How Do You Check If Your Invention Already Exists

If you are an aspiring inventor, you already know how difficult it is to patent an invention. It is not that you’re not innovative or that you don’t have an idea, it’s just that people have been inventing stuff for centuries and that has made it quite difficult for modern-day inventors to come up with something new.

Far from it being that everything that we’ll ever need has already been invented. That’s not the case. We’re still pushing boundaries and expanding our knowledge and bettering our world with each passing day, however, that is also what contributes to the problem.

What we mean by that is that someone might have already beaten you to the punch and has already made the invention you are now seeking to patent.  To be fair, just because an invention exists, does not mean it has been patented and that’s kind of why we are here today.

Let’s say you have a great idea for an Earth-shattering product or at least one that’s going to help us in some way. To make that idea and product undoubtedly yours – you have to patent it. Even if someone before you had done the same thing, if they haven’t patented it – it’s still up for grabs. However, how do you know whether an invention has been patented? You can simply go around asking people if they’ve seen this product or heard about it. No. Instead, you do a patent search.

Do A Patent Search

The first step in process of discovering whether your invention has already been invented or patented is doing a patent search. Fortunately, we live in an era of the internet and free-flowing information, so it is easier than ever to do this. Back in the day, you had to go to the patent office and do your search over there, but luckily, that’s all in the past.

With the collective effort of the US and the US Patent and Trademark Office, you can now easily search the entire database from the comfort of your couch. All you need to do is grab a laptop or a phone and do your research. Now, it can still be quite difficult to search every international database, but when it comes to US soil, it should be a piece of cake. If you know what you’re doing, that is…

Pay Special Attention To Keywords

Like we’ve said in the beginning, there are a lot of patents and new ones are being added daily, so combing through all of them can be quite taxing. You’ll have to be really thorough in order to make sure your invention hasn’t been added to the database. You’ll do that by refining your search parameters using keywords that are related to your invention. We’ll give you an example, but if you want more details on other invention and patent-related topics, feel free to visit this Instagram page.

Now, let’s say that you’ve made a key ring that is easier to operate and attach to the side of your purse. Now, the main parts of your invention are a ring, a clasp, possibly a spring-loaded one and so on. To do an accurate search, you’ll need to describe your patent as detailed, but as simple as possible. That means you’ll have to use keywords such as key, key ring, keychain, clasp, spring-loaded clasp, purse satchel, handbag and so on. Make sure you use as many synonyms as possible, just to cover more ground and be safe.

If nothing shows up, great, you’re almost done with your job. However, it’s not enough…

It Has To Be Unique

Just because you haven’t found a patent that matches your invention doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Perhaps the reason no one has already patented it is because it can’t be done. This could usually be the case if there are a lot of similar products to your invention.

You see, a product or an invention has to be unique to be recognized as a patent. They require absolute novelty. Let’s go back to our example for a second. Even if you haven’t found an item that matches your invention, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something similar. If the only thing that’s separating yours from some other invention is, let’s say, size – you won’t be able to patent your invention. This is another reason why your search is very important and why you have to be extensive in your search.

What Happens If It Has Been Invented?

Now, in case you realize that your invention can’t be patented, for whatever reason, that’s not a sign from above that you need to give up. You see, the main purpose of inventing something isn’t obtaining a patent. That’s hardly ever the case. It could be, but chasing patents just for the sake of it is basically pointless.

If you’re an inventor, or at least an aspiring one, you should only have two goals – to change mankind for the better or to make money. These two could go hand in hand, but they also couldn’t. What’s even more important is that none of them are dependent on an invention being patented or not.

You see, sometimes the most original ideas can lead to new products and discoveries, but in the real world, those ideas amount to nothing because they have no real-world value or application. So, just because you find out that your invention has already been invented, does not mean that yours is less valuable. Maybe yours is a small improvement of the previous one and it can still make everyone’s life better and easier, while also making you some money in the process.

We’ve had social networks before Facebook, but it was the improvements that Facebook brought to the table that propelled it into a league of its own. The same thing could happen to your invention, so don’t worry if it has already been invented. If you find a way to make a 20,000 mAh battery for a 6-inch phone, you probably won’t get a patent for it, but you’ll certainly change the world for the better and you’re most definitely going to make yourself a lot wealthier.


So, in order for you to find out whether your invention has already been invented, you’ll have to comb though patent databases. That’s going to take some time off your hands, but regardless of the outcome, keep in mind, your product can still make a difference.

What’s the Difference Between Argumentative & Informative Essays

When it comes to argumentative and informative essays there are a lot of similarities, and also a lot that makes them different. Any EssayHub writer will point out the differences immediately, but not any student. For one, both are types of essays that rely on information and facts. People often mistake the two so it is vital to try and explain the main differences. In this article, we are going to try and proved the answer to the question what’s the difference between argumentative & informative essays. For one, you need to know that the argumentative type tries to work on the reader and the attempt lies in the fact of trying to convince the reader to accept the writer’s view on the matter in question. The informative essay, on the other hand, is based on providing the reader with facts and information directly with the final thought being left to them.

Informative Essays

Most informative essays are focused on a certain topic or a problem and are trying to explain it to the audience. The goal of every informative writer is to be objective, at all times neutral, and without attempts to push the narrative to either side. You could argue that informative writers are alike reporters that work on news. The difference would be that writers only deal with true information and facts, without trying to form an opinion or to convince the reader into anything. If a writer wants to remain true to this type of writing it is essential to stick to the facts and never layout personal beliefs, opinions, or ideas.

If we are talking about SAGE testing or similar tests, informative essays should contain three paragraphs. It all starts with an introduction paragraph which should serve as an introduction for what follows. In the beginning, you should focus on what your entire paper is going to be about. Moving on and you should put all the vital information and facts on the topic in the body of the essay. It should be filled with everything that you know about the subject. The final part of the informative essay is the conclusion that should take a brief look at everything you laid out in the parts above. If your goal is to pass a SAGE test stick to the construction we explained above. But, you should know that real writers write about long topics. Due to this fact, they use as many body paragraphs as they need to explain their topic.

Argumentative Essays

This type of essay is a bit more interesting as the writer isn’t only laying out information, but it’s trying to convince the audience of his opinions. It contains not only information and facts about the subject but is also filled with writers’ opinions and ideas. Compared to an informative essay it is more personal to the writer. It all starts with him preparing research into a subject that has a goal of collecting enough evidence and making his stance viable to the reader. While the writer is free to be subjective and biased it also has to be aware that the other side could have its opinion. In surroundings like these, it is essential not to allow yourself to stray away from logic and reasoning. If you want to write an argumentative essay for SAGE testing it needs to be at least four or five paragraphs long. Same as with an informative essay the first paragraph needs to be all about introduction where you’ll make a case for the rest of the argument. In the next two or even three paragraphs, you’ll need to create enough essence for the argument you’re trying to make. This should be the body of your essay which should contain everything you have on the subject and what helped you to form an opinion on the given subject. The last paragraph is of course the conclusion which should be the summary of everything you’ve said in the paragraphs above. Similar to what we said in the passage above, if you are doing this for the sake of SAGE testing do not force the body paragraphs but stick to two or three. Bur if you are a professional writer or you tend to be one, be free to use as many body paragraphs as you like or need to prove your argument. If you need help writing this type of essay you can always seek Wr1ter for help.

The Difference

As you can see from the two paragraphs above there are some vital differences between these two styles. By using our recommendations we also have an introduction, two body paragraphs, and what you are reading right now is the conclusion. Our form is purely informative, as you guess. Talking about the differences the primary one lies in the fact that informative essays only contain pure information on any given subject. Argumentative essays offer much more in terms of writers’ ideas, opinions, and stances, while also relying plenty on facts, information, and various statistics. But, this is not all. Furthermore, informative essays tend to be unbiased, objective, and true to the topic without straying away from it. At the same time, argumentative ones tend to be a lot more subjective and biased, containing much of the writer’s personal touch on the subject.

Argumentative essays cover a lot more writing field as they are a combination of information and facts, but also writers’ opinions and emotions are tied into it. Also, if you are looking to spot the difference straight away it is made possible for you. These two types are different from the start and one of the essential differences can be seen straight in the introduction. For one, the informative essay states what the topic is and it is introduced to the reader in the first few sentences. On the other hand, we have an argumentative essay which in the first few sentences is trying to show what the argument is to the reader. As you can see there are many differences and some of them are easy to spot, others not so much. We hope that after reading this article things are at least a bit clearer to you.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her 2020

Love couples show their feelings for each other more or less often. The good thing is that in most cases any situation can be solved with the right words or a nice text message. There are also holidays of love, the most famous being Valentine’s Day. But, it’s also a day when nothing else will help you but a romantic dinner or a nice gift.

Have We Forgotten About Love?

Of course, every year before the coming holiday, we uphold the idea that love should be spread throughout the year. Still, why miss the opportunity to share gifts, tenderness and attendant pleasures. We live so fast, work overtime, at home, on weekends, rush through city crowds, run around shops, etc. We find less and less time for ourselves and the people around us. Therefore, we think it is these holidays that serve to remind us of some things we tend to forget. Stop, rest and pay attention to tenderness and love in 2020.

The Legend Of Valentine’s

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th every year. It is directly or indirectly celebrated by a large number of people across the globe. The Valentine’s Day was initially intended for several early Christian saints with the same name. Valentin’s most famous martyrology is that he was executed for marrying soldiers, which was strictly forbidden by the then Roman emperor Claudius II, who thought that married men were bad soldiers.

According to the legend, as he was sentenced to death, Valentine sent to his jail mate’s blind daughter a letter. It was a letter with yellow saffron in gratitude for her kindness. It was signed by “your Valentine”.

The English Poet Connected Valentine To Romantic Love

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Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love in the fourteenth century in circles close to Jeffrey Chaucer, an English poet of the late Middle Ages. At that time, the so-called “elegant love” was popular among prominent people.

By the fifteenth century, this practice had grown into a custom of showing your love with flowers, sweets and greetings. Contemporary insignia of Valentine’s Day is red heart-shaped gifts, doves and Cupid figures. However, since the nineteenth century, hand-written greetings have been replaced with mass-produced greeting cards.

Each Culture Has Introduced Something Of Its Own

From those ancient times until today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost all over the world. However, in some cultures, this celebration has a little deviation from the rules. The worship of red roses has also become popular in Arab, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures. Each culture has introduced something of its own, so today is Valentine’s Day celebrated in different ways around the globe.

Chocolate Day In Japan

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In Japan, all women give men chocolates on this day. And they give it to everyone, from colleagues, neighbours, husbands to bosses and acquaintances. Men are paying attention, but a month later by giving women white chocolate. This custom is called White Day.

Oranges In China

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Valentine’s Day is intertwined with China’s traditional Lantern Festival. It falls on the fifteenth day of the New Year. Across Malaysia and Singapore, on this day, women in love write their phone numbers on oranges, which are then thrown into a stream, river or lake. Man who finds the orange makes sure to contact the girl, so they could eat oranges together.

South African Paper Hearts

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Like in many parts of the world, South Africa is also celebrating Valentine’s Day. In addition to giving flowers, candy and other symbols of love, it is common for women to pin a paper heart on their sleeve on February 14th. On that heart, they write out the name of the person they are interested in and so the men find out who their secret admirer is. This custom comes from a Roman custom called “Lupercalia”.


Of course, when we talk about Valentine’s, we cannot overlook the gifts that give a special charm to this holiday. We used to pay far more attention and much more time and effort to these things.

Today, due to lack of time, we are constantly waiting for the last moment to buy gifts. Some studies say that women generally welcome Valentine’s Day ready – while thinking about gifts often creates a headache for men.

What to give a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day is a question that pops into their heads for a whole 3-4 hours before the February 14th gifting deadline. Fortunately, we live in a time of modern communication and advanced technology, so choosing a gift has become easier and delivery is much faster.

Just go to the internet and choose a gift for your loved one. We did our best to present you some interesting gifts when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and if you want a more comprehensive guide – read more here.

So, here are the 5 things we suggest…

1. Photo Exhibition

Img source:

Even though we live in a world of high digitization, photo making is back in fashion. Polaroid photos of various formats are especially popular. Create some precious photos to make a real small exhibition. Line them up in a heart shape or simply attach them to the rope with coloured wooden clips. Add some pieces of cut flowers and candy and she’s gonna love it! Better yet, buy your loved one a great gift – A Creative Explosion Box Photo Album.

It looks like an ordinary gift box, but it holds a little secret. Namely, when your loved one opens this box, its sides go down, triggering a real explosion of emotions. On each page, there are cards with photos of you two together, so it will trigger a storm of emotions and be a wonderful memory for your loved one.

2. Gorgeous Flower Bouquet

Img source:

Flowers for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for your sweetheart, especially if you are a little clumsy in choosing romantic gifts. A gorgeous bouquet in the shape of the initial letter of her name is a special and very personalized gift. You choose the letter, and the professionals in this business will do their best to fill it with flowers and greenery of your choice.

Keep in mind when choosing flowers for this day. Roses are most appropriate when you want to show someone you love them. There is a large selection of over 150 varieties of roses. Colours, shapes, combinations – it’s all up to you!

3. Candlelight Dinner Is Always A Great Idea

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Make a romantic dinner for two with candles and light music. You can even create a playlist of your favourite songs, the ones you both love that remind you of each other and your shared memories.

4. Love List

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Make a list of 100 things you love about your beloved one, print it and frame it. The list can be gentle, loving, or a bit seductive, where you can express your admiration. If you want a person to feel truly special, read the list aloud.

5. Gifts For Your Bedroom

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Sometimes it’s best to give a joint gift on a date like this. Does your bedroom need refreshment? New bedding or a bedspread can be a nice solution. Does your partner often suffer from neck pain? Memory foam pillow will be the right expression of attention for Valentine’s Day. Decorative pads and a soft blanket will help to make your love nest comfortable and warm.

What About When We’re Single For Valentine’s Day?

Stop! Are people in relationships the only who are busy buying presents these days? And where does it say that gifts are for couples only? One of the better things about being single for Valentine’s Day is the fact that we don’t have to give away money for gifts.

We have no obligation to buy and chase for presents like crazy. However, everyone who has a desire – can buy a gift for themselves (why not?). You may also surprise some of your dearest people, who are also single. Agree to give something to each other, and the best part is that it will surely be nice and creative gifts.

5 Ways To Boost Your Interior Design

Whether you are an owner of a luxurious duplex house or have your apartment, you will want your home to look lavish and professionally decorated, right? Well, to all of us, home is the place where we feel like to be relaxed and at ease instantly. You will surely not like to be annoyed with a nagging sense of something being “not quite correct?” To give your place an additional enticement, the elegant crystal chandelier is an excellent choice to boost your interior design. To see some more samples, visit

Well, you may be thinking that possessing a good-looking quality dwelling may be very tough. The best part is you do not have to pay a large sum of cash. A little effort, thinking from a professional point of view, and a refined choice of products is quite enough to enhance the design of your home sweet home.

Designing is nothing but a blend of creativity and technology. Obviously, the plan, layout, and appearance of your house will reflect the choice and taste of your mind. The bulk of the owner consider that boosting the interior design of their houses needs huge investment, but this is not true eternally for all cases. On the other hand, minor replacements with little investments can change the appearance of your home wonderfully, giving it an all-new and fresh-looking interior.

Ways to Boost the Interior Design

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As we all know, sometimes small actions and changes can have a vaster impact. Luckily, the pioneers of interior designing have shared some of their top secrets about how you can boost your interior design even without costing much. Whether you have just moved or searching for anything quick, little home pick-up, or probably something more fruitful, you can immediately adapt some pro ways, based on professional advice. Here you will discover 5 innovative and effective ways, by implementing which you may easily boost the interior design of your dwelling.

Add New Lighting Accessories

How you have used lighting accessories to lighten the house is the means of showcasing the room to your visitors, and obviously, if you do not use lighting adequately in your rooms, it will dull the appearance of your precious house. You can easily change the appearance of your interior just by replacing the used and worn lighting accessories. Proper lighting arrangements offer you the facility to focus on the artworks you have used on the walls, and thus enhances the beauty of your space. If your room is quite monotonous and dull, you can use various kinds of lighting, and layers of light on the walls to give your house a further dramatic look. A sophisticated crystal chandelier can very efficiently serve this purpose. To give your space a more enchanting, exciting, and new look, you can further change, and add new fixtures of lighting.

Exchange the Hardware and Use Sophisticated and New Ones

Image source:

Do you believe that for providing your rooms a totally brand new appearance, you have to change the whole dwelling? Well, it is not always right. Beauty lies in detail, and a little thought of change, even in the tiniest area may solely boost the interior design. You can easily give your interior a fascinating look just by exchanging the hardware of the house. It is an amazing means that will not only cost you much but also enchant you with its appearance-changing power. Change your handles of the doors, and it will add a much more lavish look to your design. You have to be careful of the layout of the home, so you could determine what hardware is harmonious, and can produce insight into features of your interior design. To improve the design a bit more, you might also change the hardware of the kitchen and include new pulls and handles.

Apply Pop Colors on the Ceiling

Another cost-effective means to boost the design of the home is to apply pop colors on the ceiling. Even many expert designers suggest adding a fascinating look to the house by painting the ceilings. Most of the time, roofs come with the typical colors painted by default, but they provide an enormous possibility to pop up your home. To give your roof a charming and dramatic appearance, you can color it with any dark or shiny colors like yellow or green. To get most utmost out of the roofs, you can also add some ornaments, like wallpapers and artworks.

Use Arts and Paintings to Promote Your Interior Design

Image source:

What arts and paintings you select to decorate your walls define your choices and let your personality showcase to the people visit you. Using artworks and pictures illustrate the story of your life, and is a marvelous means to add value to your house. Use the painting that matches your personality and the design of your interior. It is even excellent if you can use any of your own sketches or portraits done by your family members, that suit your home style. Of course, the artworks you select does not have to let you increase your expenditure so much — what you have to keep in mind is to put them in elegant frames so that they mingle with the entire design, and thought of the rooms attractively.

Include lavish Decoration

One more means to boost your interior design is to use attractive decorations and patterns in your home. There are many cost-effective yet enchanting patterns best to include in tiny portions across the dwelling. You may combine various marbles and patterns coming in numerous forms by embellishing techniques, and significance- crafts, dishes, and wallpapers can assist you to get the gorgeous looks without any large expenditure.

Undoubtedly, your house is the most cherished place for you, and you always try to enhance the beauty of it. The above are some unique and compelling techniques you may easily pick to boost your interior design. They are less money consuming yet very fruitful ways to boost your interior design. With these means, you will be able to let your house talk for you and enchant your guests immensely.

How to Overhaul your House this New Year

After the chaos of Christmas, the post-holiday period provides many individuals with the time to sit, back, relax and think about what they want to achieve in the new year. It can be the time to think about things like a career change, or starting a bit closer to home and giving your home a spruce up. Thinking up a list of things you want to achieve is a great way to start the year off with good intentions.

If you’re thinking about the latter, you’ve come to the right place. January is a great time to have a clear out, and we are here to help you with some tips on how you can overhaul your house in 2020. From de-cluttering to re-decorating, here’s what you need to add to your to-do list if you are wanting to give your home a makeover.

Clear out everything you don’t need

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This year, don’t be afraid to get rid of things. It can be hard to let go of certain items, but over the course of our life, we tend to pick up things that become totally unnecessary. So, it’s time to throw them out! That cable for your phone that you haven’t used in years? Get rid of it. The jumper that you haven’t worn since you were a teenager? Donate it. You’ll be surprised at just how many items you could donate, sell or recycle, so grab some boxes, label them up and get to work on each of your rooms. Once you’re done, decide which of it can be sold at a car boot sale, which of it can be taken to the charity shop and which of it might not be of use to anyone anymore.

Do a deep clean

Taking all the pillows off the sofa to vacuum, reaching on top of the wardrobe to dust and making your oven sparkle again are all things that make the to-do list, but don’t get done as regularly. So why not start 2020 with a deep clean? Bring in a steam cleaner for the carpets, use a leather conditioner on your furniture and check that your washing machine doesn’t need a freshen up. Worktop to bottom and get stuck into every room in the house. When it’s finished, you can truly admire your work.

And don’t forget the windows!

Image source;

Your windows need to be cleaned just as much as your house does, so ensure that you don’t neglect them in your post-Christmas tidy up. Wash your windows with a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth for a streak-free finish. And don’t forget to dust any blinds and window sills to finish off the clean.

Sort out your pots and pans

If you have cooked for your family over festive holidays, the chances are that your pots and pans did a lot of hard work. Ensure that they are in tip-top condition and free of any stubborn spots by searching the internet for advice on how to make them gleaming again – every material is different.

Get decorating

Image source:

If you have lived in your home for a number of years, it’s normal for it to be looking a little worn out. However, a little bit of paint can change that in an instant. In order for your home to feel fresh again, why not re-decorate some of the rooms you’re not as happy with? Change your deep red hues to lighter shades of grey for an instant chic look. Add some gorgeous furniture to the bedrooms such as a full-length mirror like the ones from Cox & Cox and a new wardrobe, or spruce up your walls with some beautiful artwork. These little differences can really make a difference.


If you have had some pieces of furniture for many years that are too nice to throw out, yet not your style anymore, choose to upcycle them. For inspiration on how you can overhaul your old chest of drawers or coffee table, head to YouTube for DIY videos. There is so much content on there, you won’t know where to begin! Transform dark mahogany dining chairs into white distressed pieces and give your kitchen a new look immediately.

Don’t forget your garden

Image source:

While you might not be spending much time outside in the winter months, there is nothing wrong with beginning to prepare for the summer early. If you’re unhappy with your outdoor furniture, or fancy hanging new lights outside, have a look for pieces in the post-Christmas sales, because you could pick up a bargain. Then you can be ready for the better weather and spend your evenings outside.

So there you have it – a list of everything you can start doing in order to get your home back to its best condition. Ensure you’re ready to tackle anything that gets thrown at you this year by tackling your haven first.

6 fun and unique wedding invitation ideas

In our experience, people always underestimate the amount of creativity that planning a wedding can entail. There’s decision after decision and if you want your day to be extra special, you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing.

You’ve decided on the theme that you want for your wedding; you’ve roughly pinned down your date, you’ve even decided on your bridesmaids and now it’s time to choose the invitations. 

But by this point, you’d be surprised if you ever have another creative idea again, so drained are said resources.

Invites, you think to yourself, they’re just invites, and you end up choosing the simplest and easiest of designs. A few months later, you attend your friend’s wedding and melt at the beauty and creativity of their wedding invitation design. 

We get it, we really do. So, in a bid to save you that post-wedding invitation regret, here are some creative and fun ideas. 

Spoiler alert – you are going to want to purchase one of these designs – for more information on wedding invitations and to view some great designs and custom layouts – check out

Img Source:


Yes, these are ideal if you’re having some kind of festival themed wedding, but they can also prove to be ideal in many, many more ways.

Firstly, what could be more convenient than an invitation that you can wear? It certainly makes it harder to forget them and it’s a safe and easy way to be able to identify guests. 

Secondly, they act as the perfect keepsakes, allowing your guests to cherish them alongside their memories.

But also, they’re just a fun and modern twist on invitations.


Okay, so we don’t fully advocate going 100% into this idea and only giving your guests a map and a compass, but a map themed invitation is the ideal way to add some fun to its design. Instead of making them overly wordy, use symbols and let the theme do the talking for you.

Img Source:


If you’ve decided to have a vintage themed special day of any kind, we can probably assume that you’ve already considered using a scroll invitation design, so let us be their cheerleader for a moment. 

Scroll inspired invitations are a fun and classic twist on the wedding invitation, adding a pop of character to your plans. 

We see you scrollin’ – sorry.

Img Source:


We are all for finding actual, physical invitations to use and will probably never support them going digital. However, there are fun ways to incorporate digital aspects onto its design. 

If you’ve created a wedding website, add a link, or consider adding a scannable code that links to some kind of media. Perhaps it could be a video with images from your romance story. Or, perhaps it could or a video message for your guests. 

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to keep your wedding invitations in a classic, traditional form. But there are plenty of ways to combine the best of both worlds.


We love this idea and we think that it could be a fun way to involve your guests in the running up to your big day.

Add some kind of code of decipherable message to your invitations and ask that your guests attempt to fathom them out in advance. 

Img Source:

Perhaps you could ask your guests bring a particular, small object to this special day and have them deposit them in a treasure chest with their names attached. In the reception, you can reveal the answer. Alternatively, perhaps you can give them a riddle or a joke. 

Either of these works and allows the guests to get involved, before this special day.


This is a fun invitation idea, one that is particularly aimed at any children that you might have attending. 

If you have the budget for it, why not have a separate invitation designed. We suggest having a coloring book type design made and you can then ask the guests to bring them with them to the reception. It’ll keep the kids occupied for a short while. Read more to know how much wedding invitations cost.

How To Create Wedding Registry This Year

Coming up with the perfect wedding registry ideas is the next thing to do after the engagement. A lot of couples use this opportunity to set up or upgrade their homes. If you fall into this category, you need a wedding registry checklist. This is because there are registry must-haves that you cannot skip.

From start to finish, China to gadgets, you need a list of what to register for the wedding. The best ideas should give you what you’d love and use for a long time. According to WeddingForward, your wedding registry list should follow these rules.

It Should Reflect Your Choices

Your wedding registry should first be about you and your partner. You can only identify the best things to register for the wedding if both of you work on it. Every item should be a reflection of your personalities. A lot of people believe they have to go traditional, but registries accommodate more personal need nowadays.

Img source:

While you may not like the conventional chinaware, you may love hiking paraphernalia. Some may even want an adventure trip or a boat. The bottom line is to pick something you will use and enjoy using. It is very important you put your joy into consideration.

Scout Your Home and Make a List

At this time, you want to throw out some stuff, replace others and get new stuff too. It is time for you and your partner to come together to scout your home. Make different lists of what you want to throw out. Also, make a list of what you need to replace or upgrade. You need new additions to your home too, make a list.

When you finish separating, make a comprehensive list of what to register for the wedding. Put in only what you love and will use. If you are not much of a cook, leave out excessive cooking materials. Tilt towards what you love most, as you don’t want gifts lying in storage. You can opt for honeymoon funding or even charity donations.

Img source:

If your partner is particular about specific items, add it. You are free to add personal items, but little inclusions of traditional materials will do. Registries are wish lists and today’s wedding registries allow for all that.

Work with Price Points and Ranges

The best wedding registry items do not have to be expensive. Put your guests into consideration when writing your list. Some guests have the wherewithal to splurge without flinching or counting costs. Others may be on a tight budget and cannot afford as much.

List as much as 150 gift items for 100 guests at different price points. Make them for under $50, under $100, under $150 and above. Distribute your gifts in equal measures along with these price points. This means that you’ll have more than one gift items per price point in some cases. Make sure they are the very important ones which you don’t mind having two of.

While some guests do not mind getting you something expensive, others will look for lower prices. Give every guest the opportunity to buy you something.

Ask for More Than You Need in Pieces

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A mistake many about to wed couple make is asking for gifts in sets. This is the fastest way to accumulate wedding gift ideas that you won’t use. Ask for gifts in pieces, especially when it comes to kitchenware. Lots of cutlery, knives set and cookware contain stuff you won’t use.

Ask for the ones you need in pieces and it is almost sure that you’d get all. You don’t want to leave part of sets lying around the house and rotting off.

It is also great you ask for more than what you need for the moment. This is an element of foresight, especially if you plan to start a family. You could be only two now, but then, the kids start to show up. Parties, christenings, get together, special dinners will need your kitchenware reserve.

Over the years, some could even break, and they are too important to let go. So, you need to have some extras and backups. If you love to cook and tend to the home, ask for more on general kitchenware in pieces. These may include, but not limited to cookware, dinnerware, flatware, cooking bowls, etc.

Coming up with the best wedding registry ideas is easy when you know what to do. Make it about you, then create a list. Work with different price points and ask for more than you need. You’d love your gifts

10 Creative Ideas for Marketing on WhatsApp


Whatsapp is among the top most used application for every smartphone users, there were over 1 billion active users, and the graph is increasing rapidly.

As the number of users increasing on WhatsApp, it becomes a new market hub. You can find many marketers and distributors on WhatsApp. It is not a big thing WhatsApp is a powerful growing application with lots of features. We are sharing the post for you so that you can take advantage of this time. Today we will tell you the creative ideas and business strategy of this social network.

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Role of Whatsapp in Marketing

·         The biggest benefit is WhatsApp is a free application

·         We can share any content, text, picture, ebooks, catalogs

·         For any discussion, survey it was the best application to sue

·         Any special offer or event can share on WhatsApp group

·         You can make as many WhatsApp group as you want

·         You can send a notification whenever you want

·         Your message will remain safe and secure

·         It is easy to use

Whatsapp is easy to use application which has lots of features. For business, you can use a business account, and you can also create a group of different categories and share the group invitation link.


Tips For Marketing On Whatsapp

1.    Group Chat

Group chat is the best way by which you can update your users. In business, it is important to attract customer and keep them yours. According to if a customer found your product old or boring, they might leave you, but if you keep updating your customer using WhatsApp group, then they will remember you.

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2.    Unlimited Free Message

If you do text messages, it will become costly for you, and there is a limit on text message for per day. Thanks to this app, we can send an unlimited number of the message using this application and for free. What you require is nothing but an internet connection.

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3.    Web WhatsApp

Web WhatsApp is a feature that allows you to open your account on the desktop whenever needed. Some people find it more comfortable to work on the desktop by sitting on a computer table. If you are from them, then WhatsApp will help you in this way also.

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4.    Internet-based Voice call

This application also provides you a web-based voice call which is free and can you can directly call anyone using the number. If anyone wants to talk to you and need any information, he can directly call you. In a business quick response is important to make trust towards your customer.

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5.    Quality and Optimization

Optimization required at every place and optimization plays an important role in online marketing. Assume you are reading an advertisement if it was lengthy you ignore it, but if it was short and attractive, you like it. It is a method which is known as optimization, try to write a long sentence in fewer characters.

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6.    Know your customer

For becoming a good seller or marketer, the first thing is to know your customers. Whatsapp provides you this opportunity. If you know what they like what they dislike you and judge your business faster. If you are a distributor, remember customer needs the product as fast as you can, its all about competition if you distribute a product fast then you can attract more happy customers.

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7.    Make work easy for the customer

If you face any hassle you dislike it, the same thing happens for the customer. For example, if you have a payment gateway then its easy for your customer to make a payment but if you provide your bank details or demand draft, then it becomes a hassle for your customer. Always try how you can provide cool features to your customers. Using WhatsApp, you can show screenshot of payment via any wallet and its easy.

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8.    Be Loyal

Using push notification, the broadcast list you can develop loyalty among your customers. Whatsapp provides you many features to become loyal.

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9.    Broadcast list

It is a one-way communication method suitable in some places. Increasing user admin engagement is present. It will also help you to combine your customers.

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10. Use Online

You can use WhatsApp chat on your online business to start instant communication. It is another best ways to interact with your customers.

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