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How To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly?

With the rise of eco-warriors, it has become more common and popular to look for ways to save money, energy, and water within the home. The invention of new water heating methods such as the immersion heaters offered by firms such as the Rama Corporation have gone a long way in helping to preserve energy efficiency and help you to live a more eco-friendly life, but there is a range of tips you can follow to help you live a more green lifestyle!

Save The Waste

Despite our best efforts, many of us will still generate a great deal of garbage by carrying out simple, everyday tasks. One example is running the tap to get hot water for washing. All of the cold water which comes out first is potentially wasted. To avoid this, make an effort to catch excess water and use it for watering plants, filling kettles or pans, or any other tasks which involve water. This action means that nothing goes to waste, and there is no need to use any excess water for an additional job.

Another area which has the potential for huge waste is grocery shopping. Much of our food comes in an excessive amount of plastic packaging which will never break down but will instead sit in a landfill for thousands of years. Help do your part by buying produce loose where possible, picking low-packaging solutions, and taking your own reusable bags when shopping.

Save The Scraps

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In addition to saving water, it is important to remember that food waste and scraps can also be collected and reused as compost. Potato peelings, teabags, eggshells, and even animal hair can all be added to your compost bin, ready to be reused positively later on. Purchasing a compost bin is a cheap investment which could pay dividends in the long run—not only do you have the satisfaction of reducing your waste, you can also benefit from a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants and flowers.

The best way to minimize waste is, of course, to prevent it from gathering. Meal planning can really help here. By deciding your meals for a week or two, you can purchase only those ingredients which will be necessary, in the amounts you need them for a particular recipe. This planning eliminates unwanted produce and means you will not have to throw food away because it is past the expiration date.

Drop A Degree

Nobody likes to be cold, but by turning down your central heating just a few degrees, you could be making a real difference without a huge sacrifice to your comfort. Turning your thermostat down by only 3 degrees can make a massive difference to the planet, and chances are you will barely notice the difference. It is also worth looking into your plan to see if it is the most eco-friendly offering and working out how you can work with companies who may be more aware of the environmental issues.

How to Pack for a Move in One Day


Emergency Shifting? It’s Saturday night and you have to leave by Monday morning? The first thing you must do is relax and breathe for a good five minutes. Yes, this is the most important thing to start with. If you panic, the situation may end up getting worse.

If you think shifting in a single day is not possible, you are wrong. Anything and everything is possible. Be optimistic, make a plan and work. Read the blog underneath and you can have all the to-do list ready with you for your move on a short notice period of 24 hours.

Packing Your Home in 24 Hours

Before you seriously start with packing, spend some time with paper and pen. Think and plan. Make sure you involve each and every family member in your packing. Things are easier when done together. Now consider the following tips:

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  • Make a list of things you want to carry with yourself. Starting with the bulkier and bigger things first. Do not just think but write it down. Once you have the checklist ready, paste it in your living room from where it is easily accessible to everyone.
  • Gather all the things that are useful for packing in one place. The list may include moving boxes, marker, packing tape, packing paper, scissors or any other thing as per your personalized requirement.
  • Do not start drawing off all the things unnecessarily and creating a mess. In case you are carrying your wardrobe, just dismantle it as it is. Do not empty the almirah and fill the stuff in bags to increase the luggage. Lock it properly and then directly put it in the transportation.
  • Ask one of your family members to make moving arrangements. All of you just do not jump off into the packing process. Ask him to find a good moving company that can help you with loading, unloading, and transportation if packing is not an option due to lack of time.
  • Start your packing from one place at a time. All of you gather in one room, pack according to your checklist and shift to another room. Do not spread all around your home to simply waste your time without gaining any fruitful result.
  • Take a day off from your kitchen. Order food from outside or seek favor from your nearby friends or family. It will save you a considerable amount of time.
  • Get up early in the morning. Starting earlier will fetch you a few extra hours.
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  • Call an electrician to disconnect all your appliances like TV, geysers, ACs or anything you want to carry along. You must focus on packing and take professional help wherever necessary.
  • Label all the things you have packed and keep moving to a commonplace. All the things that have been packed must not be scattered here and there but stay at a single place.
  • Pack your kitchen in the last. Even if you are not cooking, it is the place in the house that is used most. You may need it to prepare tea, coffee or anything if you have kids or pets along.
  • Also, keep packing the things to donate and to sell in different trash bags side by side. You are not going to fetch any extra time for it. Be very honest with yourself while choosing the items to take along. Make sure only useful things find their way with you to your new home.

Bottom Line

Follow the things as per the guidelines in the blog and you would surely succeed to pack in a day. You might have to work for prolonged hours for one day without any rest but it is surely going to help you.

How to Choose the Best Certified Plumber and Plumbing Company


When you need a plumber in a flash, you want a plumber that can be around for you to call no matter what time of day or night that it is. That being said, you also may want to know just how to choose the best, certified plumber and plumbing company. This can be a stressful task in most cases, but companies such as Core Plumbing make it easier by using great customer service, and quality professional service. By the way, Core Plumbing won Angie’s List 2018 Super Service Award for their outstanding service.

What is Angie’s List Super Service Award?

On a yearly basis, based on reviews that a company receives, Angie’s List grants top-notch companies like Core Plumbing the right to show off their badge on their website, as well as have the logo and star identifiers on the Angie’s List Page (one of the top service awards there are on the site)

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Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Certified Plumber

Well, of course, you want them to be a certified, licensed contractor. If they aren’t, you may end up getting shoddy work, or none at all. Some plumbers who aren’t legit have even been known to steal your copper and leave jobs unfinished. If you have such problems visit PlumbingAuthority.ca which will help you address any plumbing concerns that may cause additional damage and expense

  • Ask to see your contractor’s state license. If they don’t have one, don’t hire them.
  • Don’t go for hourly rates. Always check project prices, cost of materials, and more. Find out all hidden charges they may charge.
  • Be sure that they’re not going to work holidays, overtime, or even double time, because their rates may be higher.
  • Find out what type of tools and fixtures, fittings, and pipes they use. Research them and make sure that your plumber is going to use quality parts by checking out Popular Reviews where you find a wide range of products analyzed and compared, even specialty tools like head gasket sealers and sealants that you could use on your own for quick fixes.
  • Check to see if you can buy your own parts. You may save money. Some plumbers don’t allow this for security and insurance reasons though.
  • Find out how many parts and fixtures you’re going to need for your project.
  • Find out other tools they use. See what other services they offer. If they offer too many services, they may not have the experience in plumbing you need.
  • Ask how many projects like the one you need they have completed. Don’t hire them if they don’t have much experience. And don’t believe them just because they say a lot. You can ask for proof.
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When it comes to hiring the right plumbing company for the job, you want to know how to do it right. Hopefully, we’ve covered that enough in this article. By choosing the best-certified plumber in your area, you can definitely count on them. Companies like Core Plumbing are a great start because they’ve earned a high reputation on many different sites, from Yelp, to Angie’s List, and even on Google. You want a company that is a leader in its field, not a company that is just starting up, or one that doesn’t put their customers first and is only wanting to put a dime in their pocket.



5 Ways You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is not just restricted to the surroundings outside our homes, but a great chunk of this pollution resides with us in the houses. It is not only the obnoxious smoke or pollutants whizzing up from factories that is risky but a number of contaminants emitted during our household chores up the ante and pose danger to our health.

So, how can you rein in the air pollution inside your home? Let us take a look at five easy ways by which you can improve the indoor quality of your house.

  1. Keep the humidity levels in control

Humidity becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and molds and therefore it becomes necessary to maintain a healthy humidity level. Ideally, humidity levels should be around 30%-50% which will keep the allergens at bay. The best way to keep the humidity levels to a healthy level is to use a dehumidifier and an air conditioner in summer.

This will reduce the moisture in the indoor air and will also scale down the pollen count of the air. You can also use an exhaust fan in places of cooking, using dishwasher, or bathing. Make sure you keep the vent of the clothes dryer outside and also empty the drips pans in the window air conditioner and dehumidifier.

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  1. Switch to organic bedding


Remember whenever you paint a room or buy a new piece of furniture, there is a pungent smell in your house. The smell is because of a nasty chemical that comes from a liquid additive, changes into a gaseous state, and permeates in the indoor air of your room.

This phenomenon is called off-gassing. Similarly, off-gassing also occurs as a result of formaldehyde used in furniture which remains in the air for many years. So, what is the way out? Use organic bedding as they will consume a large portion of the off-gassed chemicals.

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  1. Check for Radon problems

Radon is a radioactive gas which is naturally found in the soils because of decaying uranium. This Radon gas moves up the ground and reaches your home through pores and opens. This colourless and odourless gas is responsible for causing lung cancer.

Even drafty and airtight homes can have radon problems and if you smoke in a radon-ridden house, then you have a risk of lung cancer. Therefore conduct frequent tests for Radon. These tests are easy and inexpensive and can even cure high levels of Radon.

  1. Use Green Cleansers

The cleansers you use to clean the windows or bathroom of your home are packed with toxic petrochemicals which invade your body through a number of ways, especially skin. You must have experienced fatigue, headache, or blurred vision after using a chlorine cleanser.

All of these symptoms may be due to the inhalation of toxic fumes of the cleanser. To get rid of this, you can use a green cleanser which are healthy products which use vinegar or baking soda instead of noxious chemicals.

Check out for these greener cleansers in the food stores which can also be used to clean up your drains, carpets, kitchens, etc.

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  1. Unclog your drains

A clogged drain leads to some obvious problems and cleaning them is not an easy task. But instead of unclogging your drains with chemicals why not use the non-chemical method? Use a sink plunger to get rid of the clogged drains.

They are not costly and can be easily used for many years’ sans chemical products. They will cost you somewhere around $3-$10.

source: today.com

Bottom Line

Apart from these aforementioned steps, make sure you dust your home often and dispel the airborne chemicals. Wiping off surfaces of furniture is another way you can improve on the indoor air quality and maintain a wholesome ambiance in your home.

Why Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors Should Be The Only Contractor You Choose


Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors has been serving the residents of Colorado since 2004. Owned and operated by Troy King, Metropolitan Group Inc has kept an A+ rating with the BBB by delivering an exceptional customer service experience to every customer they have had the opportunity to work with. With dozens of positive reviews from the many clients they have helped all over Colorado, they are quickly being recognized as one of the most efficient and dependable contractors to work with.

Troy and his son Daniel King understand the issues with living in a state that is prone to hail damage and intense storms. They have recalled countless scenarios when they both had to leap into action to help someone that was in distress after their home suffered severe damage from a storm. From helping you cover your damaged roof, to helping you understand the next step in your insurance claim, they are there to help you the entire step of the way. They will strategically work with you and your insurance company to restore your home to a better than the pre-storm condition.

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They have decades of experience in roofing, gutters, windows, siding, and painting. Once the windows are completed and the other parts of the exterior, you will have to find suitable furniture, curtains, chairs, etc for your interior. If you are struggling with choosing the right type of curtains, go to homeisd.com. They also have a licensed insurance adjuster on staff so that you have the piece of mind knowing that you are protected every step of the way through your insurance claim. They will guide you through every step of the insurance claim process so that you aren’t left confused on what is going to happen next.

Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors does guarantee their work and provides a warranty. In most cases, your repairs are completed in one day. Troy and Daniel will organize your entire repair so that you don’t have to deal with the headache of hiring multiple contractors and scheduling dates for your repairs. They will guide you through each step of the complex insurance claim process so that you always know what to expect next.

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There are many contractors to choose from, but many lack the integrity and attention to detail that Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors offers. Troy and Daniel understand how important your home is to you and how stressful dealing with a storm or natural disaster can be. It can be a very stressful time in your life wondering about the damage to your home and how difficult of a road it will be to deal with all the repairs. They will work with you to ensure that you understand each step of the repair process. They strive to make sure that your repair is handled professionally and with as minimal stress as possible. The end result is your home restored to a better condition than it was before. In the event that multiple repairs are needed to your home, they will schedule and organize your repairs for you while keeping you informed of what to expect next.

Read more information about Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors and connect with Troy King and Daniel King today at www.mgdenver.com.

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