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Demi Rose Flaunts Her Hourglass Figure

Like many celebrities, Demi Rose also takes to social media for quenching the quarantine boredom: The British model held a Q&A session for her fans on Instagram, and she shared her hot pictures along with the replies. Some of them include her laying in a hammock while showing her attributes wearing a leopard bikini, and her posing all nude while commenting on how much she loves Tequila.


The British Model continues to amaze her fans with her gorgeous figure wearing a leopard bikini and sipping Tequila. Demi also posted some pictures of Ibiza, proclaiming love for its beaches. We are sure Demi can’t wait for quarantine to be over so she can once again live the beach life she loves so much.

Aside from her smoking hot pics on her Story, Demi also surprised her fans with an Easter gift: another pic of her in an orange bikini showing off her behind while smiling into the camera, check it out:


Is this too much Jojo Babie for you?

Jojo Babie has been showing off her smoking hot body in a variety of photos on her Instagram account. This time, the Asian model decided to share a collage of 29 pictures created by one of her fans.


In the snap, we can see Jojo in different outfits, each one highlighting her curvy physique.

This picture is so special and unique because fans cannot decide where to look first!

In the middle part, Jojo poses in a tiny black shirt and exposes most of her underboob and flat stomach. Then, if you look down, you can see her lying on her stomach and displaying her perfect round booty. For that photo, she wore nothing but animal-print thongs. She also let her long blonde locks down.

In the right corner, Jojo rocks a tiny black dress that barely covers her cleavage.


If you analyze each picture carefully, you will, for sure, have a lot of fun.

The model captioned the picture: “Could you handle 29 Jojos?

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

If you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is, well, you may have lived under a rock for the past decade. Almost everyone on this planet with an Internet connection knows about her. Some adore her, while others can’t stand seeing her face, but everyone must agree that she is one of the best marketing experts out there.

Kim Kardashian has 165 million followers on Instagram and 64.5 followers on Twitter, which is a considerable following. She is the queen of all influencers, the one that started all, and there’s little (or none) that she can’t sell to her fans.

You don’t need to love her nor follow her and her family adventures and dramas, but you can learn a lot from her. She has skills and expertise, so we are going to share with you some of the lessons you need to learn from the fabulous Kim K.

The Lessons Kim Kardashian Can Teach You

1. Be Confident Even If You Aren’t

This may sound confusing, but that’s what not only Kim K. does, but her whole family. Most of them (the female part) are so confident that can be scary on some level. Sometimes they have a reason for their confidence, but most of the time, they don’t. So if you want to make it, sometimes you have to fake it. Be over the top, just like Kim, even if you are not in the mood that day, and see where it will get you.

2. Turn Every Negative Thing Into a Positive One

Knowing how to turn negative things into opportunities is like a sort of art. Just remember what happened when a video of Kim “doing it” got leaked. She didn’t get shy; she didn’t run away in her cave; she embraced the situation and won a lawsuit. Once that was done, and she had $5 million more, from the trial, in her bank account, she invested that in her business. So you need to know those bad things will happen, but you don’t want to feel devastated about that. See how you can change the whole situation into your advantage and learn from that experience. If you’ve had a good deal gone bad, know that it’s not the end of the world.

3. Don’t Make It All About Yourself

Yes, we’ve just told you that you need to be extra confident like Kim to succeed, but you don’t want to overdo it. Kim makes everything about her, but at the same time, she knows how and when to be thoughtful about others. You need to focus on things that your audience wants and needs and try to help them. For those in the real estate business, you can easily do this by giving advice, sharing the favorite spots in the neighborhood, giving contacts to constructors, or moving companies. Be of service to people, and people will love you. Nobody likes a person that overly self-centered, nor someone that doesn’t know how to listen.

4. You Need to Know Your Audience

This lesson is connected to the previous one. If you want to be successful with your audience, you need to know them. You will know how to communicate with your audience once you know who your audience is. And once you connect with them, they will think of you as someone authentic. Yes, sometimes you need to fake it a little until you make it, but don’t overdo it. People will sense if you are not real, and they will not trust you. First, you need to think about yourself, your expertise, business strengths, interest, and knowledge. And then think about how you can use that to attract and apply to your targeted audience.

5. Engage With That Audience

The next step, once you’ve found your audience is to engage with them. People love to know things about other people; they invest themselves in other people’s lives, their happiness, and their drama – that’s the reason why everyone from the Kardashian family is so famous. What’s even better than that is those people get a chance to interact with their favorite celebrity. That’s why Kim often asks her Instagram followers what bag she should bring with her what shoes she should wear. She knows what to wear, or her stylists know, but she wants you to participate. In that way she makes people part of her live and her story. And that’s what you need to do. Create accounts, ask people for their opinion about your new listing, ask them when they want a new listing out – be creative.

6. The Power of a Good Photo

The members of the Kardashian family know how to take a good photo. They look perfect, so perfect that you want to be like them. Yes, they are not natural, the images are photoshopped – but people don’t care. They want to look at those perfect photos, and they want to have that same lifestyle. Just like them, you need to have a perfectly curated profile with gorgeous images. But be sure to put some photos of you and your life there. If you want to sell people a perfect house, that’s good. But you should try and sell them the ideal lifestyle that you have. Lure them with your perfect photos of your home, your brunches, or your travels. Because if they like what you do, and how do you live, people will want to buy something from you.

Diddy Called Kylie Jenner an Inspiration for Women of Color, and the Fans are Angry

The Bad Boy mogul commented on Kylie Jenner. He went on Instagram Live with Kylie in a bid to raise money to fight the coronavirus.

While praising Jenner’s personal contributions, he called her an inspiration for women of color, which didn’t go well with some viewers.

Aside from being an artist, Diddy is a socially conscious person who tries to inspire positive action and help people in need. That is why he held a dance-a-thon coronavirus fundraiser on Instagram Live on April 12. Its aim was to raise money for workers who are on the frontlines.

Kylie was among the many celebrities who joined in. She received instant praise from Diddy for all of her contributions to coronavirus relief efforts.

After Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked the influencers to help fight the virus, Kylie started sharing tips with her fans. She also donated $1 million to the cause and delivered sanitizer to medical professionals.

“Today is about giving love, and I wanna tell you as a hustler — I been a hustler for a long time — your hustle is unmatched,” he said. “I got [two] daughters, and you’re such an inspiration to them and all women of all color.”

It appears that most fans just could not believe he went there. One viewer shared a tweet that said: “Diddy just told Kylie that she’s an inspiration for all women of color….. he been lying all night just to get a dollar.”

“Diddyreally told Kylie that she’s an inspiration to all women of color… IM SICKKKK,” another viewer twitted, “has he lost it?????”

“DIDDY did not just say that Kylie is an inspiration to WOC…. WHAT” they continued.

However, some people defended the stars.

“Please stop trying to make an issue he did not say ‘women of color’ he said ‘All women of ALL COLOR,'” a fan wrote.

“She’s never tried to be black, and she’s never done anything hateful. She’s a positive influence on young people and has done great things that she doesn’t even put out for everyone to see. You can’t hate on her she’s a beautiful person inside and out,”  another person added.

Kim Kardashian or Demi Rose: Who is the Ultimate Instagram Queen?

Even though Kim Kardashian is often titled ‘The Instagram Queen’, there are girls who are seriously climbing the social media ladder and becoming her competition. One of these girls is Demi Rose, the famous British lingerie model. In fact, the KUWTK star and Demi have a lot in common. Take look below to find out what these two celebrities have in common.

For starters, both Kim Kardashian and Demi Rose like to post selfies and belfies or bum selfies on their accounts. Not only do these photos bring them popularity but they also bring them money from advertising lingerie. Another similarity between the two is a huger number of followers. The question is: who is the ultimate Instagram queen? Well, according to the numbers it is safe to say that Kim Kardashian, who has 165 million, undoubtedly wins this battle. Demi Rose has a fan base of 13.8 million. Nevertheless, Rose is becoming more and more popular by the day, and who knows – maybe one day she will beat Kim Kardashian and take her title.

What else do we know about British diva Demi Rose?


According to what Rose said in her interviews, Kim Kardashian is one of her role models and a person who she looks up to.

The famous model also opened up about her difficult past and struggles with bullying. “Bullies used to throw chewing gum in my hair and pull chairs away as I was about to sit on them. I hated it. They all thought I looked and acted weird. I couldn’t wait to finish.”


Demi often speaks about her lifestyle in an interview to The Sun. She spoke about the luxuries and glam life, but also about who she truly is. On that occasion she said: “I have an amazing life travelling the world and showing off curves to rival the Kardashians. I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I’m just Demi, a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky.”

Despite the fact that Demi Rose is not the most followed person on the Instagram yet, she will probably have a bright future when it comes to the popularity, considering the fact that almost anything she does is closely followed by the public eye.

Bella Hadid Reached out to Selena Gomez after the Instagram Deletion Drama

Selena Gomez made it clear on Instagram that there was no drama between her and Bella Hadid after Bella deleted a photo Selena commented on. But there is a backstory that led to Selena making her final statement defending Bella.

Sources connected to Bella say that the model “actually went out of her way to reach out to Selena this weekend to squash any potential beef.”

Selena and Bella had public drama in 2017 when Gomez started dating Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, singer The Weeknd.

Both of these women unfollowed each other on Instagram, and that attracted the attention of fans. Selena and The Weeknd broke up in October 2017. This November, she re-followed Hadid on Instagram. She even commented “Stunning 😍” on one of her Instagrams this weekend, Bella took the post down shortly after. When a Selena Gomez Instagram fan account pointed out the model deleted the Instagram, Sel commented “That sucks 😢”

The sources revealed the two talked after Hadid took the post down when there was speculation it was because of Selena. It wasn’t. “Bella told Selena it was never about taking a shot, the model simply deleted because she didn’t like the pic,” the source added.


After the conversation, Gomez commented a second time on a fan account’s Instagram in order to explain she should not have spoken out without getting Bella’s side of the story and told the fans not to bully Hadid. “I shouldn’t have spoken without knowing the truth. I’m sorry,” Sel wrote. “Please don’t be hurtful. She is a wonderful person, and it was all a misunderstanding.”

Jojo Babie Teases Fans in the Home Alone

Internet sensation Jojo Babie thrilled thousands of fans on social media after she posted a sultry snapshot of herself on Monday, April 13. The famous model took to Instagram to share the picture with her 9.7 million followers.

The 31-year-old American bombshell took a selfie looking flawless as always. Her cleavage was the center of everyone’s attention since her tiny shirt failed to cover it.

Jojo did not wear a bra, which made her fans even happier.


The stunner let her long blond hair down, covering the cleavage. She wore a full face of makeup, including well-defined eyebrows, foundation, bronzer, black eyeliner, and false lashes. She also wore light pink lipstick.

Jojo captioned the photo: “Bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored.” Even though we are all quite bored in quarantine, this beauty always fixes our day with hot pictures. She also did that yesterday, wishing us Happy Easter in a tiny blue bikini.


The fans loved both of these, sharing love in the comment section.

Ricky Martin’s Son Looks Identical to His Husband

Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef decided to present the public with the picture of their son through posts on Instagram. This time, it was their son Renn. The boy is the fourth child from this family, who just turned 6 months. The proud parents decided to share some of the latest images with their followers. These images had a significant response from the followers since the child is looking exactly like Jwan Yosef. Some of the fans started calling that child Mini Jwan. Besides Renn, the couple has one-year-old daughter Lucia, and Valentino and Matteo who are twins. This makes them one of the biggest as well as popular among all families of the entertainment industry.

On the 29th of October, the couple shared information about a new addition to their family. This news was shared through their social network accounts. This week, they decided to share some adorable images of the little one.


The fans reacted immediately with statements that a baby Renn looks like a Jwan. If you take a good look at the pictures on their Instagram profiles, you will see that there is a serious resemblance. If you take a careful look at it, you will see that they share the same stare. Looks like the Syrian-origin artist is enlightened by becoming a father for the fourth time.

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