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Everything You Need To Know About Folding Mattresses

In terms of space-saving capability, the foldable mattress is one of the finest innovations in the field of home furniture. Its ability to maximize floor space is simply uncanny and is a crucial element in any modern home or residences with limited space such as studio apartments. Folding mattresses are also viable alternatives for those who expect guests occasionally. These are also considerably comfortable to store when not in use. They are designed to fit underneath most bed frames and may even be stored inside cabinets. Due to their compact design, folding mattresses are also relatively easy to transport by hand.

Advantages of Using Folding Mattresses


Folding mattresses are best suited for homes with limited floor space or as a backup for when you have guests staying over for the night. Also, there is one that is designed for travel, such as outdoor trekking and camping. These types are known to be made from lightweight yet durable material and are designed to be conveniently carried by hand or attached to your backpack.

Let’s rundown the specifics in regards to the benefits that you can achieve from using.

  • Helps Homeowners Maximize Floor Space

Residences with small living space will greatly appreciate having a folding mattress as it eliminates having to work around a large and bulky bed frame that permanently takes up floor space in your room. They are designed to reduce its original size by as much as two to three times. This effectively frees up a ton of space in your room, which in itself is more than enough reason to use a collapsible mattress.

Just imagine getting home from a hard day of work and having enough space to move freely. Afterward, once you are done for the day, simply roll out the foldable mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Families who have super energetic toddlers know how much the little scampers enjoy running around with their near-boundless energy. Well, having a collapsible bed allows them even more space to play around in their room. TheSleepAdviser provides folding mattresses that are quite appealing for homeowners who subscribe to the modern minimalist philosophy as it can clear out a lot of space during the day.

  • Excellent Bed Option for Travelling

The portable qualities of the collapsible mattress make it the perfect choice for traveling and sleepovers. Once the mattress has been appropriately collapsed, it becomes surprisingly compact. It is small enough to be stored at the back of the car or carried by hand. This type is also quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts due to its portability, durability, and comfort. Most foldable beds are also flexible enough to fit neatly inside the back of pickup trucks for those who love to camp but prefer not to sleep on the ground.

  • Great Backup Bed for Guests

Let’s say, a couple of your relatives will be visiting for a holiday, but your home only has enough bed for your family – what do you do? You can’t have them sleeping on the sofa, obviously, so the best solution here is a foldable mattress. Since foldable beds only take up a tiny space when in storage, you can easily store it away once your guests leave.

  • Provides Improved Safety for Kids

Not only can collapsible mattresses offer your children more room to play, but it also eliminates risk accidents. Specifically, accidents revolving around, falling from the height of the bed to the floor. This allows you a less worrisome experience when taking care of your little bundle of joy and energy. Also, since you are removing the bed from the room equivalent, you will remove the risk of your child accidentally bumping on the edges of the bed frame.

  • A More Affordable Alternative to Standard ones

Mattresses can be quite a considerable investment as a good quality one can easily knock you back a couple of hundred bucks to almost one grand. What if you simply need a foldable mattress for an occasionally used room? Buying a $500 mattress just doesn’t seem to be practical.

Here is where this type comes into play. These are considerably more affordable, with some decent quality ones having a price tag of under a hundred bucks! If you need an extra/emergency bed, the foldable mattress is the best option available.

However, please keep in mind that under a hundred bucks fall considerably short in terms of overall durability. Simply put, don’t expect cheaper ones to retain its firmness for a substantially long time. If you will be only using the cushions occasionally, then the collapsible type is the most practical approach.

  • Broad Selection of Designs and Excellent Versatility

Some of them can be folded into a sofa, further increasing their use at home. Since you can convert the bed into a couch, it is only reasonable to expect this type of bed to provide a wealth of aesthetic choices to fit into any interior home design. Since the foldable mattress is considered to be a modern iteration of the furniture, expect manufacturers to infuse this type of bed with contemporary designs to make it hip and appealing for all.

  • Excellent Levels of Comfort

While foldable mattresses are known to be quite affordable, this does not instantly equate to being lower quality alternatives. Some collapsible beds use thicker foam material, which can help it provide excellent back support. We highly recommend you look for one that is considerably thicker than the rest. That extra weight is balanced out with improved comfort and back support.


Final Thoughts

While regular mattresses provide stability and top-notch comfort, there are some aspects that the foldable version excels at, mainly in regards to its portable and lightweight nature. What it lacks in durability, it all then makes up for in convenience and space-saving. Take note of the advantages that folding mattresses offer to find out if you will be able to maximize its benefits while avoiding disadvantages.

Renting VS buying furniture, let’s see who wins the League!

We all feel surrounded by the same set of a questionnaire at the time of swapping our old upholstery or getting a new one i.e. renting VS buying furniture!

Renting VS buying has attracted a lot of debate since the inception of furniture rental companies.

Some people think that renting is a better option to go with; on the other hand, others believe that buying delivers the real value. In this struggle, the question remains unanswered! If you are looking for the perfect answer, then you have landed at the right place. We have compared all the parameters to find out the clear winner. Let’s plunge into the article and get your facts cleared!

Here we have compared the two based on some specific criterion.

Ease on pocket

This is one of the most crucial factors that can either break your bank or can save you from shelling money. In the case of buying furniture, you need to invest lacs of rupees if not lacs you have to invest thousands of rupees and that is a hard task.

Paying a hefty amount at a time is arduous as it is not that easy to satisfy the huge payments.

Yes, some vendors sell furniture on EMIs, but the interest rates they charge are enough to shake your monthly budget.

Img source: scene7.com

On the other hand, renting upholstery doesn’t require a massive investment. You can rent furniture elements for a minimal rental amount and by choosing the perfect rental tenure that satisfies your pocket.

It means renting furniture will help you in saving money, time, and hassles that come attached with buying furniture.


We cannot deny that furniture trends are changing every day. Each day we encounter a new sofa, a new bed, or a new table that looks alluring and is perfect for our abode.

But the wish to buy those articles vanishes with buying furniture.

With buying furniture you are taking a responsibility that needs your attention. Also, you have to get rid of older furniture before buying new, and that is full of financial as well as casual troubles.
With renting furniture, you will get the freedom to swap your furniture with a newer one on the go. You can ask your rental partner that you need the newer models and they will reward you with what you need.

Additionally, they will pick up the old furniture articles and will deliver the ordered articles without charging a single penny.

Service and maintenance

Just like any other equipment furniture also needs timely servicing and maintenance. The service period entirely relies on your usage and where you have kept the furniture.

Img source: vogue.com

One time servicing will lighten your bank balance with thousands of rupees, and if you have a posh furniture article, then this amount can go higher.

While renting furniture all the service and maintenance charges are on the rental company. You just have to pay the monthly rental amount and the rest will be satisfied by the rental firm.


Everything depreciates with time and furniture is no exception!

No matter how high-quality furniture you are thinking to buy its value will depreciate with time. You can conduct a self-test by asking some vendors to buy your furniture; you will be amazed to know that they will offer you just 50-60% value of your furniture.

It means you will lose 40K bucks on investment of 100K on your furniture.

In renting you don’t have to worry about the depreciation of the upholstery. You only have to pay the monthly rental fee as per tenure, and there is no such loss as you have to bear at the time of buying.

Relocation and shifting

Do you know, what is the most daunting task in shifting your home to another place? It is taking the furniture with you.

The heaviest thing you own is your furniture the beds, sofas, and other upholstery elements are very bulky and are hard to transport. When you have purchased furniture, it means you have to shift it on your own.

Img source: spacewood.in

The transportation charges, packing and moving and all the damages that are caused during the relocation are at you.

While renting furniture, you are saved from the relocation hassles. You can contact your rental firm to get some assistance in relocation. Some companies serve its clientele with free relocation in their working city.

Just relocate with your clothes and other essentials, your furniture will be taken care of by the renting company.


Easiness is something we all need in this troublesome world!

If you have ever bought furniture, then you must be aware of the complexities you have to face. Buying means dragging yourself from one store to another and convincing the dealer to deliver the furniture for free.

Not only this task is time-consuming, but also it is loaded with never-ending stress.

With furniture renting you get the freedom to shop for anything while sitting at your home and enjoying a mug of coffee.

Experts at CityFurnish are making the web experience so smooth that you can glide through the pages with a few magical clicks.

Just navigate through the pages, fill the items in your cart and checkout!

Don’t believe it? Let’s try it!

Img source: architecturaldigest.com

Some final words

From the detailed comparison mentioned above, you can clearly see that renting furniture has many benefits over buying. If you are someone who believes in long-term benefits, then renting is definitely your thing.

Renting simply means leaving your hassles on your renting partner and enjoying your life to the fullest.

You can change the furniture any time, no problems and troubles of maintenance, no relocation complexities and what not.

Renting is full of a lot of perks that you might not have imagined!

Scrutinize for the best renting partner, get yourself a rental plan that suits your requirements, and grab the furniture on the go.