Louis Tomlinson’s Younger Sister Spent the Night Out After Her Mom Died

Lottie Tomlinson opened up about the grief she went through after she lost both her mom and sister. The influencer was left devastated after her mother, Johannah Deakin, died in 2016 following her short battle with leukemia. After that, in 2019, her younger sister Félicité died from an accidental overdose when she was 18. Lottie,

Why Cristiano Ronaldo pays Georgina Rodriguez $100,000 every month

In August 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo met Georgina Rodriguez. Since then, the couple has been dating. In 2017, Georgina gave birth to Cristiano’s daughter Alana Martina. Cristiano feels Georgina is the key behind his latest success. He pays her a huge amount every month! Georgina receives around $100,000 every month from Ronaldo. But why? They aren’t

Louise Thompson Proudly Shared the Effects of her 90-day Challenge

Louise Thompson, a popular reality star and influencer, has recently shared a set of attractive pictures where she showed everyone the results of her fitness challenge that lasted for 90 days. She looked so proud of the results that she even made a joke by comparing her with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 30 years old Instagram

Arielle Charnas Became the Face of “Privilege In The Age Of The Coronavirus”

Arielle Charnas is an influencer and fashion designer from New York who was involved in drama and scandal for the past couple of weeks. Her fans, as well as the haters, started analyzing every move she makes. Why? Like pretty much everything these days, it is connected with the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, Arielle

Yulia Ushakova Turned Much-Needed Medical Masks into BIKINIS!

Instagram models are facing a bitter backlash since they are using medical face masks as bikinis, calling them ‘quarantines’, which now became a social media trend amid the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people around the world are stocking face masks and other protective equipment due to coronavirus, which leaves many medical workers without essential protective

Baby Ariel – A Plea for her Fans

Ariel Rebecca Martin, known as Baby Ariel, is a social media influencer and singer who became famous for her (Now called TikTok) videos. She famously launched an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement back in 2015 – and now she has something to say to her fans. She has expressed anger on her Twitter page over

Who is Gina Stewart Blonde with Attractive Curves?

Gina Stewart gained popularity with the seductive photos she shares with her Instagram followers, as well as her collaboration with the renowned men’s magazine Playboy. She is a popular model, influencer, public figure, businesswoman, and even actress. She uses her significant influence on social networks to raise people’s awareness of burning topics and engage in