What is the Difference between a Handbag and a Shoulder Bag

We all want to hear and get a compliment about something we wear, and although what’s important is that we feel nice no matter what we wear, it is always pleasant to hear kind words. Of course, we all want to look our best, and one of the best ways to do so is to get the right handbag or shoulder bag, but which one, and is there any difference? Well, there is, so let’s look at some most important ones.

Size does matters


The first difference between a handbag and a shoulder bag is probably the size, and it is something that first comes across peoples’ minds when we talk about that. The fashion trends are constantly changing, and for some time, the larger the bag, the more stylish you looked, but today, something in between is the ideal choice. Nonetheless, the first one is perfect when we are going on a date or some fancy dinner, as it is big enough to put the lipstick, mobile phone, money or other similar things in it, but not too big so that we look unprepared or underdressed for the occasion. As for the second one, although it is much larger, it is ideal for when we want to go on some trip in nature as it is precisely then when we need much more items. The great benefit is that when we need to bring more things with us, in order to be prepared for anything that can happen, we can easily place all of them inside since it is big enough to bring a bottle of water, and even a book or some snack. No matter for what purpose or occasion we use either of these two, both of them have their usage, and it is up to us to think twice about what we need, choose the perfect size of the pouch, and pack all the necessary things into it before going out.

The number of straps is important


Another distinction is in the number of straps, and although the shoulder bag can sometimes have two of them, it usually has one, while the handbag has two. But what that mean for us? Well, for wearing the first one, it is not that important whether it has one or two of them because we are wearing it on one shoulder, and the number of straps is not making any material difference, besides the style, of course. On the other side, for handbags, two straps can be something that can save us a lot of nerves, especially when you are in a hurry and need something from it. Just think about how many times you heard the question “Is there anything you didn’t bring with you,” or “Can you look for it more quickly?” Well, two straps make it much functional, and opening it to find something from it or to put something inside is much easier. That can speed up the whole process, and you will not have to listen to so many complaints. They allow the pouch to open much wider but without the possibility of losing everything from it like it can happen if there is only one strap. Besides all that, if the straps are adjustable, they offer us the possibility of wearing the handbag as a shoulder bag or in the crook of our arm, depending on our needs, which makes them ideal for almost any occasion.

The inside of the bags


We already mentioned that organizing could be of great importance, especially when we are in a hurry or when we need to find our credentials or documents. That is why it is good to know that there are much more possibilities to organize all the things inside the shoulder bag because it is usually a lot bigger than the handbag. The second one has less space and pockets on the inside, or maybe it is better to say that it has one pocket for coins and one bigger for things we need, but who follows these “rules.” On the other side, shoulder bags usually have much more zippers and pockets of all sizes, so it is much easier to organize the tinier things inside and not to spend an eternity searching for them. You can find a pocket for lipstick, a mobile phone, a zipper for coins, and even the zipper for documents that you may need to show quickly. Besides those insides, many pockets and zippers can be found on the outside of the pouch, which makes the whole thing about organizing items much more manageable. You can have everything you need at your fingertips at any time and whenever you go, and those pouches can help you with that, but it is up to you to organize things well. All in all, it all depends on where you plan to go, for how long and what the occasion is, and for casual and longer trips, the best choice would be to go with the one with enough space so that you can bring all the things you might need.

Summing up


In the end, it’s all about how and what we want from our hand and shoulder bags, what impression we want to leave, and how many things do we want or need to bring. Personal preferences have always played a huge role in that, as it is about our style, but luckily, no matter which one we decide to go with, there are many options to choose from since they are so popular and there are many manufacturers that make them. That, along with some great discounts, is yet another perk of living in this modern world, as no matter the taste we have in fashion, there is something for everyone. Of course, this is just one item, and there are many other things like clothing and shoes to choose from, but picking the right bag that fits nicely to our outfit could do wonders for our appearance. Read more about bags, shoes, and clothing, and get the best discount there is.

Accessorize Every Woman Should Have

Some say that you can’t buy style and that no matter how much money you have if you don’t have that in you, you are going to be badly dressed. But there is something more to that, yes you can’t buy style, but you can buy great accessories. You also shouldn’t judge someone based on its looks, but it’s always great to see someone dressed amazingly. 

Also, it’s sometimes difficult to always be dressed impeccably, because some days you just don’t have inspiration, or you don’t have time to choose from all those clothes you have lying around your wardrobe. But there are some tricks that you can use to always have a great outfit, whether you are having a good or a bad day. 

A perfect outfit can be achieved with a little help from accessories. A good accessorize can elevate your whole outfit and make it completely different. There are always some interesting pieces that you can find every season if you like to follow trends, but there are also some perfect timeless pieces that you need to have in your wardrobe. 

We are going to help you and present you with must-have accessories that will lift your outfit and make you look like a diva. And if you ever have a problem with completing an important outfit you can check out Online Stylist

Here are the must-have accessories for women:

A good everyday handbag


Every woman should have a good and quality handbag for every day. We can say that this is a crucial part of every outfit, and even if the outfit is not that good, a great handbag can lift it. When you are choosing a handbag you need to pay attention to the size, shape, and design. Always choose a bag that can carry everything that you usually carry with you every day, and always choose a bag that is made out of quality material. Leather is always a good choice. 

A classic belt


Maybe you don’t think that a belt is something important, but it sure is a statement piece, even when it’s a classic one. You can use them for various purposes. You can wear it like everyone to keep your jeans perfectly in place, or you can add it to an oversized dress or a blazer. You can use it to spice up an outfit, but always remember that a classic belt is either black or brown. You can, of course, have a bunch of other belts, colorful ones, with different designs and styles, but you need to have at least one that is classic. 

A classic pair of sunglasses


Just like with belts, you can have as many pairs of sunglasses as you want, but you need to have one classic pair. They can be worn when it’s sunny, but also when it’s cloudy, or when it’s snowing in the winter. Throughout the whole year, you need sunglasses, and it’s best if you invest in a good quality pair that will last long enough. Another important thing is that you choose a pair that has all of the protections implemented and that’s good for your eyes. A black pair is always a great choice and it will make you look perfect even when it’s not your day. 



An outfit isn’t complete if you are not wearing a piece of jewelry. There are many kinds of jewelry, various designs, sizes, colors, materials, the ones that are made out of precious metals, or plastic, so you certainly can find something for yourself. You need to have a statement piece, something that will make people say ‘WOW’, but you also need to have something tiny and classy. It’s always good to invest in good gold or silver pieces, that can be later inherited by your granddaughters. But if you don’t want to spend that amount of money, many online and offline stores make and sell great jewelry that is unique and interesting. With a good piece of jewelry, you can easily just wear a plain white shirt and jeans, and you will look stunning. 

A watch


Yes, we all have our phones where we can see what time it is. But a classic watch is still a great thing to have. Besides the fact that it tells time, it’s a great statement piece that can lift your combination. A quality watch will last for years and you will never be sorry for investing in it. 

Hair accessories 


This is something that is in trend for the past few seasons, but it was also very popular many years ago. Hair accessories can help you fix your hair when you are having a bad hair day, and they can give a special touch to your outfit. You have plenty of options from which you can choose, interesting rubber bands, scrunchies, hair clips, and slides. Also, something very popular lately is a headband, and you can also find them in many styles. Classic ones are great for every day, and bedazzled ones are perfect for a night out. Whatever you choose it will look great on you and will give a simple but important touch on your outfit. 



Scarves are like jewelry, they can make your outfit completely different in a positive way. You always need to have a few of them in your wardrobe for every season. Classic ones, colorful ones and neutral ones, all of them you can easily style and they will make a boring outfit an interesting one. And they can always come in handy if it gets cold in the evening. 

The famous Coco Chanel said that before leaving the house you need to look in the mirror and remove one accessory. And she was completely right because you should never want to look like a Christmas tree. Remember that less is more and that you will always look beautiful and stylish without just throwing a bunch of accessories on yourself. Chose one classic and you’re good to go.