General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Heinrich Himmler


Gudrun Himmler never gave up Nazi ideology

Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Burwitz was the daughter of Margarete Himmler and Heinrich Himmler. She was 14 when she was left without father, and unlike most children whose fathersserved Hitler on a high hierarchical scale, she did not give up on hers. In life, one needs to be decent, brave and kind. In his… Keep Reading


Hitler’s Inner Circle – the most powerful Nazis

Although a synonym for the evil of the Third Reich, Adolph Hitler didn’t commit all those atrocities by himself. He had plenty of people helping him and enforcing his plans, even shaping them. Today we take a look at Hitler’s inner circle, a group of the most powerful Nazis in Germany immediately before and during… Keep Reading

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