Intensive Care

Boris Johnson can Breathe Without Assistance


Boris Johnson, who was recently tested positive for coronavirus, is placed on medical care at St Thomas Hospital in London. However, his condition is under control, and some rumors that say how he was unable to breathe, and being place on intensive care are not true. Furthermore, he is not under treatment with a mechanical ventilator. He only received regular treatment with oxygen and his health condition is currently stable.

Boris was received in a hospital after his health rapidly worsened in a short period. Many of his colleagues from the British government felt frightened for his health, and are worried since there are still too many people that do not abide by the recommendation to socialize less and try to stay isolated.

The Prime Minister is now in quarantine, and his replacement is now the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who will fulfill his duties as long Johnson is in isolation. Also, the Great Britain is now worried about the situation in the state, and the rise of fake news. We are waiting for the news from the appointment of Queen and Prime Minister, and her choice of who will take his role in this situation.

Also, we can see words of support from other leaders, and Trump even offered some alternative ways of treatment for Boris Johnson. The doctors preventively took him on intensive care to be near a ventilator in case his condition went worse.

The situation with the pandemic in the United Kingdom is getting more serious, and it still didn`t reach its full potential. There are more than 50,000 people infected with COVID-19, while the number of deaths passed over 5000.

The best thing in this situation is to obey the rules that said that we should keep distance, and stay isolated as much as we can. Also, in case of any symptoms, report to the medical center to get tested. We are all hoping that this will get over soon.

Boris Johnson in an Intensive Care


The prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, was admitted to a hospital in London. He was admitted on Sunday, ten days after his test turned out positive for COVID-19. During these ten days, he had all of the major symptoms of a coronavirus. On Sunday, he was placed for further tests. However, since then, his health state has deteriorated. It looks like that the prime minister Johnson is going to require ventilation.

Before the prime minister was even tested for a coronavirus, he asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputize him when needed, and if needed. Party’s spokesmen released a statement where he says that the condition of the prime minister worsened and that he was transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital. Furthermore, he said that Boris Johnson is receiving the best possible care and that he is thankful to all of the staff for their dedication and work.

Moreover, we found out that the decision to move the prime minister to intensive care was made on Monday at 7 pm. We receive this news shortly after Dominic Raab stated that the prime minister is in the hospital and that he is in good spirits. As we found out, Boris Johnson didn’t travel by ambulance car to the hospital, instead, he was driven by a private transportation.

Johnson’s pregnant fiancée, Carrie Symonds, stated that she spent a week in bed with flu followed by the COVID-19 symptoms. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, said that these are terrible news and that her thoughts, as well thoughts of people are with prime minster now.