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How Oral Hygiene is Important For Overall Health – A 2020 Guide

A lot of people do not realize it, but, healthy teeth and gums are responsible for half of our health. After all, our teeth have some of the most crucial roles in our lives. Not only do they keep our face shaped, but, they also allow us to break down food and digest it. And without them, we wouldn’t be able to talk clearly.

Besides the aforementioned things, healthy teeth equal a nice smile, which is something that has a lot of benefits such as being more confident and allowing us to smile more, as well as helping us with our relationships and work. Due to these things, oral hygiene is something that you’ll want to focus on.

Although it is quite obvious that there are a lot of benefits of having a proper dental hygiene routine, you might be wondering – what are the most important health benefits that I could gain? Luckily for you, this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

Your Teeth Can Last For a Lifetime

By implementing a daily routine that will incorporate brushing your teeth twice a day, having a balanced diet, as well as frequently visiting your dentist, you’ll be able to decrease the chances of developing serious conditions such as cavities and gum illnesses, all of which can cause you to lose teeth.

However, cavities and gum illnesses do not have to cause you to lose teeth, in fact, you’ll be able to completely prevent it by having a proper dental routine. This means that you’ll be able to prolong the life of your teeth, as well as keep them and your body healthy for a longer period of time.

Lowering The Risk of Developing Conditions

If you suffer from gum illnesses, the germs in your mouth can easily end up in your blood, and when it does, it could produce a substance that causes your blood to become thicker. What does this mean? Well, it means that there might be clots developing. Additionally, your heart might not be getting the oxygen it needs, hence, it could result in a heart attack.

Likewise, suffering from a condition that affects your gums can cause your blood vessels to be inflamed, and in return, it could block the blood and oxygen going to your brain, which means that there is a possibility of a stroke. Some new studies concluded that there is an increased risk of developing diabetes with gum problems.

Lowering The Risks of Dementia And Cancer

If you keep your mouth healthy, you’ll be able to lower the risks of developing specific types of cancer – especially in females – and you could avoid dementia. A new study examined over 60.000 women from the ages of 54 to 86 and they found that those with some form of gum illnesses were 14 percent more likely to get cancer. Additionally, individuals that have good oral hygiene were 70% less likely to suffer from dementia.

It is Crucial For Pregnant Women

According to the experts from, pregnant individuals that have healthy teeth and gums are approximately 3 times less likely to give birth prematurely, which in return, reduced the chances of the baby having low weight at birth. Hence, by maintaining your teeth, you’ll be able to have a healthy pregnancy, as well as a healthy baby.

Helps Us With Our Appearance

By maintaining and keeping your teeth healthy, you’ll be able to be more confident when it comes to your appearance. Not only will you smile more, but you’ll be able to help yourself when it comes to your career, as well as relationships. After all, first appearances do matter and our teeth are one of the first things people notice.

No More Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most common signs of plaque buildup and it is a clear symptom of having cavities or gum illnesses. This is both embarrassing for most individuals and it is quite undesirable, especially in your work environment. But, having a proper oral hygiene routine will help your teeth stay healthy, which means no more bad breath.

How to Find a Good Dentist?

If you just realized that you did not go to the dentist for quite some time, you might be wondering – how can I find the best dentist out there? Well, there are some things that you can focus on in order to determine whether or not a dentist is experienced. The things you’ll want to check are:

  1. Make a List – the first thing you’ll want to do is make a list of potential dentists. After that, you can easily go through the rest of the tips, which means that you can simply take off the ones that do not fit the criteria. This will make the entire choosing process easier and less time-consuming.


  1. The Experience – next, you’ll want to check the experience. How can you do this? Well, you can read online reviews posted by other people. This will allow you to see whether or not they had a good experience with a specific doctor. If there are more negative than positive testimonials, move on to the next one on your list.


  1. Check Their Website For Credentials – you’ll also want to check if the dentist has their credentials. This means that they should be certified and that they have a license for running their business. If there are no credentials, you’ll surely want to avoid going to that office.


  1. The Price – the price is also an important aspect that you should focus on. Different offices charge different prices and you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the best deal out there. Of course, once you narrow down your list, find out what the offices charge and then compare them to other places.


As you can see, there is a wide range of things that you can gain from having good oral hygiene. Not only will you be able to keep your smile, but more importantly, you’ll be able to lower the chances of developing certain illnesses and conditions that if left untreated could be life-threatening.

So, now that you are aware of how important good oral hygiene is to your health, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you’ll want to schedule a visit to your dentist in order to determine whether or not your teeth are healthy, as well as what routine might suit your lifestyle best.

Achieving a Perfect Smile with Proper Care and Treatment

No one can deny that a beautiful smile has the power to greatly boost a person’s self-esteem and make them feel confident. After all, teeth help us eat, speak, and also play a significant role in shaping our face.

However, having healthy teeth is perhaps more important for a person’s health and overall well-being than anything else. Individuals need to understand just how crucial oral hygiene is because dental problems can seriously affect other body parts and can cause numerous issues and complications.

Unfortunately, sometimes, due to various circumstances, oral complications are unavoidable and for various reasons, a person might lose confidence in their smile. Luckily, many great professionals can help solve all of these problems, no matter if they are health-related or connected to the appearance of someone’s teeth.

So, if you are wondering exactly how you can get that perfect smile, here are some ways to make this possible.

The Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentistry

To explain simply, general dentistry involves preventing and treating oral diseases while cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance.

However, it is important to note that all cosmetic dentists, like, started as general dentists that later decided to specialize in cosmetic dentistry. This means that they are equally qualified to treat any dental problems.

General Dentistry Solutions

  1. Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily is essential for oral health and hygiene since it removes the dental plaque build-up that is the main cause of cavities. But sometimes, the plaque hardens and becomes something known as tartar, so having your teeth professionally cleaned is important to remove these hardened deposits and avoid dental caries.

This will not only keep your teeth clean but also healthy and in pristine condition.

  1. Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns or bridges are perfect for individuals who have severely decayed, deformed, stained, or missing teeth. This restoration type completely encircles or caps a tooth or implant and is typically bonded to it by cement. They can be made entirely from porcelain, porcelain with metal, or just metal.

They restore your ability to speak and chew while feeling natural and provide a better-looking smile as well.

  1. Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the common cavity treatments and as important as they are to your health, they can also improve the look of your teeth. This is why many dental offices such as New York Total Dental provide both general and cosmetic services, so you can finish everything you need to in one place.

This routine procedure involves several steps with the first being to clean the affected part that then leaves a hole or space. This is then filled with a material and evened out to the tooth’s surface. All that is left is to polish it and your tooth will be safe from further decay.

Five types of fillings are most commonly used and they include:

Composite – perhaps the most popular type, it is made of a resin and plastic material and can be made to match the color of the person’s teeth. However, these fillings are not as durable as other materials and might need replacing after 5 years.

Amalgam (Silver) – the filling is a mixture of several minerals such as silver, mercury, zinc, and more. It is strong, durable, and cost-efficient, although it is noticeable when one smiles due to its darker color, making it aesthetically unpleasing.

Ceramic – made from porcelain, this type is durable and pleasing to the eye. They might be more expensive than other fillings, but they do match the color of one’s teeth and are also much more damage-resistant.

Gold – as one can predict, these types of fillings are uncommon and very expensive. Not all dentists offer this type, even though it is extremely durable and can last up to 15 years. A gold filling is sturdy and corrosion-free but does require a few visits to the dentist to be fitted properly.

Glass Ionomer – made from acrylic and glass, this filling is optimal for children since it releases fluoride which can stop further decay. They are the least durable type and do not really entirely match the color of a person’s tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

  1. Cosmetic Bonding

Composite resin can also be used for cosmetic purposes and it is usually placed over or around a tooth to reshape or restore it. It can cover up stains, fill in any cracks, gaps, and restore a tooth that is deformed or chipped.

  1. Professional Whitening

Using bleaching agents only medical professionals can use in controlled environments entails a much brighter and lighter result without any teeth or gum damage. It is a pain-free procedure that removes stains as well and it usually lasts longer than over-the-counter options. It can even reduce the risk of tooth and gum sensitivity.

  1. Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a painless and effective transformation. The thin layer that is placed over a tooth not only improves its look but also protects it. Veneers are perfect for restoring symmetry and are a durable alternative to braces. They are also great for correcting minor dental problems and for protecting teeth against decay.

  1. Invisalign

Although wearing Invisalign might take longer to achieve wanted results, it is a great way to bring your teeth closer together if needed. This plastic casing is lightweight and molded to perfectly fit in your mouth and over your teeth. Regularly replacing the invisible aligners will give you a beautiful smile after a while, although it does require patience. It is practically invisible, but you can still take it out during meals or for special occasions.


There is nothing wrong with taking pride in having a gorgeous smile and it might be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and make you feel great. Although highly-skilled professionals will always be there to help you achieve this, it is also important to take great care of your teeth. Practice good oral hygiene, visit the dentist regularly, and proudly display your smile wherever you go.