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What are the best Tamil songs?

Music is something that will make us feel relaxed after a tiring day at work, uplift our mood when we are at a party or event, and get us in workout mode. It is obvious that music is something that a lot of people cannot live without. Today, you would be surprised by how many music genres exist and you will certainly be able to find something that you like. Thousands of new songs are released every year and new artists are introduced to the stage every day, hence, there are various things that you can explore in the music world. However, if you are focused on Tamil music, you will be able to read what is it exactly, as well as the best songs that you can listen to.

What exactly is Tamil Music?

Tamil is the language that is spoken in a southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And it was in this area that a new genre of music was introduced to the world, a genre called Tamil music. There are three categories, classical, devotional, and fold Tamil Music. Tamil music has an uplifting spirit and it is made to improve your mood in order for your day to be better. Almost all lyrics and videos include something that will make you feel better and cheerful. If you want to explore older albums and songs from this musical genre, feel free to visit

The best Tamil songs

Although there are thousands of songs to choose from, these are some of the songs that are the most popular ones. Some of them were released a few years ago, but their popularity has not decreased. Here is a list of the most popular Tamil songs:

1. Ellappugazhim Oruvan Oruvanukke

This lovely song was written by a popular poet and lyricist Valli. Valli is known for his incredible ability to come up with words even for the most difficult compositions that you imagine. Even in this song, the message is clear and simple, never give up. This song creates great vibes and a sense of urgency, and a major bonus is that Rahman’s full-throated singing brings the song to another level. The well-used instruments and electronic music will make you feel an adrenaline rush, especially if you are on the dance floor.

2. Ovvoru Pookalume Solkirathey

This award-winning Tamil Song which is performed by the famous singer K.S. Chithra is a soulful melody that is beautifully combined with the wonderful voice of the singer. With powerful and deep lyrics, it will inspire listeners to achieve more in life, as well as move forward and shed all the insecurities they might have. It is full of inspirational quotes and the lyrics of this song were included in the Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) syllabus.

3. Thamizha Thamizha

Did you ever feel like a heavy burden was lifted from your back when you listen to music? Well, irrespective of the language, this song will do just that. The song starts with a guitar leading the way and the backing chorus has done a great job with arousing patriotism and nationalism during the whole song. The soulful rendition adds more credibility to this composition and the lyrics will bring you a sense of hope and inspiration.

4. Chinnapayale Chinnapayale

Although this song was released in 1961, it is still popular amongst people who enjoy Tamil music. This is a classic feel-good song, hence it is remembered even today for its impact on the listeners and its meaningful lyrics. This song will encourage you to rise above all difficulties and secure a good future for yourself.

5. Innum Enna Thozha

The variations in this song, backed with electronic synth music will make you feel delightful every time that you play this song. This western based composition creates an energetic feeling, especially with the mesmerizing vocals that you can hear. In conclusion, this song is a beautiful combination of inspirational music and hypnotizing music.


Now that you know what the best Tamil songs are, do not waste any more time and start searching for and listening to these songs.

Rings That Bind Us

Women or young girls love rings and jewelry in general. These not only add to their beauty but also make them look bold and strong. Some jewelry just changes the way a girl looks. And nose rings are not only popular among women; men love them too. Men too wear them.

The fashion of piercing your nose has been favorite amongst many women since ages. Even today not only married women in India (as it is a custom for a married woman to wear the nose ring) but also young girls from school love to make a hole for the bling-bling. If the nose ring designs please them, nothing would stop them from buying it and soon flaunt the ring on various occasions.

In India, there are various types of nose rings. Since it is a multicultural country, there are different types of nose accessories, for every person to choose. Some are big, some are small, some come with just a curved or folded extension and some come with a screw. Different people wear different types of nose rings for different occasions. You can see more information here.

Some of the few famous pieces in Indian culture are the Latkan nose ring, that comes with a drop which hangs from the nose end looks like a dewdrop falling. These kind are very famous as bridal jewelry. There are various forms of the same too, like Punjabi latkan, Rajasthani, etc. These nose accessories are studded with stones, pearls, coloured metal, etc. Majority of the Indian brides wear these and you will rarely see one without it.

The next most famous nose ring has its roots in the state of Maharashtra. It is known as ‘Nathni’ or ‘Maharashtrian Nathni’. Usually studded with stones and pearls, the nathni is most common Maharashtrian Jewellery. The huge Konkani nose ring is next in the list. These nose rings have a long stick attached to the big designed and a carved piece of metal worn on the nose. The folklore says each of the Konkan jewelry design is inspired from nature. The other famous styles include diamond rings, stone or pearl studded on the base of the metal, tiny plain rings, and the trendy rings in different colored metal. The black metal nose rings are growing famous nowadays.

This is the important jewelry in the country of India. As you keep moving to a different place or region in the country, you would find different types of nose rings depending on the culture prevailing in the region. And now, with the internet, it has become easy to find all kinds of accessories everywhere in the country. This makes the culture in the region more diverse. You could come across a lady living in Rajasthan wearing a Kanjeevaram silk saree and the Maharashtrian Nathni. This is the beauty of diversity in India. And this is what binds us together.

Top 12 Technologically Advanced Countries of the World

We can thank technology for the many amazing benefits we get to experience, from everyday things like staying in touch with our loved ones to those more extraordinary achievements, like traveling to space. Seeing as how every nation is different, it’s normal to have different needs, which is why every country has used technology in its own way to improve the life of its citizens. Some were more successful than others and therefore, in no particular order, here are some of the most technologically advanced countries.

The Netherlands

Are you aware that the Dutch are credited with a lot of things we take for granted? For example, the telescope and the microscope, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, all originated in the Netherlands. They have taken their innovativeness to a whole new level with all sorts of medical and scientific instruments among other things. Moreover, the Netherlands is also considered to be the “new Silicon Valley” due to a huge number of booming tech hubs all over the country.



While Nokia might be the first thing that comes to mind, this Scandinavian country has so much more to offer. Finland is definitely a pioneer in the field of mobile communication as well as bioscience and environmental science. One thing that makes the citizens of Finland very happy is the fact that they have one of the best healthcare systems in the world.



Germany being on this list is no surprise. You might be aware of the fact that their research and development efforts have contributed to nanotechnology and space travel. They are leaders in the field of medicine, engineering, infrastructure and military technology. The government supports various universities and organizations which focus on preparing new generations of scientists.


Many people tend to neglect Canada’s technological advancements, but the boom this country experienced in the past decade tells us that they are a force to be reckoned with. Almost 2% of the GDP goes to research and development, which presents an amazing opportunity for growth in all fields. Vancouver has become a great city for mobile tech startups, while Ontario and Montreal are thriving when it comes to tech and R&D.



India is full of skilled workers so it’s no wonder that it has become the center for all kinds of outsourcing work, from customer support to accounting. More and more companies are investing in India, including Microsoft and Apple, and this boom is expected to continue. Luckily, India is more than prepared to take on more work as its real estate sector is booming and providing more investment opportunities for all.



It is well-known that Japan is one of the giants in the technological field. Plenty of companies that are dominant on the world stage are from Japan, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nintendo, Sony and Canon. In recent years, we have also started associating Japan with bullet trains, smart toilets and robotic technology, but this Asian country is unstoppable when it comes to making our lives much easier (and more fun).



According to , Singapore has established itself as a major tech hotspot as many big companies from all over the world are opening their offices there. The IT industry is in full bloom and venture capitalists are constantly investing in new startups. Moreover, having the fastest fixed broadband speed in the world is certainly a huge plus.

South Korea

Another giant of technological advancements that comes from Asia is South Korea. This country is well-versed in all fields and has greatly contributed to making everyday activities much easier. For instance, they make everything from phones and computers through trains and planes to robots. South Korea also has incredible internet speed that is three times faster than that of the US. The biggest South Korean companies include Samsung, LG and Hyundai, which can all go toe to toe with their counterparts in the US or Europe.



These space pioneers still have an interest in developing the best technologies for space exploration. Moreover, they are also famous for their advanced defense system with their inventive military equipment. Russia puts great emphasis on education and supports new generations as they are expected to continue the development of nuclear energy, medicine and different kinds of technology. And, of course, we cannot forget about their very talented hackers who have also appeared in the news in recent times.

The United States

Alongside Russia, the United States is also known for its space technology, which keeps improving. With companies such as SpaceX constantly developing, this field should be closely watched. Furthermore, the US is home to Silicon Valley which inspires up-and-coming software engineers to give this career a go. Many of today’s biggest tech companies started as a small startup in the Valley and plenty of new ones are launched every day. Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Uber are just some of those that made it. These businesses keep reaching new heights and developing new products, whether it’s a variety of AI assistants or introducing AirPods.



When you think of China, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It probably isn’t space exploration. However, China is the first country to land a probe on the dark side of the moon. They also launched the Hongyun Project, where they sent a satellite into space in order to provide stable internet access to the rural regions of the country. Furthermore, they are utilizing solar power to the fullest by building solar expressways and floating solar power plants. And we cannot forget to mention the company that creates 3D-printed buildings!


Finally, another country that is amazing at space science – Israel. In addition to that, they have also developed quite an innovative defense industry and the first drone with real-time surveillance. The agriculture industry is another thing Israel can be proud of as they have managed to maximize the crop’s growth in a naturally arid area of the world.


Plenty of other countries are achieving outstanding results as well. For example, France is even offering incentives to people to move there and open their own tech startups. With all the recent developments, our future is looking quite interesting.

5 Best TEFL Destinations for Healthy Living


You may decide to travel the world, but that doesn’t mean that all the work you have put in to build a healthier lifestyle has to be tossed out the window. You can choose a destination that allows you to continue embracing these lifestyle choices or even adopt new ones.

The following are just 5 of the top TEFL destination for you if you are looking to prioritize your health and fitness – for more information on TEFL courses, visit The TEFL Academy.

  1. India

India provides the best destination for those who consider physical as well as mental wellness a priority. Teaching English to non-native speakers can be an exhaustive process both mentally, and physically and Indian culture offers you the tools necessary to maintain a healthy balance. In India, you can continue with your Yoga or Meditation practice.

In India, food is also often locally sourced and homemade. This means if you prefer organic foods, you will have a wide range of options to choose from including fresh fruits and vegetables. India presents an opportunity to be wholly healthy.

  1. Thailand

You might think of Thailand as a place with the best beaches, stunning mountains for mountain climbing, tropical beaches, waterfalls and more spectacular scenery. But it is also a world-famous destination for Meditators and Vegans. The Thai culture prioritizes a calm connection to the land, not to mention the world famous and addictive Thai massage.

  1. Japan

Japan is a country that is well known for its lengthy life expectancy. There are more centenarians in Okinawa than anywhere else in the world. The only explanation for this phenomenon can be balanced and healthy diets a, cultural and community values, Zen spas and a whole lot of green tea.

If you agree that too much sugar can be detrimental to your health, then you’ll be happy with Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine contains unprocessed and largely fresh foods. The diet is focused on fish and grains. Martial arts like Karate, Judo or Aikido classes are the best way to keep your heart-rate up.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The conservation efforts in the country are a matter of national pride with locals participating fully in the process. It is, therefore, safe to assume and research has shown that Costa Ricans have translated this love of the environment to a love of self, making them some of the most health-conscious people in the world.

Herbs and spices like garlic, pepper, thyme, oregano, and even onions are a major part of this country’s cuisine and it is not surprising that these are also some of the plants and herbs are best known for their therapeutic properties.

Costa Rica has also played host to some of the world’ best health retreats including Yoga and meditation retreats held annually in the country. The fact that tropical fruits are widely available means that you will also partake in less processed foods while in Costa Rica. Some of the best beaches in the world and pristine blue waters mean endless opportunities to relax.

  1. Spain

Spain is one of the best destinations for you if you enjoy clocking hours in the Gym. The country only comes second to the US in terms of the number of people going to the gym. And, even if you don’t like to go to the gym, the country has infrastructure that supports various sports such as basketball, tennis, water sports, skiing, golf, and even cycling. Surfing is also popular in Spain and so is bullfighting if you want to stretch your options a little bit.