Take It from an Expert – These Common Instagram Growth Mistakes Will Waste Your Efforts

Whether they’re running a page for fun, a small business, or a massive corporation, getting attention on Instagram is on a lot of people’s bucket lists these days. As of 2021, analysts estimate approximately one billion registered accounts on Instagram, and with at least 60 percent of this figure using the platform actively, Instagram has rapidly evolved into one of the most commercialized and business-favorable networks in the world.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are running profitable businesses solely off Instagram. However, raking in exponentially increasing revenue is largely dependent on the number of active and “interested” followers on a page. If you doubt it, ask Kylie Jenner or Rihanna (Fenty CEO) – while other factors must be considered when evaluating their business success, the large followings on Instagram (running into tens of millions) certainly played no small part.

However, unless you’re a celebrity or an overnight sensation, growing on Instagram was easier about five to ten years, following its debut in 2010. Back then, the strategies were new, fresh, and easily effective. Today, with inestimable competition across every niche you can imagine, the common hacks have become overused.

Well, despite how challenging growth and scaling may have become on social media, versatile entrepreneurs are relentlessly coming up with systems that actually work because growing on Instagram is not just an option – it’s essential in 2021. Most times, the most effective strategies are simply a matter of knowing what to avoid, and we’ll discuss some terrible mistakes below.

Those bots will be your downfall – eventually

“Awesome post”, “Great post”, “Nice photo”, “Good post”, “I’m lonely”… Within a second of posting a video or photo, hundreds of bots would turn and drop the same comments all over the place.

The quickest way to lay the foundation for poor growth on Instagram is to entirely automate your engagement. Turning to these inauthentic methods of growing your IG community is not only a way of ensuring zero results in the future, but you’re also micro-damaging the platform. People who follow you to gain value of any sort are more likely to unfollow soon, and when you show up on the explore page, no one wants to associate with a bot-loving brand.

“Bots make your account look great at face value,” said Nick Rogers, digital marketer, and Instagram growth expert. “It appears you have a lot of likes, followers, and comments, but to the trained eye, further glances at your account will immediately reveal that it’s fake. Why would you ever want a following of bots when they aren’t buying from you? Real people following you and your story is where the actual ROI of Instagram lies.”

Not leveraging influencers

Instagram is a community where trust and admiration validate a lot of transactions. People follow who they admire and patronize who they trust – or a brand recommended by someone they trust.

Based on customer behavior tracking, about 92 percent of people would patronize a product or service recommended by people they trust on social media. Also, your ROI on investments could be 11 times higher through a genuine influencer campaign than a platform’s automated ads.

Many business owners on IG would rather run massive giveaways and spend money on automation than paying for influencer marketing – fees that vary according to the number of followers on a page.

However, it’s also important to look into influencers you plan to connect with for business purposes. These days, the phony ones are making more moves than the genuine community owners.

“One of the biggest frauds going on these days is using giveaways to boost followers,” says Rogers. “Every week, someone is setting up a new one. They get in touch with celebrities, pay a certain amount and have them request their followers to follow a certain listed group of accounts, mostly wannabe influencers.”

Nick Rogers is the co-founder and CEO of Pvsted Media (pronounced “posted”), a successful digital marketing and Instagram growth company. In partnership with his friend, Gabe Robinson, the 21-year-old had launched this company in 2019 following the surprising growth of his first Instagram page, Business-Driven Dream, an entrepreneurial community that organically attained 100,000 followers in the first four months. This page gave rise to several more including Investing Authority, and today, Pvsted Media, the parent company,  has garnered over one million followers across social media – unaided by weak-result tactics such as phony giveaways.

In reality, giveaways might rake in a ton of followers, but you can be certain they are only there for subsequent giveaways. They don’t care about your content, your products, or your value. Just the occasional online gifting fair.

“The followers are simply there for a giveaway,” Rogers continues. “Once the giveaway is done, they unfollow or never engage with your content. These influencers still do brand deals based on follower numbers of an unengaged audience. My takeaway has always been this: short term these tactics might work, but you are set up for failure in the long term because you are trying to take a shortcut rather than build an audience of loyal followers. Many brands these days are more concerned with short-term rather than long-term wealth.”

Irrelevant and excessive hashtags will only result in bans

Instagram allows thirty hashtags per account and the wise strategy would be to select only hashtags relevant to your brand, the theme of your content, and your page in general. Using hashtags based on popularity or whatever is trending the most is extremely harmful to your page as it often results in shadow bans – basically, you stop growing entirely on the platform.

Use only a few hashtags per post and ensure they are relevant to your content and brand. Also, research on the frequently updated list of dangerous hashtags that result in instant bans. Avoid them and save your account from unnecessary growth delays and suspensions.

“I actually never use hashtags,” says Rogers, founder of the family-run Rogers Organization, an investment management company overseeing businesses in real estate and digital entities. “It often attracts random bot followers to my pages and is more of a distraction than anything else. Dropping one here or there for a unique post is fine, but overall, I’d recommend almost 100% of the time that we never use hashtags to try to reach new people.”

Posting high-quality content alone will only get you halfway through

Going through some of the courses being thrown around on Instagram ads, many would recommend simply posting high-resolution content and expecting your follower count to massively swell. Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing app, but if you want to maximize its potential as an excellent marketing strategy, you have to do more than just post.

You must promote your page through influencer campaigns, running IG ads, using appropriate hashtags, and connecting directly with customers and other pages on the platform.

Next, you must be consistent with posting. It’s not about the picture quality of your posts but how much value they add to the community, and how regularly you appear on the timeline. Content research is quite helpful for keeping up with a routine posting timeline.

Don’t be all over the place with your content

You’d occasionally stumble upon a page where it’s difficult to grasp the brand’s concept at a glance. From politics and sports to memes and cuisine, a brand that’s supposed to be marketing clothes and fashion accessories would indulge in posting the most random content. Some people post too much of their personal lives and too little of the actual business.

While a page does not necessarily fare better with a single theme all through, it’s important to be moderate when posting supportive content. Spreading yourself too thin with a wide range of concepts would only leave people confused about your intentions on the platform.

Instagram is the digital marketing goldmine of the 21st century, and the most important values are authenticity, quality over quantity, and patience – you are going to need a lot of it. It’s a continuous journey and not a finish line.

How do I Promote My Business on Instagram?


Besides being a great way of entertainment and a chance to meet new people, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that every company should include in its business strategy. There are more than 1 billion users on this social media, which means that it is a perfect place for you to promote your brand or business. Moreover, most users of Instagram are younger generations, which means that you can target them with all kinds of products. There are numerous reasons why you should create an Instagram profile for your brand, and use all of the benefits this social network can bring.

According to Digital Muscle, an SEO company in Australia, Instagram represents the best place where you can target people with all kinds of products with much higher efficiency when we compare it to some other marketing strategies. However, you should learn about the proper and successful way of promoting your business on social media. We are going to analyze more on that topic in this article.

Set Up Your Optimized Business Instagram Account

If you choose to create an account on Instagram for the promotion of your business, then you should choose a separate account where you will only share content related to your brand. Also, you can include links in your posts to increase traffic. Moreover, you should have a creative photo and name of your Instagram account because that will attract more people to follow you. Nonetheless, including some interesting information about your company in Bio will be beneficial as well.

Share Interesting Content

The most important about running a successful Instagram profile that will attract more people, and bring more sales, in the end, is sharing interesting content related to your business. If you don’t have experience with what type of pictures you should post and how often you should share them, you can hire a social media manager who is a well-experienced person and has enough knowledge to improve the popularity of your profile. Also, you should know that this social media requires creativity, and acting just as a regular online store on it will hardly bring you any success.

Increase Number of Followers

Getting a higher number of followers will require a proper strategy. This will seem quite hard at the beginning, but with interesting content and many other factors, you can reach more people. You should use hashtags to be easily discovered, and you should use some relevant keywords and popular trending for them. Also, when you reach a certain level of popularity, you can create your unique hashtag. Moreover, you should select around five hashtags for every picture, because more of them might negatively affect the popularity of your page. One of the best types of promotions would be to ask some of your clients to share some photos and tag your profile. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can ask some of your clients to share a photo with a piece of clothes they wearing, and tag you in that photo.

Include Video Content

While it might be more complicated and requires more time than sharing a standard picture, there are many benefits from sharing promotional videos on your account. However, you should only share high-quality videos in HD resolution and a proper sound, because sharing a poor-quality video can have negative effects on your brand. This way, you will act like a real professional and attract more people to become interested in your business.

Enable People to Buy What They See

Always be sure that all products that you are promoting are available in your store at the time. Also, you can connect your online store and Instagram account with links. For example, you can share a link in the bio of your profile or use some advanced tools that will lead the visitors of your page directly to your online store. Furthermore, you can use various techniques to attract more clients by offering discount codes, free samples, and more, and introduce them with your promotions by sharing some interesting content.

Measure Your Instagram Success

There is always a room for advancements when it comes to running a successful and popular Instagram account. In that matter, you should use various tools to track the popularity of your profile and find a way to improve it even more. You can track reciprocity to find more loyal followers, which represent a great ability since you can show public appreciation to these people, or give them a gift that you will also share on your profile. This way, you can attract even more people to follow you and choose your brand.

On the other hand, the intensity of how often you share content is also important. Sharing too much content can cause some negative effects, but sharing fewer pictures and videos might lead to fewer followers as well. When it comes to branded Instagram account, the best amount of content that you should share is around 5 images or videos per week.  Moreover, a time when you share them is also important, and you should choose hours when most of your followers are free, which means after 5 PM, when most of them finished with their work, and before 11 PM.

Last Words

Since most people are using social media today, Instagram and other networks represent a great chance to promote and expand your business. If you are not experienced with running a proper account, you can always hire a professional. However, learning to deal with it by yourself is not so hard, but you should be aware of all important factors that could affect the quality and popularity of your business account. You can share photos, videos, and stories related to your brand, and share various links that will lead people to visit your website or online store.

The most important thing about Instagram is to find a way to increase the number of followers and keep them by sharing all kinds of related content. You can promote your account by hiring influencers, which is one of the most efficient ways of promotion today, especially if you hire some well-known person. Moreover, you can use ads, hashtags, and other channels for increased visibility and better results.

Hidori Rose – Read Everything About the Popular Cosplayer

Hidori Rose is known for being a cosplayer. Cosplay is a performance act in which the participants wear certain costumes in order to mimic a specific character. It can be related to many genres, most commonly the cosplayers dress up as characters from comic books, cartoons, video games, and anime. Rose is famous for her anime transformations. On the top of that, she gained fame by recreating the Japanese pop culture, as well as characters from video games.

Take a look below to find out more about this cosplayer, including her bio and net worth.


Even though she is young, Hidori Rose is already very popular. She was born in the US, on March 6th, 1993. Even though she keeps personal life private and far away from the public eye, it is known that she started creating her online or Instagram career in 2016. The first photo which she posted on her Instagram account was in April 2016.

In September last year, Rose appeared as a guest on Kimikon.

Hidori Rose – Life and Net Worth

When it comes to the personal life of this famous cosplayer, little information is available. Unlike many influencers and celebrities, she uses social media for work exclusively. She only shares photos of her costumes. Therefore, her fans do not know many things about who she is dating or what kind of life she is leading outside of work.

Her power to transform is probably one of the reasons why she has a big fan base. Not only is she excellent in wearing different costumes, but she is also very good at posing and changing the hair color. All the different outfits and facial expressions can be seen on her Instagram account. From red,  over brown and blonde to blue haircut – she managed to have them all.

The net worth of Hidori Rose is approximately from 1 to 5 million dollars.

Popularity on Social Media


Given the fact that her popularity is increasing and her number of followers on Instagram is getting bigger by the day, she opened an account on Twitter as well.

Given the fact that on Twitter she posts explicit and sensitive content, she wrote that her followers must be over 18 years old. In her Twitter Bio, she thanked everyone for the support: “Thank you for follow and support , let’s stay awesome !!!” On this social media she has almost 500K followers.

When it comes to Instagram, her fan base is somewhat bigger. With almost 700K followers, Rose is getting many likes and comments on her posts. Her fan base is mostly consisted of anime and video games fans.

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

If you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is, well, you may have lived under a rock for the past decade. Almost everyone on this planet with an Internet connection knows about her. Some adore her, while others can’t stand seeing her face, but everyone must agree that she is one of the best marketing experts out there.

Kim Kardashian has 165 million followers on Instagram and 64.5 followers on Twitter, which is a considerable following. She is the queen of all influencers, the one that started all, and there’s little (or none) that she can’t sell to her fans.

You don’t need to love her nor follow her and her family adventures and dramas, but you can learn a lot from her. She has skills and expertise, so we are going to share with you some of the lessons you need to learn from the fabulous Kim K.

The Lessons Kim Kardashian Can Teach You

1. Be Confident Even If You Aren’t

This may sound confusing, but that’s what not only Kim K. does, but her whole family. Most of them (the female part) are so confident that can be scary on some level. Sometimes they have a reason for their confidence, but most of the time, they don’t. So if you want to make it, sometimes you have to fake it. Be over the top, just like Kim, even if you are not in the mood that day, and see where it will get you.

2. Turn Every Negative Thing Into a Positive One

Knowing how to turn negative things into opportunities is like a sort of art. Just remember what happened when a video of Kim “doing it” got leaked. She didn’t get shy; she didn’t run away in her cave; she embraced the situation and won a lawsuit. Once that was done, and she had $5 million more, from the trial, in her bank account, she invested that in her business. So you need to know those bad things will happen, but you don’t want to feel devastated about that. See how you can change the whole situation into your advantage and learn from that experience. If you’ve had a good deal gone bad, know that it’s not the end of the world.

3. Don’t Make It All About Yourself

Yes, we’ve just told you that you need to be extra confident like Kim to succeed, but you don’t want to overdo it. Kim makes everything about her, but at the same time, she knows how and when to be thoughtful about others. You need to focus on things that your audience wants and needs and try to help them. For those in the real estate business, you can easily do this by giving advice, sharing the favorite spots in the neighborhood, giving contacts to constructors, or moving companies. Be of service to people, and people will love you. Nobody likes a person that overly self-centered, nor someone that doesn’t know how to listen.

4. You Need to Know Your Audience

This lesson is connected to the previous one. If you want to be successful with your audience, you need to know them. You will know how to communicate with your audience once you know who your audience is. And once you connect with them, they will think of you as someone authentic. Yes, sometimes you need to fake it a little until you make it, but don’t overdo it. People will sense if you are not real, and they will not trust you. First, you need to think about yourself, your expertise, business strengths, interest, and knowledge. And then think about how you can use that to attract and apply to your targeted audience.

5. Engage With That Audience

The next step, once you’ve found your audience is to engage with them. People love to know things about other people; they invest themselves in other people’s lives, their happiness, and their drama – that’s the reason why everyone from the Kardashian family is so famous. What’s even better than that is those people get a chance to interact with their favorite celebrity. That’s why Kim often asks her Instagram followers what bag she should bring with her what shoes she should wear. She knows what to wear, or her stylists know, but she wants you to participate. In that way she makes people part of her live and her story. And that’s what you need to do. Create accounts, ask people for their opinion about your new listing, ask them when they want a new listing out – be creative.

6. The Power of a Good Photo

The members of the Kardashian family know how to take a good photo. They look perfect, so perfect that you want to be like them. Yes, they are not natural, the images are photoshopped – but people don’t care. They want to look at those perfect photos, and they want to have that same lifestyle. Just like them, you need to have a perfectly curated profile with gorgeous images. But be sure to put some photos of you and your life there. If you want to sell people a perfect house, that’s good. But you should try and sell them the ideal lifestyle that you have. Lure them with your perfect photos of your home, your brunches, or your travels. Because if they like what you do, and how do you live, people will want to buy something from you.

How to Improve Your Business’ Reputation Online with Reviews

Currently, many people have turned their business online as they have it be a limitless marketing platform. However, if you engage in an online business, you should know that it has its benefits and challenges. One of the issues that you may face is ruining your online reputation. Therefore, you need to consider the ideas of promoting, protecting, and improving the online status of your business as an essential part of your business. Remember, if you receive even a single negative review, you may lose many sales. However, in case you wish to improve your online reputation, you can use the tips highlighted below.

1) Remove any obstacles that limit your reviews

If you conduct research, you will find out that about 90% of clients take time to read online reviews, and it’s about 6 % who comment on them. Many of the happy clients will not write on your reviews continuously as they will give excuses such as:

  • They were busy
  • They forgot
  • They did not see why they needed to write to them
  • It was not easy for them to write reviews

Therefore, you should make it easy for happy clients to find it easier for them to write on your reviews. In regards to this, you can implement an automated and proactive process by using online reputation management software. That can make it easy for clients to review your business and also simplify your daily operation tasks.

2) Responding to all reviews with enthusiasm in an open and honest manne

You need to acknowledge all the positive reviews that you receive. You can do this by commenting directly on your platform or appreciate them behind the scenes. As you understand them, you can mention something which can make them continue remembering your platform. You should know that no person does not like to be appreciated.

It’s effortless for you to become emotional, mainly when someone writes negative reviews about your platform. Therefore, you should relax, humble yourself, and try your best to solve the issues your clients may have raised. Be honest and open as your comment on the customer feedback, just as this bid4papers review.

3) Engage your employees in the process

Every day you will find many clients googling about the businesses which they think have products which satisfy their needs. The reviews that you receive will equate to the kind of authority that you have online. If you mention employees on your platform, it will increase your company value, and clients will also value your products. Therefore, you should look for ways on how you are going to gain the trust of your employees so that your business will seem to be trustworthy.

You can allow your employees to feel free to comment on your review strategy. You can reward, incentivize, recognize, motivate, and inspire your employees so that you can achieve this strategy.

4) Working with influencers who have an excellent online reputation

Working with the best influencers can boost your online reputation with reviews through the following ways:

It will expand your customer target base as some clients will say that they have never heard of your business, but they have heard of the influencer you are working with.

It will offer you credibility as the clients may not know your brands, but they may trust your influencer.

It will also allow for cross-promotion as the clients may like your influencers brand; therefore, they may decide to like yours.

5) Be consistent and deliver as promised

If you can deliver what you promised and be consistent in everything involving the delivery of your products, you can quickly improve your online reputation. Since all your comments will be written in public and online, therefore it’s easy for any person who comes across your channel to follow your story and know how it ended. For instance, some clients may say that you lied to them, you overcharged them, you never delivered the products they requested.

Remember the marketing team can spend a lot of time and money on the marketing campaign, you may ruin your online reputation if you have poor customer support. The support system is always supposed to be available and treat unhappy clients in the best way possible so that they cannot offer reviews that will ruin your reputation completely. After correcting your mistakes, many clients will notice and will return to your business.

6) Work on your image


The first rule, and the most basic of all, is: optimize your social profiles. That includes all social networks where you have a presence.

Make sure that all the data is correct and that the links work. It is not pleasant to visit a social profile and press links that don’t seem to work, or it sends people directly to the error page 404. That creates mistrust and will make people abandon the desire to have contact with you.

It is also essential that you put a real image for your profile, the recent one. Achieving consistency between your current look and the one presented in your photography is vital to building trust.

Do not put an old photograph, for example, the one with blonde hair when your hair is now dark because it will seem that you are not the same person.

These little details give the feeling of neglect, so be careful if you do not want your professional image to generate mistrust.

7) Post frequently

Consistency can also be achieved through your posts. Generating content often positions you as a reference in your topic and establishes trust in people.

Generating content is not only about writing on your blog, but you can also use videos, podcasts, images, and even a tweet is content. You can explore various ways to put your knowledge online.

When you have decided how you will do it, then be consistent. Decide if you will post one, two, or three times a week on your blog, research the best times to post on social media, and stay consistent, so don’t disappear because people will soon forget you if they don’t see you regularly.

Try to find a balance, do not exaggerate in your posts on social networks, nor do you fall short. Otherwise, you will not get the necessary impact.

8) Be humble

If a follower or customer praises your business for something, kindly explain how you accomplished that result, and always show appreciation for the praise.

There’s no need to brag about extraordinary results. No one cares how much you spent on that smart campaign, or how long you’ve worked on a new product.

Your hard work and motivation will come to light more than your own words.


If you think about it, managing your reputation online is not difficult if you are continually putting simple strategies into practice.

When people search for a product or service online, they need to find positive information that encourages them to purchase it.

If you follow these simple tips, we are sure your online reputation will be positive, giving you an excellent opportunity to succeed.


Some Lesser Known Financial Hacks to Help with Your Startup

When you are starting your own company, you are doing a brave and noble thing. However, you may not know how to manage your company’s money, how to keep your company going in the beginning, or how to get through the toughest of times. There are some tips listed below that will make it easier for you to keep your company safe, raise money, and manage properly. You cannot become a Fortune 500 company overnight, but you can remain financially healthy with this salient advice.

Does Your Startup Have A Financial Advisor?

When you are starting your company, you might be so focused on your ideas that you forget about finances. You may think that it is expensive to hire a financial advisor, but the advisor will adjust their fees to help you fit it into your budget. When the advisor is showing you what to do, they can help you make wise financial decisions. Plus, these advisors can read over your books, tell you where your problems are, help you avoid major losses early on.

Does Your Company Invest?

When you hire a financial advisor, you can start investing money that will be used as a nest egg. You should ask your advisor about the most conservative investments that you can get. Because of this, you will have money that you can fall back on in the future. Plus, you might invest in support companies that work with you. If you are investing in a company that provides you with parts or services, you will make more money as they grow.

Your success will lead to more success for your partners, and they will give you better products and services in the future. If you can take the next step in saving money, you might create a massive trust that will hold and grow your money. You cannot put all your profits into the trust, but you can use the trust to invest without taking on any risk.

Do Not Hire So Many People

About 90% of startups fail, and that happens due to a number of things. However, many companies will hire far too many people early on. You will start paying too much money to a large workforce, and you will begin to lose money because you are not able to make payroll every month.

When you disappoint people, miss vendor payments, or lay off employees you hired a couple of months ago, you are making your company look bad. You might get some bad reviews online, and your credit score could be impacted. Plus, you could earn the reputation that working for you is a bad idea.

Invest in Automation Instead

When you are thinking of hiring more employees, you should weigh our options for investing in automation instead. You could make a one-time purchase that will automate many of the processes you do not have time to complete. You could automate your payroll, automate your accounting, and automate your shipping labels. You can automate the invoices that you send to vendors, or you could automate the payment portal that is used by your clients to make payments online.

You do not need to hire people to answer the phone when your eCommerce website could be used to buy items at any time. You do not need to answer the phone constantly, and the automated program should do things like send alerts to the right people, create shipping labels, and even schedule the pickup time for those packages.

Market Your Company With Social Media

Social media is a broad and sweeping definition for a place where you can interact with the public easily. You can post advertising for your business on social media sites, and you can create an online presence that will bring in more customers.

Social media posts could include videos that you made yourself, or you might hire influencers who will post ads on their social media pages. An influencer could become the face of your brand, and you will not need to overpay for marketing. Plus, some influencers could prefer to get a few free products instead of taking traditional payment.

You can take another step into the social media world by creating videos that you will post to video sharing services. The video-sharing sites you use will help you make commercials that you do not need to pay to put on TV. This makes it easier for people to find your advertising, and you can post as many videos as you want. If you link to your videos on social media, your videos could go viral.

Spend some extra time being creative instead of wasting your money on overpriced advertising.

Protect Your Savings

You could consider crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capitalists as options to raise money for projects, marketing, and sales. Many start up owners invest their own savings into their business, but it’s important to reserve some personal funds for emergencies. If an unexpected emergency does arise in your personal life and you don’t have enough savings to cover it, you should learn more about your short-term financial options. There are solutions that may be able to help you get you through an unexpected emergency expense until your next payday. Just remember to keep your personal finances separate from your startup so you don’t complicate taxes come time for reporting financials.


When you are starting a new company, you need to know that about 90% of your colleagues will fail. In order to avoid becoming a statistic, you should use the advice listed above. You can save money by hiring fewer people, and you can automate much of the work that you do every day. You can hire a financial advisor who will help you save money, and you can invest your money to build your nest egg. You could build your social media presence, make your own commercials to post on video-sharing sites, and get more work done every day.

5 Best Tools to Find Influencers on Social Media

Influencers aren’t a novelty in the marketing. Previously, they were present in media such as television, magazines and the like. However, social media and advertising on popular platforms has made this work much more accessible to ordinary people in recent years. Namely, for commercials on television, popular brands were paying celebrities. This means that this type of advertising was aimed to already popular people.

On the other hand, if a person has become extremely popular and influential on social networks and has a lot of followers, subscribers and fans in general, it means that there is a great chance of being hired by popular brands and companies to promote a product. This means that today everyone can monetize effort and activity on social networks and become a partner with a brand. However, what if you own a brand and are looking for an influencer that could help you? Simply, you need to find the right person for this job, and today we have decided to present you the 5 best tools to find influencers on social media. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


img source:

One of the best tools currently available is InflueNex. This online tool allows you to find the perfect influencer by selecting different features such as country, video category, number of subscribers, average views, etc. After that, Influence will show you which person match your requirements, after which you can perform a thorough analysis and choose the right one. In terms of pricing, Influence has 4 plans-free, basic, professional and enterprise. Cost is $39.99 per month for the basic, $69.99/month for the professional and $99.99/month for the enterprise pricing plan.


img source:

If you want to follow the biggest social networks but also other platforms and sites on the internet like blogs, forums, etc., then Awario is definitely one of the best tools. Specifically, this online tool allows you to track the popularity of competing brands, check how often influencers mention your brand and, of course, to engage influencers popular in your product niche. Essentially, Awario is a powerful and flexible tool that will always show you the most relevant results and help you in the right way. As for pricing, there is a free trial and other plans start at $29/month.


img source:

Upfluence is one of the tools with the largest influencer database (over 3M). In addition, you will easily be able to choose the right person to promote your brand by entering different keywords. Users are provided with tools that track and analyze reach, location, engagement, etc. of all compatible influencers so you can pick more easily. Pricing starts at $795/month and you get 500 contacts as well as other benefits.


img source:

If you are looking for a freemium tool, then Klear is the right one for you. This is a reliable and powerful online tool that will allow you to find the right influencers very quickly and easily. Over 60,000 topic categories and large influencers database is available, as well as various filters such as number of subscribers and followers, locations, skills, hired influencer campaign results, and more.


img source:

Another great tool for finding the right influencers is Traackr. Like all the others we’ve mentioned so far, this tool also provides filters you need to successfully find the right person for your campaign, as well as to measure final results. Through advanced search, it‘s very easy to find influencers and check all important information such as number of subscribers, language, location, social media engagement, etc. Regarding pricing, unfortunately we cannot say anything about it because there is no such information on the official site.