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Using Realistic Dinosaurs to Design Your Dream Stone-Age Garden

There is no denying the fact that a beautifully-designed garden can add so much to your home’s interior décor. Not only it beautifies the exterior of your home but also lets in positive energy inside. With the emergence of primitive plants and realistic dinosaur models, the trend of creating a personalized dinosaur theme garden is on the rise.

Yes, colorful flowers and rockery enhance the look of your home, but a fully customized stone-age garden can literally amaze your guests and visitors. The best bit? You don’t have to break your bank to achieve your desired theme-based garden. In fact, with little investment and creativity, you can design your dream garden in no time. How? Let’s explore

Using Realistic Dinosaurs to Design Your Dream Stone-Age Garden. Also, you can find some great ideas for your grade on Unika Stenhus.

According to OnlyDinosaurs, Animatronic dinosaurs are a great way to upgrade any home’s exterior décor. Whether you’re renovating your existing garden or constructing one from scratch, you should consider incorporating a realistic dinosaur theme to make your décor stand out of the crowd.

Primitive Plants

Image source: wildernorth.com

Ideally, you should look for primitive plants to achieve your desired prehistoric look. These plants include Mosses, Ferns, Gingko trees and Cycads. Asparagus, Gunnera, and Junipers can also be added for an ultimate stone-age look.

Creating a prehistoric garden is very similar to building a conventional garden, but you’ll find the final results surprisingly different and unique.


The rockery is yet another exciting element that can help you achieve a real-life dinosaur garden for your home. Try to build rockery all around your garden except for the entrance of course. Also try to pick colors that are darker, redder in tone. Once you’ve successfully constructed a garden and rockery for your place, now is the time to look for other elements that can add a more realistic feel to your outer place.

Realistic Dinosaur Models

Image source: amazon.com

Obviously, a stone-age dinosaur garden is incomplete without some ferocious, wild dinosaurs. Today, there are many online vendors that offer life-like realistic dinosaur models that are astounding to be used as your ultimate prehistoric garden accessory. These models can move, turn heads and roar to give real-time prehistoric experience. Try to invest in a few realistic models of your choice including baby dinosaurs, T-Rex, cerapoda or any other type to match with your rockery and overall garden theme.

As there are many vendors out there, you have to be extremely careful in picking the right one so that you can get the best of the best options within your budget. Get in touch with your vendor and share your requirements. You can either pick anything from their catalog or can also order personalized dinos on request.

Other Accessories

Apart from these basic things, you can also purchase a smoke machine to fit beneath your fire-spitting Robosaurus to make it look even more real and functional. Also, make sure to install lighting that perfectly matches up with your overall theme. A well-lit pergola or gazebo can also add a unique touch to your garden. Also, you can cover some space to make it fit for all seasons.

Benefits of Constructing a Realistic Dinosaur Garden for Your Home


Image source: townnews.com

Unlike other conventional garden themes, dinosaur garden is unique and trendy. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with hundreds of ideas to build a full-fledge prehistoric garden of your choice.


Custom dinosaur gardens need not be too fancy or extravagant. Not only they’re super easy and doable for your home but you can also build one if you own a school. Just make sure you pick the right types of plants and the best dinosaur models to give your place an authentic feel.

Makes a Great Party Venue

A dinosaur theme garden inside your home or school can be used as an ultimate party venue. Especially, you can arrange a great Halloween bash or an outstanding theme birthday party without spending any extra money.  Just ask your guests to dress in a customized dinosaur walking costumes to make the entire event look more picture-perfect.


Dissimilar to other complex interior designs that require continuous maintenance and care and hefty monthly budget, looking after your custom dinosaur theme garden is a no-brainer. The realistic dinosaur figurines are too easy to install and you don’t have to invest in much time to keep them in good shape.

Final Words

A personalized dinosaur theme garden can elevate the interiors of any home architecture. They add an element of uniqueness and panache to your overall home décor. Kids and adults love them alike. Just be certain to do the proper research beforehand to unearth more unique ways to transform your plain and boring outer space into something really inspiring and electrifying.

What other things you think can be added to your dinosaur garden to make it look more realistic and lifelike. Please drop your feedback below as we would love to hear back!

How to Save on Your BTO Renovation

In contemporary times, home renovation is available to everyone, no matter how big or small your budget is. Moreover, remodeling plays a key part in improving the home’s look and increasing its value. However, with the availability and demand on the market, BTO renovation packages allow fast and effective home upgrades without having to spend a fortune.

Actually, all you need to do is go online and do your own research by looking for reviews and feedbacks as well as websites specialized in home improvement. If you’re looking for top-notch and affordable offers, you can find a new home BTO renovation package at SwissInterior today. Also, here are some steps to saving more on your project.

Hiring an Interior Designer

Image source: cv-library.co.uk

Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that interior designers act as your “middle man”. Their job is to provide floor plans, 3D drawings, and whatever it takes to manage your renovation project. One of the main advantages that interior designers can offer is the availability of in-house contractors who they usually hire to fix various issues connected to the project. In order to save money and time, you can ask your interior designer to do a basic remodeling job for the essential items that you plan on keeping.

Know Who You’re Hiring

Of course, before you finalize your interior design project, you should make sure that your designer has the required experience and expertise in the field. For this reason, you should ensure that your designer’s portfolio pictures are of actually completed works and not just 3D perspectives. What’s more, you should go for an interior design company that offers itemized quotations and provides a clear estimate without hidden costs. You can go online and check for reviews and feedbacks from previous customers.

Tips on Saving Money

If you want to spend less on your remodeling project, you can start by selling the items and furniture you don’t need. Also, there is a Debris and Haulage cost to clear leftover rubbish and loose rubble from renovating your home, which you would have to pay when you apply or a home renovation permit. Not all Town Councils offer this service, so it’s best that you enquire about this service.

Warranty and insurance

Although not connected directly to saving money, working with design companies that offer a warranty can save you a lot of money on unpredicted issues after the completion of the renovation. Also, you should inquire about any insurances during the actual process so as to avoid any work accidents and the possible problems you may face if something actually happens to any of the workers during the renovation process.

Save Money on Home Décor and Other Items

Image source: makaan.com

Buy lighting and furniture from outlets

Obviously, you’ve signed up for a BTO renovation package for the least money possible while preserving the quality of the materials to some extent. So, if you want high-quality items, furniture, and materials, but for a bargain price, then you should look for outlets. A good tip is to wait for certain holidays when the prices of such products go down, and you can buy everything for much less money.

Paint your home yourself

Instead of paying your interior designer to paint your rooms or hire a contractor to do it, you can do the paint job yourself or order wallpapers online. Generally, a typical HDB room takes about three rolls. You can also discuss the idea of buying your own marble or granite countertops so as to achieve a classy look at a lower price.

Buy your own accessories

Last but not least, make sure your renovation package includes accessories like electrical switches, doorknobs, and handles in the package price. If you want to save more money, it’ll be a good idea to talk this over with your interior designer and find and purchase your own accessories in order to avoid getting inflated prices for them.

Final Thoughts

Image source: h2homerenovations.com

All in all, we all wish to be able to build a safe haven that we can retreat to after a long day, but the financial side shouldn’t be neglected as things are not as simple as we expect them to be. Home renovations can have a huge impact on our budget, so it’s best to try and spend as little as we can by planning everything on time. If not planned properly, even the best project can take a serious chunk out of our budget. For this reason, if you’re not familiar with interior design and remodeling homes, it’s highly suggested that you seek professional help which can seriously reduce your expenses when going for your BTO package.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner for a Hardwood Floor

Melissa Witulski, an operational manager from a prestigious house cleaning company named Merry Maids stresses regular cleaning of your floor before the floor cleaning tasks become unmanageable. But for people like Mr. Jack, regular cleaning of the floor might not be sustainable since you already have your working hours behind your back. All our gratitude to the technological advancements in the 21st century, now you can manage both your office and housecleaning at the same time.

According to VacuumsAdvisor, here are some things you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors:

Understanding the type of dirt that you would be creating:

Image source: .bhg.com

I can understand how you are feeling about the title written above. Do we even get to choose the type of dirt we produce? Actually, yes. You have to understand the fact that 60 percent of the dirt that you produce are bi-products of your lifestyle, the other 40 percent are common to everyone.

So, what’s so important with knowing what we will be creating? Well, actually vacuum cleaners come with different types, having features that are applicable for different purposes. That means when you’ve figured out about your dirt then you know what type of cleaning you are expecting from your vacuum cleaner.

For example, if you own a pet, then you might need a different type of cleaning than the ones who don’t. Also, you might be allergic to some objects which would require much-specialized cleaning.

Weight of the vacuum cleaner:

Image source: floorvacuumgenkeda.blogspot.com

Visiting a vacuum cleaner store gives you a variety of options to choose from. Most common ones being called upright vacuum cleaner or cylinder vacuum cleaner or stick vacuum cleaner. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are usually the heavier ones and the stick vacuum cleaners are much lighter along with the feature of portability.

However, there are some trade-offs when you choose one type over the other. For example, although stick vacuum cleaners are lighter and portable, their canister is also a bit smaller in comparison with the cylinder vacuum cleaners, which makes storing a troublesome task to handle. In our case, we would definitely opt for a lighter one, heavier ones can leave scratches on the floor and also cause a deformity in your floor.

Wheels of the vacuum cleaner:

Image source: ifworlddesignguide.com

You can still choose heavier vacuum cleaners if you choose a bit wisely. You can observe that the wheels of the vacuum cleaners also come up with different types. But for our case, you must choose a vacuum cleaner with rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels. Plastic wheels can easily put nasty scratches on the floor, whereas the rubber wheels can easily adjust with the wooden surface and most importantly, are risk-free from leaving any scratch on your floors.

The structure of your house:

Image source: Youtube.com

Your home décor is also important in determining the right vacuum cleaner. Having stairs in your home can make things more difficult. In that case, you might want to invest in an upright vacuum cleaner if you want to keep your back pain away. Cylinder models will suit better in homes that are comparatively smaller with a lot of stairs. Cordless stick vacuums come in handy in various cases but they might not be suitable for bigger homes.

These are the tips for getting you the perfect vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. Always keep in mind that cleanliness is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and it cannot be achieved with ill cleaning practices. So, always make sure that your cleaning practices do not hamper your health physically or mentally.

Brighten a Dark Room through Decorative Changes

Regardless of the type of room in question – whether it’s a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or even a basement, a dark space appears gloomy and monotonous. Considering aesthetics while keeping a room as colorfully lit as possible, we tend to turn to the brighter options, to feel uplifted. For example, you can purchase lights and lamps from online stores like Lamptwist.com at extraordinary prices!

There are plenty of ways to brighten up a dark space and a number of tricks to make any room appear bigger and vivacious. Let’s take a look at some options below:

  • Add more white to your background:

White color has this magical ability to make any space look spacious due to its reflecting power. It emits light instead of absorbing it, naturally increasing the brightness and sending a cheerful aura across the room. You don’t necessarily have to paint your walls white to achieve this effect; adding white to any of the essentials (curtains, furniture, etc.) will do.

Img source: hometone.com
  • Incorporate bright colored pieces to dark-colored rooms:

A dark colored room can also be turned to look like a bright and fun. Adding bright colored furniture, curtains or even rugs, etc. can contrast the dark color and radiate a vibrant look pleasing to the eyes.

  • Replace your lights:

If you have light bulbs or wall lights that are lower on the warm and bright side and give out a yellowish glow, consider having them replaced with bulbs that are white or blue. They can easily contrast the darkness of the room.

  • Add more wall lights:

Wall lights can efficiently increase the glow and reach the edges of the room which remain elusive to light. Incorporating wall lights into your décor can help increase the brightness as well as make it look bigger. You can set them up by positioning the scones to aim upwards and downwards. That way, most of the light will be reflected into the room.

Img source: hgtv.ca
  • Add plants:

Adding a flower pot or two can bring about a pleasant change. The greenery will be pleasant to the eyes and somewhat add serenity to the environment. The natural light, the intoxicating smell, and the extra oxygen will surely level up inside.

  • Add extra mirrors:

Mirrors are great reflectors of light and hence will ensure it reaches those areas which remain dark; as a result, the darkness is absorbed. In addition, mirrors also tend to make the room look bigger and make efficient use of space.

  • Mix it up a little:

While white lights or other brighter colors are usually preferred for their ability to increase brightness in a room, the combination of bright and dark makes for a cheerful addition too. If your walls are dark in color, make sure the rest of your décor is made up of bright colors to add contrast and vice versa. The dark-bright combination makes any room stand out.

Img source: bobvila.com
  • Try to add loud accents just for fun:

Decorate your dark room and make the walls as colorful and funky as possible. Get creative, add more noise and make it a piece of art. Noise adds more impact, increases brightness and wall arts are great to look at.

Some changes we mentioned in this article can help your space look brighter; however, be careful with your changes and do not go overboard. Ensure there is an equal share of brightness and darkness within the room and the contrast is adjusted suitably. Make sure there is enough light to expand space, replace the gloom and add a feel-good factor while at the same time, make sure your room is not too bright so as to hurt your eyes.