How to Spend your Holiday in Canada?

Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the entire world that is located in the northern part of North America and it is ranked second as the largest country on the entire planet. This massive piece of land is full of all kinds of natural beauties, wonders, and different cultures from every continent. This is why so many people choose to go on a trip on this beautiful land, especially during the holidays. Canada truly looked best during the winter season. The snowy mountains, the snowy series, and the entire atmosphere is just amazing during these times.

However, as I already said, Canada is a huge piece of land. Deciding where you want to spend your holiday here can be quite difficult. There are so many different options, understand if you are having a hard time picking the right one. But, I am sure that wherever you decide to go, you will have a great time.

But, to help you stop stressing, I am going to tell you about the best places you should visit in Canada, especially during the holidays.


For the people that want to experience a city rich with the Christmas spirit, I think the most obvious option is always Toronto. This huge metropolis is full of massive skyscrapers enriched with beautiful restaurants, unique decorations, and everything else that will make your holidays even better than you expected.

Personally, I find Toronto very attractive, so this might be a biased opinion, but you cannot deny the fact that it truly is a beautiful and magical place, especially during the winter. Once it starts snowing and the streets get filled with snow and the rooftops are also stacking snow, everything seems like out of a movie.

To add even more to that Christmas spirit, I am sure that you will enjoy the annual Santa Claus parade that occurs at the Nathan Phillips Square. Keep in mind, this event is held on the third Sunday of every November, so make sure you do not miss it. This is a tradition of over 100 years and it is an amazing spectacle. If you truly love the idea of Santa Claus and you believe in the Christmas spirit, I recommend being right there in front of the City Hall on November 15 in 2020.


If there is a city in Canada that is more impressive than Toronto, it has to be Ottawa and nothing else. Obviously, this is the capital city of the country and for good reason. It is filled with all kinds of historic buildings that are still in use and you can visit them at any time.

I believe that the most interesting building you can visit is Parliament Hill or more commonly referred to as The Hill. It has Gothic revival architecture which is very historically important for Canada. It was built in the 19 century, but it had to be renovated in 2002. But, after the renovations, it is always a wonderful sight even in the winter season. So, if you find yourself roaming on the streets of Ottawa, I recommend checking out the Parliament Hill.

But, I guess that you are looking for something that is more into the holiday spirit. Well, I think you will be glad to know that there are Christmas carols throughout the entire holiday season. Make sure you do not miss out on these because they can be a truly amazing and rare experience. This tradition can also be found at Parliament Hill too. Two birds, one stone.

Keep in mind, if you do want to see the Christmas carols this year, you must make sure that you have your visa ready on time. Because, if you do not, you will not be able to get into Canada and you will not be able to get to Ottawa either. Fortunately, these days, you can fill an application for an electronic visa in just a couple of minutes according to this website. Once you submit your application, you will probably get your response in just a couple of days.

Niagara Falls

If you’re not the type of person that really enjoys architecture, huge skyscrapers, and Christmas carols, I can imagine that you will be a bit bored in Ottawa and Toronto. But, worry not, because these two cities are not your only two options once you get into this country.

So, if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of this land, I recommend checking out the Niagara Falls. These three giant waterfalls are one of the most amazing things most of us have seen in our lives. Their vertical drop is more than 160 feet or 50 m. Any day at Niagara Falls is an amazing day. Even if it rains, if it snows or if it is sunny, you will have the time of your life.

But, if you want a truly exciting experience, I would recommend going to the waterfalls on August 1 this year. Here, you will be able to witness something amazing. 1 August is referred to as Canada Day in this country and Niagara Falls celebrated in the most unique fashion. All kinds of fireworks are fired, special lighting is used to make all kinds of forms and shapes on the waterfalls and you will even be able to see the Canadian Maple leaf on the falls.


If you want to return to celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Santa Claus, I must recommend going to Vancouver. The best day to visit Vic Gruber has to be December 14 when the Carol Ships Shoreline Celebrations starts. The celebration is sometimes referred to as the Parade of Lights. You get to see all kinds of ships and boats equipped with giant some systems to play carols and music. They will also be equipped with tons of lights to light up the Panorama Park.

Wherever you decide to go, whether it is Vancouver, the Niagara Falls or Toronto, I am sure that you will have a great holiday.

Easter Eggs that Look Like Celebrities

Easter is close, and people are always finding new ways to enjoy and celebrate during this great holiday. While a lot of places are being decorated with all those eggs and bunnies, it is also popular to include celebrities in this celebration.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate the eggs with various combinations. Designing them to look like some of the celebrities is also very interesting, and here we can see some of the best creations.


For example, the Beatles, Easter Egg version, where we also have small guitars and stage along with all of the members. Michael Jackson was also shown on one of the eggs, and that honor also belongs to popular British football player David Beckham.

Furthermore, many other creations represent celebrities and important people from the world, like Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, or pop icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears.

We can also see Easter eggs painted to represent popular characters from movies, like the Joker, Scarface, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars characters like Chewbacca and Yoda, the Simpsons, and many more.


Best Villas For Rent In Sicily in 2020

Are you looking to go on holiday to a beautiful place that is quite different from the regular tourist hubs? Sicily may be just what you are looking for. With a varied coastline lined with stunning golden beaches, spectacular sceneries, fantastic local food, the excellent wine culture, classic architecture, and history, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.
It is the kind of place that has something for everyone. If you plan on enjoying your vacations out there, you can find a fantastic range of luxury accommodation options to choose from. You can have the time of your life in this ancient Italian region, if you book villas to stay, instead of checking in at the regular hotels.

The villas like ones at Select Sicily Villas are ideal for spending high holidays along with family members, or with your group of friends. These villas come with private swimming pools and have all the modern luxury amenities that you can think of.

Why should you stay at the villas in Sicily?

Staying in your private villa gives you the chance to enjoy the real experience that the island has to offer. If you fancy being out in the countryside or down by the sea, you can make a luxury villa, your home away from home.
The local markets will bring about the kind of freshness that you cannot experience anywhere else. Fresh produce, amazing local cheeses, and wine are ideal for enjoying the leisurely lunchtime meals in the real Dolce Vita style. At nights, you have an incredible array of local restaurants and bars to experience authentic Siciliano food.

Many of the villas in Sicily come with their private swimming pool. If sightseeing and trekking get a little too much, you can relax by your villa pool in comfort and style. The pace of life is slow in Sicily – it is all about enjoying the quality of life here, so there is always another day to explore the old architecture places, or to look at the awe-inspiring landscapes. When you rent a Sicily villa, you might find it difficult to leave!

Some of the best advantages of living in rental villas:

It works out to much cheaper than booking individual rooms at the hotels, especially if you are traveling in a group or with your family members.
It is much quieter and peaceful because you will not be sharing it with other guests. You get the villa all for yourself during your stay at this beautiful island.
You can make your food, as these villas come equipped with modern modular kitchens and all the necessary amenities. That way, you can save a lot of money on food, when compared to eating out at the restaurants.
You can book the villas with the number of bedrooms as per the specific requirements of your group.

Relive ancient history:

For history buffs, Sicily offers some of the most important archaeological sites to visit. The Phoenicians and Romans have left stunning reminders of their civilization, in the form of temples, amphitheaters, and ancient ruins. In addition to the stunning scenery and the long coastline, visiting these magical places will make it an unforgettable experience.

The Normans also invaded Sicily in the 12th century. Throughout the rich history of the island, many different races have made their home here, leaving behind a cultural legacy that is truly interesting for history lovers. It is easy to see why they loved to stay back in the beautiful Sicily. If you, too, are coming from a colder region like the Normans, you probably won’t want to leave either! The place will cast a spell on you, which is only hard to resist.

Experience the beautiful Sicily like nowhere else:

Sicily offers stunning locations for having a great holidaying experience. Palermo is considered the most beautiful city in the world. Alternatively, there is the stunningly beautiful Trapani coastline. Don’t forget to visit Syracuse, Ragusa, or Agrigento. They are world-famous for their archaeological sites and are also listed as UNESCO heritage sites.

When you rent a Sicily villa, you are conveniently placed to do a lot of things. You can use public transport or hire rental cars for traveling locally. If you are looking to have some adventure on your holidays, the beaches out there provide a wide choice of water sports and many other fun activities.

Beach activities are suitable for people from all age groups, where children and teenagers can enjoy to the fullest. Sicily is ideal for family holidays. It is also great for a romantic holiday, or for visiting with a group of friends. There is something here for everyone.
The best part about holidaying in Italy is not to do anything at all. Just lie back on your pool bench, relax and unwind. This magical island had the perfect antidote that will make you forget all kinds of stress.

Wide range of villa choices:

All the properties are finished and furnished to meet the high standards of excellence. They have plenty of outside space in the form of beautiful gardens and terraces, where you can enjoy the views of the spectacular countryside and mesmerizing landscapes.
Most of the Sicily villas come with their private pool, where you can spend quality time with your group, and have great fun.

Looking for villas is easy and convenient online:

Navigate the website to see all the villas that are available on rent.
You can see the features of each villa and choose the ones that best meet your holidaying needs.
Check their availability for the dates of your travel. Each of the listed villas has its availability calendar.
You can then pay advance and make the booking online. You can pay them with different payment modes like PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.

You can also contact them to book for other requirements like airport shuttle, sightseeing tours, and local transportation.

Cool Things To Do In January in 2020

If you are visiting London for a holiday and you will be staying through January there are plenty of fun and cool things to do.

Since London is one of the most visited cities in the world, it maintains its liveliness throughout the year with spikes in activities during festive periods. The Christmas season is one of the best periods to visit London because you get to experience the capital city like no other time of the year. And the atmosphere usually maintains a festive feel throughout January 2020, but more in the first two weeks – it’s a new year.

January is one of the best months to visit London. You get to take advantage of the January sales at some of the city’s top shopping destinations. You will also find many mouth-watering hotel deals around this time of the year.

You might discover that many London attractions seem quieter than in December, which means that you have fewer queues to worry about and a great time to stroll to many of the city’s museums.

It gets quite cold in January, so do remember to wear several layers of clothes when you are exploring the streets of London in winter.

Cirque du Soleil

The popular entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil will perform AT THE Royal Albert Hall between January 12 and February 16, 2020. This is a fan favourite that promises to be as entertaining as previous performances. The company is known for its imaginative and bold productions. Be prepared to be wowed by their performance – extraordinary acrobatics, uneven bars, cerceau, and teeterboard. This makes a perfect place to go on a date.

Ice Skating at Natural History Museum

January is also a great time to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum. The rink was set up in October and will remain open till January 12, 2020. The Natural History Museum opens up the skating rink which makes for a perfect Christmas activity and experience. We suggest booking ahead of time to guarantee your entrance. The rink is open for both adults and children, making it a cool family activity to try in January.

Chinese New Year in London

If you are in London from January to early February, then you should attend the Chinese New Year celebrations. This is going to be packed full-day event taking place in West End, including a thanksgiving ceremony at Trafalgar Square, a colourful Chinese New Year parade, Chinese art exhibitions and a variety of Chinese meals.

Crazy golf in Shoreditch

Another cool thing that you can do in January or any other time of the year is golfing at the Plonk Golf venue in Shoreditch. If you are around the area visiting some of the attractions, do stop by the venue and tackle the craziest 9-hole mini golf course you have ever seen.

Crazy golfing in Hoxton

If you are in Hoxton in January, do check out the Plonk Golf venue in the area. It is not just a mini golf venue, but also a clubhouse with a well-stocked bar. It is packed with a variety of fun games like pinball, foosball, retro arcade games, you name it!

Sports events in London

London is one of the cities that has a very interesting sport program no matter what part of the year is. Quite simply, there are a lot of sports clubs in the UK capital. Definitely the most popular sport is football, but you can also visit snooker and darts events. As far as football is concerned, the most interesting are the matches of the 5 Premier League clubs, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and West Ham United. In addition to great football events, we believe that a visiting the William Hill World Darts Championship would also be the right way to spend quality time. Also, Dafabet Masters Snooker event is a great choice.

Ice Skating and Hyde Park


One of the most interesting and cool winter activities you can do in London is ice skating. Although there are several ice-skating locations, however, we decided to recommend Hyde Park to you. This location is best known for skating rink as well as for food and hot chocolate. So, it’s a great place to spend your holiday season in London. Probably the most exciting part of Hyde Park is Winter Wonderland. It features a skating rink that is currently open and runs until January 5th. Ticket prices are £14.50 for adults, and £9.50 for children.

Visit more locations and save with London tourist pass

Since all of you reading this article probably don’t live in London and coming as tourists for the holiday season, then we have a great suggestion for you. London is a really big city with lots of attractive locations that are definitely worth visiting. However, paying for tickets at all places can be expensive. Fortunately, the people in charge of tourism in the British capital have designed a fantastic London tourist pass.

So, if you buy one of the London tourists pass bundles, it means that you will be able to visit some very exciting sites, museums and buildings in the city for as much as 55% lower price. This offer is really great and the buildings and locations you can visit include Madame Tussauds Museum London, The London Zoo, Buckingham Palace, Wembley Stadium Tour, London Bike Tours, Tower Bridge and many more.

Hamley’s Toy Store

You’ve probably heard of Hamley’s toy store. This store is one of the oldest in London (more than two centuries old) and definitely among the most famous toy stores in the world. It can be especially exciting if you come with children because this part will definitely be the most interesting for them. Even though you are alone while visiting London, you can visit Hamley’s toy store because it is a location with a very long tradition. You may be able to find the proper gift for someone or just window shopping.

Vacation Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Career


Job, gig, career, work – whatever you call it – it takes time and attention. Sometimes a lot of it.

Thankfully there is that thing called compensation. But you could be marveling over the numbers in your bank account and then suddenly see that exotic locale flash across the screen. There’s a sunset, the sky, a mountain, a vast blue ocean. Remember those?

You realize that there is a life to live for yourself out there. You realize that you’ve been getting up to an alarm and following the same old routine every day – with little to no change (in perhaps years). But don’t worry. A vacation could be your reality paycheck. A vacation is a chance for perspective. For autonomy. For evolution. 

It has a bad wrap, the word ‘vacation’. Hearing it conjures an image of a sunbather. That’s right, the one who’s laying on a wooden chair on the beach with nothing to do but sit and sip cocktails from coconuts all day.

Img source:

But setting out on a journey away from it all is not the time to do nothing. It’s an opportunity to work on yourself and to make life-course adjustments. Going on the right trip could be a turning point in your life.

Rather than a temporary escape from the stress, vacations can be a career and personal success catalyst. It’s all in how you approach it. But how much vacation time should take? According to, you should find the ideal balance between vacation time and work that will let you relax but at the same time not forget about your duties and responsibilities. 

Some of the soul searching and questions you must ask yourself simply cannot be done on the job site in the middle of the grind. You’ve got to break free. When you have true clarity of mind, you can reflect on the following:

  • Is it the right job at the right time?

Who else is in your life? A spouse? A child? How does your schedule influence the time you share with them? Are you earning enough to achieve your financial goals? Is there happiness? What else could you be getting paid to do? Maybe you are considering a career change? Then take your time to create a resume to get the job of your dream. Or it might be a better idea to ask a professional resume writing service, like resumeget, to do it for you. In the meantime, you can enjoy your vacation. 

  • Are you climbing or clinging to that career ladder?

Img source:

Is there mobility in your current position? Can you grow or be promoted? What is in your power to request? What can you demand?

  • Are you the one making the job work or are you working for the job?

Granted not all of us are on the cutting edge when it comes to our jobs, but the handle is just as important as the blade. Can you innovate or improve a system or process that you use? 

Remember that there’s nothing keeping you from ‘branding’ the way you go about things either. After all, doing your work your own way is the ultimate freedom.

It’s so easy to fall into a vacuum of eat, sleep, work, repeat. To be comfortable and to trade ambition for regularity. Your labor should follow from your own life’s pursuits. That is, if you wish to be the one thriving, not just your employer. Your work output should be in tandem with your legacy and what you want to leave behind.

Afford yourself perspective to truly see your part in the bigger picture. Lift the dome off your career vacuum. Become a better professional and person for those around you. Achieve your dreams. Go on vacation.  

Spend Your Holiday Days On Some At The Best Vacation Destinations

Traveling is a beautiful thing and one of the best investments you can make. If planning on the time, it will give you the opportunity to rest, have fun and meet new cultures. And it has never been easier – with traveling agencies offering cheap programs for destinations all around the world you can finally visit the place you have always dreamed of.

Whether it is a capital city holding a historical value, or a beautiful tropical island one thing matters – you should enjoy every second of it! Saying this, we came up with a list of the best vacation destinations out there covering more than few different yet equally attractive ones. Let’s take a look!

Paris, France


One of the most attractive destinations for tourists around the world has to be the capital of France and the so-called City of Love –Paris. Once there, you will be able to experience the historical value of it while still taking a walk and enjoying the romantic suburbs of Montmartre and Champ-Elysees. You will see the famous Tour De Eiffel and get to take a ride down the Sena river that is especially beautiful at sunset. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or a partner it is a destination that will never go old and one you will surely enjoy!

Rome, Italy


Another capital city of Europe, Rome has been a staple of culture and civilization for a few thousands of years. Same as the rest of Italy it features amazing architecture, food and people that will be more than glad to take you for a tourist tour. Visit the Colosseum, eat some pasta and don’t forget to keep it cool and relax. As the old proverb says – all paths lead to Rome. And if you are already in Italy going ahead and visiting Tuscany (with beautiful vineyards, and medieval sighting) is an excellent choice!

Bali, Indonesia


As Bali is slowly becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations be sure to experience all the treasures of it while it is still partially untouched. You will get the chance to meet the pesky yet funny monkeys, enjoy the white sand beaches, traditional shows, and fall in love with beautiful sunsets! Visiting the Indonesian gem will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

Crete, Greece


Same as the above mentioned Bali but situated in Greece this is an island jewel. You will get to feel like a god as Crete is thought to be the birthplace of many Greek Gods as well as the European civilization. This beautiful island holds a huge historical value while still offering beautiful nature and the Mediterranean sea you will simply enjoy!

Marrakech, Morocco


If someone has asked me what would be the best city to go and feel the mix of different countries and vibes I would certainly say Marrakech. This beautiful Morrocan city will take a special place in your heart, and you will be able to experience French, Arab and Spanish influence along the way. Beautiful buildings and even better-spiced food will make your stay a day or two longer than you have initially planned!

Phuket, Thailand


The island covered with Buddhist temples, beautiful white sand beaches, and water sports options has to be one of the best destinations to spend your vacation days on. Once again the blue lagoons and beautiful sunset that you will be able to experience every day are just a few reasons why you should visit this gemstone. And taking a swim in the Andaman Sea is a must all day long!



Jamaica is so special that whatever place you visit on the island you are sure to go back with beautiful memories feeling like you are born again. The people there are so nice and relaxed you will have no place for stress, and simply lying on the beach will seem like the most beautiful experience ever. Along with that, you have a variety of nice bars and clubs that you can visit and enjoy the positive reggae vibes that Jamaica has to offer. With forests and unique wildlife everywhere around it is excellent if you are a fun of hiking as well!

Hurghada, Egypt


Last, but certainly not least is the beautiful place of Hurghada situated in the civilization’s cradle – Egypt. The turquoise water and beautiful beaches are just what you need when on vacation, and you will be able to scuba dive and enjoy the coral reefs everywhere around. Exploring the old town of El Dahar will be a fun thing to do in a day, and the politeness of Hurghada people is something you will be amazed about!


There are hundreds of beautiful vacation destinations out there, and we only listed a few life-changing ones. It is your choice where and when will you go, but remember to travel and experience life throughout!