it just takes the hassle out of going to a mall. There are no screaming children, endless queues, hoards of people, parking nightmares, parking fees, sore feet, hours of trying to find a store, unnecessary spending at five stores on the way to your store and the necessary food and water to keep you alive through the experience.  

With online shopping, you can simply log on, buy your product, take a sip of your wine and wait for it to arrive at your door. Who needs more of a reason?

How To Create Impressive PowerPoint Presentations


Contrary to popular belief, PowerPoint is a program that is far from the clutches of the digital graveyard. Regardless of the device, you’re using to create the presentation, PowerPoint is a type of presentation-making program that has the best chance of you getting your point across.

But it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to create an impressive PowerPoint presentation, and this article will focus solely on that.

Below are out X tips on how to create impressive PowerPoint presentations.

1. Use a Consistent Theme


Themes are a large part of what makes PowerPoint great. It’s safe to say that the theme should be your first priority because choosing a consistent theme can work closely with all of your images and text into creating a masterpiece of a presentation. There are literally dozens of PowerPoint themes on the internet, and all for free. From minimalistic designs to even some specific ones for your niche, you should invest a lot of time into choosing the right theme for your presentation. You can even go as far as to create your very own PowerPoint theme with your company logo and any other marketing materials.

2. Use Images to Get Your Point Across

The best way to make a boring slide more interesting is through the use of images and graphics. According to PSlides, images and graphics get your message across easier than text. The whole point of a PowerPoint presentation is to support you, and not the other way around. So one way you distract your audience away from your speech is by adding text to your presentation.

The human brain is said to process images almost 60,000 times faster than text. So by this logic, we can safely assume that adding a large picture to your slide instead of a text box will get your point across quickly.

3. One Slide, One Story

We use the word “story” very metaphorically because we’re trying to explain the golden rule of PowerPoint. Each slide in PowerPoint should focus on a singular thing. The best presentations are those that describe a singular thing in one slide. So naturally, if you have 10 points to describe through your PowerPoint presentation, then you would need 10 slides for each point. The best presentations are those that tell a story in a single slide.

4. Don’t Overly Use Graphics

Yeah, you might be a pro in creating graphics, but don’t try to impress people with your Photoshop skills by making the text in flames. PowerPoint presentations should be simply made, so try to avoid the usage of complex transitions, complex text fonts, and over-the-top graphics, and instead focus on simple transitions, clean and large fonts, and attractive graphics.

5. If It Doesn’t Work, Then Dump It


We mentioned that slides are there to support your speech, so one you should always ask whether the slide can make your speech better, or worst. If the answer is the former, keep the slide and if the answer is the latter, then dump it.

Nobody wants to see the overuse of slides, and no one will miss the slides that you just deleted from your presentation.

Parental Controls – A Need of the Hour


Speaking to your kids, encouraging responsible behavior and constructing the digital resilience, as it can lead to a few things which can disturb your kid however controls, was a good first step to help to protect young kids in specific. Here you can find out what you should know.

What are the Parental Controls?

Parental controls are software or even tools that enable parents to put Internet usage controls for their children. They are a good way to help stop children from accessing inappropriate material online.

Online Matters may have developed a web app which allows you to make a custom checklist to set privacy settings into your home as well as on the devices of your community. This includes support and advice on setting your home internet controls and using your entire family mobile phones, along with video how-to and move-by-step guides.

Kinds of Controls

Sometimes talking about “Controls” could be confusing. Essentially, parents have to be concerned with 3 types:

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  • Web level restrictions were set on a hub as well as router and apply to all connected devices to a hub as well as a router (covering the entire household).
  • Device scale controls, including a smartphone, were set on the machine itself it will apply wherever and how the device was connected.
  • On a platform but rather the application is shown, application controls were set. Instances of this are the Google or YouTube configurations. Check that they will be set on every device access to your kid.

What are they Going to do?

There are several types of control system available, or even they enable you to do various things like:

  • Filter or even block material that your kids don’t want to see, like violence but also pornography.
  • Restrict the sharing of information.
  • Put online time limits for how long kids are.
  • Check the time of day for children to connect to the internet.
  • Apply different profiles such that each member of the household has a suitable level of security.

House Broadband Controls

Some internet providers such as TalkTalk, BT, Sky, and Virgin Media also provide filters that give you power about what internet content came to your parent’s house. It means that every device connecting for your home internet is subject for your home network or hub monitors. And sometimes those are referred to as ‘full home filtration’.

Internet-Allows Devices

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Throughout the UK, smartphones, laptops, and tablets were usually shipped to pre-set restrictions to restrict access to adult material, in-app purchases, as well as other material that may not be accessible to your kid. Check to see your phone provider.

Controls are provided for all of the major games console games as well as devices. Some games consoles, along with devices, are web-enabled, allows users to browse the web, buy and talk with the other online players of the game. All main consoles or even devices for features come to controls when gaming platforms like Xbox Live everyone has their configurations. Most allow you to create various profiles per each member of the family to different values.

Search Engines

Children might sometimes come across internet items which are inappropriate if surfing the internet for their era as well as the level of development. Its default search engines allow you to change up filters which can help you obstruct inappropriate as well as nude images of your results, like Google Safe Search. Such filters were not 100% reliable, but they prevent you from getting most content for adults. Often, the use of kid-friendly search engines including Swiggle or even Safe Search UK should be considered.

Entertainment Platforms

When you connect entertainment content through the internet with your family, you must also suggest setting Controls on a platform you are using. Security settings are available for YouTube, BBC iPlayer, iTunes, as well as Sky Go. Each one is unique and some, like Netflix, enable you to generate individual profiles to varying levels of authority such that each family member could only see content that suits them.

Mobile Networks

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You may set restrictions about what can be accessed through their networks by mobile networks. Most will be set to allow 18 + content instantly and require approval from the account owner to modify this. It’s useful to check precisely what’s and isn’t obstructed to your phone provider, and when this applies to the pay-as-you-go devices and monthly payment choices. We suggest that both the mobile phone itself and the cellular network set regulates. Once the device is being used through a Wi-Fi connection, cellular network restrictions would not apply.

The Qustodio is one of the leading structures of parental guidance on a market. Check it here. Its product is cross-platform –unless you’re using some abstruse operating system that we’ve never heard. The bundle package includes five devices, as well as parents, may customize rules and guidelines and configurations from one comprehensive dashboard of each device. Qustodio excels throughout the management of kid screen time or even web-filtering aspects. Thorough coverage enables parents to track screen time efficiently, as well as location data offers peace of mind as your children’s location is aired directly to a dashboard by the mobile phone app.

Qustodio has a few issues, but by using a dual-device product, these problems are rather inevitable. App surveillance is limited in web-connected applications, although all applications are subordinate to your selected time management configurations. There’s also some restricted monitoring of Facebook, as well as monitoring of interaction is Android-only. Again, this limitation can affect almost any brand, don’t just Qustodio.

Application Feature

Qustodio provides app-based tracking as well as time management for applications that require internet service. Additionally, this is not possible to block chatting-based apps such as WhatsApp, although time utilization is reported.

Mobile Compatibility

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Qustodio was available both for iOS and Android users, that’s clean, clear and accurate to speak about either the Android app. Its default page displays symbols that are affiliated to your account to all children. You may also add a different profile by giving the details you need.

Qustodio provides a dual-device brand with internet-filtering as well as time-management abilities that are highly configurable. A dashboard as well as reporting features provides family members with a useful tool for molding and monitoring how kids interact with web-based and web-based devices. Although some functionality gaps exist when it came to tracking social media or even app-based limitations, these differences affect the entire market, while sometimes to such a slightly lesser extent.

5 Reasons Why You Need Unlimited Wireless Internet

Is your internet not up to standard? Is your connection too slow for your liking? That’s a problem many people share and to varying degrees. After all, the internet isn’t just for social media and entertainment. It’s also a productivity tool. The internet is a utility with multiple uses. And there are certain functions that need stable and high-speed connections. We’ll mention them below. We’ll show you 5 reasons why unlimited wireless internet is a necessity.

Check out the list, and upgrade your connection!

1 – High-Quality Streaming

Want to watch YouTube videos and online movies in high quality? Or maybe you just want to watch the plain old TV – on Netflix? If so, quality is key. You don’t want a streaming quality that’s blurred and difficult to stare at. That quality is achievable with an unlimited connection. When you have no caps on your data, you can watch as much media as you like. You’ll never worry about your entertainment running out mid-month, if at all!

Plus, you get to enjoy high speed buffering. You now don’t have to wait a long time just to watch some content in HD. You can stream all you watch in 1080HD as you view it!

And speaking of streaming…

2 – Gaming

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Video games are notorious for taking up much bandwidth. And it’s not bandwidth that’s the problem. Internet speed and cap are also issues…

After all, a game isn’t just something you play. It’s something you download, with regular updates, and long play hours!


You might be an aspiring professional gamer. If so, then you might be streaming play sessions on YouTube or Twitch. Here, an unlimited wireless connection becomes a must. You have to use it, otherwise, you risk pushing away your audience!

3 – Online Research

You might be a professional researcher. Or, you might be someone with intensive reading/learning habits. Whatever you do, intensive online research requires good internet.


You’re likely jumping between many pages and reading through multiple tabs. That requires an unlimited internet connection to be sustained. Plus, you sometimes do research by watching playbacks of important videos – whether they be seminars, interviews, or regular explainer videos. The point is, research requires intensive internet use. And you’d better have quality internet to do the job!

4 – Travelling

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Here’s an interesting fact – most unlimited connections come with mobility options. So you can travel and move around with the internet in your pocket. It’s a form of the internet you can use anywhere and at any time!

Plus, you’re not restricted to annoying cables or modems.

Long and Short Distance.

You might have to travel for hours. It could be by a vehicle on interstate highways. Or, you might be on airplane… And what about shorter commutes? Maybe you’re picking up a close one, or going back and forth from work (through lots of traffic). Here, a good internet connection can serve you well. You can use it as a form of entertainment, distracting you in boring circumstances!

5 – Available Nationwide

Most unlimited wireless networks are high quality – and they’re available across the entire country. You can buy a plan in one state, and still, find it usable in another. In fact, with many companies, you can cross coasts, and still have your portable internet active!

But Do Note…

This only comes with high-quality services. So you need to select a company that provides excellent contracts. For a recommendation, you can try Blazing Hog. There, you’ll get all the advantages previously mentioned, and much more! It’s the service you need for excellent internet – whether it be for professional or entertainment uses!

How to shop for clothes online?

One of the many great things that technology and the Internet has brought us is shopping online. Isn’t it wonderful that you can sit in your living room with a cup of coffee, browse the web and buy literally anything with just a few clicks? Some people love going to the malls and trying on different outfits, while others see it as a waste of time they would gladly spend on doing something else. In this text, we are going to give you some advice on how to shop for clothes online.

Since there are so many options available, firstly you have to find an online store. Due to the immense popularity of internet shopping, nowadays, almost every brand has a web store, which means that there is nothing between you and your new piece of clothing. Also, there are many other online shops such as Floryday, you can explore to find a new dress or a pair of shoes.

The most important thing when shopping for clothes on the web is to make sure that it will fit you perfectly. You don’t want to wait for weeks for your shipment to arrive, and then to have to return it because it is the wrong size. You are probably aware that each manufacturer has its own size chart which is why you cannot rely on a traditional numeric or small/medium/large scale.


Since, clearly, you cannot try on anything, you have to know your exact measurements which include height, hip, chest, and waist measurements, arm length, and so on, depending on the piece of clothing you want to purchase. Also, make sure to check the size of each piece, since online stores sell items from a range of manufacturers, and, as already mentioned, they all use different size charts. The safest way is to find the chart in inches and use it when buying clothes.

Furthermore, you have to check out every seller before making a purchase. Even though most of them are legit, you can never be too sure. Only buy from authenticated stores and you can find those online, by reading comments and reviews from other customers or simply ask a friend for a recommendation. When signing up for a website, consider if all information they require is really necessary.

Okay, you have to put in your name, surname, and address, but your social security number is definitely one of the information the seller needs. If at any moment, you become suspicious, you should probably leave that website and look for another. In addition, you should avoid paying with your credit card. Instead, use PayPal or Apple Pay that ensure the safety of your bank information.


Lastly, don’t forget to set up a budget. Spending the money online is way easier than spending it in stores. This is because you are not holding it in your hands and giving it away to the seller. You have to track the prices of each purchase and make sure that you don’t go over the planned budget. There are always some discounts or coupons you can use. Moreover, always compare prices on different websites, because sometimes they can significantly differ. What’s more, don’t forget to check the shipment fee. Sometimes these expenses can be higher than the price of the item, and that is just throwing money down the drain.

To conclude, these are only some tips you can use when buying clothes or any other products online. The most important thing is not to share your personal data with anyone. Make a cup of tea, sit back, relax and start exploring online stores.

The Best Military Technologies That Changed Citizens Lives

Many innovations and technologies that we use in everyday life have not been developed without the secret, military research and war. Many products we use on a daily basis are created in a secret mission in the war. Remember that, every time you want to glue something, or put something in a microwave! If you want to find out more about the best military technologies that changed citizens lives continue reading.

20. Walkie Talkie


At the beginning of the research the walkie talkie was named the ‘’packset’’, and the development project started in 1940, and has its debut in World War II. Donald L. Hings and his team at Motorola create this device in 1937, but he got all the contribution after the war. Today children love playing with this device.

19. Duct Tape


This is a classic invention created during World War II, and it was used for everything like today. After the war, the first use for duct tape was to hold ventilation together, and the purpose of tape gained the name. Duct tape you can find in every store in a popular gray color. You can even make wallets, clothes, and instruments made from the duct tape.

18. Microwaves


In 1937 microwave was known as a cavity magnetron, and it was used to signal a warning to troops in the war. At the moment, the only signal that this device gives is that your food is ready.

17. Cargo Pants


The British military was designer of the popular cargo pants. They are popular because you can put many things in pockets. Before the cargo pants soldiers storage their gear in backpacks. In the 1990s they went public, and both boys and girls love to wear them.

16. Aviator – Glasses


The company Bausch and Lomb made aviator sunglasses for pilots in 1936 because they need to protect their eyes from the sun during the flights. The aviator glasses very fast replaced flight goggles because they are thinner and weight a lot less. Today, the model of aviator glasses is still the most popular in the world.

15. GPS


US military developed a secret, a special project in 1973 called GPS, but it becomes operational only just in 1995. This innovation changed the road navigation forever, and the US government owns a platform for GPS India discovered in 1999 during the Kargil War.

14. EpiPen


The EpiPen was created during the Iraq war as an auto-injector for counteracting nerve gas. It was in 2009 when Sheldon Kaplan and his 4 teammates developed that invention. At the moment, millions of people are very happy and grateful for this invention, it saves many lives so far.

13. Weather Radar


In the World War II radar systems were used to track and locate the enemy, and when the war was over the whole equipment was given to the National Weather Service. The radar system was very successful in 1948, in Wichita, Kansas, when it helped in landing an airplane.

12. Jeeps


The US military always said that the Jeep is one of the most important weapons during World War II. At the beginning of the production, it was only 640,000 made. Today it is very popular to drive an SUV model, not only Jeep. The vehicles that were used for only a wartime transit now is one of the most popular vehicles for outdoor recreation.

11. Ambulance & ER Systems


The first ambulance system was used in Bull Run Battle in the Civil War. Many soldiers died because their wounds could not treat on the battlefield and there was no system for evacuation of the wounded soldiers. Johnathan Letterman, medical director for the Army of the Potomac created the first ambulance system. The first ambulance had a driver and two men who brought stretcher on the battlefield and picked up wounded soldiers.

10. Blood Bank & Transfusions


Thanks to World War I now we have blood bank and transfusions because when Lieutenant Lawrence Bruce Robertson saw bloodshed on the battlefield he developed a system for transfusion to save lives of the soldiers. The first transfusions were person-to-person, and techniques quickly improved.

9. Watch


The first persons to wore watches on the wrist were military personnel because they need to synchronize battlefield maneuvers. Today, this is a famous fashion accessorize and everyone loves to wear them.

8. Penicillin


Alexander Fleming during World War I was a captain of the Royal Army Medical Corps, and he saw that there is no cure for deep wounds and that many soldiers are died because of the infections. Later he discovered a mold that inhibited bacterial growth. He called it Penicillin, and the rest is history because it is still one of the most effective antibiotics.

7. Canned Foods

source: vojnapovijest.vecernji.h

The first canned foods appeared in 1810 when the French government thought of that. It is very efficient for the troops to have fresh food on the battlefield. You do not want your troops to be hungry. When the food is canned you can easily transport it from one place to another. At the moment, at the store, you can find all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat in cans.

6. Superglue


When the scientists were found superglue they were actually creating a material which will clear gun sights in World War II. The military rejected the substance that would stick to anything at the first contact, but the public love this experiment, and the superglue become a huge success on the market.

5. Digital Photography


In the 1970s, during the Cold War digital photography was born, and the first model was so huge, looked like big satellites. Today, we know and love DSLRs, and wherever you look you will see digital imagery. Even the cameras on your smartphones can snap beautiful photos.

4. Jerrycan


This popular fule tank was developed by the Germans in the 1930s before World War II. Every Jeep had a jerrycan in the back because it was the easiest way to carry fuel with you in the car.

3. Radio Control R/C


The most famous showing of radio control was in 1898 exhibition at Madison Square Garden when Nikola Tesla piloted an unmanned boat. He was using RC technology for controlling the boat. Later that innovation and technology was used in World War I for remote control torpedoes and ship targeting. Today, every little child has a vehicle on the radio control for playing and driving.

2. Computer


The development of the computer began in World War II when the scientists were making a machine to intercept and decipher Nazi war messages. With the Colossus, the first computer, started a modern, digital age. Today computers are much smaller, efficient, and they are part of our everyday life. You can not imagine your life without a computer anymore. They help us in our jobs, and all information we can search with them.

1. Internet


The United States military developt the Internet in their Advanced Research Projects Agency Network and the first technology that used was TCP/IP protocol. The founders of the Internet are Leonard Kleinrock, Donald Davies, Lawrence Roberts, Vintage Cerf, and Paul Baran. The modern Internet was born in 1989, and it pushed the modern, digital age in the new, improved direction.

Tips On Finding Long-Lost Friend

Some of you might’ve been in a situation where you’ve had to part ways with friends due to various reasons. It might’ve been when you were 7 years old or it might’ve been when you were 15. But reflecting on that brings an inner curiosity; wondering what has happened to your friend? Chances are that a lot of years have passed since that event, and chances are that your friend is living in a whole other state, even country.

It is one of the hardest things to find long-lost friends. Information is required and you don’t have much of it. But because of the nature of it, we are going to give you a couple of tips on finding long-lost friends. Stick around as this article will go through each method and hopefully you will find who you’re looking for in the future.

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• The Internet Is Your Best Guess

Nowadays, anything can be Googled with great ease and great success. The answers to any meaningful question can be found on Google or other search engines for that matter. But never underestimate the power of the Internet. The Internet can help you find your long-lost friend because there are a lot of tools available for you to use. Various websites serve as databases of names, and chances are your friend is on that database. According to TruthFinder, which is a type of website/database, the number of people who are searching for lost friends, family members, etc, is staggering. More and more friends are having to part ways at an early age due to various social and economic reasons that the young minds are too “young” to understand. Using one of these services might help you find your long-lost friends and they are quite easy to use. All that is required is the first name, last name, city, and the state that they are residing in.

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• Private Detective

Private detectives are like detectives only they work for you and not for the government. Private detectives are usually people who’ve previously been a police detective or even military personnel that have a great eye for solving crimes or uncovering truths. A private detective can greatly help you find the person you are looking for because he has done it already. We mentioned before that the numbers are staggering for people who are looking to reunite with lost friends and family members, and private detectives are at the front of it all. Due to being trained in the art of solving and uncovering, a private detective might be a great choice but do understand that they cost a fair price.

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• Do it Yourself

Of course, the last method of reuniting with lost friends is to simply do it yourself. If you have a lot of information on your hand then this can be a rather easy task for you. If you know where your friend lives, simply get in contact with them. If you can find them on Facebook or Twitter, do it and get in touch. While it’s not as straightforward as we say, but knowing a few of the variables can greatly help you solve the equation. All that is needed is your full dedication if you truly wish to be reunited with your long-lost friend or family member.

Internet Millionaire: Learn How to Get Rich on the Internet – and Fast


Looking to ditch the cooperate 9-5? More and more Americans are now working from home, taking charge and working purely for themselves.

This sounds like many of our ideal situations, but is it feasible? Striking it out on your own can be scary at first, but there are endless opportunities for making money online.

Need some insight on how to get rich on the internet? You’re in luck! Check out seven top ideas below you’ll definitely want to try.

1. Give Consulting a Try

Do you have years of experience in a specific industry? Maybe you worked as an accountant or are an expert in juvenile justice.

If so, consider becoming a consultant. As an authoritative figure in your field, people will listen to your advice in order to improve their products, businesses, etc.

2. Google AdSense

Take a look at the website you are currently on. Check your other tabs if necessary. See some ads? They are everywhere.

Did you know that you can actually make money off of them? No? Not many people do.

It’s super easy to set up. If you have a website or blog, simply sign up for a free Google AdSense Account.

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3. Be a Freelance Writer

Another way to make quick money on the internet is to offer up your writing skills. There is a huge demand for skilled content creators due to businesses needing blogs to assist with SEO.

Know a lot about upcoming technology? Offer to write about cryptocurrencies. Maybe you are a fitness buff and keep up on the latest fad diets. If so, ghostwriting posts about fitness and nutrition would probably be easy for you.

4. Sell a Webinar

If you already have a product or service you believe in, consider harnessing the power of webinars to boost sales.

It sounds complicated, but all a webinar really needs to do is provide useful tips to aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses looking to improve an internal aspect. Provide some tips and then pitch whatever you are selling.

5. How to Get Rich on the Internet: Test Out Websites

Creating a successful website doesn’t happen overnight. Most bigger sites go through rigorous testing. This factor means you can help them test sites and make money.

Companies like UserTesting or WhatUsersDo pay regular people to critique websites. They ask for feedback on everything from design to functionality.

See more details on this money making option and more on DollarSprout.

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6. Market Research

Business will pay you for their opinions. Yes, we are serious. Talking to real-life consumers like yourself will give them valuable customer data to drive future decisions.

While some will hold in-person focus groups, many will offer online surveys or video chats.

Time to Make Money from the Comfort of Your Home

As you can see, there are a ton of answers on how to get rich on the internet. Whether you are interested in writing or selling a course to professionals, there are options for you.

Looking for other money making options? Check out these tips on creating a mobile app everyone will want!