Innovative Producer and Director Julius Nasso Draws Inspiration from the Past While Looking to the Future

It’s early afternoon, and producer and director Julius Nasso (see more here) is in his Staten Island studio reviewing footage from his most recent project. Drawing on a wide range of inspiration, Julius brings his varied experience both as an entrepreneur and as a creative to the table as he approaches each project. As a

15 Energetic Quotes About Successful Life

If you think that success comes easy, you are wrong, the success is built day by day. You do not become a prosperous businessman by accident; it takes a lot of tears, blood, and sweat not luck. You can be the first in your profession only with hard work every day. Even when you get

Get Inspired with These Maya Angelou Quotes


You have probably heard about one of America’s most popular and beloved authors and poets. Maya Angelou is a very celebrates artist who has won plenty of honorary degrees and awards. She even got the chance to recite her poem ‘On the Pulse of Morning’ at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Then, in 2000 she received the

‘The Rock’ went back to his roots and shared some inspiration with his followers


Dwayne Johnson shared on Instagram how he went back to his roots and took a trip down memory lane. He shared everything with his followers, and he tried to give them a little bit of inspiration. He said that he likes to go back home and visit places that are very important to him. The