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4 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Custom Made Furniture

To be able to call our living are a home, the first precondition is to actually feel comfortable in it. And to reach that feeling of comfort the interior of our home has to be visually and functionally adjusted for all the people living with us. And this is where it usually gets complicated. Because of this, interior design has to answer more questions, than you thought of initially. Besides functionality, we all expect a home to be the space we feel comfortable in, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be practical as well. For some people, it means having the right color, details, type of furniture, and material.

All these things make your home furnishing a very challenging project, requiring time and thinking. Not just investment, or expense. When furnishing your new home, adjusting it to your new lifestyle, consider buying custom made furniture. Various reasons prove this is a good idea, but be careful, because once you decide this, also try to avoid buying cheap. Although it sounds appealing, that you’ll get a custom design, for a lesser price, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t.

In the following text we’ll give you the answer to the question – why not?

1. Long-term, it’s going to end up more expensive

The first reason is because of its life expectancy. Very simple. You choose to buy cheap, custom-made furniture, it looks great, fits even better, but soon after it’s starting to worn out and damage. It happens even faster than you’ve expected. The logical thing that follows is you need to buy a new piece of furniture. The end calculation shows that it was way smarter to invest more in the first place, and buy a quality custom made piece of furniture, something that can be passed on from generation to generation. Check here to find out how custom-made furniture, with the potential to become a family treasure, looks like.

2. Not every piece of wood is the same


The thing that makes all the difference between the materials used by cheap custom-made furniture producers and the quality ones, is the material they use. Before you decide to buy a wooden piece of furniture, double-check which type of wood is being used to make it, because the eye cannot recognize the difference in wood quality. It will tell you how long you can expect to use it.

Having a closed made of plywood, MDF, or solid wood, is not the same. Cheap stuff is usually made of the first two, the third option on the other hand has a promising future, and therefore is a good investment.

Another trick cheap manufacturer use is the combination of solid and plywood. Check if your furniture is made entirely out of solid wood, to avoid disappointment later. If you’re not a professional, it will be difficult to notice the difference between these two.

Manufacturers who produce cheap custom-made furniture also tend to use less quality finishing layers.

Those made of oil or wax (polished) are of better quality and more beautiful, and lacquered ones are more practical to maintain. The quality of it will show how quickly the finishing layers get scratched, damaging the wood underneath. The maintenance and cleaning are depending on these layers, as well.

3. Not every piece of leather is the same

A lot of different types of leather is being used for producing furniture, and it gets really difficult to tell the difference in quality. If the seller says the material is just as the real leather or artificial one, this is your alarm sign. It doesn’t have to mean it trash, but if it’s cheap you’ll know the genuine leather will not be sold at that price if it’s the same quality. After all, the appearance of your home will depend on the color, fabric design, and structure of the furniture you buy.

4. The quality of construction, fittings, and infill


Most seating or reclining furniture (sets and beds) used in the home consists of some construction that is upholstered in a suitable material to achieve comfort and an attractive appearance.

The quality of the construction, what material it is made of, the joints are all the things that separate cheap furniture from a quality one. It’s important to try to assess the durability based on what you have seen when you order. If you ask the manufacturer, of course, he will tell you all the best about his work, but ask him for test data that more or less each model of furniture must pass.

In addition to its functionality, the hardware also has a visual task. Don’t allow yourself to be attracted by its beauty but check how it performs its basic function. What’s the purpose of a nice drawer if it jams every time you open it or if the kitchen element door closes every time with a deafening bang? And for fittings, the quality custom-making manufacturer should present you with test certificates on the number of openings/closures.

Also, pay attention to the material from which they are made. Avoid buying plastic, it will certainly have a shorter life expectancy than metal. Look for a mechanical opener (zipper) and feel free to see what the infill looks like. Polyurethane foam is the most common material for making upholstered furniture. There are several types of foam used in furniture production. When buying seating furniture, quality custom made will have the built-in sponge is of standard elasticity or increased elasticity, because the latter will last much longer.

The price of custom-made furniture says a lot about its quality. It is as people like to say, how much you invest is how much you can expect. In the furniture world, the price is a great indicator confirming quality. Investing more money in your custom-made piece of furniture now, and later you will come to fully understand why this investment was important. Also, focus on the manufacturers with an existing reputation.

4 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Designer

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and we do everything we can to improve the look of every item we own. We spend hours researching interior design, and we try to copy the way celebrities’ homes look. Some people are more successful in this than others, but one thing is for sure, we don’t give up! If you are a first-time homeowner, you know that even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. Some people go for comfort and they try to incorporate comfortable pieces that can match the rest of the room. On the other hand, there are also people who believe that as long as the room looks picture-perfect, you don’t need to be extremely comfortable all the time. The problem with this is that most of us don’t believe that you can combine comfort with looks and that you always have to choose one or the other when it comes to furniture.

Furniture designers, by definition, are the people who come up with the ideas of the design for different manufacturers. They are able to create amazing pieces depending on what the client requires, and they can pretty much design anything that you have imagined. These people don’t work only for large corporations, and they can also be hired by independent homeowners who want to take their style one step further. In this article, we are going to give you some reasons why hiring a professional would be the right choice for you. We will talk to you how you can benefit from them, no matter if you are the owner of a large company for manufacturing, or if you just want to make your home better and unique. Know that comfort and style can be combined, you don’t have to miss out on anything, and here we will tell you how is that possible.

1. Create unique pieces

The first thing we are going to talk about is uniqueness. In a world where everything is created in bulk, it is hard to purchase something that one of your friends doesn’t own anymore. Even though the same piece will look differently in separate homes, it is still the same piece. Unless you are ready to spend a lot of money to purchase a luxury piece of furniture, you have to accept that you are going to do your shopping in the same places your friends do, and you will end up with similar things.

Well, that does not have to be the case. When you contact a furniture designer, they will be able to create something for you that no one else has. Even if you and your friends use the services of the same person, there won’t be two of the same pieces. That gives you a unique touch to your interior design, and you won’t have to worry about anyone else purchasing the same thing you already own.

2. You can choose the type of custom furniture

The next thing that is a good enough reason is that when you choose to go with a personal designer, you don’t have to depend on stores. You can easily just hire a person that will do everything for you, and you can be a part of the whole process.

In case you don’t want to order a special piece just for yourself, or if you don’t think you can get in touch with a furniture creator, you can easily order a piece from a store. According to HDS, if you are looking for luxury unique pieces, you can find them in some of the stores that create pieces like this, and they are custom made just for you.

3. Perfectly match the rest of the room

Now let’s talk about something that is a huge issue for everyone – the size of the room. No matter how big of a room you have, there is always not enough space for all the things you want to do. Even if you choose minimalistic pieces, you still don’t know how to combine them so one part of the room is not too crowded while the other one is pretty bare.

By choosing custom made sofas or tables, you will be the one who chooses not only the design but also the size of the pieces. This gives you so much wiggle room, and you are free to decide if you want to go with a centerpiece table that will be larger than life, and tone it down on the other things.

Make sure you know the exact measurements before you place your order because just one inch can make a lot of difference.

4. Consider the prices

When we think about equipping our home, we don’t want to spend too much money. If you just bought your first house, you are probably tight on money, and you want to cut costs anywhere you can. Because of this, most of us believe that when we are purchasing the same sofas everyone else has, we are actually saving some money.

In reality, when you consider all costs, including the cost of replacing those same pieces that will get damaged in less than a year, you will be spending three of four times the money. When you go with a professional creator, you are the one that chooses the materials used. With it, you can choose the price of the finished product, and you can basically create the pieces depending on your budget.

If you consider all costs for every piece in your home, you will realize that getting everything custom made will cost less, and it will create the perfect space you’ve envisioned all your life.

Once you think about all of these things, you will realize that you don’t have to miss out on anything, and you are free to choose the design you want. You will be in charge of choosing all the things, starting from the type of wood or metal, up to the fabric, shapes, colors, and sizes. This gives you the chance to create anything you want, and you won’t have to deal with the table not fitting in the dining room, or the night table being too high or too low compared to the bed itself.

Know that when you are investing in unique furniture, you are actually investing in your happiness and pleasure. The little things make life worth living, so stop buying things everyone else has, and think about what you want.

How Many Ways to Get Training of Interior Designing?

Too many professions are emerging nowadays, so If you want to get the career of interior design, then you have several ways to go about it. It would help if you chose a way that suits your taste and your skillset. If you know how to go about this, you will end up in a great career.

To start with, you can apply for an art degree in interior design at your college. It is not compulsory, but it is always good to have an education with Muse design. Once you have finished, you can find jobs that are best suited to your skills.

Schools are best to train students professionally

Some various schools and colleges offer a form of interior design job that suits you. There are many kinds of schools that prepare people for different types of work. In most cases, they prepare students for the profession of interior design.

After getting a degree in interior design, you can find jobs in many places, such as in organizations, institutions, and local recruitment agencies. To do training programs online, which can help you get trained. However, you should ensure that you read a lot before you sign up for the program or course.

Complete your education to find your career In designing

There are some things that you can do to make the best of the training and the fresh possibilities that you have. The first thing is to plan what you want to do when you finish your education. You can decide on a particular career path. It will make it simple for you to find a career in interior design.

Move ahead with confidence to achieve your goal

Once you know what career path you want to take, you can move forward with confidence. Get the course or degree that is suitable for you. Once you have started working, you can use your education to your advantage. Make sure that you will train well enough to make you able to do your job.

Make yourself up for the best career options available

Make use of your training and set for the best career options available.

1. It can help you to secure a job where you can enjoy your work. There are many opportunities out there, but it is always better to prepare for them.

2. You can also find various training facilities that help you get trained. These facilities are available online, at your college, and even in some hotels and stores. Find the one that suits you and stick to it.

3. Interior designers who are happy in their careers find ways to be more creative. This can contribute to beautiful creative and furnishing works of art.

4. One thing that you can do to ensure that you get the best training and education is to take courses at a school that is close to where you live.

5. You can be trained at your place and find a suitable career. It is a convenient option because you can learn right at home and for your pace.

6. You can make sure that you do not miss any critical deadlines and that you can keep up with your regular projects.

7. If you want to get training, you can choose to work for yourself or an organization.

8. If you work for yourself, you will get the chance to learn and establish in your career. You can even open your own business.

Once you get training in interior design, you can choose to work in various fields. That can be your chosen career for life. Do not rush into a decision; take your time to search out a course that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Best Ways to Get Training of Interior Designing

There are many ways to get training in interior design. Some are easy, some take money and time, and some require a degree. We’ve gone through all three and found that most of them are a little bit of a waste of time and money.

Get training through paid courses or workshops

We’ll see the first way at is through paid classes or seminars. They cost money and are easy to obtain but do not guarantee you will learn anything at all. There are a lot of people who have tried this route and never actually finished the course. It’s like taking a boot camp on the road.

Get your training through an online platform

The second way to get interior design training is by going online. It’s cheaper and faster, but you have to be careful when doing this method. You need to make sure you choose the right website. There are a lot of sites out there that provide information but do not give you advice on what kind of jobs you should be applying for. It’s a shame because if they advertised for positions that you have no interest in getting it would be useful.

Get training from professional sectors

The third most natural way to get training in interior design is to get it from an individual.

  • It’s okay if you are self-employed or are looking for a job. They know what they are talking about so you can trust them. The less formal the teacher is, the better as you can question what you want.
  • When you decide to try out an instructor first, you must be very mindful of the person’s reputation as a professional designer you are considering.
  • It is because some are just in it for the money, and many will not even make any real efforts to teach you or help you with your work.
  • Instead, they may go to great lengths to talk you into buying their product. If you find this a problem then you should be aware that you may not have a choice but to go with another teacher.
  • There are some legitimate ways to get training in interior design if you try to find it. The easiest way is to find a classroom or workshop that specializes in teaching you.
  • If this is not possible, try to locate one that will send you home with a DVD or video training of interior design. It gives you a tutorial but not a test so you can work on your own time to see if you like the concepts.


If you want to have more control over your boss, then why not try to find someone who has already done the work for you. A person that has already had a lot of experience in the field will be able to provide you with lots of references, information, and advice. For some reason, some people don’t like doing the work themselves and prefer to let someone else do it. That might be a problem.

Those are our three options when it comes to ways to get training in interior design. It’s a difficult choice and should be left up to you to determine whether or not a particular person will help you with your career.

Interior Design Tips: How To Turn Your House Into a Cozy Home

If you want to switch things up in your home or apartment in order to make it more cozy and homey, or if you have just moved into a new house, you will definitely want it to become a home. There is something so special about walking into your home that reflects your personality so well.

This article below will help you learn what you can do in order to turn your house into a home – and trust me when I say that you can entirely change it by making a few changes and adding some things to it. Let’s take a look at the interior design tips and tricks that you can use:

1. Start By Displaying Your Favorite Memories

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One of the easiest ways you can make a house your home is to frame your favorite pictures with your family members, friends, pets, and so on. This will add a lot of personality to a room. You can opt for creating a gallery wall that will feature these pictures, or you can choose to print larger pictures and hang them around the rooms.

Another way that you can create a personal space is to perhaps frame your children’s artwork, especially since they are often colorful and quirky. You might be positively surprised by how good the artwork can look like with a frame and a little bit of glass.

2. Make Everything Work

You will want to have a space that will function properly together. When we are renovating our homes, or in this case making it our own, we often tend to focus on the aesthetics more than the functionality and storage space that the rooms offer. That is why you should also focus on the storage space in your home.

Choose to invest in storage pieces that are visually appealing and one that will add some texture to the room. For example, you can opt for getting a large, open bookcase, some handmade baskets for storing smaller items, as well as wooden consoles that will improve the atmosphere of the room. These will also allow you to showcase your favorite items and decorations.

3. Do Not Forget About The Carpets

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If a room is completely unfurnished, you will notice that the floors do not absorb the sound and every step you take will echo in the room. This can be solved by adding furniture, however, there will be no texture and coziness to a room. That is why you should opt for adding a carpet – and it will not only add coziness, but it will add texture as well.

Think about adding a carpet or rug – of course, one that will fit your furniture style and color – and you will instantly warm up the room and it will add more texture and personality, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

4. Use The Walls in Your Home

If you do not have a lot of floor storage space, using the walls will not only be interesting, but it will also boost the functionality of the interior. Simple or complex shelves will add personality and they can add more storage space for displaying personal items in bedrooms and living rooms.

Another great thing about using the walls is that you can add more storage space in your bathroom and kitchen. Hence, you will be able to place plates and glasses on the shelves in your kitchen, while you might choose to add cosmetic products or cleaning supplies on the shelves in your bathroom. If you need some design ideas, check out

5. Choose Longer And Wider Curtains

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It is not weird for apartments and houses to have simple blinds or shades, but if you want to improve how your home feels and looks like, you should hang curtains close to the ceiling – and they should also go all the way to the floor. This will allow you to open up the entire space and it will add more texture.

6. Adding Art Will Make Rooms Lively and Interesting

Now, just because it is art, it does not mean that it has to be super expensive. Instead of purchasing original artworks that will cost thousands of dollars, you can simply buy cheap prints and frame them. Adding art will make rooms more lively and interesting and one of the best things about adding some pieces of art is that they are great conversation starters.

7. Lighting Will Tie The Room Together

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Besides adding a floor, table, and wall lamp, you can also choose to try something totally different – pendant lights. These are incredibly versatile and modern, and once you see how many options you have, you will definitely be able to find some that will fit your décor and furniture. These will add a warm touch and you will enjoy how it ties the room together.

8. Say “Goodbye” to The Clutter

Another way to make your house homey is to get rid of the cluster in all rooms – and yes, that includes the garage, basement, and attic as well. You can donate what you do not need, throw what you cannot use anymore, and sell what you can. Also, if you decide to keep something, separate them in boxes and label them. This will help you stay organized and there will be no mess or clutter in your home. In the end, your home will look more spacious, brighter, and well organized.

9. Forget About The Current Trends

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When you have the chance to decorate your home as you want, you should not follow current trends. Instead, do exactly what you want to do. Of course, you can collect ideas from websites and magazines, but you should try to make it your own. Want a black ceiling? Paint it black. Want to add a giant plant? Do just that. By not following the trends, you will truly make your house a home. Take up an interior design course from the National Design Academy so you can decorate your home and your clients out of absolute knowledge and taste, not a fad.


As you can see, the things mentioned above are simple, yet, they can drastically change how your home looks and feels like. Hence, now that you know what tweaks you can make, do not waste any more time, and start thinking about what you will do to make a house your home.

Moving to a new house: how to make it a new home

Real estate remains a safe bet and each year several hundred thousand apartments are sold. Among these sales, a significant proportion of real estate that needs a more or less important upgrade. What are the tips for a successful makeover of your new place?

Buy an apartment to renovate it?

Renovating an apartment does not only require materials or ideas. These are works that can be long and bring multiple complications between need and fulfillment.

Several situations can arise when buying an apartment:

  • The apartment has already been renovated, wall coverings and interior design you like: in this case, you just have to put your bags. It should be noted however that the price will be related to the investment of previous owners. It is rare to buy a property at a price lower than the market if there is nothing to do when entering.


  • The apartment requires a simple upgrade such as electrical installation or painting work: this is the most common cause and one in which the risk/benefit ratio is most favorable. You can even make the painting job easier with the right tools. Reviews are available on Top10Goods!


  • The apartment is damaged (infiltrations, very old dilapidated ..) And / or it is poorly arranged: attention, this type of purchase requires either a successful experience in works or to be well surrounded by a general building company. The greater the difficulty, the more you can negotiate the price, but beware of the surprises that are inevitable in this type of site. If you are looking for right condo for you , check this out.

How to prepare the renovation?

Proceed methodically in the following order to evaluate yourself the extent of the project:

  • If you do not have the original plans, refer to the parts section of the diagnostic report to create a paper document or better a 3D plan using online software that you can find online. The advantage of computer modeling is that it will allow you to play with the arrangements very easily. Everything does not appear on the diagnosis, you will, for example, measure some walls to evaluate the m2 of tiles you will need.


  • List all the work to be done in your apartment room by room with the maximum of details according to your wishes.


  • Even if the contractor can do it, buying the materials yourself can be financially rewarding. With your plans, make quotes on materials (flooring, tiles, windows, etc. ..) from different suppliers. Do not forget to budget + 10% on the overall cost to address the unexpected.

Optimization of space

Even more than the size of an apartment that can vary (25m², 50m², 100m², a large living room or several small rooms separated by walls), it is the optimization of the space that will give a solid base to your renovation.

Think about the spaces before starting to work. If necessary, if you wish to open a load-bearing wall, involve a concrete engineer for technical studies in addition to the advice of your project manager.

It is common that in old housing the rooms must be redistributed and the impact on the building structure should not be underestimated.

Blackout Blinds For Decorating Elegant Rooms

Nowadays the blinds have great strength in the interior design and you can find them in many materials.

According to the source, the most common are wood, vinyl, fabric, and aluminum. Also, the designs are diverse and very attractive.

Types of Blinds


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They are the most common. They completely block the passage of light, insulate the windows from the outside and add an extra air chamber that dampens the noise pollution from the outside. Also, when they get up, they leave the window completely clear.


Img Source:

They are composed of sheets of different materials such as aluminum, wood, PVC, plastic, etc. arranged horizontally. Depending on the inclination you give to the sheets, it will allow you to regulate the entry of light. Venetian is entirely used in decoration either alone or also occupying the area of the curtain.

Its main advantage is adequate regulation of the amount of light that enters the space but does not entirely eliminate the passage of it. They are also the best type of temperature regulation functions of the room because the desired light path is achieved.


Img Source:

It has a function quite similar to that of the curtains, without advantages for air conditioning, reducing the luminosity with a simple mechanism.


Img Source:

According to, just as roller shutters completely block the entry of light and do not require a drawer to roll the slats.

Advantages of The Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are an excellent system of lighting control, which help you achieve total darkness at night, and almost total during the day, which is ideal for rest. Believe it or not, the correct installation of blinds achieves the same effect of total darkness as the blinds.

They are perfect for sun protection since they avoid the entry of solar radiation not required. Therefore, they must be installed in the windows that are exposed to the sun. Of course, they do not have a good behavior such as that of awnings or well-designed overhangs, because the heat is stored between the shutter and the window.

Certain types of blinds, such as self-locking safety blinds, improve home security. However, to be truly useful they have to be completely closed.

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What Do You Have to Take Into Account When Buying Blackout Blinds?

When choosing new blinds or curtains for your room, you have to evaluate four important points very well:


It is determined by the personal, confidential and intimate life of a place or moment.


It is the perceptible quality that lets you observe things at a certain distance. The less visibility there is, the fewer things will be seen in the distance; while with greater clarity, more distant things can bee observed.


It occurs when a blind allows light to enter so that objects are not seen clearly. When light is not allowed to enter appreciably we are talking about opacity.

Light control

There is when a body or thing is superimposed against the light forming controlled conditions that will provide shadows in smaller or greater proportion as desired.

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Choose The Perfect Blackout Blinds For Your Home

Consider the decoration of your home. Before choosing any type of blinds, it is important that you have in mind the decoration of the room you plan to add, so you will find the blinds that fit this aspect. For example, if you want to give your stay a plus you have to opt for vertical pattern blinds.

Apart from the decorative purpose, you must worry about the thickness and if they really help to prevent the passage of sunlight.

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Type of room

In the case of a house, the different rooms will need different types of blinds for the windows. For example:

  • A study room or a drawing room need blinds that let in a good amount of sunlight.
  • In the bathrooms, blinds must be installed to help conserve privacy.


This is another point that you must take into account. Nowadays there are quite a few styles that can make choosing the right blinds for the windows a bit more complicated. Therefore, you have to think carefully about the design style of your stay and choose the blinds that go according to it.

  • If you have many modern objects in your room, I suggest you choose contemporary style
  • If your stay has an old touch, you should opt for blinds that are made of natural materials such as wood.
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Blackout Blinds and Curtains Care

  • Do not leave cords or dinners within the reach of pets or children to avoid possible accidents.
  • Do not remove the connectors or stops of the chains.
  • To raise or lower the blind, pull the chain or the string with a speed and a suitable force, otherwise, you can break the brake or detach the blind.
  • Do not open the window when the shutter is down or when the shutter is closed.
  • Take into account pick up or raise the blind when you go to sweep, vacuum or mop the floor.
  • Use the glass cleaner properly, placing it first on a rag and not directly on the window so as not to stain the fabrics, the slats or the strings.