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Australian Model Jade Kevin Foster rocks ripped diesel denim


The world of fashion and modeling has been on the rise for the past few decades, and especially with the eruption the social media a lot of the stars have become quite an influencers as well. Among many, one of the fastest rising stars is the young Aussie – Jade Kevin Foster. This attractive 26-year old blonde guy has taken the internet by the storm multiple times in the past few years and seems to have a great interaction with the camera and the public behind it. As he suggests, his goal is to try and spread the positive vibes through his modeling and help people of different beliefs and orientations be heard.

His Instagram page has risen quite a bit in the past few years, and now he has more than 1.3 million followers which is a serious number even for the famous Holywood figures. On his photos, he is usually rocking a modern youngster style, with a lot of Denim and elegant shirts included. He earned his fame by being a model for Mossimo and Louis Vuitton.

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A few days ago, Jade Kevin Foster posted a photo that already has more than 80,000 likes and has the potential to be among his most popular ones. With the description, “the only man, a girl, can rely on is her daddy” aiming to attract the public and start some discussion on the modern men-women relations he rocks an awesome, teenage rebel style. He is wearing black denim jeans that look somewhat rugged but still casual and elegant. On the other hand, as his top clothing, he wears a simple grey t-shirt that goes excellent with the jacket he put on. The jacket is a story for itself – beautiful light blue denim jacket, with torn sleeves and few front pockets; it is something that greatly represents the modern yet casual and rebel style that is pretty common with teenagers nowadays. And on top of all that oh well as always his hair is on point, and his sexy pose isn’t for the fainthearted. The comment section is proof on its own.


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It is clear that Jade Kevin Foster is just starting and we are yet to see of him and his modeling influence!

How to Manage Instagram via the Facebook Inbox?

Did you wish ever that you could handle the Facebook and Instagram messages and comments at the same place?

Did you hear of Facebook inbox before?

The inbox of Facebook lets you handle Messenger, Facebook and Instagram messages and comments at one location. Here are some ways mentioned which can be used for managing the Instagram account with the help of Facebook inbox.

1: Connect the Facebook with Instagram Accounts

If your Instagram account has already been updated to the business account and also connected with the Facebook account, you will receive the notification as you will open your inbox on Facebook. The notification says that you can read as well as reply to the comments on Instagram, now using Facebook.

But if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are not connected already, and as you open the inbox and click on the tab of Instagram, you will be asked for logging in the Instagram account for completing your setup process.

2: Responding to the Instagram Comments using Facebook Inbox

After connecting both Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can view all the comments notifications of Instagram on the Facebook Inbox. Tap on the tab of All for seeing all the notifications of Messenger, your Instagram account, and Facebook page on mobile. For viewing only notifications of Instagram, click on the tab of Automatic Instagram Likes.

You can see thumbnail-sized images of your posts which got comments with a first line of the captions. You can also view the usernames who have recently left comments on posts, along with the timing of the latest comment. Click on post notifications for opening the comment thread of post in your inbox. You can see each of comment on your posts on next screen, including the comments where you had responded to others.

Similarly, while using a desktop, go to your inbox of Facebook and click on the tab of Instagram, located on the left side. Choose the posts mentioned there for seeing comment notifications for these posts. It is important to notice that few of the native features of engagement which you use on Instagram are not there on Facebook Inbox.

There exists no feature for replying on comments of posts while using Facebook inbox. Instead of this, you need of manually typing the username of a person for responding to his/her comment. Or you can see the reply button if you slide the comments on the left side. Click on reply button for populating the username of the person in the field of comments. And, you can make use of this same feature for accessing the delete function if you need to delete comments in post thread. Also, you will see that the usernames aren’t clickable or hyperlinked, so you are able to view the profiles in the inbox.

Organize the Instagram Notifications

There are numerous ways of organizing the inbox, both on desktop and mobile. All of the post notifications get displayed within the inbox. Things which are unread and new appear bold. As you open the notifications, the messages don’t appear bold but stay there in the list of the inbox. You can select the file notifications present under other files (Follow-up or Done). Or you are able of even marking the notifications as Unread. For mobile, you may also require of tapping on the icon of three dots or gear for finding a Move for following up feature. Keeping your notifications organized will let you along with your team to manage the response time better and engage with the audience using Instagram content.

3: Edit the details of Instagram Account using the Facebook Page

Beyond handling the comments on Instagram posts and buy Instagram followers from smmpoint, it is possible to edit a few of the account details also by using Facebook. Tap on downward arrow, located side to the Help on the top right side of the page. After then select Settings. On the screen of Instagram, you are able to edit the account name, website URL, username, contact info, and bio description. Simply tap of a button of Edit and make the changes. When you are done, save them.

Again, few native features of Instagram aren’t available as you edit using Facebook. For instance, the spacing or formatting which you use within the bio won’t be needed to transfer to the layout of Instagram. For changing the website URL frequently or updating the bio regularly, manage the fields using Facebook.


Those users who are active on Instagram and get continuous notifications of the comments, the new tool of connecting with Facebook inbox can help them a lot for streamlining their management process.

Obviously, Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook wants to perform what is needed to keep users on their platform, thus integration was unavoidable. But, those who use other tools of the dashboard, they can get a lot of help also, about managing their Instagram notifications.

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Sarfraz Khan is an experienced blogger, digital content & social marketer. Author of quality websites and contributor to search giants like Yahoo Finance, MSN. He is passionate about covering topics like business strategy, startups & entrepreneurship.

How to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

It’s exciting when you start your Instagram account, and it’s exciting to imagine all the followers that you can get. But in reality, reaching the first 10,000 Instagram followers can be more tricky than you can imagine. This is because no one has a clue who you are, or what you do.  You will need to prove yourself to a lot of people, new people that will follow you for your content. But with this guide, you could be on the course to that first 10,000 following in just as little as six months!

How to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

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1.    Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Joining engagement groups is best suited for beginners, and it has seen some Instagram newbie accounts to have an increase in Instagram followers dramatically since joining these groups. Sticking to your niche is preferred rather than joining huge engagement groups

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2.    Start Reposting Content

Start looking at the numbers, find content that has gone viral, repost it, and that’s it. It’s that easy, and it can bring you a lot of followers if you hit the right content. Make sure to credit the owner of the content, because posting without permission is strictly prohibited by Instagram and it can get you flagged.

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3.    Try to Get Promoted on Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has a massive audience, and if you can get yourself posted on Buzzfeed, then you are shooting for the stars. Buzzfeed embeds Instagram posts into their website content, and if you can get somehow writ and article for them, then you can get a huge Instagram following just from that.

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4.    Buying Instagram Followings from

Buying followers can also be beneficial for your company. Buying Instagram Followers from is easy, and it even works for any social media service. You can buy with Safe Charge and PayPal, and you will get instant followers delivery. sells both followers and likes and guarantees a full refund if any disruption occurs.

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5.    Ask Customers to Share their Photos

If your Instagram account is your business, then you can reach out to smaller customers in your niche and offer them to monetize their accounts by taking pictures with your products. You can give them customer referral links and offer them a commission for every sale they score through that referral link. The best part is that the possibilities are endless and your imagination is your limit.

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6.    Having a Constant Style is Everything

Much like what my girlfriend says about her Instagram account, having a constant style or theme offers more to the table than branding. It creates this place where people will visit just to see your content and your style! Sticking with the same style will create consistency and will raise the awareness of your Instagram account, subsequently increasing the number of followers.

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7.    Ignore the Hashtag Rule

Experts will say that anything else than 5 to 11 hashtags is bad for your post. Well, ignore that and put as many hashtags as you can as long as they are relatable to the content. Placing close to or right to the maximum number of hashtags available, 30, will work just fine for you. If the hashtags are closely related to your niche, then you will have more chance of someone stumbling upon you by simply searching the hashtags. This will increase the chance of someone following you.

FireBooth – Perfect Solution For You To Start A Photo Booth Business

Photo Booths were always popular. Everyone has at least one photo from it. And the lines in the amusement parks are miles long, usually because it takes forever for those old machines to satisfy all of the visitors. Well, no more. We introduce you FireBooth.

Why is FireBooth better than others?

It is highly affordable, so you don’t need a lot of money to start your business or to keep it green. It is moveable, and the technology is proven. What is the most catchy thing about it, customers are everywhere!

It has some cool modern features. Your customers can connect to social media in real time. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, they can share photos with friends and family, or just post it online instantly! But if they don’t want to share, they can instantaneously save it on their smartphone or text message it to the phone. You can share photos on their Facebook wall, a good marketing option. You can add a green screen to the booth, that adds infinite options for background, and expands clients possibility to interact with it. Not only it takes photos, but visitors can also make videos (as well as in slow motion), and GIFs, making it more memorable. They can also add things to the photo/video, like signing it. What makes it super modern and accessible is its ease of use. The photo booth can be controlled via smartphone or other compatible devices.

Oval Mirror Photo Booth

Booth mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. Released in September, this one is an elegant solution for commercial use (7-10 minutes set-up). 6ft tall, easy to move, with super white LED lights to attract and delight the crowd. But if you are looking for a more convenient variant…

Foldable Mirror Photo Booth

This one is unique, 7″ when folded and 55″ when unfolded and stands 4.3 feet tall. It is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, so it is easy to fold and transport. It contains foldable trays for computer or printer and has the latest features (two-way tempered glass, multi-colored remote control LED, etc.). And if you’re really fond of mirror-like types, there is yet another one…


This one takes it to the next level, with HD LED monitor, road case stylized, ease to move with the fully protected front cover. Also has a studio strobe flashlight, no visitor can refuse that, and this photo booth for sale might be perfect for starting your business.

SÓL series

T12 (2.0) One of Firebooths original series and models. With a ring flash and a 16’’ slideshow monitor. Coated in black or white (depending on your preference), can be broken down into 5 pieces and it takes around 3 minutes to set up. It perfect for private or corporate events!

And if you think that the screen is too small, then you should check  SÓL 3.0, with a 22’’ HD touchscreen. Slightly bigger but still portable. And it can be adjusted for portrait or landscape. And the best portable one currently on the market is SÓL LED, with super bright built-in LED lights.

If you want to wow your crowd, try NIMBUS IPAD PHOTO BOOTH

It has the brightest multi-colored LED. And one of the things that makes it popular is its biggest and brightest 12.9’’ IPAD

If you want something big and multi-colored, then you probably want XIA R LED (T20 LED) with Remote Controlled Multi-Colored LEDs, T22″ HD Touchscreen.

Firebooth is a Veteran owned business and is a BBB A+ accredited company. Schedule an appointment to visit the showroom. So what are you waiting for? Customers are willing to make photos everywhere with your photo booth!

New Shirtless Photos Of Jade Kevin Foster – Fans Go Crazy

Jade Kevin Foster doesn’t stop to surprise his fans and this time he published shirtless photos that show his Illuminati tattoo. Just like always, these images were delivered over his social media account.

Images that were published by famous international model sent his fans into meltdown, and we could see countless enthusiastic but also some negative comments. All this happened on Friday morning when Foster delivered his latest polaroid pictures and caused wildfire of reactions.

Why there were so many negative comments, you may ask. Well, the problem, as many fans pointed out, is the fact that there was, what appears to be, an Illuminati tattoo. Images that were showing the shirtless upper body of Jade Foster also showed his right torso that was covered with a controversial tattoo.

What do you think? Was that an Illuminati tattoo on his torso? Do you approve of him getting a tattoo like that?

On the bright side, we, and many of the fans Foster has, were able to enjoy the new set of photos that again proved how much he cares of his body. Well-defined physique definitely is one of the reasons why so many of his fans were confessing their love for the Australian star.

Looking at the social media and the activity of Jade Foster, it doesn’t surprise us that he always manages to attract an incredible amount of attention. As soon as Jade returned home and was in the process of unpacking his bags, he saw the story and video about Jacoby_X rapping about him.

Anyway, check out the video and enjoy.


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bad bitches on his roster like it gonna cost ya ?

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10 Celebrity Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Tattoos were considered a taboo a few decades ago, but they are widely accepted today. Many celebrities decide to visit a tattoo artist and get something permanent on their skin. In case you have a desire to get a tattoo which is of a high-quality and you have money to spend, the best way is to visit one of the artists which are often collaborating with the celebrities.

Here are 10 celebrity tattoo artists that you should follow on Instagram. They post amazing photos of their work!

10. Mr. K Tattoo


This tattoo artist has a lot of celebrity clients. Some of the names you must be familiar with are Michael J. Fox, Maisie William and Liam Hemsworth. Take a look at this amazing rose or a woman sleeping and dreaming of sheep.


9. Bang Bang NYC

In case you follow the lives of Demi Lovato, Rihanna or CaaraDelevigne, you must be familiar with their tattoos. If you love one of these tattoos and you want to get the same, make sure to send a message to this artist. You can rest assured that tattoos will turn out fine.

8. Lauren Winzer

Katy Perry and Sophie Turner are another two celebrities with ink on their bodies. In case you want to get something similar done, speak to Lauren, she will have you covered. Moreover, you can check out her amazing work on Instagram.


7. Jon Boy Tattoo

Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are Jon’s clients. Now they wouldn’t choose somebody who is careless with the needle. If you admire these celebrities and you want the same ink, check out the Instagram profile of Jon Boy.


6. Dr. Woo

Cara Delevingne visited several different tattoo artists and Dr. Woo is one of them. Harry Styles and Drake are other two celebs who have been in this studio to get inked. They all have amazing tattoos so why wouldn’t you?


5. Curt Montgomery

Sophie Turner, who will playsSansa in Game of Thrones visited Curt to get her tattoo done. She was not the only one, though. Joe Jonas is another name which rings a bell to go to Curt’s for a tattoo. His artwork is a true masterpiece.


4. Winterstone

In case you have similar taste in ink as Mandy Moore and Bella Thorne, the Winterstone Instagram profile is the one you must follow. Even if you don’t want a tattoo, it is quite nice to look at and admire a specific form of art.


3. Kevin Paul

Ed Sheeran, the world sensation and a talented singer gets his ink done by Kevin Paul. He is occasionally visited by Harry Styles and if these two gentlemen put trust in Kevin’s hands, there’ no reason why you shouldn’t do it. And don’t forget to look at the amazing tattoos he shares with the world on Instagram.


2. High Voltage Tat

This place is quite outstanding, and if you are living nearby, be sure to visit it. You can get various tattoos here such as this LA lipstick or Mickey Mouse. Of course, the choice is much wider, but these are some admirable representative samples.

1. Sunset Strip Tattoo

Last but not least, this place is a famous site and it is often visited by celebrities. Some of the names are Mark Wahlberg, Kiefer Sutherlnad, Pamela Anderson and Nicholas Cage. No wonder this place has become reputable over the years.

There you go – 10 amazing tattoo artists and they good-looking Instagram profiles. You can just admire the art or go and get a tattoo done. That is up to you! Which tattoo do you like best?

Good headshots work wonders in business marketing

Whenever I’m browsing around the Internet, I always find I am drawn straight away to a person’s photo.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s the social sites like Instagram or Facebook, or the professional platforms such as LinkedIn – it’s always the face that grabs me first.

I used to think this was just the headshot photographer in me. Of course, I am attracted to images and naturally inclined to see those before I see anything else. And then I thought about some more, and I realiszed that probably everyone was just like me. After all, how many people read the caption on an Insta post BEFORE looking at the image?


A journalist mate of mine confirmed it recently when she told me that very rarely are photos used in traditional print or online media that do not have a person’s face in it – as humans, our eyes always gravitate firstly to the face of another person. It has been proven that people reading news pages start by looking at the photo first, and then perhaps skimming the article.  But it’s an absolute certainty that if there is no person in the photo, they won’t even bother reading the headline.

This might go back primeval instincts – may be the need to look at someone’s face before doing anything else is a habit of survival allowing us to gauge someone’s character and trustworthiness to see if they pose any threat to us.

If we apply that natural instinct to business marketing, it seems only logical that we would use photos of ourselves a whole lot more in our collateral and online presence. Getting the attention of potential customers is always the aim, right? Yet it is surprising how many people just don’t think to use headshots in their marketing, or use poor quality images that repel rather than attract the eye.

I am noticing in my photographic business – Captured by Catherine – that more and more businesspeople are starting to recognise the importance of a good-quality headshot that can be used on webpages, social media sites, or in print.

The research shows that people looking at a warm and engaging headshot will start to connect instantly with that person, and feel a certain level of immediate trust. What this translates to is them being more likely to pick up the phone and contact you…or at least stop scrolling and looking for another supplier. Interestingly, it doesn’t even matter if the words on your marketing blurbs aren’t as clever or fulsome as others – a good headshot will actually impact and wield a whole lot more power than the most brilliant turn of phrase.

The most common thing I hear from clients about the use of headshots is that they aren’t attractive enough to use images of themselves as a marketing tool. But here’s the rub: a good headshot has nothing to do with beauty or glamour, and everything to do with looking trustworthy, engaging and warm. These people want to do business with you, not marry you!

That’s where my skills come in. I know how to take the headshots that can be utilised across different mediums, are high quality, are flattering, and which speak to who you are and your business. I do all the hard work – you just need to come along with a genuine desire to use imaging as an effective marketing tool.

So come on board – and get your face working hard for your business success.

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