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T1 Tact Watch Brand Launches Internet Store, Announce More Watches For 2020

The men’s smartwatch company, T1 Tact watch, is blazing hot in 2020. The American brand has become a global sensation with viral buzz online in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, & more. The brand has launched its official internet store to deliver a direct storefront for the purchase of authentic T1 Tact Watches, hoping to connect with brand followers directly.

“We had to launch the store. Everyone’s trying to use our name. I’m not worried about it too much, however. I’m just excited about expanding into more watches for 2020. The new colorways for the T1 Tact are currently being settled,” said the watch brand owner, Rodrick Rainey, in a Facebook post.


The new colorways of the T1 Tact watches were not announced anywhere on the brand’s social media pages. The original Black model is for fans of military tactical gear, but the founder is sure to use his history in Urban fashion to inspire something trendsetting.

The T1 Tact Watch currently retails for a reasonable price of $59 (USD). Loaded with smartwatch technology for 2020, it’s easily sold by various retailers for over $100.

Features of the T1 Tact Watch include the latest technology. Bluetooth syncing with nearly any mobile device gives men who wear the watch a notification of calls and social media updates. Popular apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram can all be linked to the watch.


Other features of the watch are built for people who lead an adventurous or active lifestyle. For the gym, there’s a stopwatch, timer, alarm, and calorie counter functions. Those who enjoy running and walking can use the step-counting pedometer or distance counter.

The most remarkable feature for a man, who has a significant other is none of the above, however. A real man has to be great at taking the right selfies with the love of his life. With the T1 Tact Watch, you can activate any smart device camera at the push of a button. It has a ‘camera remote control’ function that syncs with your phone.

The official store is located online at All details of the watch can be read on the home page. Browse the simple shop to buy the trendy 2020 smartwatch.

How CouponsFor Online Shopping Works

The online coupons sites have been around for a long time, and some of them are very successful. The main operating principle is simple. Sites like Groupon, CouponsFor, and others offer their users massive discounts which they get from the retailers, provided they can get the minimum volume of shoppers to actually activate coupon. This so-called group shopping allows all the members in a group to get a huge price reduction without any effort. The entire mechanic is done by the site, and all the boring details are handled by the site admins. All a customer has to do is click on offer.

They don’t do it from the kindness of their hearts, of course. Coupon sites are compensated for their services by the retailers, usually a percentage of sales they generate for their clients. Some even charge their members a monthly or yearly fee in order to provide them with coupons. Others are free, like CouponsFor, and rely solely on retailers’ fee and ads they show on their pages.

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The other type of coupon sites are clippers. They function just like the coupons in magazines and newspapers. Their coupons are printable and are mostly used for grocery stores and other shops that are impractical for ordering online. Unlike the discount codes you get from other coupon sites, these are actual physical coupons that you have to print out and take with you to the store.

Coupon sites usually have a great selection of coupons for everyone, but the important thing to remember is that they mostly offer daily deals. This means that the offer is valid for a limited amount of time, usually ranging from one to five days, and if you don’t use the coupon during that period, it will expire. The retailers that offer these deals are relying on your impulses to make a purchase, often goading you into buying something you don’t really need (Have you seen Hoarders? This is how you become one of them). On the other hand, you can find some really sweet deals that can save you plenty of money if you can control your impulses and only buy the things you really need.

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